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I had a medium/large chin implant + neck...

I had a medium/large chin implant + neck lipsuction on April 5th, 2013. The surgeon used a large implant and shaved it down to be somewhere in between medium and large. I am writing this review 1.5 weeks post-op. Overall, I am absolutely thrilled with my results. I feel confident, beautiful, and that my face is finally in balance.

My surgery was done under local anesthesia in the office. I was on Valium and Vicadin. It took a little over an hour and I thought I would fall asleep but I actually stayed awake through the procedure.

When I was comparing surgeons to pick where I wanted it done, I found that no other surgeon in Philadelphia would consider doing it under local anesthesia. It would be twice as much money for general anesthesia, as quoted to me by other places I called and by the office I actually used. I don't know if these other surgeons wouldn't do it under local because it's just easier if the patient isn't awake, because they have contracts with anesthesiologists to give them business, or what, but I ultimately felt very confident in my surgeon at Jefferson. I felt that he knew what he was doing, and he wanted to give me the least amount of discomfort possible while also making it affordable.

To discuss finances a bit, I was planning to save up and pay cash. In the end I decided to open a credit card with a promo offer of 18 months 0% APR, so I can pay the balance off over a year and a half and keep my savings in case of emergencies. I would NOT have considered putting the balance on a card where it would accrue interest, and I will definitely make sure it is paid off before my promo period is up.

The biggest con for me has been taking time off from work, but that was really a choice I made. I stayed home for a week after surgery primarily due to the bruising and swelling. The pain was minimal, and I could have gone to work if I didn't mind people seeing the damages. But I work with the public, and I have about 100 co-workers I see throughout the day, so I didn't want to continually be explaining what happened.

I also wanted to see if people would notice on their own once everything was healed. I've been back to work now for 3 days and only ONE person has noticed, and she couldn't figure out what it is, she just knew I looked "different." This is exactly the response I wanted. I didn't want to look different, I just wanted my chin to be balanced with the rest of my face.

Now that I've had this done, I feel like I have finally achieved this goal that I have had ever since middle school. I've always wanted to do it, but all I knew was that it was "plastic surgery" and that's expensive, and I will probably have to wait until I have a real job. I also don't think I could have convinced me parents to let me do it when I was younger!

Something that was a little frustrating is that none of my friends and family were really HAPPY for me, they were mostly against the idea, didn't think I needed it, and now are sort of neutral about it. It made the whole thing a lot less exciting for me. My therapist was THRILLED and gave me a lot of positive feedback. I told her that I was so glad she responded that way, and she said that I SHOULD be happy about it, because I am! And just because other people don't have the same thoughts as I do, that doesn't change how I should feel about it.

So, I would warn anyone considering any cosmetic surgery to be prepared for your friends and family to be less than thrilled by your decision, and once you have given it a lot of thought and ultimately decided to do it, seek out people who will give you the positive feedback that you really want and deserve and don't focus on the neutral or negative responses.

I'm happy to answer questions about my experience, and I am going to be adding photos soon.

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Updated with photos.

Updated with photos.


I'm just beginning to consider a chin augmentation. I'm extremely nervous about the prospect mostly due to the judgement others may give me if they find out I had the procedure done. Many of my friends are hostile towards plastic surgery yet have accepted, balanced features. My chin looks much like your before pictures. Even now do you feel conflicted with your decision? And if I told no one but my partner do you think anyone would notice?

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Fear of judgement can be a strong thing...but something I have learned is that worrying about what others will think it useless, as we ultimately don't know what others are really thinking (maybe some of them really thinks its ok, or have even considered a procedure themselves but are fearful of being rejected by the group too if they state a different opinion). I would encourage you to do some soul searching on how YOU really feel about plastic surgery and base your decision off of your truths. Others will judge you regardless, some will judge you for having the procedure some will judge you for not - its not worth your time to give them thought. Do what is right for you.
Thank you. Any other insights from anyone else are greatly appreciated.

The implant I have is Extended Anatomical Implant...

The implant I have is Extended Anatomical Implant from Implantech. My doctor used a size large and altered it slightly. He wanted me to have the large along my jaw line, but not protrude as much, so he shaved some off of the front.


You look awesome!! You are the only one you need to please! Certain procedures I have done and no one was really happy for me but myself. I am considering a revision chin implant. I have a "button" that was placed there 15 years ago and does no justice for my now developing jowls..lol. So my surgeon thinks it would be a good idea to change it out for the most needed wings that are provided nowadays!! I'm excited but no one really shares it. Oh well I do these things for myself!! :)
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It is a fact that , mostly when your friends & family are non chalant or only want to bring up negative . they are Jealous #facts . Sad but true, this is why I opt to keep what ever I do between my husband & I ...oh & realself! ..lolol im 6 days post op chin implant & rhinoplasty & lipo. I took tape off chin today and even though still swollen i love it . I know it will be perfect onced healed. You look beautiiful doll!!! even if they dont say it, please note to yourself . doc did a great job ! ~
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You look AWESOME! Congrats! I firmly believe that everyone should do what they want with their face/body. If your family and friends aren't that supportive, honestly they are probably just jealous that your result came out great, and you did something that makes you happy. Chin up, pun intended! :)
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Jefferson University Hospital, Dr. Hefflefinger

Wouldn't consider going anywhere else in the future.

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