Excited Yet Nervous !!! New Change..New Me :) - Philadelphia, PA

I'm a mother of 3... Two boys & one girl. I...

I'm a mother of 3... Two boys & one girl. I had a c-section done with my first born due to complications & natural birth with the last two.. I also had a permanent tubal ligation done right after my daughter..3 kids for me was enough lol especially that I was young @ the time. I wanted a mommy makeover for 5 yrs now due to the fact that I had a pouch from the c-section & I felt insecure knowing that was there. I've tried dieting @ exercising & neither worked. So that being said having this mommy makeover done was my best option well my only option. I get surgery done on April 24th & my pre-op is April 17th with Dr. Gottlieb in philadelphia, pa. He's an amazing doctor & I love his work. My friend has gotten surgery done by him also & she looks fantastic. I've waited this long due to financial issues but everything is back to normal & I'm ready a bit nervous but ready for my new bod. I'm ready for the summer!

Thank you! I look forward to following yours as well. At least ur appt is 2weeks away..I wish mines were as well the longer I wait the more nervous I get
Great to see you are starting the journey to a new you! I'm having a MM also and my surgery is 4/11. Only 2 weeks away! Getting nervous. I look forward to following your journey.

You're going to have fun swimsuit shopping this year! Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. Here's a list of supplies for recovery.

Please keep us posted!


3 1/2 weeks more to go for my mm.. I'm excited &...

3 1/2 weeks more to go for my mm.. I'm excited & a little nervous I just want to get it out the way. I've been going crazy trying to get things dines like my spots as well as the kids appts & buying the things I would need for after my surgery. New bod here I come :)
Are you still nervous about your mm
The nerves are starting to turn more towards excitement. I have all the essentials ready to go, now I just need to get it done and recover! Ready to see the new me!
I have somewhat of a list of things I need but I'm not sure if that's enough until my doc gives me more of what I really need.. I'm glad your appt is coming up I can't wait to see your results. Good luck!

23 more days till my surgery can't wait...I'm...

23 more days till my surgery can't wait...I'm soooo excited! I just want to get this over & done with especially that I have children to attend to 24/7. I already bought everything & arranged everything as well thanks to my kids, mom & bestfriend who are gonna help me along the way. Just not sure if I want my breast size to be a D or DD since I'm like a reg to a full C. I dislike taking pills but it is what it is.. Vitamins taste nasty to me idk that's my opinion. On the bright side I will have a new bod in just a few more days & a better bod within a few months lol. Wish me luck:)

8 more days for my final preop & 15 more days for...

8 more days for my final preop & 15 more days for my surgery. I can't wait I'm so excited. I'm not that nervous as I was before but the more I think about it I just wanna get it over & done with. I'm still not sure if I wanna be a full D or a DD. I already have everything ready plus my families help. Just counting the days! Yaaay can't wait

Well my appt for my preop is tomorrow I'm so...

Well my appt for my preop is tomorrow I'm so excited...only one more week left till surgery. Can't wait so excited :) I have everything that I need for my postop from my prescriptions down to my caretaker. Wish me luck! Still indecisive about what size I'm getting hopefully tomorrow ill choose what's best.

So tomorrow is the day of my surgery...I'm...

So tomorrow is the day of my surgery...I'm excited! I'm finishing the last little bit of things that I need to do before tomorrow so I can't wait. Doctor said everything is gonna be fine as well as the final results. Wish me luck:)

Today's my surgery yay...I'm so nervous u can't...

Today's my surgery yay...I'm so nervous u can't even think straight I have butterflies in my stomach. I pray all goes well. Ttyl
Good luck wild rose. Lets us know how your doing when you can. I hope everything went well for you.
Thank u :)
Good luck to you!

Had surgery yesterday morning and lets just say...

Had surgery yesterday morning and lets just say its not pain I'm feeling its more of a discomforts on my stomach & my breast are sore. Not only thing that bother me is trying to get out of the bed & my cuts burn it's like a stinging sensation. I also had trouble breathing due to the garment being tight so the doctor made me loosen it only 1-2 inches off the belly overall I'm fine & I go see him in a couple of hours so I can see the results
Thank u. And I will post pics shortly

Breast are still sore as well as for my tummy tuck...

