Day 1 After Tx. Lots of Immune Reaction - Philadelphia, PA

For the past 8 years, I have always dreaded the...

For the past 8 years, I have always dreaded the wings tattoo spanning my back. It was only an outline for a good 7 of the years until year 8 where it was decided that i would shade it in in the hopes that i would feel better about how it looks. big mistake!! it was surpremely dark and just didnt work like i wanted. anyways, i really thought i was doomed to endure this for the rest of my life.

Come to find out about 4 days ago that there was a solution. i've heard of Q-Switched lasers but the new Picosure technology meant purportedly, less heal time/sessions and better ink breakup. it was more expensive, sbout 25% more than the Q i think.

the pain level: tolerable and comfortable for about 5 minutes. but my tattoo is huge, about 20" x 20". at about 12 minutes, the pain is pretty intense. for me, talking does not help - in fact it makes me more uncomfortable but i've heard some people hum during the procedure. find what works best for you.

the first 30 minutes AFTER the procedure is the worst, its like the feeling of a terrible sunburn but it progressively subsides as you continue on through the day (dont worry!!)

my doctor also told me the first treatment is typically the most painful. ill let you know if thats completely honest feedback here.

all in all, its too early to say of any results as you can see, however i'm having a strong immune reaction which is a good sign. will keep you guys updated as i go.

remember NOT to rush the process.


Ouch... That looks painful. Thanks for posting and sharing your story. I'm also in the process of having a full back piece lasered - its been a long and frustrating process with the Q-Switch, and many times I find myself wishing I'd never started it, although I do my best to stay positive. That might be easier now that a Picosure laser is available to me. This forum, and posts like yours, also help a lot. It's nice to know I'm not alone, and that others are having amazing results with the Picosure. I look forward to following your photos.
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Consider getting a cover-up once its dulled enough. This will remove that mental itch to reach for total tattoo elimination. Consider it as a backup :) I heard Q-Switch takes many, many, many, many passes. 20 Tx compared to 6 Tx on a Picosure. I'm flaking right now, ink is shedding off of me.. strange to see. Will post pics tomorrow.

Thanks so much for sharing your story, sorry to hear you were not happy with the outcome of your tattoo once the shading was added... the good news is people have had some great results with shading clearing after just one treatment, check out this members review . Can I clarify, did you say it took 12 minutes to treat your tattoo?

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Bubbles gone. Pink emerges. Shading is gone

The bubbles slowly popped, (or I popped them myself, I couldn't help it).. Sleeping as you can imagine was terrible.. sleeping on my stomach is NOT how I am accustomed to, so I took a Diazapam and just hugged a body pillow for 4 days and was ok. Can sleep regularly now.

The shading is coming off, I have a pile of shedded ink falling off me. I know it sounds gross but I'm being transparent here through my progress.

The ink in general has lightened, its noticeable. I expect it to lighten more in the coming weeks. Will report back in with progress!


Oh yeah... A cover up is definitely the plan. Although I'd love to have my nice clean back back, I can't imagine dealing with the years of laser treatments it would take to get to that point! I feel soooo done with this whole process - it's been over a year already. Starting picosure this month and I'm hopeful I can start the cover up by spring. Are you going for full removal or a cover? Can't wait to see your pics tomorrow!

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Hi there, just checking in for an update, how are you progressing with your removal - would love some updated photos. 
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i have immune issues and i'm scheduled to see jill on friday. i just don't see that this pico laser is up to snuff with normal lasers.. scary
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Thanks for posting the pics of the blisters. As gross as they are I had the same size/amount and couldn't see any others that suffered the same-it freaked me out! I feel like I have alien skin (just got my first treatment on Saturday) but at least I know others are experiencing the same! Good luck with your journey.
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Jill - Ringpfeil Dermatology

Overall honest that it would be very painful, and that I would hate her for the next 3 weeks. Considerate of my well-being

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