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Red Scaly Patch Under my Eye After Injecting Radiesse - Philadelphia, PA

I went to the doctor yesterday to inject Radiesse...

I went to the doctor yesterday to inject Radiesse to my marionette line and my cheeks. It was extremely painful (they don't use any numbing cream). My face was extremely swollen, 6 hours later I developed this weird red scaly patch under one eye. I wonder what causes this, because he didn't inject under my eyes, only in my cheeks. He prescribed prednisone, which I took today; so far I don't see any improvements(maybe it’s too early). FDA says that it doesn't have any side effects like this one, when why so many people have similar side effects? I wouldn't use Radiesse again.

Hi everyone, mine is completely gone, that's good news, just be patient.It looks good now.Good luck!!
Hi Ivkaplan I am so pleased for you -altho' to wait 6 months is unbelievable!!! Did all the redness go as well? I see on your photo's that you had the a longer patch under your left eye and a small one under your right eye. Well mine is exactly the same except in reverse. To make matters worse mine are actually visible lumps as well. The one under my left eye can be moved around so it obviously migrated from the original injection area. The actual swelling took around 4 weeks to go down. If you pull the red skin (looks like broken capillaries) then the lump is a whitish yellow so the radiesse (which is an implant of calcium hydroxypalatite suspended in a gel carrier) is obviously too close to the skin. It is used in dental surgery as it feels like bone which is exactly how mine feels in my peri-orbital area. Urgh I hate it hate it hate it!!! Used a top Beverley Hills plastic surgeon who injected mine with cannuala's. So many people on real self have had similar problems both with redness (inflammatory response) and lumps.
I'm as 6 months and the lumps are still there.... I wish at this point it was gone. I am anticipating at least 12 months hopefully it will be gone. If not not sure what I'm going to do.... Surgery may be the best option if it does not go away soon.... Belatero filler did help conceal the lumps but I can still tell their there.... Anyone one who read this post do not do not use this filler for any part of your body too risky!!!!!!!!!
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I don't won't to rate this doctor yet,hope it will improve...

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