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Day 5 of 1st Tray - Philadelphia, PA

So I am on my 5th day with my first tray. The...

So I am on my 5th day with my first tray. The first 3 days were OMG! My mouth was so sore from the edges and the tightness. I couldnt bite down or sleep or anything. Im finally getting used to it. Well as you can see in my pics I have a gap. I had traditional braces when I was a teen obviously I didnt take care of what I was supposed to do and my gap came back. I wanted to close it again but now that I am in the professional world I do not want metal in my mouth during interviews and meetings. So far I can see and feel a difference with the invisalign. The gap of course haven't moved yet but my bottom teeth are starting shift. Oh amd before I forget I had to get 16 attachments. (Attachments are these little resin buttons that go on your teeth to help them move in to place.) My two front teeth has 2 buttons on them I have a ridge on one of my bottom. Ill have more to say in a few weeks. Oh and before I forget I have 23 trays which is supposed to be in for 2 years but hopefully the time is shorter.

week 2 of 4th tray

So far so good!!! The progress is going well. Haven't had any trouble invisalign wise just on payments but that will all work out in the end. So I am on my 4th tray I will be going into my 5th next tuesday (18th of March). I am adding a picture of my progress so far...I see a bit of a difference. The top left is my first tray and the bottom right is my current.

2nd Day tray 5!!!

kinda behind but im back on track!!! all of my financial things are taken care of so i can continue my treatment....unfortunately i am a month behind so i just started tray 5 yesterday (4/22/14) I had my tray 4 in for 2 extra weeks. but it didnt effect anything because i still stuck to my routine! Heres a pic of tray 5

1st n 5th tray

Dr. Anthony Farrow

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Hey!! Hopefully you'll have to wear them for half the time. I'm excited for you. I can't wait to start seeing my results. And I understand what you mean about the pain. My first 4 days were Very rough. I look forward to seeing your progress. Oh how often do you put in a new tray? I change every week but I see you are on tray #4 I'm only 2 weeks?
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Hello! to answer your question i usually change mine every two weeks so Ive had mine for almost 2 months now. I think youll start seeing results soon How many trays do you have?
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They only gave me two to start with and then I go back for the rest. But they said I'll be starting a new tray every week. Oh I'm dreading the thought of going thru that pain every week lol
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Well actually once I did the third tray is in you wont even feel it anymore
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wow! Your teeth are moving fast! Hang in there, the time flies! My ortho also told me it would taks about 18 months but I only received 28 initial trays -- it would of only taken a little over a year --- then I got refinements. And we are right on track for completion in 18 months! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!
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You can see the difference! They look good! I think I am going to wait to come home (to Philly) to see Dr. Farrow. My family has been seeing him for years. I was just talking to my Nana about coming there or seeing my doc in NJ. My doc says go the cheap route with Clear Correct. I am undecided. Please keep us posted.
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I will. And no I think invisalign is best! But if its financing thats the problem then I understand because my insurance switched to obama care and now my monthly payment is double than when I was under my moms old insurance. But I think I am just going to pay it all off next month when my money comes in. But good lucl with your decision :)
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@I'm Thinking:  If you're considering going with a dentist, it's good to get a second opinion from a good orthodontist as well, just to be safe.  I wish there were doctors who used both Clear Correct and Invisalign, but so far, I haven't heard about any.  Just a lot of doctors who use one trash talking the one they don't use.

@creativejawn:  I hope the money thing works out.  My mom had a terrible time when Obamacare all of sudden meant her insurance premiums doubled--which she'd not been expecting, so I feel your pain!  We had to find a whole new insurance for her.
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Just checking in to see how you're doing!  Hope all is well and going seamlessly :D
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Everything is fine I just updated my review. Im on tray 4 almost ready for 5 in another week!!!
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Whoop!! :D  I think I see a difference, too, but it really is very early! LOL
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Hello, I made it here :D (Thanks for the compliments TwoPlusOne!) Yes, I also have a gap -- The Gap. It is slightly larger than yours. I have 30 trays and 17 attachments but my estimate is 15-18 months, so I wonder if your doctor is including a lot of time for refinements with that time frame. Oh, and the first days were really tough for me too but it's been fine since then. A little pressure and soreness at the beginning of each set, but nothing interesting.
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I think I may have refinements I am not sure yet. But im finally getting use to them so used to them I feel naked without them in lol I posted a new pic for progress.
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Welcome!  And thanks for adding pictures so we can watch you progress :D.  You said you have 23 trays, but normally that would be just about a year and you said you'll be in 2 years.  Are you wearing each tray for a month, or?
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no i have to for the average of 2 weeks. I think because I have a gap the time period may vary still not sure yet I will see in my next appointment on the 4th!
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Oh, okay :).  Well I look forward to hearing how it goes regardless!  You should go introduce yourself over at PreOrtho's review.  She also has a gap right there, and she's very sweet and smart, too.  She's on aligner 4 or maybe just switched to 5. 
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ok great! thank you :)
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