[New photo - 6 weeks post!] 425cc right * 250cc left w/ IDEAL lift * Mentor moderate profile * saline unders * crease incision

Since I first went through puberty, I've always...

Since I first went through puberty, I've always had severe (and I mean severe) breast asymmetry. I first started researching breast implants when I was 13 (I'm 24 now). My left is a deflated C/D, my right is a nice, perky A. In a bra, I actually look relatively normal. As many of you can probably relate to, I HATE bathing suit season. Finding tops that even somewhat camouflage my situation is a struggle. And for once, I'd like to be "intimate" without a damn bra!

After years and years of analyzing doctors online, I have decided to go with Dr. Eisenberg in Philadelphia for my surgery. My consultation isn't until November, but I'm almost positive that I will be getting a unilateral lift and bilateral augmentation. I know its premature to settle on a PS before I've even met him, but I have a feeling about this guy. And, the fact that he only does breast surgeries doesn't hurt!

I'm so incredibly excited to finally feel like there's a solution in sight. I don't expect to have the surgery and feel like my breasts are perfect, but I certainly can't imagine feeling any worse about them than I do now. I want to be "breast friends" with my girls! ;)

Like I said, my consultation isn't until November, and my surgery will be right before the holidays. Let the waiting begin!

Thanks for reading :)

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Getting the ball rolling sooner than expected!

So, I decided to move my surgery from Christmas break to Thanksgiving break. I can't wait that long!

Dr. Eisenberg's staff has been more than accommodating and has moved my consultation (originally scheduled for Nov. 14th) to next week! They had to move things around to squeeze me in - they're wonderful! I'm SO EXCITED!

Looking forward to finding out whether or not I need a unilateral lift along with my augmentation. We'll see!


As a former asymmetrical sister, you are going to be SO glad you did this! It cracked me up that my PS said I can't believe you waited this long to do this (I'm 48). Which I could've taken as an insult, I guess, like "good grief how have you lived with those things" HA. I think he just meant because I told him I've wanted to do this "ever since I grew them". Basically they haven't been my TOP priority in life, as I don't think they should be in anyone's, but my life is so settled in now and feel like I can do it and want to while I still look halfway decent. So, you're smart and fortunate to be able to address the asymmetry at a younger age. Good luck, it will be here before you know it.
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Thanks for commenting! I still live at home and have been saving for this for over a year, so I figured why not do it when I have minimal expenses! My ultimate goal was to have the surgery before I got married...who knows when that will be! But thank you for the well wishes! I can't wait to look at myself in the mirror and not hate my breasts anymore. I hope your recovery continues in a smooth path!
              good luck! 2 months to go!
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Getting a little bummed out :(

Hi guys! So the more research I do, the more I realize I don't think I can get away with not getting a lift on my larger side. :( It's not even the scars or the recovery that bother me, it's the money! Is that shallow? I know it will be 100% worth it once I get the results I want, it just feels a little crappy. I guess I won't know anything for sure until Tuesday though.

Sorry - just needed to vent a little bit!


If the Dr. recommends lift on one side, go with it! It will be worth it! I felt the same way but now i can see that it was indeed necessary to achieve symmetry.
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Dream boobs!

I actually found this photo in someone else's "dream boobs" post. I think these are PERFECT, and this is definitely the photo I'll be showing my PS on Tuesday! I don't think I've ever wished the weekend away until now. :)


How exciting for you! I'm sure you are more than ready to correct the asymmetry. Make sure to ask lots of questions during your consult, including WHY he isn't board certified. No matter how good or qualified he seems, that board certification speaks volumes and is major peace of mind. I'm married to a medical professional who had to go through the board certification process, and I would never see any doctor, much less a PS, that wasn't. Just be careful to not let your emotions rule! Sorry I'm not trying to preach, just want you to have the best possible outcome! Best of luck to you on your consult and I'll be following your journey!
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Thank you for the advice. I do have an extensive list of questions to ask. Although the AOBS is not "recognized," Dr. Eisenberg has had the same amount of training as required by the ABS. The requirements for the boards are extremely similar, although I can't speak on their exams. As I said, I will be sure to ask plenty of questions! I just don't want to write him off right away, especially after knowing of his extensive training. Thanks again!
Sounds like you are a smart lady and have got it under control! I just finished typing up my list of questions compiled from two different sources plus my own. It's triple spaced but 7 pages!! lol

I guess it's time...

