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It has been two weeks since I had my treatment. I...

It has been two weeks since I had my treatment. I loved every minute of it and found no pain at all. Now I am worried that since I didn't feel much, that maybe it won't work for me. I only felt one jolt around the forehead that sent an electric shock to my scalp. I don't see any difference other than a tighter feeling along the jawline. That was my main concern too, the starting of the jowls and a little sag under the chin.

I had a full face treatment and I am hoping that I didn't waste my $4000. I would love to hear comments from those of you who are having positive results.

I was told that this would last years and maybe then I would be willing to do it again.
I wonder if the price will come down in years to come!! I will try to remember to come here and post my results and praying that they come.

Is there a doctor here that can answer that question about not feeling much and maybe it didn't work for me! Thanks


Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing your experience with us.   

I have attached a link to some information from our Doctor's Q&A's on How Long Does It Take to See Ulthera Results?

Definitely keep us updated on how everything is going.  

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Looks like more wrinkles and creases on forehead

It has been 3 weeks now and I just feel a little tightening around the jaw and neck area, but no visible results. What I am seeing is wrinkles on my forehead that I never had before and this crease that is going between my brows, where the 11's would be, but it is a straight line across. What is going on? Will this go away and I am wondering if I should call my doctor. It is almost like my forehead dropped instead of lifted. I am very depressed over this since I had no wrinkles there at all.

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Still haven't seen a change, going on 5 weeks

It will be five weeks tomorrow and I still haven't noticed any new changes. I just feel the overall tightening around the neck and jaw area. My smile lines seem to be diminishing though, so that is a good thing. The wrinkles that are showing up on my forehead are still there, but only there when I bend or look down. When I look straight on, I don't see them, and I never had them before so I am concerned about that. I don't have to go back to my doctor until May. I don't see a reason to have to go in to have her look at my forehead just yet. So that is it for now. I sure hope my forehead lifts my brows. Still haven't noticed that yet. More to come.


Hi. Did you get any meds/drugs prior to treatment? Where did you get your procedure? Two months out is kinda early for results isn't it? Hard but try to be patient. I bet you will see results soon. Good luck!
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Hi, It is 6 weeks for me now and don't notice anything with my brows. No lifting yet and I am getting discouraged. Like I said before, I see more lines on the forehead and I never had this before. Maybe I should contact them and go in and let them look at me. I honestly can't see anything, but maybe the photos will tell me. I didn't take any meds before hand and it didn't bother me at all. I am still hoping that this works for me.

Don't really see much change yet

It has been 2 months now and I still haven't noticed any great changes. I have the slight jowling that is still there. My neck feels tighter and my skin looks smoother, but nothing else. I sure hope I didn't throw away $4000. I looked at a picture I took before the treatment and I think I look the same. I am getting very discouraged and depressed. I know they say the changes occur around the 3 month but that doesn't help! I feel like an idiot that I did this! Very depressed!!

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