Hi all, We'll I made my schedule tt, 1/13/14,...

Hi all,
We'll I made my schedule tt, 1/13/14, waited a long time for this. I had Brest reduction in 1983, when I was 26. It changed my life, and gave me so much confidence, I would encourage anyone to do it, it's really worth it, Best decision I made! It is wonderful to see all your comments, stories, and advise! I enjoy all of you. Looking forward to being a part of the "flat side"



January 20, 2014 tt date



Pre op

So, pre-op called this morning, I go 1/8 already had blood work in November so I'm good there. Got most of my supplies rented a recliner with lift, it reclines all the way down for sleeping.
I sat in it and it feels really comfortable. Had dream that I had tt, when I looked down it looked the same, I said what no drains lol!, must be on my mind all the time.
Hurry up January 20.

Counting down

Pre op tomorrow @ 12:30, will be going everything, omg it's getting close!

Monday @ 11:30

Hi ladies,
Hospital called today, said I'm to be there Monday @11:30. I'm so tired off worrying I just want it to be over, it has snuck up on me, 35 years in the wanting, well, I'm getting it now my sisters! :)

The tummy

Here it is ladies!

Not much to say, it kinda says it all.;)


Well ladies here it is, kinda says it all. ;)

2days post

Here is the new mw, I will update w/ new pics as I go

Drains out

Hi all,
Had post op today, one week today! And drains out yay!,,, doing well, cutting back on Percocet walking pretty straight.
But doing a little too much walking wears me out, so I'm on my loft recliner relaxing. Pain is more @ the incision line now! Will be posting new pics this week, hope everyone is well

((((((( hugs)))))))

Drains out

I forgot to tell all of you, mu ps took off 20 pounds!

7 days post op


Some old some new


A little opening

So, today I noticed this area was a little,sore and open called ps, but closed do to snow storm will call back tomorrow. The nurse said neosporin and ban dais which I'm doing and it has closed up pretty good



18 days post op

Still swollen, but theses jeans fit me totally different! Yay

3 Week Post Op Today

More pics

3weeks today, feeling really good, getting a lot of energy back looking forward to going out and going back to work!

23 Days Post

A collage of pictures


More pics 6 weeks "almost"

I still can't believe I did it! Yay me


Starting workout! at least I don't have to worry about nasty blubber getting in my way!

Before and after

Work cloths

I love wearing fitted cloths again! So nice to be able to just button, then sit with no muffintop.


8 weeks tomorrow 3/20

Almost 10 weeks


Getting flatter, note gallbladder scar, used to up a lot higher, :)

Side by side

Some more

11weeks post Op

In jeans


As you all can see Tummy Tuck defiantly worth it!

Another one!

old photo

3 months today!

A little more swelling has been happening throughout this last month.
From what I've been told the 3 month mark has more swelling after that it starts to subside.

Before and after



4months post

Side by side

Time line

7 months post tummy tuck

Hello my tt sisters,

It's been a while since I have up-dated, it's 7 months, and love love love my new tummy.
We put in a pool, I love floating in the pool in my bikini! Life is good! Hope you all are well.
Dr. Wojcik Allentown PA