For me to finally share my girls! I've been holding it off as long as I can, but I keep thinking that if my experience can help one person, then why not? When I first started this review, I don't think I fully expressed exactly how embarrassed/ashamed I've felt living with my breasts. Don't get me wrong, I know other people have it worse. But heck, if we're not happy, we're entitled to voice that! After all, we're here to fix the things we're unhappy about. :)

I hope someone can relate to my photo, or at least feel a little better about their own situation! Here goes nothing...


Thanks for your review...I can completely relate.
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I am so excited for our surgery date! We've got this, girl! I posted some more dream pics, you should take a look since we already have one in common! ;) Your breasts look great girl! You will love your results! Plus I will be right with you in spirit. Will we be able to wait!????????? It feel so long away!
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I had originally scheduled mine for December but I knew there was NO way I was waiting that long! We can go through our recovery together! Soo excited for us too! I feel like I've wanted this forever. I will definitely check out your updated pics!

My spending problem ;)

Since I can't see without contacts and I hate the glasses I have right now, I splurged on a new pair of Ray Bans today! My reasoning? "I won't feel like putting my contacts back in after surgery!" So yes, I DID buy new glasses solely because of my BA. Oops! :)

Consultation tomorrow... Updates to follow!


Yay! I hope you can get in for the 22nd! You better! :) Mine is the Wednesday before the 22nd... the 13th I believe.
No one else is scheduled for the 22nd so I'll be fine! I think my pre-op will be Saturday November 9th :)
That's right - you are not alone in feeling that way! This has been a very healing experience for me inside and out!

Consultation yesterday

Hello wonderful ladies!

Yesterday was the day I feel like I've been waiting for forever! I finally got to meet my PS and have him take a look at the girls. Not sure if people typically get nervous for consultations, but I definitely wasn't!

In the room it was me, PS, his nurse, and two students (one man, one woman - both from Australia which was pretty cool!), so it was a packed house. I liked Dr. Eisenberg from the get go. Not super smiley, but matter-of-fact and pleasant.

He looked through my forms to see my medical history, asked me a few questions, etc. Then it was time for the shirt to come off! He did measurements and all that good stuff, then we discussed what I wanted to accomplish. As I expected, I will need a lift on my larger side and will get 425ccs on one side, 250 on the other (cringe). I would have liked a little bigger, but he was honest about how much my smaller breast would be able to stretch. That will put me at a very full C, which I'm okay with.

Oh, and I actually found out, I'm currently a light A cup (which I knew) and a full B on the larger side! I have fit into C bras for as long as I can remember, so that was a shock. That's where the droopiness comes into play.

I was with the doctor for almost two hours, which made me really happy. The doctor was very upfront about the fact that my girls still won't be "twins" after the surgery, but at least they'll look like members of the same family. I envy girls with same-sized boobs!

I feel like I'm missing a lot, but overall I had a wonderful experience. Everyone from the staff knew who I was and mentioned specific things we spoke about on the phone. I love that they try to make each of their patients individuals.

Pre-op will most likely be 11/9 and surgery on the 22nd (pending payment)! Can't wait!

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I'm having the hardest time deciding between moderate or mod+ salines! I do want something that will maintain my natural cleavage, but I also desire some perkiness. Yesterday I thought I was decided on moderates, but the more I think about it the more unsure I am. I have a medium frame and a 36 band size, so PS says either one will fit. I would like a little bit of a round look, but nothing overboard. Based on my wish pic (above somewhere), what do you think? Suggestions/advice, please!

Thank you :)

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A couple more wish pics to reference! See last post :)


So excited for you, this is such an amazing site! What is your ht & wt? I would go with mod+ or just leave it up to your PS. I have mild sagging in my right breast so my PS said I may have to have a mini lift but he will determine in the OR. I'm scheduled for the 22nd of this month!! And in Philly as well! Good luck with everything and thanks for sharing.
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I'm 5'4" 133 lbs! I'm only leaving toward moderate because I want my best shot at natural cleavage. Isn't this site wonderful?! It's the best thing for any woman considering plastic surgery! Ah, surgery sisters! I love finding people who are going the same day as me :)

Still seeking some advice...

Hi ladies. If anyone has a sec, could you check out my post above? Still torn over mod vs mod+.



We are almost at our ONE MONTH mark! :)
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So so excited! It's actually going faster than I thought :)
Right on! :]

It's official! AHH!

