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I am half Chinese and half white, unfortunately, I...

I am half Chinese and half white, unfortunately, I got my dads pasty white skin and dark, course hair. My body hair has made me self-conscious and certainly has restricted me in many ways, especially in the summer months. It dictates what I can wear and when, takes much time from my week and even stresses me sometimes. I get in situations where it's hot, but I choose to wear jeans and a t- shirt as opposed to shorts and a tank top because I'm in a hurry and didn't have it to shave. Or times where I might sleepover at my boyfriend's place, but have to make sure that I wake up before him so that I can shave because I literally don't get 24 hours of hairless ness!

Anyway, I decided to get my underarms and upper lip and chin done with a soprano laser. I chose this place because it was in a great area, the people seemed professional, they had unbelievably cheap prices and the soprano laser was supposed to be painless. I found that it wasn't painless and in fact, I needed numbing cream. I paid $500 for the underarms and $600 for the upper lip/ chin... This was ├╝ber cheap and I couldn't resist the price especially when it was 12 treatments per area. All in all, it took me a bit over a year to finish, no burns or damage, and while I did see reduction, it wasn't 100% gone... Maybe a year later, I think from prior to the treatments to that point, there was about 35% reduction.... I wouldn't say that it wasn't totally worth it, but it didn't do what was promised which was be painless and show significant, permanent reduction.

Anyway, fast forward to this year and I had just jumped on the groupon bandwagon... There was an 85% off special so I bought a 6 treatment package for my bikini area (a Brazilian) for $299. It was a great deal and they had the newest alexandrite laser which, although made no claims of comfort or being painless, did promise results. I had one treatment and holy sh*t... I would definitely say the soprano is close to painless compared to this... It was excruciating. But, one thing happened that never happened even after 12 treatments with the soprano, all my hair fell out and I was nearly completely hairless. I can't tell you how amazing it felt to see smoothe skin. The next time around, I had numbing cream ordered. My second treatment involved my Brazilian area, but in addition, I also bought a few other areas since I was so optimistic. Lower legs for $325, areola for $99, face for $299, knuckles for $99, sternum for $99, and underarms for $199. After the second treatment of my bikini area, there were patches that were permanently hairless and I'm so excited for everything to be gone and I hope permanently! As for my other areas, I saw a significant change in my lower legs, underarms, and unibrow (as part of face package). The one treatment that I've had on my underarms are wonderful! Even after the soprano, I had to shave once everyday or every two days and before that, I had to shave in the morning and by the evening, would have a thick 5 o'clock shadow. Gross! Anyway, right after the one treatment of the alexandrite, I shave my arms maybe once every 3-5 days... It's crazy! I actuallt forget to shave there because it's no longer a worry! It takes so long to grow back and even when it does, the hair is so thin and soft now, I don't even mind it fully grown out.

Anyway, I will update after my 3rd treatment for my bikini and 2nd for my other 6 areas (face, underarms, knuckles, sternum, areola, and lower legs). I've seen a huge reduction and I am keeping my fingers crossed that by the 6th treatment, everything will be 100% hairless and forever!!! Or at least for a while... I'm ok with touch ups...

So, at this point, I am halfway through treatment....

So, at this point, I am halfway through treatment. Everything is starting to look smoother, however, I did have a mishap or two. For one thing, the technician accidentally burned some of my brows off, which was very upsetting (not permanent since they weren't shaven first) but also, my legs got overheated and broke out into hives. * attached is how red and blistered my legs got! (I used aloe Vera and even neosporin for the pain)

One week after my latest treatment with the...

One week after my latest treatment with the candela alexandrite laser, I am no longer red and inflamed with blisters. Luckily, it never turned into a bad burn. Aside from that, my legs show about 90% reduction of hair from the starting point. Attached is a picture of my (still) red legs from the reaction and nearly hair free.... The hairs that are left though are still thick and dark.

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I think the first place used IPL instead of laser that's why you didn't get good results. There is a huge difference between both IPL and Laser.
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hm... yeah, I think you're right. The first one was probably IPL. I think it was called the Saprano XL. All I know is that months after my treatment for laser hair removal at this place, my mom went in to their office for an IPL Photofacial and I'm pretty sure they used the same laser on her...
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Did they use gentle max pro on you? I'm researching more about this because the clinic I plan to visit is using this machine.
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Hi Suzanne! Sorry it took me 2 months to reply... I didn't get a notification and I've obviously been away from RealSelf for a bit... Anyway, I went to BareSkin Laser Medspa in Philadelphia. I'm not sure what the exact machine was but it was an Alexandrite Laser. It was either the Candela Gentle Laser Pro or the Gentle Yag Pro. I'm not really knowledgeable about specific models... but I know it was one of the two and it was an Alexandrite. Hope that helps! Or if you already found a place, I hope your treatments are working!! Alex
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Haha. After re-reading my review, I realized that I used the Alexandrite Candela Gentle Laser Pro... the details were a bit fuzzy which is why I always write things down... runs in the family :P
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90% reduction is pretty good. Will that be permanent?
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Well, they call it permanent reduction because I will definitely have less hair than what I started with forever or at least a very long time, but certain things can make it grow back like hormonal changes such as menopause (I have a good 30 years for that), certain meds such as testosterone or anabolic steroids, and I've even heard that having tumors or being very overweight might increase body hair.
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What I mean to say is that I might not be able to keep the 90% reduction, but there will always be a lot less than from what I started with. It's like the same thing with stained teeth getting teeth whitening and asking if its permanent. What really happens is the teeth are whitened and from that day on forward, it kind of depends on the individual... They might drink coffee and have certain staining habits that might lead them to have slightly darker teeth a year after they were whitened and some people might decide to brush their teeth three times a day with light whitening toothpaste and get healthier consumption habits that make the results last longer... Of course laser hair removal results lasts longer, but I think you might get the idea....
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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. Your review is very detailed, which is great!

I'm so glad your legs didn't turn into full burns. It sounds like you knew what to do to handle it and how awesome that you've had a 90% reduction in hair in that area!

Please do keep us updated with your progress!


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Ok, thanks for the welcome kirsty!
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hi there , thanks so much for sharing your experience with us . you told every thing in detailed which is awsum .
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