My ps Is amazing! Not only is he an artist, he is compassionate, listens, I would recommend, him to anyone!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hello Stevie1girl, Thanks so much for taking time to respond to my post; it is appreciated! I thank you for answering all of my questions, and providing details. From your feedback and OUTSTANDING results, Dr. Wojcik seems like the surgeon who I should settle upon. I want a kind, knowledgeable, skillful, and compassionate surgeon. I like how you use the word “artist” and “sculptor” to describe the doctor’s work. My goal was to narrow down prospective surgeons to three. I did not want to schedule eight or nine consultations. One of my prayers is to find the right surgeon so I would avoiding going from consultation to consultation, and becoming overwhelmed and anxious. I have been doing my research on the procedure and several surgeons, and decided to narrow it down from there. I scheduled two consultations. Then I saw your story and another patient of Dr. Wojcik, and decided to contact you for more information. A few days ago, I went forward and scheduled a consultation in the next several weeks with Dr. Wojcik! I have a very good feeling about him, and I am looking forward to it. I am familiar with Lehigh Hospital. However, I did visit their website and read their ratings; it is quite impressive. This is an added assurance for me. I am delighted to hear you describe the hospital room like as a “hotel.” I live in the New York area. If everything works out with Dr. Wojcik, I was thinking of staying two nights in a nearby hospital before returning home. Thanks for being so willing to answer my questions as I begin my journey! I appreciate your time. Questions: 1. How long was the surgery? 2. Did you stay over in Allentown after your hospital stay? 3. Were you instructed by the doctor to begin taking supplements – iron, magnesium, vitamin C, etc.? 4. For $5800, your surgery included tt, lipo, and muscle repair (I understand that this is standard, but just making sure)? Thanks!!
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Stevie1girl, Congrats! You look fabulous. So happy for you and your AWESOME results. I had my surgery two weeks after yours and I can totally relate to to transformation this surgery gives us. It completely changed my life. I'm active and happy. Love reading stories similar to mine. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your beautiful "new" body! :-DSuzy
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Thank you so much Suzy! Don't you just love walking and standing and being self conscious! It is the best feeling. It has really changed my life as well, you look beautiful! ;)
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Sorry, I meant to say NOT being self conscious Lol
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You're TOO kind! Stay sexy lady. :-DSuzy
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Hello Stevie1girl, First, you look absolutely, unequivocally amazing!!!!! What a transformation! As I read your story and reviewed your photos, I thought to myself how this surgery can change a woman's life - giving her a new and fresh lease on life. I can't stop thinking about how this procedure can be so encouraging, and allow a woman to truly live life to the fullest. I am so happy for you!! I thank you so much for sharing your story! I am ready for my TT. I have been contemplating it for a few years, and I am ready to take the plunge. My tummy is a little smaller than your old tummy. And I could not help but imagine myself with the same STUNNING results as you! I am in the process of shopping around for a surgeon. I am not too far from Allentown - about a 2.5 hour drive. Considering your results and one other Realself sister with the same doctor plus the price, I would travel the distance. I have a few questions: 1. What was the consultation fee? 2. Did the price of your TT include a night in the hospital? 3. What should I expect from the consultation - will the dr do any 3D imaging, etc.? Thanks so very much for your time!
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Hi Amina5, Thank you so much for your kind words! I know someone who works in his practice, he is one of the best anywhere, and we have him close to us! He is so kind, you will love him, I would never go anywhere else! I think the consultation fee was was included I forget that part. Yes, it included the hospital which the room was like a nice hotel! Excellent nursing care! Lehigh valley hospital is the best! 3d imaging I did not have that, after I met him I knew he would make me amazing! He is a true sculptor, never in my life did I think I could ever look this good. And with all he did to me I had hardly any brushing. Anything else please let me know :), what area are you in?
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From the consultation, He will let you know what he will do, take before pictures, if at that point you want to schedule, that can be done at that time as well.
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Hello Stevie1girl, I have my consult with Dr. Wojcik next month. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks.
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Do you mind me asking what your weight was when you had your surgery. Your body is similar to mine and I am loving your results. You look great.
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Thank-you! My weight was 175, I am 5'4". I now weigh 160
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You look great! Congratulations!
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Thanks sunshine! You will love your new tummy, best thing I've ever done for myself!
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You look AWESOME - so does the pool...hmm not sure which I'm more jealous of!!! Enjoy that pool and congratulations on your amazing body :D
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Love the pool! And your stomach looks flatter!
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thank you funky I'm feeling really good how are you doing
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hi Belly how are you hope you're feeling good and happy with your tummy tuck
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Doing well, thanks. Had a little set back, due to facial surgery for basal cell carcinoma. BUT still loving my flat tummy. Trying to get back to the gym more now. Making progress day by day. It's a journey but we're all getting there!
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Funky! Thank you!
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Wow so jealous of pool that looks amaz balls lol.. Look at those and Hun!! Are you working out?
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hi emma, yes I am working out not doing too much but really watching what I'm eating how are you
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I'm dreadful I have almost gained 28lbs since tummy tuck feeling real low! I'm joining slimming world next week
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No worries, you will lose it! I think it's our bodies needing comfort food after such a traumatic surgery, just cut back on portions, that's what I do. ((((((Hugs))))))
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your tummy looks excellent!
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U look amazing I also have a gallbladder scar so I can't wait to see how mine looks after!! Totally worth it!! U must be thrilled!!!
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