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I'm 37 year old mother of 2! On 2/20/2013 i made...

I'm 37 year old mother of 2! On 2/20/2013 i made the worst decision of my life. My eyes had bothered me for years & I finally had the courage to do it. I was so excited & nervous, thought I did all my home work. I new something was off right away when I saw myself bandaged up! My lowers didn't look rite. After 4 days & the stitches came out I was unhappy with them & he just told me there was nothing to worry about give it time, something i did not want to hear!! The more I look at myself the sadder I get. Is there any way to fix this is all I ask myself! I've cried & screamed & now I feel I have to accept it the way it is. So completely overwhelmed & lost for words. Depression, anxiety, & insomnia have started to set in....

I'm still extremely unhappy with my results! It is...

I'm still extremely unhappy with my results! It is not what we had discussed & I just don't no how Dr.'s get away whit doing this to people! It makes me sick to my stomach every time I look at my self. I think I looked better before having this done. I was at least not self conscious & had confidence that is now shattered!

I would love for a Dr. To tell me it can be fixed & I would look normal as if this had never happened but I just don't believe it will happen!

So we are almost 3 months out & I'm feeling a...

So we are almost 3 months out & I'm feeling a little better about my self now. Still can't change what's happened & what's done is done!

My Dr. has come around & hears what I'm saying. He is also a really nice man that seems to want to help me get the results I expected. I had steroid injections about 2 weeks ago to help the scars & that seemed to help a lot. He also gave me a cream to apply daily @ night. I will be getting light a chemical peal done around my eyes in 6-8 weeks from injections to see if this helps. Also told me that this at need to be done more than once which I'm fine with. So needless to say I'm still recovering from the surgery & mentally still healing from the results!


My best friend had used him & her results were beautiful.

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Hi mama01. It looks likes the scars are still healing. Give it another 2 months, the redness and bumpiness will go down. I'm not sure what your eyes looked like before surgery but from these pictures they look really nice (symmetrical, no bags, no loose skin, no perceptible hollowness, nice eye shape). The scars on the lower lids are a bit low but at three months out they are already looking very thin. I would venture to say they will get much better in the coming months. Try to focus on other things and take heart that some people here (including me) think your eyes are looking really good even though you are still healing. I think doctors aren't forthcoming when they say 'one week' recovery for lower bleph. In my opinion it probably takes several months.
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Hey mama, I think your eyes look gorgeous! The scaring is really not that bad and it will heal. Find something good in your life to focus on while you are healing.
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Dear Mama01, I don't think your scarring looks bad at all !! I had upper and lower bleph, my upper scarring looks like yours ; the cut on the lower lid was done inside, so there is no scarring outside. Be patient. My upper scars were red and were getting a bit thick on the part close to the nose, my doctor recommended a steroid cream and after a week I had steroid inyections which have helped a lot. I think we need to give it some time, its a longer process than what most people expect and wish for, but I truly think you look good with what is visible from the picture. Use make up, this will make you feel better while your scars heal. Good luck!
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Try an eye surgeon for opinion. Most eye surgeons have to take eye reconstruction and plastics to get licensed. I am having my upper and lowers done in June and am using an eye surgeon not a plastic surgeon. They do hundreds a year. Maybe this is a good option for you..Good luck!!
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Mama01, so sorry to hear that you are not happy with your results. I hope that you will be able to find a satisfactory solution. Thanks for sharing.
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I also agree with JessieR...don't bother going to consultations too early for revision. It will be a waste of time and money. They will just tell you that you are still healing.
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Please tell me the doctor you used - considering this procedure myself you can email me privately collettebrice@hotmail.com thanks and good luck hope that things begin to look up for you.
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Please be very careful who you choose. I had a bad upper & lower blepharoplasty a year ago. Where are you located? Dr. Steinsapir in CA is the best. He is going to perform my reconstructive surgery.
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I am also in CA ware is he located & what went wrong with your bleph?
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Oh, I thought you were in Philadelphia. Anyway, he is in Beverly Hills. His website is lidlift.com. I don't work for him. I have been all over the US looking for somebody to help me. I would only trust him although he is very expensive. I wish he could do something for my lower lid scars which were placed too low, but he can't. I do not have enough skin. I can send you a private message to tell you what is going on with mine. Was your surgeon an Oculoplastic surgeon or General surgeon? Why were the lowers bandaged? We should talk sometime on the phone. I have felt very alone and depressed too. Embarrassed to go anywhere because I don't even look like the same person anymore. :(
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Yes send a private message & I also felt alone in this! It does suck but I just don't no what to do at this point!
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I don't see anything bad in the pictures however I can see a faint scar on the bottom which is exactly where mine is. It drives me so crazy how low he made it! I feel like i got in a fight with edward scissor hands. If it was at the lash line I wouldn't feel so bad. :( Im only 10 days out and mine are low and thick like ridges. Did yours feel that way too????
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Yes I'm only 1 month out & they are awful scars! We are both having the same issue. It's like u said if the dr. Had cut at the lash line like they said I woul not feel so bad about it but it is so not what they said it would be! Still really really pissed off about the whole thing! I never would have let someone do this to me for free let alone pay good $$ to leave feeling uglier then when I walked in!
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Dear mama01, sorry about your bad experience! what kind of surgery did you have for the lowers, incision inside or outside the eye (or laser)? I can't really see anything wrong with the lowers? maybe the bruising will get better over time.
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Dear mama01, I sent you two of the same private messages not realizing they both went through. Keep us posted.
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Dear mama01, I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I can definitely relate to the crying, screaming, depression, anxiety, and insomnia following bad eyelid surgery. My surgery was in January 2012, and it had a profoundly negative psychological impact on me. That being said, a lot of us have had some luck with filler such as Restylane or Belotero to restore some undereye volume (if you end up with hollowness). But you're going to have to wait a few months before a reputable doctor will give you filler. I didn't get my uppers done, so I can't offer advice there. One mistake I made after my surgery was going to revision consultations right away - just three months after my surgery - expecting that I would receive advice about surgical revision. Both surgeons told me it was too soon to talk about revision, not only because my eyes weren't "healed", but also because I was still emotionally distraught. I did get Restylane from one of the surgeons, but I spent a lot of money on the consultations to essentially be told to wait and come back later. I'm glad I got the filler, but otherwise, it was a waste of money. I only share this because if you get second opinions too early, it may not be money well spent. Please keep us posted on your progress. You are in my thoughts.
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