I could not be more excited to announce... I'M OFFICIALLY SCHEDULED! And yes, paid. Don't love that part as much. Pre-op November 9th, surgery on the 22nd! I feel like this is the best day ever!


Good luck hun!! I also have asymmetrical breasts so I am excited to see how yours turn out! You must be soo trilled only a few weeks to go! :)
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Congrats on getting scheduled!
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Thank you! I'm so happy that it's official!

Pre-op shopping!

Hi ladies!

Now that I only have a few weeks to go (it still feels like the big day will never get here!), I did some pre-op shopping! Here's my list:

Gauze - will definitely need this for the lift side!
Gauze tape
Heating pad
Stool softener
Shower caddy - don't want to reach for anything!
Pill case - so I don't need to use chest muscles on those stupid pill bottles
Body pillow (with a soft, fuzzy cover of course)

I got all of this at Target for just over $80. I have a list of grocery items as well, but I'll wait until surgery week to get those things. Here's what I have so far for that:

Frozen peas - ice packs!
Low sodium soup
Almond milk

If you guys have any suggestions, please let me know!

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BOGO Coobie bra discounts!

Hi all!

If you're buying bras for post-surgery, check out The Coobie Store online! I've heard so many good things.

AND, if you go to retailmenot.com and type in The Coobie Store, you'll find numerous BOGO codes. They all work! I used lhjbogo. The two other codes listed are 1free and pbogo.

Happy shopping!


Having a day full of doubt. Need to talk to my surgery sister.
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I read your post! I'm so sorry you're having a doubt day. :( I haven't personally experienced that, but I think it's because I'm so desperate to fix my asymmetry. I, too, have seen the horror stories out there about implants gone bad, and they're definitely scary. But for every bad one, think about how many MORE good ones you hear! :) I think it's natural to have moments where you're like, what the hell am I getting into? Those are the times when you need to remind yourself of all the excitement you've felt along the way, and the reasons you've been wanting this so badly! As a fellow 24 year old I can definitely relate to thoughts like "should I really do this to my young body?" We're smart girls, and I don't think we would have come this far if we didn't truly want our new girls! Keep your head up, and just think about all the people who have said "I should have done this sooner, you won't regret it." We've got this! Sometimes when I get a little nervous, I think about the young women like me who will be in my place, and will feel better after reading my success story. I'm sure this will pass!
Oh sweet! Thx for the info. I have three of their bras and have been wearing two now that I hope will still fit after, sooooo comfortable, and a third that's definitely for after.
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HUGE moment for me!

I don't want to sound like I'm boasting by any means, but since this is a forum heavily related to body image I feel like a lot of you will understand my excitement. I'm so, so thrilled to announce that I've officially lost 40 pounds! About two years ago I BLEW up to my heaviest weight, 171. As a 5'4" tall girl, that's very hefty. I came across an old picture that I had untagged on Facebook (there are VERY few pictures of me from that time) and I was completely amazed. I stepped on the scale this morning and I'm down to 131! This is an AMAZING feeling for me! I was very depressed at the time I gained all of that weight, not to mention I was on the "college diet." Lots of fattening food, LOTS of alcohol. I still have a little bit I'd like to lose, but I cannot believe I've come this far! I wanted to be at a solid weight that I knew I could maintain at the time of my surgery, and I've finally made it. :)

Thanks for reading!


Oh I am so proud of you!!!!!!! I bet you feel amazing. Your new boobs will be a perfect reward for yourself. :)
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Thank you thank you! I really can't believe I've come this far and I'm so happy that I have a forum like this to share the news on. Congrats on your new sisters, you look incredible! Very very happy for you!
Thanks! And yes I'm so thankful I stumbled across this website literally I think the day I scheduled my consult! Wonderful community here. 

Less than three weeks to go!

Can't believe it's almost here!


I love your wish pics! How did pre-op go? I think I would go with the mod+ if you are wanting that little bit of "umph"! I got High Profile (350cc in left and 375cc in right silicone) because I have a small frame and my PS said it was my best option for the most natural looking breasts. I couldn't be happier! I'm glad we could do this while we are still young! I have read several reviews of women who wish they would have done it in their 20's. Congrats on the weight loss btw! :) Your pre-op shopping list is great! I had to have my mom put all my pills in baggies so I could open them! Also, make sure that your PS says it's okay to ice your breasts. Mine was very adamant to NOT ice my breasts (all PS's are different- it's crazy!). Congratulations! :)
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Yay! Can't hardly wait I bet! Hope your pre-op goes well!
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Thanks so much! It's all becoming real :)

Pre-op overview

Took the two hour drive to Philly yesterday. My appointment was at 10:00 am, but I was 45 minutes late due to AWFUL traffic. Boy, was I stressing! I called Dr. Eisenberg's office to let them know I was running late and they were more than understanding. Anyway, once I finally got there, I filled out paperwork right away. Hospital forms, PS forms, etc. Easy enough!

