I've always had a big breasts. Now after...

I've always had a big breasts. Now after breastfeeding for a year, breast are saggy and heavy. I'm cup "D" or as the doctor said I am DD instead.
Went to threee different PS Only Gabay was quite sure about getting the approval from the insurance... ( big $$ break)
Hold and behold Gabay got me the insurance approval in about 3 weeks. I was told that my belly will be more prominent since my breast will be reduced and doctor suggested a TT .
Surgery scheduled for 2/12/13... now scarared, freaking out about pain, disconfort and the amount of down time needed to heal. .... just having thoughts about cancelling all of it.
I now i need the breast surgery since in the summer i suffer a lot with the blisters under my breast because of the pain... the TT is more self vanity... however i just wanted to take advantage of the anesthesia since this will give me a break with the TT. BBL is my only opportunity to get the fat from my belly transfer to my buttocks.... since I am pretty flat back there.
I was wondering if by having the pain in the stomach and breast will be enough. I read other ladies complaining that they couldn't sit on their buttocks for about two months.
Any one have done this at once?

Today I will have my Pre op. appointment. Let...

Today I will have my Pre op. appointment.
Let see how this goes...

Decision made. I'm only getting BR.
Oh good luck. Not long to wait now.. I only had the BR and that was not bad at all... Hardly any pain at all.. So hopefully with the TT as well you should be fine. Just get lots of rest and make sure you drink lots of water and eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies.. :)
Thanks for the suggestions. My ps told me that I will get a horizontal incision. He said that there is no BR with out the horizontal incision under the breast. I think you said you only got the lolly pop cut. Did u also get the horizontal cut under your breasts?

Just finish talking on the phone with my PS....

Just finish talking on the phone with my PS. Forgot to ask him a question about
what happens if you loose weight after surgery? He said that the breasts will loose size as well and will look even smaller.

Any one experienced this before?
He tolme that first loose the weight and then maybe i won't need a reduction maybe a lift only.
It does not matter how much weight I lost my cup size remained the same FF. The only thing that changes is the band size from 38 to 34. Nothing ever changed my cup size until I had the op 19 days ago. I am now a C cup and am very pleased!
I was told by my PS that since my boobs have pretty much been the same size throughout my whole adult life regardless of my weight that it would not make a big diffference in size if I lose weight afterwards. Like Kimmers.. I would be completely happy with a B cup if, I mean when :) I lose my weight. She made me a large C / D so it still fits my body frame for right now.. But she said if I lose 50lbs.. I might still be a good C since weight has not really affected them in the past. I say go for it regardless... It will certainly make exercising much easier.
Yeah, I guess everyone is different.... thanks for responding.
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