Tummy tucks rock!!!! TT, MR and Lipo - Mission Accomplished 5/6/11 in Philadelphia, PA

I am 4 days away from my TT MR and vaser lipo. I...

I am 4 days away from my TT MR and vaser lipo. I am 5'4" and weigh about 200lbs. I am divorced and the mother of three (20, 16 and 15). It's been 15 years since my c-section that left me with the flap of skin and pudgy belly that exercise and diet have not been able to fix. Of course, I've gained and lost the same 30 lbs for the past 15 years. Finally, I realize that I can live with most of me, but not this belly.

I met with my ps in February for a consult on a tummy tuck. She asked me to lose 10-15 lbs, get medical clearance from my primary, so I did. I had my pre-op visit last week and have all my prescriptions and supplies. I am ready!!!

I am posting some before pictures (which are just AWFUL) I wear between a size 12 and a 14. I didn't think I looked this bad until the ps took before pics in her office. Anyway, hopefully I will have some much better looking after pics to post after Friday!

So one day before the tummy tuck. Pretty calm and...

So one day before the tummy tuck. Pretty calm and at work making lists of what I'll need to get done today.

My pre-op was two weeks ago and I am fighting the urge to give Rose in my ps office a call to go over things one last time. Waiting on a call from the admissions nurse to go over last minute instructions. I know I'm scheduled for 7:30 a.m. and will be spending the night as required by my ps. Hope they don't bump my time back. Then I will get nervous . . .

My procedure was yesterday morning at 7:30 a.m. I...

My procedure was yesterday morning at 7:30 a.m. I was a little nervous, but my ps was in the room when I was going under and when I woke up, she was standing right there to tell me things had gone GREAT!

I was in recovery for a couple of hours while we tried to get my pain level under control and for me to fully wake up. My procedure took about 3 hours and I was in my room by about 1 p.m. for my overnight stay. I had a morphine pump and believe me, I pushed that button every 10 minutes on the dot! Eventually they gave me a second narcotic through the IV and I was able to rest comfortably through the night.

My ps came to the hospital around 11 a.m. to discharge me and check my bandages. We went over emptying my TWO drains and then i WAITED until about 4 to pee before I could leave the hospital they put a catheter in me yesterday for the surgery so I wouldn't have to get up last night).

Now I'm home, feet propped up and very pleased with the initial results. I am walking upright for the most part and am pretty comfortable with my Vicodin and I have some ice packs that I am mainly using on my sides and hips where the doctor did lipo. When the doctor changed my bandages this morning, I got a peek and am amazed by the difference. I will try to post pics tomorrow when I take off my binder and attempt a shower (we'll see)

I wish I'd done this a long time ago. I am so pleased with he results so far!!!!

Day #2 - lots of swelling and more discomfort. I...

Day #2 - lots of swelling and more discomfort. I took a shower and felt much better after. Posting a few pics with the binder off, but I'm much more swollen today than yesterday. Overall, not feeling too bad as long as I don't overdo it.

Day 4 post op. I'm sore, bruised and swollen,...

Day 4 post op. I'm sore, bruised and swollen, but I'm feeling pretty good. My stomach feels tight, tight tight. I am wearing my binder and taking it easy. Haven't really eaten too much because my throat has been bothering me since the surgery, but my appetite is returning. Drinking a lot of fluids and using the stool softener and Miralax.

My scar is no way as bad as I thought it would be. It's low and will be covered by bikini panties. My belly button is kinda strange, but i'm sure it's not the finished product. I am amazed by how much slimmer I look. Can't wait to see myself once the swelling goes down.

I'm still taking my pain meds and I have two more doses of the antibiotic. For the pain meds I'm trying to wean myself down to every six hours. I've been taking them every four hours since Saturday (when I came home). This will be great because I won't have to wake up in the middle of the night to take a pill.

Getting lots of help from my mom. She is a Godsend. Post op visit with the ps on Thursday morning. I was told to bring my compression garment and they will put me into it and remove one of my two tubes. REALLY looking forward to losing the tubes. And looking forward to leaving the house in two days too!

Two weeks post-op. Okay, so I haven't updated...

