Happy 50th Birthday to Me! I have a beautiful new flat tummy and beautiful new refreshed boobies. Aging like fine wine!

I am a mom to 3 grown children and nursed each one...

I am a mom to 3 grown children and nursed each one.

I have always carried weight in my belly...like my momma. I spent many years after the birth of my 3 children around 170#'s but the last 6 yrs closer to 140#. I am 5'5 and work out 4-6x a week. I live a very active lifestyle and intend to continue for many more years.

I had upper/lower abd, flank and back lipo in 2011. I love the results WITH clothes on but without clothes my belly is loose, lumpy and bumpy. I knew I should have had a TT initially but wasn't mentally prepared to undergo that level of surgery and I was a slightly higher risk with a kochler scar in my right upper abdomen since having my gallbladder out in 1984.

The surgeon is confident in his ability to perform the TT despite the scar and now I'm ready to do it!!! I think the fact that my lipo was done in 2011 will be an assest to the outcome of the TT.

I got a second job and saved all my pennies to pay cash for my procedure.

I have a 19yo daughter. I struggled with how to tell her my plan while trying not to make her more critical of her own body. She has agreed to be my recovery nurse:)

I will spend 1 night in the hospital.

I will look forward to posting before and after pics ... along with details of my journey.


You deserve this. I am so glad to see you make it happen. I love your attitude. What sort of workouts do you do 4-6x a week?
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My gym offers 60 classes a week. I jump in whatever I can fit in my schedule. Pilates. Bootcamp. Powerpump. Bodypump. If I can't do a class I do eliptical for 30 followed by running for 30min. I LOVE the way I feel after a hard workout! I know I will have to ease back in after surgery. I"m preparing myself to be patient.
Yeah, the waiting is hard. After my second surgery my surgeon cleared me to go back to the gym early because I was growing depressed staying in the house. I will have to check out those body pump classes. I love body combat.

Pic's 1 month Pre op

5'5 ... 145 pounds. I am on a major work out and healthy eating regimine.
Goal prior to surgey 135 - 140.


You are giving the doctor a wonderful canvas for him to work on. Good luck on your upcoming procedure and happy healing
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You're in great shape so you're going to love your results!! I'm anxious to get back to working out full force. The energy doesn't come back right away, but I'm building it slowly. Congrats and I'm looking forward to following your journey :-)
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T - 24 Days

Had my pre op today. The fun picture taking of my body ... the tummy that I have such issues with...not fun!

All the different thoughts about if I should or should not do this flew right out the window with these undressed, unedited pics up on the screen. My body is a real mess and I do have some major hang ups about it ... I just hope I can bond and love my body after this.

I'm also getting 425cc textured contoured implants under the muscle ... incisions will be under my breasts. I'm borderline lift and probably would probably look great with a lift but to be honest I'd rather not have additional scars if I don't have to ... the new jelly, silicone implants may give me just enough to be happy. Worse case scenario I go back for a lift later which is not as involved since the implants are in and not manipulated.

Never one to not do something because of fear I'm trying to stay chill and think good thoughts but definitely apprehensive and think it will probably continue to escalate ... just gotta keep my eye on the prize!!

I've seen so many amazing results and trust I made a good choice in my surgeon. Now I'm going to let it be and proceed with faith all will work out just as it's meant to and my surgeon will work his magic on me giving me some new kick ass sexy boobies to match my beautiful new tummy to match how I feel on the inside ...

Here's the pic's...on my way to the flat side:) ...