Once that was done, the nurse took me back to a room. I actually only met with the nurses, which I knew ahead of time. She was very informative and gave me plenty of time to ask questions!

My surgery will be the second of the day, 9am. I have to be there at 7:30, so with a two hour drive, my mom and I are deciding whether or not we want to get a hotel the night before so we don't need to wake up as early.

I decided on moderate profile for my salines. I love how the mod+ look from the front, but not sure how I feel about the side view. JUST my personal preference! My only concern about moderates is a matronly look, but since I'm not going huge in size, I'm not as worried about that. I do like that. Mod saline are equal to HP silicone!

Sorry, I keep getting sidetracked! I left the PS office and went to the hospital. Got taken back right away, got woke blood taken, and was out of there! Easy peasy.

Luckily I'm still on my dad's insurance, and he's a teacher, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed about how much my million prescriptions will cost. Will keep everyone updated!

Sorry I didn't go into much detail about my actual appointment, but it was really just going over what will happen the day of the operation, medications, post-op expectations, and my follow-ups! My first FU with PS is 4 days post, second one is a week after that. He wants to see me a couple times right after because of my lift on the one side. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I won't need any revision surgery!

Oh yeah, and... 12 DAYS!

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I meant mod salines are equal to mod+ silicones! My bad :)


Yayyyyyyy so glad your preop went well. Do you know how much cc ' will be in each implant? My appointment is tomorrow so I will keep in touch with you on that. Holy Moley our day is coming
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425 in my little guy, and I believe about 250 on the lift side. :) Good luck at your pre-op! We're almost there!!
Only about a week & a 1/2! I'm excited to see your results. I'm going saline moderate too unless the PS says he can't fit around 350cc. I'm confident he can since my sis & I have similar stats and she has 375cc we think moderate profile. I'm with you I don't like the side look of the HP-too much upper pole.
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Thank god for insurance!

Good morning, beautiful ladies!

First of all, good luck to Iris on her surgery today!!
So, I went to pick up my prescriptions last night. I was really nervous because I've heard horror stories of people paying almost $400 in some cases (poor countrylife07!). I had a coupon from my PS so that the Celebrex would be no more than $15, but still thought everything else would add up. When I went to give it to the lady at the pharmacy, she said "this won't work for you, your co-pay is less than the coupon price." WHAT? I was shocked. The nurse who went over my prescriptions with me was positive that the Celebrex would not be covered. For all five prescriptions, I ended up paying JUST UNDER $30! I couldn't believe it! I went straight home and thanked my dad for being a teacher and having wonderful insurance. I honestly never appreciated it as much as I do right now! Thank goodness I'm fortunate enough to get the surgery done while I'm still under his plan. :)

I just had to share this with you guys... I was super happy leaving that pharmacy!


That's such good news about your dad's insurance. I'm so excited for you. I really think you can achieve your dream boobs are your breasts are not far apart...so you should be close to your wish photos. We need an updated photo from your countdown app! :)

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Thank you! It's great to hear that! I will just be happy to see an improvement. As much as I would love to come out of surgery with twins, I just hope they look like sisters! :) Will post an updated countdown! I appreciate all your support, this is such a wonderful forum.
WOW! That is so awesome! I can't believe under $30!!!!!!! I had to chuckle at your "poor countrylife" comment. haha. I am at least fortunate that part of my husband's benefit plan through his employer gives us a certain amount of medical FSA money each year, and we had money left in it, so I will be reimbursed for the RX cost! Whew!!
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Updated countdown...

Does that REALLY say 7 days?! Incredible! I've been in good moods constantly because I'm so thrilled it's almost here. Yay!


Good luck!!
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Ah thanks!!
OMG Just noticed I'm using the same Countdown hahah I'll post a pic lol to show u
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Hi all!

