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Had a modified wedge this morning. So far so good....

Had a modified wedge this morning. So far so good. I have 9 free days for rest and I'm definitely going to take it. No long walks, only laying down and walking around the house.
Bleeding is already slowing down.
I had general anesthesia, which at the beginning I didn't want, cause I've been reading many reviews and I thought it's not necessary. But my doctor is doing under it so that's what it was. And I don't regret a single bit. It's so much more easier and less stressful.
Procedure lasted an hour. When I woke up, I was in recovery room for 40ish minutes. Started to feel pain, on the scale 1-10,was 4. So the nurse gave me one Tylenol. That helped immediately.
You will need someone to give you a ride. I couldn't even get the procedure done without giving the number of my escort. So any place that would not care about you after the procedure, to me is shady.
After 3 hours in the house I started having some sharp pain. I took one oxycodon. Waited for at be an hour, still in pain so took another. That helped completely. I fell asleep.
Also forgot to say that they gave me an ice pack which I'm using on and off in periods. Helps.
It's 7 pm and I started feeling slight burning, so I took one oxycodon. Feeling good. Icing at the moment and no blood.
Urination is also totally Ok. Though it will burn but it's fine. I always change the gaze and put neosporan on it. Also keep it dry after urination but don't wipe, just tuck.
I'm taking Bactrim 2 per day.
My advice to you is, please don't be guided by the price mainly. Don't go to a gynecologist. Wait a bit longer and save an extra grand or whatever. This is a one time thing and you should not play with your body and health.
I'm adding a before photo. And will take a pic every day.

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Day one


Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I am booked for 12 Aug
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Congrats, glad you are doing well after day one, it's a pretty intense procedure,  day one for me was so painful! I appreciate that you are willing to share photos and will up date us daily as pictures speak a thousand words. Happy healing :)
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Day two


Good for you! Hope you heal up fast! Looks so much better already:)
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Thanks! :)
Thank you and good luck!

Day 3


It's amazing actually. I don't know if it's just my doctor or my body. Probably combo. But I listen to everything they told me and it's really unbelievable. Thank you for the support!
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You are healing wonderfully! Thanks for keeping us updated, it's so helpful for others. 
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I will. Thank you too!

Day 4


A certain improvement, but why did you not consider having your clit hood removed ? I had mine done several years after my labiotomy and always wished it was done at the same time. Lilian
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Omg you look amazing after. Your Dr did a great job
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Thank you so much :) now, after three weeks is much better. I'll post pics soon!

Month after the procedure

Bumps are still here. Not sure what to think. For the money I payed and for Dr experience, job should have been done better, I think.


Honestly I don't know.

One month


Do you still have this bumps? I had labiaplasty 2 months ago performed by top plastic surgeon and my vagina looks like yours. Wonder this bumps never will disappear.
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Thanks for keeping your review up to date, I think your results look great. How are you feeling? Thought I would also share this with you, maybe you have some information to add:
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Just between you and I I think your clit hood looks good. Leave it be. I just hope your pain is gone by now. :)
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