Blepharoplasty Confusion - Festoons and Lasers - Philadelphia, PA

I have lower eye bags that I want to get rid of....

I have lower eye bags that I want to get rid of. The hot news these days is laser assisted blepharoplasty, but when I read more that approach also requires stitches. What's the deal and why is it so great?

More confusion is the issue of "festoons" very eye bags and many people warning having lower lid blepharoplasty will excacerbate festoons? I'm not sure what the heck the difference really is between a festoon and bad lower eye bags.

Lastly there is a surgeon in Tampa who claims to be the only guy to be able to eliminate festoons with a laser. So confused, don't know what straight scope

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Forgive my spelling. My question regarding...

Forgive my spelling. My question regarding Festoons is why are they different than protruding lower eye bags and how are they dealt with in lower blepharoplasty? Again the surgeon in Florida claims to be the only guy who deals with festoons with this procedure, which i don't fully understand.

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I, too, have tried to locate a surgeon in Pennsylvania who performs the same festoon laser removal procedure. I asked for a referral from Dr. Scheiner's office. If I hear back I will post here.
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I've been looking into correcting the problematic festoons I currently have also and although they're not so severe, every time I get fillers injected under my eyes or in my cheek area, they become more predominate. I will have to correct my festoons before I can use any type of filler. Festoons are those hideous deposits of fat that rest on your upper cheek bone that make you look tired and older, they often correlate with under eye bags but in my case not. I've found Dr. Scheiner to be the most experienced at correcting this problem but he's a bit pricey. The way I see it, is that you don't want to mess with your face, so I'm willing to pay the extra money, to have the job done right. I've heard nothing but good things on Dr. Adam Scheiner but if anyone else has a great recommendation on a doctor that's just as good but not so expensive, please let me know!
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jc33, I hope you are recovering nicely. I sent you a private message. hugs
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