32/34 DD, Terrified of Surgery and Needles! - Philadelphia, PA

I am 20 years old about 5' 4" and 115 pounds and I...

I am 20 years old about 5' 4" and 115 pounds and I am a 32/34 DD. I already had my first (of 2) pre-op appointments and it went really well. The doctor is amazing and he made me feel really comfortable about my surgery. I am getting the lollipop incisions which is just around the nipple with one cut straight down rather than the full anchor incisions.

This sounds great on paper-- except I am absolutely terrified of needles and surgery. I have been dealing with the fear since I was very young because I had an autoimmune disease which caused me to spend a great deal of time in the hospital and around needles. I am more worried about the actual day of surgery than I am for the recovery at all!

I am hoping to be a full b cup when I am done and can't wait for the new boobs!

So nervous today! I am definitely going to go...

So nervous today! I am definitely going to go through with it but I could use some opinions on my pictures and some encouraging words/advice! Anything I definitely need to buy? Or any other advice about anxiety?
I had a small-ish reduction, myself - from a DD to a C. I'm not afraid of needles or anything like that (and good thing, because I'm an RN) but I can tell you that it's a surgery with statistically very few complications - and, there's a drug for every pain and discomfort you'll have. One for pain, one for nausea, one for insomnia, etc, etc... so really, nothing to worry about! You will be SO happy with your new breasts. Trust me. It's going to change your life! Be very excited!

Thanks for everyone who posted on my review! All...

Thanks for everyone who posted on my review! All of your posts have been so helpful and reassuring. At this point I am just ready for the day to be here. I have my final pre-op appointment on wednesday and I'm not quite sure what I should be asking the PS. Does anyone have any suggestions for questions? Or questions you had/wish you would have asked before the surgery?

Can't wait for this to all be over!!
Mabsie, I remember in all honesty sitting on the gurney right before surgery and I had this moment. The anesthesiologist had come in to talk to me already, the doctor had drawn all of his lines and it was just me and my thoughts.l. And my fears. I tell you this only because I remember being so scared of going under that I prayed and then couldn't stop the tears. And then I thought of all the reasons why I was doing this... You have no idea how weird it is to wake up to a totally different body... But I don't regret it one single second. Even on my worst recovery day a few days after surgery, I looked down and thought that it was the best thing that I had ever done. It will change your life so much for the better, and I guarantee that all those fears that you are having now and all the fears that you will have leading up to when they knock you out are going to be something that you look back on and can say with pride that you pushed through.

On another note, since you are so close to getting it done, a few things that I couldn't have lived without are those old fashioned round ice packs (that second and third day you will swell up like crazy), headbands to just keep your hair out of your face all the time, big men's tank tops with a v cut in the front (I was not into the button up pajamas and I'm so glad I bought these because of the heat), and awesome people around you. Select awesome "babysitters" for that first week to watch tv with you and help you with stuff... That was what made me the happiest! Ooh and one of those tv pillows with the arms was a god send for sleeping!
Hi, Mabsie! I had my BR on June 11th. I was a 32 D or DD and asked for a B. Right now I am around a 34 C, but hoping for my target of 32-34 B. The surgery itself was not bad. The recovery, depending on what day you ask me, is not too bad either pain wise. Honestly, the hardest part for me has been limiting my activity and not spending all my time obsessing over size and lift. I would do it all again, in a heartbeat though.
I wish I had it yesterday! My surgery date is July 10th so not too much longer! I am so ready for it to be over

So today I am super nervous! Definitely...

So today I am super nervous! Definitely questioning my decision to do this. I have my final pre-op appointment tomorrow so hopefully I will get some questions answered and some reassurance. I am hoping to get some type of anti-anxiety medication to use for the day before and day of my surgery. Has anyone used anything to help them deal with their anxiety/nerves?

Hope you are all doing well.
well i take this medicatiion called clonazepam for anxtiety and it works great maybe you should mention it to them but when is your final surgery and i hope all goes well i am i havent had surgery yet yours is before mine but i hope a;l goes well my surgery is until Nov 9th but i am so ready good luck today...

