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I am gearing up for my procedure on Monday, July...

I am gearing up for my procedure on Monday, July 7th. At first I was excited about it thinking of what I would do as a coverup, but after settling back down to reality and speaking to numerous doctors and people I now realize that I have a very long road ahead of me. One thing I lack is patience. I'm impulsive about everything although I'd like to think I wasent about this tattoo I'm have lasered. I have 8 tattoos including the one scheduled to start laser. I love 90% of them the the one that stands out the most of course is the one I hate the most. I know I will beat myself up in the head over this because I think to myself but i did all my research, I checked out the studio, it was clean and they had all their certificates clearly posted and up to date. Hell their studio was cleaner then 90% of the hospitals out there. My artist had more then 7 years experience and I looked through his portfolio. He wasent the male version of Kat Von Dee or Ami James but his work was good, some were better then others but I had a consult, we talked about what I wanted, showed him pictures, etc. Anyway I could rant on and on, but what's done is done. I just know that I am giving myself anxiety over this first procedure and the rest to come. I hope that by posting my experiences I can help someone else like the blogs on here have helped me decide on going through with starting the procedure.

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Here are some pictures of my sleeve that I'll be hoping to lighten enough to do a cover up


Also there ARE alot of great lasers out there besides the picosure and the hoya con bio! just ask him what type and research!
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Thanks. Im meeting with him on Monday so I'll find out more then.
I have seen 10 times better results with laser removal from most tattoo shops that offer the service than medical spa's. Usually, these people are more willing to get more aggressive with the laser which has NOTHING to do with scarring, rather than taking baby steps to prolong the process as much as possible as the med spas usually do. Another thing, a laser tech in a spa learns how to point and shoot a laser. They have no real knowledge of the dermal layers in the skin or about tattoos (typically.) Yes, the power does need to be correct as far as scarring does go, so I would only go to a tattoo shop if they have a separate area specifically set up for laser removal. Plus since youre routing for the cover up, it will be nice to have an artist near by keeping track of your progress and letting you know how many more sessions you need. Tattooing over scarred skin makes the artists life EXTREMELY difficult, so unless they want to make their own life harder, a laser specialist in a tattoo shop wouldnt do something that could potentially scar you. I am lightening a full sleeve currently to cover the entire thing up so i know how it feels to realize you have a LONG road ahead of you, but there is light at the end of the tunnel! you might only need about 6 sessions depending on wha youre trying to do, but i bet within 3 or 4 about 50% of that black will be gone!
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1st session done

OMG the pain is the WORST ever!! I'm glad I survived but it sucks. I can't believe i'm on 1 down and how many more I have to go but Im going to take it session to session. Im going to try and remain positive but anyone that can go through a big procedure like this without numbing creme is hardkore! I got an rx from my dr and had to use the entire tube on my arm and we only hit the top outside tricep area and part of the inner bicep and shoulder area. I still have to have the underside done. we didn't do that in my first sessioin as the pain would have been too severe. Now I'm going through the I'm pissed at myself stage but it is what it is. I'm going to see how this heals and take it session to session. I can only do what I can do and that's all I can do. I'll post pics in abt a week as it is severely swollen and all I do is ice, ice and more ice, take ibuprophen and have been putting on aloe vera.


I used dr numb for two of my treatments, and it wore off within 5 min. It is some of the worst pain I have ecperienced. My last treatment I asked about numbing cream, and he said it really isn't worth it. He said they can do shots, but they go deep to get to the ink, and it would take a lot of shots. Not sure if it's true or not, but thankfully I only have a few more sessions.
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Have you put pics up yet? I'd love to see yours!
I uploaded three pics, but can't seem to locate them on the site. I will upload again.


Anyone who's having laser removal get a blister(s) after that keep GROWING? WTH??? it was small and now it seems to keep getting BIGGER its getting out of control. I'm gettin ready to freak out because everytime I look at it it keeps getting bigger.