Two weeks post-op. Okay, so I haven't updated in a while, but for the most part, nothing new to report. Very pleased with the outcome, scar looks fabulous, but still swollen which seems to get worse as the day goes on. I had my second drain removed last week and life has been much better without it. (Last Sunday I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and passed by the doorknob too close and caught my tube on the knob and it yanked -- you have never known such PAIN). So thank goodness the ps took it out last week or I would have taken it out myself!!!! Luckily, doc took it out and said things looked great, only complaint, bruise from lipo on left hip ripped skin off with surgical tape and it turned into a big scar. Using neosporin to get it to heal, then doc gave me some scar treatment cream (Avosil) to use on it. She says it's too soon to use the cream on my incision (which looks great!). Oh, and belly button hasn't healed up as much as she's liked, so she wants me to stick a cotton ball with peroxide on it to help speed up the "crusting" and healing of that (yuck)

Anyway, I started wearubg my compression garment recommended by the ps -- the Design Veronique Stage 1 garment. She wants me to wear it every day. It is tight tight tight, but somehow it makes me feel better than just wearing the binder. I noticed that with the binder my swelling goes to my hips so I get these two big bumps on them(ugh).

My hips are still swollen, so can't tell how well the lipo went there, but overall I am slimmed down (even though it doesn't show well in my pics) and have lost about 12 lbs since surgery and can get into a size down in my skirts and hopefully in pants too once the swelling in the hips goes down (YAY).

Today is my first day back at work and I expect it to go miserably. Not because I don't feel well, but mainly because I will miss my daytime t.v. and lounging around in pj's LOL

Anyhow, all this to say, feeling great at week two, looking slimmer, fitting into smaller clothes, loving the extra room in my pants and will post pics soon!!!!!

Okay, Friday was four weeks post op. Still having...

Okay, Friday was four weeks post op. Still having swelling and sometimes I notice a burning kind of sensation when I overdo it. Still wearing the compression garment every day and I usually sleep in the binder when I take off the other garment to wash it. I don't know, the binder makes me feel better. I think the scar is looking pretty good. Not using anything on it yet, but planning on using some Bio-Oil. New pics.


Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

I am president of the Dr. Pollard fan club!!!! My tummy tuck yesterday was my second procedure with her. I had a breast reduction with her about five years ago and had been dying to go back for a tummy tuck. Not only is Dr. Pollard incredibly talented and skilled as a plastic surgeon (she is chief of plastic surgery at Lankenau Hospital), she is very warm and personable. Talking to her with my concerns and expectations was like talking to a friend. She takes a real interest in her patients and is very humble, warm and caring, despite being named as on of Philadelphia Magazine's and Main Line Times' Top Docs AND being the doctor Oprah flew out to Chicago just to pierce her ears!!! I just love her and her work. I wouldn't dream of trusting my care to any other plastic surgeon.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hya love how are u??? Im stil swollen a bit ..
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Hey mama...havnt heard from you in a while wanted to check up on you!@ HOw you been? your scar is healing super nicely, and you have super flat tummy woman. Wooooot, are you happy? Man you gotta be like 7 weks post op now right???
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dayum girl..your lookin begtter and better everyday..when did you start standing up straight? Im only on day 2 but im anxious..im already tired of layin in bed...arghhhhhh

Thank god fro drugs...holy crapola
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I was standing up straight right away. I learned from my c-section not to be scared to stand up straight and it won't pop the stitches lol.
I know just what you mean about the drugs. I still take something for pain a few times a day and at night. Otherwise, I get some discomfort and a burning feeling. (sigh)
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Hey girl....you are looking great! Are you feeling back to your old self again? I'm 27 days post op and I feel 85% back to myself. I went out Friday evening with some friends and I noticed how exhausted I was by the end of the night. I think I'm moving too fast! lol. I posted more pics too
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Thanks!!! You ARE moving fast!!!! I feel like I'm about three-quarters of the way back to normal, but I'm still tired when I get home from work and this is my THIRD week back. Haven't gone out to show off the new tummy yet. Too tired . . .
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You look great honeyyy!! OWWWW!!!! Im still very swollen as well ,I cant really walk straight either but im trying too..I have a lil puss coming out my belly button as well but im ging to my PS tomorrow so we will see how that goes.
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Thanks!!! Hope things went well at the doctors. I go back next week, which is good because I'm a little concerned about a section of my scar on the right side which suddenly popped up, as in is no longer flat . . . .
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You totally will. Im not banking on wearing a bikini this year..but next year its on like donkey kong. Im gonna b wearing pasties to the pool....hahahhaa
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LOL @ pasties!!!!!
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How you feeling today? Still lots of swelling? How was going back to work, I bet that was hard. I think from what you wrote Im going to ask my doc what he would advise for a really tight tight tight (as you said) garment. I wonder if that helps reduce the swelling at all. Have you tried maybe taking something for the swelling orally? Do you fit in any of your clothes from before the surgery or is that rough? I dont have my TT until June 6th Getting excited and nervous all at the same time. I actually had a dream about it on friday night