There are some medications they can give you to help you relax, though you probably won't be able to take one the day of surgery, since you can't have anything to eat or drink after midnight. Your nerves are totally normal though. Just keep thinking about all of the reasons you are having this surgery. July 10 will be here before you know it. Just stay busy and try to keep yourself occupied. I'm sure you've got plenty to do before you are laid up for a couple of weeks, so focus on that now and all of the sundresses you are going to be wearing! Good luck at your pre-op tomorrow.
Hey Mabsie,
I just had my first visit with a PS today about a breast reduction. I am about a 34D-DD and for insurance purposes he said they require 500 grams to be removed for them to cover it. He didnt really say what size that would leave me. Just wondering if you know anything about that.

I went to my final pre-op appointment and I feel...

I went to my final pre-op appointment and I feel much better. I was given Vallium for the day of the surgery as well as the night before so my severe anxiety. I am allowed to take it with a tiny sip of water the day of which is a relief. They gave me some pre-surgery wipes for the day before and day of the surgery to use on my chest and stomach just a precaution.

I'm still pretty nervous but I am ready for the day to be here and the surgery to be over! I can't wait for my smaller boobs and pain-free shoulders and back.

Has anyone used any natural/homeopathic medications after surgery? I bought a few today and wanted to know if anyone had used any and had any luck

The Valium will really help. I didn't take anything after surgery other than a couple of days of the pain pills, but I know some of the girls used Arnica to help with bruising and swelling.

You are on the downward arc and your day will be here soon! Try to keep focused on all that you need to accomplish in the next few days and envision the glorious new you that is waiting in the wings!

Today I had my final pre-op blood tests at the...

Today I had my final pre-op blood tests at the hospital. I HATE needles but it actually wasn't bad at all. However, I have been having some serious anxiety since I got home. I think being in the hospital where I will be getting surgery really made it real!

I am gathering a list of final things I need to get. So far I already got some homeopathic medications, all my blood tests, my medications, and.. extra pillows. Not sure what else I need to get. Any suggestions?

Also, what should I prepare for the day of the surgery?

Mabsie, the only things that I found that were really necessary were button up shirts/jammies, easy to digest foods, stool softeners to help with constipation (start taking them right after surgery even if you don't feel constipated because the pain meds will constipate you) and things to keep you entertained and wanting to just lie around(books, magazines, Big Bang Theory on DVD, whatever interests you) and you should be good to go. I used antibacterial body soap for a long time after surgery and never had any trouble with infection, so would recommend that to everyone. Good luck! Hope everything goes well for you.
Mabsie, I am feeling your axiety right about now. My surgery date is set for July 23 and I have all sorts of fears running through my mind. I know why I am doing this and am surely going to go through with it but the anxiety is there nonetheless. I am a 34 DD and probably a 32 DDD (of course I could never find that bra size). I am also tiny at 5 ft tall and 100 lbs. Your breats look fuller than mine but that is probably because I am 36 and have had two kids. Looking at your pictures reminds me of what I dealt with for years.

I keep wondering if maybe I am not that big and don't need surgery. Then I feel the pain in my shoulders and remember that even if they are deflated they are still too big for my small frame. I am very interested to hear how your surgery and recovery goes. I wish you the best. Keep us updated.

I kept wondering if I was making the right decision before my surgery too. I thought, "I've dealt with this for 25 years, there is no reason that I have to go throughh with this." But then my back would spasm, and I would remember, "oh yeah...this is why I'm doing this!" Just remember, you've made your decision for a reason, keep the end result in mind and you will be on the happy side of this before you know it!

So tomorrow is finally the big surgery day! I'm...

So tomorrow is finally the big surgery day! I'm really nervous but also super excited. I can't wait for the surgery to be over and have my new boobs!

Just got the call that I have to be there at 6 am (ugh early morning) and my surgery is at 730! At least I get it over early in the day. But I am so nervous ah!!!! I hate hospitals but I have some medication that I'll take tonight and tomorrow morning that will help me! Next time I post I probably will be done the surgery so wish me luck!