My mom and I drove down to Philly tonight so we wouldn't have to worry about getting up super early. I have to be at the hospital at 7:15, surgery at 9am! I can't believe it's finally here! I'm falling asleep while typing but will update tomorrow!

Thanks for the support :)


Hope surgery went well!! Welcome to the club! Lol Take it easy, happy healing
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All the best to you on this exciting day! Can't wait to see after pics! Update as you are able!
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Good luck honey! I can't wait to see your results. How exciting!!!!!!
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I survived!

Can't believe it's already over! The day flew by and was actually pretty easy! I'm so tired and can barely keep my eyes open, but I will go into specifics tomorrow! THANK YOU ladies for everything! I'll post a photo of the smaller boob with the larger implant. Riding very high as expected. My pain is very manageable so far. Talk to you all soon!


So glad to hear it went smoothly! Rest those babies!
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Congrats! Hope you're feeling well!
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I am so happy you are feeling well. Congrats! You did it. Try and get some rest and keep us updated on your recovery.
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Feeling pretty good!

Hi beautifuls!

So I will give a little recap of everything that went down yesterday. But just to start out, I'm feeling pretty damn good for day two! Obviously I can't do much with my upper body, but DUH.

I woke up that morning feeling nervous for the first time! I know this is TMI...but I went to the bathroom and after that, felt fine! I took a Valium (just in case) and my Celebrex and headed to the hospital with my mom.

Surgery was scheduled for 9am, so I got to the hospital at 7:15. I needed to get another blood test done due to the timing of my last period. That was quick and easy.

After that I headed downstairs to the short procedure unit, registered, and waited for about 15-20 minutes. Then they took me back to get me ready! I got undressed and into my gown, and they gave me a shot of something in the leg because I was getting a lift on one side. IV was next - again, quick and easy! I was so ready. My nurses were wonderful.

Doc came in to do my markings and tell me a little more about what to expect. I grilled him about exercise and he begged me to follow his instructions, haha. He listened to my heartbeat and commented that I most be a runner because I was extremely calm. I said I'm definitely not a runner, I'm just so ready to go! Said my goodbyes to my mom and we were off to the OR. It was FREEZING in there!! All I remember is seeing the bright lights, hearing some voices, thinking about how cold it was, then I was long gone.

I was then transferred to recovery, where I think I stayed for about two hours. I half remember them putting my bra on, but I was too out of it to respond to anyone/anything. Once I woke up I was surprisingly alert and feeling very pleasant. Thanks meds! ;)

The nurses were surprised at how well I seemed to be doing, so they transferred me to post-op. I wasn't there for long at all! I laid down as they did my paperwork and drank some apple juice with saltines, but soon enough I was up and getting dressed.

My nurse went over all the discharge info with my mom and me, gave me a Percocet, and I was on my way. I told them my pain level was about a 3/10, but they wanted to give me a pain pill since I had a 2+ hour drive home. One thing I will say is that as I was getting ready to leave, I started feeling very irritable out of nowhere. Not sure why!

Apparently traffic was awful (I wouldn't know because I was sleeping!) but we left around 3:30 and were home in about three hours. I'm not feeling a whole lot of pain per se, but LOTS of tightness. I'm staying very on track with my pain pills so I'm sure that's been helping. I'm trying to do some things on my own without doing too much.

I'm allowed to shower with soap and water today, but honestly I might hold it off until tomorrow. SO tired! My first post-op is Monday and I'm excited to see my PS. Mom really liked him. He called her after the surgery and said he was very very pleased and thinks I will be too. Fingers crossed!

Will post pictures whenever I decide to shower. Haha. :)


Can't wait to see pics!!! Sounds like a great surgery experience!
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So happy to hear you are having a good day. Get plenty of rest.
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Oh trust me, we're resting plenty! :) thanks for the support!!


Okay, tonight I'm having some legitimate pain for the first time. I'm getting a lot of cramping/shooting pains on the smaller breast/larger implant (no lift) side. Not fun! But oh so worth it. Staying positive :)


Yep the pains are no fun! Especially when it's where you're numb. Very strange feeling. And nerve pain is almost like a phantom pain. Rubbing doesn't help right away (although rubbing/massaging does help make the reconnections your body needs to heal the nerves!).
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Good luck healing hun! Rest up & feel better soon! I look forward to seeing pictures :)
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2nd day post-op! (Surgery was Friday)

Good morning!

I am very happy to report that up to this point, I have still had ZERO nausea. This makes me so happy because I have been known to get nauseated/lightheaded at random times.