Hi, Just checking in to see how you are doing. Here we are in May!! Exciting!!! Did you make the final decision on the implant size??
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Hi. thank you for checking in. I did. i called my PS office and they told me to come in and do another sizing. I told the nurse what I wanted ... a very full C ... small C. In the mean time they called me back. The nurse and doc reviewed my photos and doc suggested 425. Its settled ... But since then Ive been reading up alot on implants and to be honest I was really shocked at the statistics for failure...being all different issues ... In some cases as higg as 6-10% on a study of 100. That means 1 in 100 has failure issues....
**small D


Took some measurements today ...
Smallest abdominal area - 31"
Belly Button area - 34"
Hip area -37.5"
Butt/thighs - 41.5
Chest, nipple level - 37"


How are you doing Hun?
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How are you feeling?!
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Let the count down begin!!!! You're a day before me.... Are you ready? I'm ready =)))
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Post Op Day 2

I had my surgery on Monday. TT, MR, BA w/435 cc high profile contoured. textured unders.
Surgery was just under 4hrs wheel in / wheels out to OR. I spent the 1st night overnigt at the hospital with my BFF, who is a nurse, not leaving my side. I cant't even imagine going home the same day as surgery. I pretty much could not even move at all....even to reposition in bed,
My boobies actually hurt the most. They are ginourmos.

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Pre op / Post op Pics

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Whoa! You look awesome! This is going to be an interesting chapter 2 for you! Congrats! !
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Looking very good! I love your new boobs. Can you tell me what bra size you were pre op? I am planning on about the same size implants and I am around your age, height, and weight. Thanks! Did your surgeon recommend Alloderm or anything like that to support the implants?
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Looking great! Thanks for the update!
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POD 3. Feel great. Sleeping alot. Taking little walk and just chillaxin to let my body heal. So far I am really excited and think my results make me very comfortable in my skin :)
My boobies are starting to soften and although they are still gianourmous I think I will be very happy with them.
I am so grateful for having help to recuperate and having someone there to look after me.


Hi My Bariatric Life:) I was a 36/38 b/c. I was so confused about the sizing. I went back in a few times to try the sizing on. He did not mention alloderm as an option. If he had Im sure I woul have sad yes. It just seems to make sense for support. My implants are Natrelle 435 textured high profile contour under the muscle. He was the only doc out of my consults that didnt go straight for a lift too. He thought the high profile would lift the nipple, and if not and I was unhappy we could lift much easier once the implant in. I think Im going to be pleased. BTW...I still say the boobies were much more painful then the TT. Maybe because the implants were so big. This too shall pass...with a little help from narcotics :) PS: My friend who is caring for me has always yo yo'ed with weight. When thinner she always had a rocking body but with weight gain over the past few years shes having trouble getting it off and is in the process of a bariatric work up. I read your story to her. Im excited for her!!! Let me know what you go with. Ill post more pics of the boobies as they settle in.
Thank you!




Thank you. Im excited!!
Thank you!!
Thank you! Im so excited and glad I did this for me:)

POD 4. I feel awesome! I am so thrilled and grateful for this opportunity

I'm on way to my 1st post op visit today. I still am very sore, especially my brand new voluptuous boobies but have no doubt it will all be worth it.
Sleeping is not easy and the muscle pain in my low back is YOWZA at times but that's what meds are for .... I've pretty much kept myself in a comfortably numb state of mind and luckily lined up all my ducklings so I only needed to worry about me for this week. Hope all you ladies preop op, operative today and post op are having a healthy, healing experience as you journey to your new you


You look much larger than a 36 C to me. I am wearing a 36 DD and my boobs do not look as large as yours. Mine are so deflated! That is why it is difficult for me to chose a size. I wanted saline and to create cleavage and side boobs but not more projection, and my surgeon suggested 420cc saline moderate profile, which is similar to the size you had although there is a difference between the high profile contour and the moderate round. Did your surgeon do measuring to calculate your breast width diameter? I have read so many surgeons do that and mine did not. I keep forgetting to ask him about it, and I must remember the next time that I speak with him to ask about it. I would love to see more pix of you! Also, I am glad that your friend is going for a bariatric workup. I was a fat kid but in my teens I was thin and pretty. Such a shame that I became morbidly obese for so long. I am very glad that I did something about it. Looking back, I missed out on a lot of life. I am making up for that now by living life fully.
Feeling happy :)

Post Op Day 7

I feel great.

1st day home alone. I left my friends house last night. She took such good care of me. I don't think I would feel so good now if it weren't for her nonstop TLC every step of the way.

I am back to work today. Work from home....my head is a bit foggy but its all good.