Good luck! I can't wait to hear from you when you are able to post. I just know you'll say, "What was I so freaked out about?" Just take it easy and know that you are in the best hands possible, and in what seems like the blink of an eye you will go from large and saggy to glorious and perky!

Just got home from the surgery! It was not bad at...

Just got home from the surgery! It was not bad at all!!!

I woke up so easily from the anesthesia and the pain is pretty minimal. The car ride back was tough because of the bumpy roads but I honestly do not feel bad at all right now and I'm not even on any strong pain medications.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I made it and thanks for the great support! I will update pictures on friday when I can take the surgical bra off!

I have very large breasts and I want to have the surgery. Are you happy with the results msbsie? If yes, would you share the name of your physician? Trying to pick a random doctor is frustrating.

I just got the surgery this morning so I haven't seen the results but he is amazing. He does a smaller incision which leaves less scarring and is one of the nicest and most personable doctors I have ever met. My father is a prominent doctor in the area and had actually performed surgeries with him before so I know he is also very skilled. His name is dr cross and he works at deme plastic surgery. So far I highly recommend him
Mabsie, thank you so much. This is really helpful. The good thing about living in this area—we have so many options. The bad thing about living in this area—we have so many options. Trying to select the right doctor for your needs can be overwhelming. Add to that--I work in the breast cancer space and I have seen many botched breast surgeries. For years I went back and forth about this procedure. It’s at the point now where my breasts (38K) are so heavy that sleeping is uncomfortable now. Your recommendation is very reassuring. To be honest, I am scared about the procedure but with the right information, it should be ok. Wishing you a very speedy recovery and let me know how you are healing.

I updated pictures from today (sunday). Still...

I updated pictures from today (sunday). Still bruising and swelling but feel much better!
They look fabulous. I hope mine look just as good. Enjoy a speedy recovery.
Hi nice to see your surgery went well !!!! I would have liked to had the lollipop incision instead of the anchor is there any particular reason why he didn't do the anchor ? .... By the pics they look great ! he did a real good job !!!!
They look amazing, so round and perfect!!!! Hope you feeling great!! :-)

I've been pretty sore and bruised today and...

I've been pretty sore and bruised today and yesterday but it is so manageable. It's probably just because I've been a bit more active compared to the first few days.

For those of you who asked who my doctor is-- his name is Dr. Cross and he works at Deme plastic surgery. He is amazing and I am so happy with my results. The pictures don't do it justice because they were taken from a low angle looking up on my computer so they are even better in person. I highly, highly recommend him!
Hey girl, wanted to know how your feeling? Hope your feeling good and happy with the new boobies! :)
They look amazing! Just wanted to congratulate you on a beautiful set of boobs! Happy healing and keep us posted!
I am glad your surgery went so well. I had mine done on July 9th and it was pretty painful to me, well the first couple of days were. I went from a 40f to a c cup.The first weekk felt as if a truck was on my chest. I will not sugarcoat anything here. I had the lift as well. My left breast is starting to get much softer now. Never really had too much pain with it. My right one is the bad one...intense pressure and then finally today it started to bleed. I freaked out. Went to my doc and he assured me that it was old blood that found its way out. He said it will bleed for about three days, I am nervous because my husband went on a business trip and I am home alone. Thank god for my friend next door. Also my right nipple is extremely sore to the touch, hopefully this will go away soon.
I am not trying to scare anybody. I just like to keep it real

It has been a while since I posted so I decided to...

It has been a while since I posted so I decided to update everyone on how I am doing! I have had minimal pain from the beginning and have healed so quickly! I am big on homeopathic and natural medication and have been eating a very healthy diet and it has definitely helped me heal.

I am currently a medium to small sized c cup. I have not had any complications so far other than a bit more swelling on the right side compared to the left.

I have just started using silicone strips to help with scars which hopefully will reduce the appearance.

I will post new pictures soon!
if you dont mind me asking, what is your insurance?? i am so nervous my insurance wont cover mine even though i need it desperately. i live right outside philly!
I had Health Net HMO believe it or not. Here in California. Doctors note did the trick. I only paid a $250 hospital fee.
How much did this cost?
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