Breast are still sore as well as for my tummy tuck. Doctor says the bruises are in the right places & everything should fall into place within 1-2wks. I wasn't in pain when I came out of surgery it was more if a burning sensation. I've been drinking plenty of fluids & taking all my meds as doc requested. I love Dr. Gottlieb's work.
I posted a few pics

I'm still swollen my right side has a lump that's...

I'm still swollen my right side has a lump that's all the fluids that's still underneath. I'm not sure why?! I go back to my doctor this Friday cuz the drain on the right side seems to be draining slowly, besides that I feel a little better & my breast looks awesome

Went to see my doc today & everything is falling...

Went to see my doc today & everything is falling into place. My stitches are irritating me & I'm starting to feel itchy on the scars he says to just pay in them & that my scar is nice & thin that's a plus & my drains & stitches comes off on Monday that's my 10 day marking period he says lol but I'm so happy with my results. I love my doctor...I went with my instant & I knew he was the one. I would recommend him to my families & friends. Which i did my sis & cousin are planning to get work done by him next year. :)
Glad to know everything went well and is still going well you look great just take it easy and rest well the first week is the hardest then it slowly gets better my P.O. is Friday to good luck welcome to boobieworld lol
Thank u & Good luck as well... The uncomfortable part is the girdle that keeps crawling up & the stitches they are starting to itch ugh but besides that doc says everything is falling into place
Happy for u summer coming you are going to look amazing

Got my drains taken off yesterday...I feel much...

Got my drains taken off yesterday...I feel much better now! Pain free @ least on the belly part. Lol my breast are still sore he told me to take the surgical bra off & put a loose fitting sports bra yayyy cuz it was starting to bother me. I go see him this upcoming Monday to make sure everything is going well then I start seeing him every 2wks after that. I just want the swelling to go down so I can start wearing my jeans etc....I love my doctor he answers all my questions when I call or I'm @ the appt & the staff is amazing!

The tummy tuck didn't hurt me even tho the first...

The tummy tuck didn't hurt me even tho the first day it felt as if I couldn't breathe cuz the girdle was toooo tight & it felt as if I over stuffed myself with food that's what it felt like my boobies were the ones giving me pain especially around the underarm due to the lipo but it was basically like u said it felt as if I went hard in the gym
Glad to see your healing good. Did you get a mini or full TT? Did he have to stitch your muscles back together or did he just take off extra skin, or both?
I got a I think a full cuz it's hip 2 hip but u can't hardly see the incision & he did tighten my muscles together but I did need much skin taken out just the pouch that I had from my c-section which was small. But I'm healing fast he said that its a good thing
Its looking good although you're still swollen. I'm surprised the breast is more sore than your TT. I'm so scares to get a TT bcuz of the pain I keep reading about but I need one so bad. Your giving me hope. Was the TT ever really painful during the first 2 weeks or does it feel like you did a bunch of sit ups?

3wks post op

I'm 3wks post op I'm feeling a little better still swollen hopefully in 5wks it'll go down. My doctor said it takes about 6-8wks for the swelling to go down & my breast will also fall into place.

3wks post op

Hi. Your looking great. He did my body lift I can't wait to getvmy boobs done seeing yours. My swelling frombmyvtummy tuck goes bacj and forth some days are less swollen than others do you have the same issue?
Same here my belly swells back & forth I hate it
Hey Wild_Rose! How are things going? Any updated pics?

1mth post up

Doing much better even tho my stomach swells from time to time. I have a little bit of stretch marks on my lower part of the belly but I don't care cuz I do have kids & it's just a few not a lot like before so I'm happy with my results.. My breast are falling into place slowly but surely & I'm loving the outcome. Doc says if the swelling doesn't go down in a few weeks he'll lipo those areas that needs to be fixed but other than that the belly is getting flat
Looking good! Wil_Rose what facility you perform your surgery?
Thank you for your sharing your experience. I have an appt. with gattlieb the first week in july. Im really nervous! Any suggestions on things to ask him that you found helpful? thanks.
Looking good...what size implants did you decide on? They look great, I am so afraid of going to small and super indecisive but I do have till October. It is hard to tell when you look at pics because the same size can look so different. Well you look great, happy healing.
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