I am sore as expected. Still a bit hunched over and still with 2 drains. No swelling to mention. ...maybe a bit but nothing to speak of.

I LOVE my results. My boobies still are the most sore but oh boy do I love them. Haha. To think I added them as a extra cuz my belly was my real issue. I also agonized over the size. 435 high profile under the muscle. I was a 36 saggy small c prior. I was borderline lift. I did Not have a lift and I am thrilled. I love the size. As they say I bet I could a went bigger :) but think they are perfect. They still have a ways to go. I'm only 7days out#!

My belly is perfect with a perfect new belly button. My incision is as good as it gets and I'm confident will heal well.

I fell asleep last night and woke up 8 hrs later in the exact same position...I must have been exhausted!

I feel a bit down but to be expected. ... some because I cant run like I want too and still have to rest the body. I will rest and take care or myself to be sure I heal quickly and can get back to my life as scheduled:)

Wishing everyone healthy, happy healing and results that make you smile when you see your beautiful reflection in the mirror!!

I'll add pics tonight.

PS .... I have 0 regrets!!! Other than I shoulda done this 15years ago after my last baby!!

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PO pics. all out of order. ...sorry


Wow!!!!! You look great right from surgery I wish my tummy looked like that.....I honestly don't think he did an aggressive tt or muscle repair but then again I've never had a tt so don't know how it's supposed to feel or look
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looking great! I love your breasts! You can tell that when the settle they will be soft and beautiful! I love your positive attitude. Looking forward to more photos as you progress.
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You're looking awesome already! Wow
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Still with 2 drains. Fingers crossed they may come out by Sat.


You look amaZing! You will feel great when the drains are gone. I thought it was the weirdest feeling when they pulled them out. But afterwards I felt like I was finally on my way to recovery! It is a major milestone.
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Thank you so much...i can honestly say I think this was a life changing event for me in how I see myself. My self imagine around my belly was SO bad. It impacted so much of how I felt about myself....
You look great straight away! Best results I've seen in ages!!
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Scarguard applied like nail polish to the scar 2x daily. Purchased at my dr office for $64.
No external sutures or staples were used in my surgery.
I will post my progress to show effectiveness.
I am still swollen and only 10 days out. I know what I look like now will change dramatically and confident if a nip or dog ear needs fixin' than I'll deal with it after I give my body 6months to heal. I continue to be over the top thrilled with my results!!
I am exhausted early each evening and get lot's of rest!
Best wishes to all my real self sisters. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what truly makes someone beautiful is the love they show others. To love other's one must love themself first. Keep it real ladies! xoxo


Looking good sexy lady !!!
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Congrats on your decision and journey. Amazing how your incision is all closed up in 7 days and you are already starting scar treatment!
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You do look spectacular! And lucky you didn't need a lift, as well. Check out Amazon for Scarguard MD. It's much less there. Congratulations!
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POD 13 ... 2 weeks ago today I was just getting settled in my room for the night

Well ... I went back to work at my "work from home" job last Tuesday and did great resting well each night. Felt awesome all since surgery...totally coping well. Especially well after I was taken care of for the 1st 7 days by anmazing friend.

Both drains came out this w/e ... 1 Fri, 1 Sat ... I was still doing great.

THEN ... I COMPLETELY OVERDID IT Sat physically in the morning. I thought a nap would be enough to recoup after the morning and be ready to go overnight. NADA!

By Sun morning I was truly a HURTIN! pup ... despite ibuprofen alternating with tylenol I was feeling raw in my abdominal area for the 1st time since surgey.
Crying like a baby ... all by myself ...lol

I texted all my kids to let me sleep and put myself to bed with 2 bendadryl for the entire day Sun. I slept 11hrs and felt much better!!!!

Since the drains are out and with overdoing it I am experiencing the SWELL for the 1st time. I'm keeping my tummy wrapped up tight and feeling OKAY today...back to "work from home".

I'm sure I felt so great until now because I was allowing myself lots of REST ... and medicating with narcotics round the clock ... and my drains were keeping me from swelling.