Anyone on here who had a big area of their arm lasered and how long did the swelling last. I've been taking 800mg advil round the clock and keeping it clean, moisterized but the swelling is still alot so much so its down to my hand even and that wasent even laserd. I've iced it and iced it somemore, tried to keep it elevated but I have things to do so I elevate when I can and have been taking all the vitamins in the world. I'm a healthy person to begin with so I don't understand why since my treatment its still severely swollen. I had my treatment on Wed late afternoon so is it normal to be swollen for this long? its not infected to my knowledge because its not hot to the touch or red anywhere so I just don't get it. If I drink anymore water I'm gonna start floating! anyone???
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The ink in your tattoo is so dense and solid, that's why. They probably should have broken up the sessions to speed up healing time. Everywhere I've gone told me they would need to break my full sleeve up into atleast 4 seperate sessions, atleast at first to determine how i heal. Next time have them just do half.

1 week post 1st last treatment

Ok, it took me approx a week to feel better, however I did have over 74% of my arm lasered for my 1st treatment. I did exp blistering 1 decent sized one and the rest were smaller which lasted a week before they popped. I was dilligent in taking copious amounts of Vit C, Tumeric, Vitamin D3 and Hair, Skin and Nail vitamins not to mention 800mg of advil 3-4x a day as I had SIGNIFICANT swelling! I will take pictures this weekend. I didnt' want to take pictures with the swelling. I did notice some instant spot lighting however I wish it was more then what I have however I'm hoping as the weeks go on it will get lighter. Look for pictures coming shortly. Thanks


My stomach was really swollen to the point that it looked like I was pregnant. It lasted for about a week or so after my treatment. My laser tech told me not to take Advil and to only take Tylenol I'm not sure if that's part of the problem but I just thought I'd pass it along. Hopefully your swelling will start to go down soon.
really? wonder why? advil is not asprin its an anti-inflamatory. I've always taken it for any kind of injury too in the gym or inflammation but everyone is different. I know if your laser was done on your stom bec that is where the tatoo was/is then that was why it was swollen just like my arm since my tatoo is almost a full sleeve. How are you feeling now?
My tattoo is fairly large and my arm always swells, I also take ibuprofen 800 to help because otherwise I fear my arm will pop with the swelling... Lol... Not really, but hang in there :)

1st treatment pics

pictures post laser 1st treatment, 2 weeks after 1st session. The arm is very itchy and raised but he says it looks good. No other problems otherwise. I think its breaking up nicely.


I just read that you're seeing jack Morton for your laser treatments, JEALOUS!!!! He is one of the best removal specialists, I hear. You're lucky to be so close to him. After seeing pictures of so many people getting full sleeves removed by him, you're assured to be in good hands.
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Thanks. I love him! he's the most down to earth person there is in the buz. He truely cares about all his clients because he has been where we all are, sitting in the chair wanting to get rid of a mistake. He got into the business because of so many people like us who have made mistakes want to get rid of it but can't afford 500 per treatment for barley a square inch. Jack really takes care of all of his customers and is always answering my questions. That is why I said it was ok, its just the itching gets to you after awhile but he told me its par for the course. Thanks for the comment about Jack. I know he's the man! : )


ok, anyone on here PLEASE with advice on the itching. I CAN'T TAKE THIS. I'm going to rub my skin off. It wakes me up at midnight. I've been using oatmeal wash, benedryl and have aloe and NOTHING has worked. I don't want to resort to a steroid from my Dr. but I would take the pain over again and swelling then this itching. Please someone tell me it goes away or I'm done with this!!!


Thinking of you, how are you  making out with your removal. I think I saw your pictures on another site and it looks like your fading is incredible! Are you close to a cover up?
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I'm not sure what the equivalent would be in the US but here in the UK we have E45 Itch Relief Cream which I've found works wonderfully for the post-removal itching.
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Hey there, saw this new review and instantly thought of you, check it out! Hope all is well with you! Are you still going through with your treatments?
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