From sags to flat!!! - Philadelphia, PA

Hi all! I'm a 26 (27 in March) yo mother of 2....

Hi all! I'm a 26 (27 in March) yo mother of 2. After working out, I experienced great pain, and found out that I have a hernia. During my consultation, the surgeon commented on my tons of excess skin, which I was also so depressed about. She bought in the office plastic surgeon and we talked about him joining in on the surgey, which I'm ecstatic about! I have my boy (1) & girl (6), and may not have more kids, as I wanted to knock them out early (LOL), and I deserve to look like the young knockout that I used to be!! I just completed my pre-admissions yesterday and will be having my surgery on Friday the 17th. I will add pics soon!

Just got my call to arrive at the hospital at...

Just got my call to arrive at the hospital at 8:30am!!! I'm pumped that I don't have to wait too long, especially since I can't eat pass midnight today. Question though, what have you girls been wearing? Just big t-shirts, or button down pajamas?? Also, are you getting maxi pads to cover your drain holds to prevent leaks??

My nerves are going craaazzzyyyy!!! I'm now...

My nerves are going craaazzzyyyy!!! I'm now trying to finish laundry, fold, and put them all away. I then have to bathe, shave, give myself a pedi, and pack my bag! Hopefully my chores will keep my nerves at bay. Check out ewwww before pics!

Thank you so much! You're time will be here before you know it!
Good luck with everything. My prayers are with you. My tt is scheduled a week from tomorrow. I cant wait!

Today's the day!!!! And I'm a ball of nerves! I...

Today's the day!!!! And I'm a ball of nerves! I found a nice sweatsuit to put on that zips up in the front. I'll just wear that when I go home, since I'll be staying overnight. Can't believe I'll be waking to a flat tummy soon!! I found some low cut panties to wear, which my PS suggested to ensure the scar is covered. I just packed reading material and a toothbrush in my bag, ready to go!!
Hey good luck,and i hope you get the results you want,what did your surgery include and how much did you pay for everything
Good Luck to you Prayers and thoughts go out to you for a good recovery!
Good luck, let us know how it went.

1 day PO and Im feeling a lot better. Yesterday, I...

1 day PO and Im feeling a lot better. Yesterday, I checked into hospital at 8:30, & at 10:30 was taking to pre-op. my PS asked me to wear low cut panties and he marked to get the scar as low as possible. Asked me where I wanted drains, either side or front and we agreed on sides. At 11-11:30, I was getting anesthesia and Woke up around 4-5. My husband told me that the dr told him it was longer than expected but that I'll be very pleased w results. I awoke to tightness and pain, askin for meds which made me nauseated. I felt horrible last night and they asked me to drink n eat crackers, but I could barely do that. I think they were gonna send me home since the hernia wasn't as big as expected, but they realized I was in no shape to leave. So I was moved to observation unit and slept for the rest of the night.

I'm feeling a lot better, as I can eat more and...

I'm feeling a lot better, as I can eat more and I'm not getting sick. There's a lot of tightness and soreness down there, but nothing out of the ordinary. I seen my stomach and am very pleased with the results, I can't wait for full recovery!!!
Glad your feeling better! Hope you have a speedy recovery:)
Glad to hear that your surgery went well. Take care!
Im also in philly wish u luck

3 days PO and I had my first BM! I drunk some MOM...

3 days PO and I had my first BM! I drunk some MOM yesterday and woke up around 4am with burning stomach and lots of rumbling. I drunk some more and sat on the toilet and just passed a lot of gas. Around 9am I awoke again with the same symptoms and this time, it came out. I was afraid on what it would feel like since I didn't take any stool softeners but it was really runny. Sorry if TMI. Ive been moving a lot more by myself. Last night, I went downstairs and back up. Feeling better and hoping this day will be much better than the last. Time to get washed up, til next time!
Glad everything went well with your surgery!
WOW sounds like you are feeling better, I am not too far from you in Reading, it sucks you had a hernia, but man a deal to get TT in the process for so little $$, cant wait to see your after pics!
I know! I guess this was my silver lining! Lol il try to put up pics once I'm able to remove binder.

6 days PO! I had my follow up appt and will try to...

6 days PO! I had my follow up appt and will try to add pics soon! There's still a bit of swelling, but overall, it looks great!! I still can't believe that this is my stomach and am overjoyed with the results! My PS said that he took about 4 lbs of skin off, I lost 3 lbs from before surgery, and I still have fluid retention, so now I just have muscle toning to look forward to. I'm so happy with everything!! My drains are still in, as he said he wants a total drainage under 30cc before taking them out, which should be next week for sure. He undid my incision dressing and showed me how low it was, covered by my panties completely!! And there's glue on top of my stitches. He also took out the plunger from my belly button and redid my dressings at my drain site. I had to say bye to my flat tummy while he retightened my binder, which he said I'd have to wear for at least another week after the drains are removed so that I don't swell up. He also showed me how to milk my drains if they continue to get backed up. Gotta take a nap now, bc I'm exhausted. Looking forward to sleeping more straighter!! :-))))
SOunds like you are doing great, cant wait to see the new tummy!!!!

At 13 PO, I just got my drains out. It didn't hurt...