Its so not worth it to try and do too much. I learned my lesson the hard way. I'm going to go back to babying myself and pretty much just work and sleep this week ... tylenol alternating with ibuprofen and benadryl to sleep sound for a few more days ....

In all other ways ... Love my new tummy and boobies!

Hope all you ladies are taking good care or yourselves and letting your body heal!


It is amazing what rest can do. I remember when I first went back to work how I would swell. My tummy felt like it was burning. Then a good night's rest made a world of difference until I went back to work and it started all over again. It eventually eases up. Now at 8 weeks I don't swell after work. Your ate right to keep banning yourself for now. may feel able to do things but your body will call it quits when it's too much. You want the best possible results so enjoy the rest!
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Omg! I meant your are right to keep babying yourself!
lol. Love spell check. Thanks for commenting. I know it will get better and this will be a long lost memory...Im hanging tough...its definetely gonna be well worth it.

Measurements POD 14

Well compared to May 5 -15 days pre op to June 3

Smallest abdominal area - 31" - 30"
Belly Button area - 34" - 31"
Hip area - 37.5" - 37.5"
Butt/thighs - 41.5" - 40"
Chest, nipple level - 37" - 39.5 :)
This makes me smile ... Not worrying about weight until I can get more active .... Just trying to eat healthy.

Happy healing ladies !!!


You are doing great! And your are right about over doing it. It will catch up to you. Best to rest and recover than over do it and cause an issue. Btw, how is the scar guard working?
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What great results already! You are doing so good! Nice of your bff! Sheesh - jealousy over here ;) keep up the good work! I know the feeling on wanting to eat good and get back into some type of activity again!
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POD 20. I Turned the corner.

Over the last week my tummy tuck surgery discomfort subsided alot, but my right BA pain was making me feel really bad. I was having major nerve pain. My doc gave me Neurontin which made me cra...cra...crazy. I was dizzy and couldn't think straight from 1 dose BUT it helped the nerve pain. I stuck with the med for 3 days and I think it did what it was supposed too...it broke the pain cycle. Today is day 1 completely pain free.

I have not worn a bikini in 25years and then it was only a few times. I'm hopeful I will be comfortable in one after the swelling goes down and I get back to the gym.

I like what I see when I look in the mirror ... I'm still happy I had the surgery. No regrets.

I'll keep posting my progress.

Hope all my Real Sisters are well. If your pre op ... congrats for making the decision. If your post op ... hang in there ... it's a very rough road but does get better.

Most importantly remember we all heal differently ... and swell differently
There will be a day when swelling is in our rear view mirror. Keep looking forward! Kepp it Real ... sisters:)


Your review helped me! :) thank you. I am waititng to schedule my surgery tomorrow.
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POST OP DAY 23 ... Hell Yeah!!!

Still wearing a corset but tried on my favorite pants without it to see how things look. Happy, Happy, Happy :)
1st pic ... Preop :(


How is the swelling doing? Is there a lot of it? Did you also have the muscle repaired LOOKING GOOD!
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Thanks!! I can fit in preop clothes easily and never really felt swelling was a great big deal for me but Im sure it is there .... I didnt have any lipo which probably makes swelling less of an ossue too. I keep my corset binder tight and use an ace in additon directly around my incison to control swelling. There are definete times when swelling is worse and more uncomfortable but it can be pretty well controlled with compression. I did have MR.... I am very, very happy but as I begin to spend more intermittemt time out of the binder ... I see looseness in my upper ab that Im not thrilled about. Standing I am tight...and its expected that sitting there will be excess skin BUT I am not liking what I see ... I think is simply a result of very lax skin and I will need to accept the not so good with the good. I know Im still swollen tho so this may be what Im seeing and this will get better as time goes on but kinda dont know if I should expect improvement in skin tightening back up. I know immediately post op I was way tighter than now and hope after all swelling resides the end result will be more like then. I also have some love handle fat and skin lax that I knew preop was something I thought should be treated with my TT but my doc talked me out of taking my incison around the back...which is fine.... He is the expert so I heeded his advice ... It would have been a much longer tme in the OR which can lead to complications so I was good with listening to him with the intent to re evaluate post op. At this point I am leaning towards having the love handle ...flank area surgically treated in the fall after I see how it all settles out. Having a flat belly is awesome ... love handle skin, fat bulging out not so much. I will try and loose fat by working out but think the lax skin will still be an issue that cant be fixed working out. I will talk aout this with my doc at my next visit to get his thoughts.
I just read this and Im hoping this is true for me ... http://www.realself.com/question/post-tummy-tuck-swelling-stretch-skin

POD 29 ... 1 month out.

