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Tummy Tuck - Philadelphia, PA

I'll be 31 on Friday. I have 3 girls and with...

I'll be 31 on Friday. I have 3 girls and with those beautiful girls came 3 c-sections. My tummy is gone. My skin is saggy and its such a downer. I had breast augmentation done 2 yrs ago around this time and I am very happy with my results. It was a birthday gift to myself. Now its time to work on my tummy. Another birthday gift for myself.

I want my confidence back and I want that "beach body". I have my first consult on March 9th. I am very excited. Im using the same surgeon i used before. He was really good and I was very satisfied with the work he did and the staff. They were very helpful. I will post more info after my first consult.

welcome hon!
Good luck with your consultation! Birthday gifts to yourself is the best one of them all!!!! :-)
Thanks suejohn01. I am sooo excited.

Well Ladies, I just returned home from my initial...

Well Ladies, I just returned home from my initial consultation and I must say I am happy. My surgery is scheduled for April 26th and I am so excited.
I can totally understand that! Well, keep me posted!
Hey, me and you have the same surgery date!!! We can go through this together!!!!
Hey!! Yes we do. Cool. I am sooo excited. April 26th is so far away though but this gives me time to get things in order and start planning. Dr told me I didnt have that much fat around my mid-section. I looked down and said "are we looking at the same stomach cause that is alot of fat right there" lol He said it was mainly stretched skin. So im happy about that. I have my pre-op visit on April 13th. Well....keep me posted on ur journey and I will keep u posted on mine.

Well...I had my pre-op visit friday and everything...

Well...I had my pre-op visit friday and everything seems to be coming together. Can't believe its 10 days til my surgery. Im so excited but Im starting to get very nervous too. I still have some things to get done before my surgery. I will post pics soon.
I have my first consult with same doctor next week and curious what to expect. Are his rates set or are they negotiable?
well, im glad ur back on the schedule and you'll soon be on the other side too. Im sure ur girls were very happy with the party. I will probably post before and after pics after i have my surgery. But im def gonna take alot of pics from different angles so everyone can see. I hope I get good results. I have a dentist appt in the morning so i am going to bed. I'll def keep posting. ...Later
Hey smiley, glad to hear that you are getting the appointments out of the way...yeah i was so upset to had to do the rescheduling then i wanted to have it in June and ps informed me that he was leaving.:-( i called him this morning and yes oh yes he has me scheduled for May 25th @7.30am...my pre-op is April 30th @10.00am..ps will be taking vacation the first two weeks in may and he wants to have me already for him when he returns...the only thing left to do now is have my bloodwork redone (since i had it done in March)....Yes, we had the party on easter sunday after church, it was a lot of work but well worth it ill upload a pic of the cupcakes i made for them so you guys could see...Enjoy the rest of your day and i will be anxiously awaitng your updates and pics...Take care

I can't believe in 4 days it will be surgery day...

I can't believe in 4 days it will be surgery day for me. Im still excited but my nerves are starting to set in. Im still trying to get everything in order before then. I plan to get all my daughters hair braided so i wont have to deal with it for a while. They just happen to have picture day on my surgery and they really want to get their picture taken. I was gonna keep them home from school that day but I guess not. Its starting to feel real. Im really having a problem b/c I take Ibuprofen 800 for my bad headaches and back pain from the 3 epidurals I had from 3 c-sections and I can't take aspirin a week before surgery. My headaches haven't bothered me for a while and now that I cant take aspirin, my head has been hurting everyday. Im so tempted to take one but i know I can't. I bought the CVS brand of Tylenol 500mg but it is not working at all. Can't wait til this is finally over. Well...time for me to get up and get my day started. My next post will probably be the night before surgery. Later Ladies....
Congrats on your upcoming procedure. Keep us posted on your journey. See you on the flat side!
Thanks pinkvegas12, I can't wait
Hi Gift_to_me, I really like him and his staff. They are very nice. Christie and Mary Jo really are nice people. They take u to the exam room and u put on a cute pinkish/orange gown. They doctor comes in and depending on your procedure he accesses what needs to be done. For me, he looked at how much fat and skin i had around my abdomen. He said I didnt have much fat but alot of skin which shocked me. I think his rates are based on how much fat u have around ur stomach. While I was in the waiting room I heard one of the staff members talking on the phone explaining the cost of a tummy tuck. She said to the person that it was around 7k and that wasnt including the hospital fee or anesthesia. But honestly im really not sure if his rates are set or not. I hope this helps u. Plz keep us informed after ur consult.

Wow I can't believe tomorrow is the day. Around...

Wow I can't believe tomorrow is the day. Around this time tomorrow I will be in surgery. Doesn't seem real yet. Im getting some last minute cleaning and washing done. Less than 24hrs to go. YAY!!!
thinking of you today and sending prayers your way! Good Luck
Thinking of you and sending you you good luck vibes!

Well Tummy Tuckers, I am officially on the flat...

Well Tummy Tuckers, I am officially on the flat side. I DID IT!!! Im in pain right now a little but im feeling much better. When i was in recovery I threw up before I left the hospital then I threw up again as soon as I got home. When i say that was PAINFUL, I mean it was painful. On top of that, they gave me the patch behind my ear and some IV meds for nausea but it didnt work. I feel much better now. I go back to see my PS today at 3:00. hope all goes well. Thanks everyone for all the well wishes. Time to take my meds in a few. I made the mistake of cutting my pill up and it wasnt effective at all. u best believe I wont do that again. Going back to bed. Night All!!!
i love how low the scar is
Wow! Your results look great. Ive been wanting a tummy tuck for a while. I live in bucks county, pa and was looking for a good plastic surgeon for tummy tucks. I came upon dr. Bottger's website also. I was very impressed with the before and after pics and the fact that he had quite a few black clients on his site also. Your scar looks amazing. I go on some sites and see some pretty scary looking scars. The pis that i have seen on dr. bottger's site, the tummy tuck scars look great. Thank you for sharing your experience and thank you for making my decision so much easier for dr. bottger.
Wow!beautifull!I'm so glad for you.hope you you doing well.
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