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Hi everyone!! Is anyone else so excited to get...

Hi everyone!! Is anyone else so excited to get their boobs? I am! what size are you guys getting or did you get? im so uncertain on size in general, im very tall so its confusing! Im going in october and i cant wait!!! Please share your stories, if you wish you went bigger or smaller, or if your not sure as well! thanks for all the feedback. its so exciting knowing ill finaly feel more feminine soon! and i can actually fill out my clothes and cute bras! yayy currently im 34A, was a B before breastfeeding.


Omg.. I'm excited for u! Dec 13 is mine .. I can't wait. Saline! I tried on 350 ccs. Too small. I'm thinking 395 ccs.. I'm a 34A barely lol. I want a C
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Me too! Thanks for commenting, I can't believe how patient you are...i could never wait until December lol, it'll fly by though and you'll have your boobies for new years!!
I'm n my last year of Rn school.. The semester ends on the 12th, my surgery is the 13th. I'm forced to wait due to school., let me know how much pain u experience

450Cc rice sizers- do they look right?

Already love the way it looks with rice sizers I made today....but should I go bigger? 450cc seems so big...but I am tall! Any advice!? I want to either be a VS C or D. What do you guys think? This to me looks like a small C, but I could be wrong. Did you notice that your rice sizers were accurate? Thanks!!


Correction these implants are too small for previous pockets from implants 1st time around.
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Had mine removed and replaced and want to go larger anyone have a good revision with a Philadelphia surgeon? I feel like these pockets are too small for these implants. I need help and my first surgeon won't see me since I had a second op.
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The sizers look very nice! My surgery is Thursday in Kennett Square. Who are you using?
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One week away....

Hi everybody!! I am officially a week away from boobies!!! And I must say I am having no second thoughts. Well, not totally true, I am so hung up about the size. I want them to stand out when I want,mount also be able to hide them when I want as well (but still look like a have nice boobs!) haha that's everyone's dream I guess. I have a lot of support about everything, but some not so supportive people around as we'll, I don't let it get to me though! I am just so excited! What did you guys eat after surgery? I am wondering to to buy from the store...any advice on anything? This week is going to feel so long, yet so short!,,


Hi! Good luck with your surgery :) I'm a bit shorter than you, I'm 5ft 3in and I have 450 and 430 (one was a little bigger than the other). I started out a 34A so check out my pics if you want since I have 450. Good luck next week! :)
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I ate the soup I made. The recipe is in my review.
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Went great! The surgical team at Bryn Mawr was fantastic. I'm on day 6 now and feeling good.

Getting nervous......

Couple days away and I am getting super nervous all of a sudden! I'm surprised because I know I really want this but suddenly I'm seeing my boobies in a whole new light..they nursed my child, they are mine...of course only now I see them this way haha! I think it's just me second guessing myself. I can't help but feel nervous about complications after it really that uncommon? I am hoping to go 450, perhaps 500cc if I can. I'm starting very small but very stretched from once having a c cup during breast feeding. I am also very tall 5'9 ish. What do you guys think!, I'm so nervous I guess I just need some last minute reassurance!!!


I felt the same just before surgery... These little boobs fed my babies and they look super cute in my bohemian tops and they don't bounce when I work out! It was just a time when I felt some real gratitude for what they were, but then I was able to move forward into the possibility of what they could be. And it's 100% normal to be nervous about surgery. I was terrified. I cried with the anesthesiologist. She was extremely encouraging and helped me breathe and relax. You will be okay. Look to all of us who've gone before you. A good workout (if you're into that) could help with settling your nerves!
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I think your body could accommodate the 500 no problem but I will probably give you a DD or maybe even DDD at VS! Picking a size is definitely the hardest part. I searched profile after profile trying to decide before my surgery.
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What do u think 400 ccs will give a 5'1.5,135 pounds

5 days post Boobie day...

Hi everyone!!! I got my girls!!! The day of went by so quick. Got there at 9:45 and waited until only 10 and I was in! My dr. Was great and so calm and supportive. My biggest fear was the IV but that was fine and I went out quickly. The only thing I remember is me saying "am I supposed to feel loopy" and I was out. Took an hour and recovery was another hour. Hubby couldn't believe how quick it was. Anyways I haven't posted because I have been super busy. I went back to work on day 3 and worked all weekend. I am looking forward to my day off, but it's hard with an 8 month old. Hubby has been amazing! It feels so strange not doing anything for myself. So excited for them to drop! I will keep you all posted...for now here they are.....oh and pain was worse than I thought, but still not too bad. It was more the tired feeling that was the worst. Btw I got 426cc overfilled mods.

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Oh yeah....

Anyone else get the same size around my height?what size did you end up being after drop and fluff? I have no idea what size I will end up, but I am so excited and impatient to find out! What do you guys think?


Congrats:) on updating your girls, they look good for 4 days out. Hope all is well as you continue to heal.
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Are you a c or d cup?
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Forgot the pic!!

Here is my day 5 pic...can't believe the changes already!!


Thank you! So excited for them to drop
I'm not sure! That's what I am trying to figure out haha!
Thank you!! And thanks for the understanding and reassurance, it was a fun process!
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