Well i hope you arew doing well :)
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Hey Sommie, so far so good. My post op instructions were no bending lifting, etc. for six weeks, so shouldn't be a problem since I sit at a desk all day. Doc also gave me instructions to drink LOTS of water, which should help. The compression garment helps. I notice a lot more swelling when I don't wear it. I wear the full body (right under the boobs to mid-thigh) garment during the day and the waist binder at night. It seems to help keep the swelling under control.

I can fit all of my clothes from before and noticed that they fit me much better, even with the swelling. I have a lot of room in my pants and with the weight loss, I have looseness throughout. Before surgery I was wearing sizes 14/16. I went shopping last week and bought a few dresses -- size 12 and they look great (It's so awesome to have a waistline again)!!! And I bought some pants a size down as well, that are a teensy bit snug. I think once my swelling goes down, they will fit perfectly. It's amazing how much room a belly can take up (smile). Of course, i'll be working on losing some more weight.

Your date is right around the corner! You will be soooo thrilled you did this. Your clothes will fit better yes, but most importantly is the feeling of confidence (and joy) you get when you check out your new bod!!!! Keep me posted!!!!
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Oh that is sooo great..youw ent down so much in size. This is soooo encouraging to me..I cant wait to fit into a smaller size. I wear a 10 right now adn I guess Im comfortable with that..however not comfortable with my muffin top in some of my pants due to the pesky tummy...yuuuck. I jus want to see tight tummy thats all i want. Thanks for your advise. Hang in there your swelling will go down in no time. By next summer you will be smokin HOT!!!!
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Thanks Sommie, Hoping to be at least SIZZLING by the end of this summer too!!!! LOL
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Hay you look great honey!!!!! Hopw are u feeling other wise!!! I have my surgery in 3days!!! Yayayay!!
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You're healing nicely. Are u gonna post more pics?
I just had a TT, lipo, and breast augmentation a few days ago. I'm thrilled!
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Congratulations on your new tummy. Your scar is really low. You are going to have swelling for a while. I'm two months post op and still have swelling in the evening. Other people can't notice but I can. Your BB WILL look better once it heals. You are looking good!
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Thanks. So are u! Your results are awesome!!! Girl this is such a weird combo of soreness swelling bruising and numbness . . .right now my tummy. Feels like I'm wearing a tigggghhhht girdle and I don't even have the binder on ...

Do u still have numbness? How's your TT scar?
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Hay how do u feel???? Hope all is well..
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Hi Vanna! We had our TT's the same day, just wondering how you're doing? I'm trying to wean off those hydrocodones to tylenol, but other thn thst today is one of my better days...Hope your doing well, doesn't it get better everyday? Have you tried any clothes on yet, since i have to leave the binder on until Friday...I'll post my afters then, TTYS
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Well right now I just have the binder from the hospital. My follow up appt is on Thursday. Hopefully one of the drains will be removed and I go into the actual compression garment. Looks uncomfortable as hell but I hear they're good for the swelling and to shape you after lipo.
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Girl those pain pills block you up. I had to go full force on the laxatives lol. But finally relief!
I will say you are very lucky that you got to take a shower. I haven't had one since the surgery. I have. An appt tomorrow with my dr hopefully then he wil let me. I've just been sponge bathing which sucks. But I'm also not wearing a compression garment. I asked him why and he said it cuts off blood flow so he only issues them as needed. I think I need one but I will say I'm glad I don't hav to wear one :) I've heard they are uncomfortable.
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Thanks guys. Almost wish I could fast forward a few days to see what its looking like. Are u guys wearing compression stockings?

My doc said I could shower as long as I kept my incision dry. It felt sooo good. I felt much better after.

Kissbluehea I really need to go too. I think the pain meds are keeping me constipated so I'm taking stool softener and hoping for some relief soon.
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Wow!!! How did you get in the shower? Did it hurt and did you let your hold body get wet? I have been trying to but I am so scared! But I am die for one so bad!!!
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Hey girl glad you posted pics you look amazing! No stretch marks and tummy is tight. Excellent! I know you are proud. Your progress is gonna go quick. I'm praying for you. Keep us posted.
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