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After years of debating, I am not getting jaw...

After years of debating, I am not getting jaw surgery for my underbite, but rather chin reduction. My.ortho wanted me to do the big jaw surgery, but I dont have any complications from my underbite, I just hate my chin. So going to do the chin reduction and then braces to fix the bite as best they can. Eek!


Mine will be under the chin too. My understanding is there is lower risk this way than going through the mouth (potential for nerve damage). Please post how you are doing and my thoughts are with you!
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Thank you for starting your story here on RealSelf! What sort of supplies do you have gathered for your recovery? 

I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday!
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I would reconsider. I had underbite surgery a few months ago and althought the recovery was hard, it's the best decision I've ever made. Getting a chin reduction still won't affect your smile and braces don't really help underbites. I never had medical problems but I was always self conscious and now I feel amazing about myself. It's 100000% worth it and insurance covers it. You'll only be in the hospital for a night or two and recovery really isn't too terrible. Your surgeon just wants money from you. Not to give you the best advice.
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day 2

Surgery went pretty well. I am very swollen and in some pain, but I can tell it is smaller. I am.all bandaged up


Congrats, you made it through! Thinking of you and hoping the pain subsides quickly...
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Thanks! I am pretty swollen a little sore. Meds help. I go back to the dr todsy to get the dressings off. Then compression strap I think.
Wow, I didn't know about a compression strap - how long do you have to wear it? Are you so swollen that you need to hide out or just semi-swollen?

Day 5

Pain is minimal, still pretty swollen which I expected. I ate some soft lasagna last night. Chewing is uncomfortable still, so still stickingn with fairly soft foods. I am a little nervous it looks long still, though the projection is definitley less, even with swelling. I am getting cabin fever, so going to go to CVS. Exciting! Lol.Oh, also my chin is tingly/numb still but lower llip is fine.


Thanks for the advice. I did go throughwith it, as you see. I realize i still might need jaw suevery. My ortho thinks he can help my bite though since it is minimal. I will keep you updated!

Day 8

Been a week. I am feeling pretty good. I definitley still swollen, but it more looks like I have gained a few pounds or am a little bloated. I am confident nobody will notice when I go back to work Monday. I have a little pain-more a very mild soreness, it is so mild I am not even taking Tylonel or anything. It is also t ingley. I get stitches out and see the doctor tomorrow!


Hi, just checking in to see how you are doing? Still swollen?
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Hello MischiefMermaids, I am wondering how did ur chin reduction surgery with Dr. Yaremchuk go and how has the recovery been like for you? I would like to decrease the size of my chin by 1 cm but then I read that it isn't ideal to have more than 4 mm of bone removed due to the excess soft tissues. However if a person does this procedure under the chin... do you think it still matters how much bone you want to reduce? From my understanding, as long as the surgeon shortens and reattaches the soft tissues to the chin bone properly then you should not experience any loose skin?
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