Feel great! Just flabby since haven't really exercised. Started walking and being more active.

I noticed my scar is changing position in areas due to the tension but it still looks good and still fits perfectly under my panties that were used during my preop marking. No complaints!

My scar is starting to get itchy and although my belly remains numb in many areas the feeling is coming back. I use scargard twice a day and massage cocoa butter at night when I can.

My implants are becoming part of me and I have no pain ... No complaints.

It feels like a lifetime ago that I had the surgery. Everyday gets better.

Hope all you ladies are doing well. Happy Healing...


You look great! Loving the side boob! I can't wait to see more of your progression
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You look freakin amazing!!!!
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Measurement Update


Measurements POD 143 Jun 201413 days post

Well compared to May 5 (15 days pre op) to June 3 (15 days PO) to June 18 (30 days PO)

Smallest abdominal area - 31" - 30" - 29"
Belly Button area - 34" - 31" - 30"
Hip area - 37.5" - 37.5" - 36"
Butt/thighs - 41.5" - 40" - 40"
Chest, nipple level - 37" - 39.5" - 38.5"
Scale pretty much the same. ... happy!!!


Your review is featured in the RS newsletter I got in my email. I love your way of expressing your journey! The side by sides are amazing! Your surgery was 9 days before mine and you're doing great. I understand the resting part. I relate to hating the belly part and doing the surgery for mostly that, yet loving the boobies so much! I developed late but fast and they were never perky. That's my favorite part - the perk! I wish I had taken measurements. Thank you for sharing your story. 50 is the new 30 afterall, enjoy it! :-D
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You look GREAT!!!
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Thank you!!!

7 weeks out ...

Feeling 100%. No binder except at gym. Swelling continues intermittently. Can do whatever I want in regards to working out. I have not gotten back to gym consistently yet but trying to get there at least 3 days a week. I do eliptical, weights, squats, planks ans sit ups. Hope to fit classes back in my schedule. I have not had issues with pain or anything else negative from working out. Ive been on long bike rides outside.

Im very happy with my results ... BUT I have 2 more things planned before the end of the year to complete my makeover ... Then Im done with plastic surgery.
1. Butt/thigh lift ... I have a big dent in my butt from a fall resulting in fat necrosis. It bulges funky and I want more fat removed from my lower back/sides/hips ... hoping for a more curved reflection in the waist
2. Fraxel laser of my face ... I am very light skinned and have significant sun damage, poor elasticity and after too many years of smoking alot of wrinkles along with new dark spots.


You look great nekkid and in clothes! I'm allowed to do leg work and my left arm. I have to be gentle with .
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Thank you for your note! How are you?
I'm doing well. I had a setback last week - surgery to debride an incision opening. But I feel better than ever. :-)

Measurement tracking ...

I dont wear binder at all anymore ... Swelling is pretty minimal ...
May 5 (15 days PreOp)
June 3 (15 days PO)
June 18 (30 days PO)
July 23 (65 days PO)

Smallest abdominal area - 31" - 30" - 29" - 28"
Belly Button area - 34" - 31" - 30" - 31" ... End of day.
Hip area - 37.5" - 37.5" - 36" - 36"
Butt/thighs - 41.5" - 40" - 40" - 40"
Chest, nipple level - 37" - 39.5" - 38.5" - 38"
Scale pretty much the same. ... Still happy!!!

Saving up for butt/ thigh lift in late fall.

Hope all you ladies pre and post are well!!!


Looking good, so happy for you!
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You look great!
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