At 13 PO, I just got my drains out. It didn't hurt at all, just a little tug in my stomach. I'm moving around great, recovery has been easier with each passing day. I think my scar is a little higher than expected but my bf says it looks great and I'm being a worry wart. Now that my drains are out, I can actually pull my pants and underwear all the way up, so I'll try to take new pics soon.
Sounds like you are doing well, cant wait to see the newest pics!!!!

At 15 days PO, I'm feeling pretty normal, but I...

At 15 days PO, I'm feeling pretty normal, but I find my back hurting quite a bit when I walk around too much. Last night, me and the fam went out for dinner, and I was very happy with the way I looked while I was dressed. My tummy was sooo flat!! My back started upsetting me though while out, and I got pretty uncomfortable. Anyway, I still haven't showered. My bf looked at both of my holes and they're almost closed, but I'd rather wait until tomorrow. Hopefully they look a lot better. My belly button is really crusty and I'm hoping it is cleaned out with the shower. I've been in a funk, with me PMSin this week, but it's finally going off and I can feel better. I actually had thoughts of returning to work early, but figured I need all the rest I could get. We planned to finish the kid's rooms before I return to work, so I definitely need to enjoy this time off with my family, especially with my back issues. I still haven't driven yet, but plan to take my daughter to school on Monday, it's only around the corner, so it'll be a nice first drive.

I went out for my first drive today, and it went...

I went out for my first drive today, and it went pretty well! I was afraid to lean forward to push the seat up, but found a way to make it work. I jogged a little in the market when I was in the line and had to run back to get a different item. That did hurt me a little, and I remembered to take it easy. When I got home, I took my first shower since my surgery....I used all the hot water! LOL It felt soooo good, I needed it so badly, omg I really enjoyed it. I got a little tired afterwards, but nothing major to stop my routine with the kids. Although I did have a cup of coffee on my way home from the market, so that could've been the culprit to keep me moving. Needless to say, I'm feeling pretty well. I even thought about going back to work earlier than the 19th, but figured I should enjoy my time off, especially with the pain I'm in after doing too much, and my job is about an hr drive, so I'm definitely not ready for that. I'm finally on the laptop and able to attach pics!
You look fantastic! Congratulations! It's not the easiest thing, but it's sure worth it!
OMG hun you look super!!!! I would be pleased with that, I bet the scar goes lower when you stop swelling, so did you take 2 weeks off? I am planing to go back on what will be day 17 for me, I hope I can do it!
The disability company put in 4 weeks, so im scheduled to return march 19, but I already have off the 19th and 20 th for my bday. I still think about returning early, but I'm sure I'm not ready for that yet lol

Yesterday was a really bad day. For the past four...

Yesterday was a really bad day. For the past four days, I'd get a headache when I'm about to go to bed and wake up with it, or if I didn't get it that night, it's waiting for me in the morning. Yesterday, I was really nauseated badly and it made me feel terrible. I eventually took some Tylenol, had coffee and took a nap. I woke up feeling a lot better but a little pain in my back and midsection. I also had that pain today, expectedly though because I was doing way too much with my son. He just turned 1, and walking all over the place, so I was chasing him around too much. I was exhausted by 8pm, when usually I go to sleep at 1-2am. I'm definitely in no shape to go back to work. My bf bought me some palmer's vitamin E skin therapy oil, which I used after my shower. It says to use 3 times a day, so we'll see how that works. I'm about to go to bed, good night!
Hope you get to feeling better!!!! I was planning to go back the 19th but now I know I am going to need at least 3 weeks to feel better so might go back on the 26th
You look great! Love the new tummy! Hope you feel better soon, keep us updated.
That looks awesome! Could I get his number?

Hey ladies! I've been feeling pretty well for the...

Hey ladies! I've been feeling pretty well for the most part. Peeled off a lot of the glue that was over my scar and am shocked that the scar is so light. It's a bit higher on the sides, but whatever. My belly button still has crust around it, which is annoying, and I want to see the final result. It's red around it, but that's to be expected. I go back to work next Wednesday, and am not looking forward to it. I enjoy being home with the kids. This weekend, I'm having a girls trip to NYC and am excited to dress shop! I can't wait to see my new body in a cute little dress. I'm hoping I don't swell too much during this trip though. I have to still purchase a flexee or something similar to wear under my regular clothes. This Hanes waist cincher isn't really good b/c it doesn't tighten you up, just kind of smooths things out.

Okay so I'm not sure if it's swelling or what, but...

Okay so I'm not sure if it's swelling or what, but I have a little pooch that I'm feeling very worried about. :( I've added new pics. Yes, I still have stretch marks, as the top of the belly became the bottom, and I had stretch marks EVERYWHERE, so I couldn't get rid of them entirely.
You look amazing...dr Godwin just did my friends breast implant and she looks so good I just scheduled him to do my implants and Botox to. He's very nice and he seems to really care he calls back right away when my friend called him late one night and he is kinda fly
Well I would love to see your doctor and find out a price to maybe get mine done!
Hey , Your doctor did a great job. Please let me how much it cost altogether and if this is the regular price or a discount because you had a hernia. Thanks
Dr. Kenneth Godwin

Love Dr.GOdwin and he's staff are wonderful!!

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