I do have to say that I woke up at 4:45am last night with the WORST pain I've experienced so far. It wasn't unbearable, but it was definitely the worst I've felt. I'd say maybe a 5-6 compared to the 3 I've been feeling the rest of the time. I was able to fall back asleep after taking some pain meds and I feel pretty much back to normal this morning. Just very worn out!

I really want to photograph my girls for you guys, but I'll have to get my mom's help when I shower and take my dressings off. Righty is SO high right now that I don't think I'll get a good feel for how they'll look anyway. I don't feel very busty yet, but hopefully that will change as they settle! I think I said this earlier, but the pain in righty is definitely worse. Lefty is the side that got the lift so I expected more pain over there! But as doc said, one is always going to hurt more than the other and they can never guess which one it will be.

My first post-op is tomorrow and it's also the first day I'm technically allowed to drive (3rd day PO), although right now that's not feeling very likely. :( My dad is a teacher and has plenty of days off--he NEVER takes off--but I feel guilty asking him to do that. I guess I'll see how I feel as the day progresses. It is a two hour drive though, and I don't want to push myself before I'm ready.

Oh and I realized from my recap post yesterday, I didn't even mention my anesthesiologist! She was obviously the one to administer my ID and she was GREAT. Very serious, but also friendly. I knew I'd be taken care of. The whole staff at Nazareth was wonderful, by the way. I was apprehensive the first time I went in there because I have some very well-known hospitals near my house, but they truly were great to work with.

I am very blessed for the semi-easy recovery I've had so far. Hoping it stays that way!

THANK YOU ALL so very much for the support. Please keep commenting! Those of you who have already undergone your surgery understand...the support helps SO MUCH. So again, thank you! I would love to keep in touch with any of you on Facebook or whatever else. But that being said, please keep the love coming. We all need it!

Love you ladies :)

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I meant IV not ID! :)



The nerve pain, sudden sharp shooting pain, is the worst and the most on going and random. However Advil and bandaids on my nipples (nipples got very sensitive day 4) helped some w the nerve pain. And like everyone says rub them. My dr said the nerve pain is good, it means you're healing and that made me feel better. The nerve pain got better around 2 wks post op for me. I am 3 ½ weeks now and I have been pain free for several days :-) yay! I love my boobs more everyday lol! As far as driving two hrs I think that would be over doing it. Turning the wheel for two hrs could quite possibly leave you sore. I drove 10 min on day 3 and I could feel it (it wasn't bad but it made my chest flex everytime I turned the wheel) so after ten min they were big knots and needed rubbing. Hope that helps. And congrats!
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Photo update!

So, here they are! Just took my first shower, which felt wonderful. As you can see, righty is VERY high and tubular. Yikes! I know this is normal so I'm not alarmed. The lift side actually looks pretty decent. I can tell that even after righty drops, lefty will still be lower. Oh well - I knew there was no chance of perfection. I'm still very happy so far and can't wait to watch them change!

PS - ignore the heinous scar below my breasts, it's from a feeding tube I had in when I was a baby.


Looking good so far-even with all the different procedures. I would encourage you to get someone to drive since you have to go 2 hours away. I didn't drive till day 8 and big turns and backing up were still uncomfortable and hard. Happy healing!
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Thank you for the advice! My dad is kindly taking off work to drive me :)
Yay Kimberly. I wish you an uneventful recovery:)
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First post-op today

Had my dad drive me to the PS office today. There's no way I could have driven! Since my surgery was only three days ago, we pretty much just recapped my surgery. I ended to getting 250cc in lefty (with lift), 425 in righty. Dr. showed me how to start the massage, which I only have to do on one side. Still feelinh so much tightness in righty, but that's expected. Going back next Tuesday.


I'm so glad you didn't attempt that drive yourself!!!!!
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Happy healing!
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So far so good! Except every time I sneeze it feels like my larger implant is about to pop! Haha :)

Massaging seems to help!

I've been instructed to only massage righty since it will have a hard time dropping. I only have to do it twice a day and although some people say it feels good, it definitely hurts me! BUT...I have massaged three times since my post op today, and I've noticed that it definitely helps to ease a little bit of the tightness. Any little bit of positivity helps!

Going to bed super early again tonight... Even though I'm taking fewer pain pills, I'm wiped out!

Thanks for all the ongoing support ladies. It is very very much appreciated!


Take it easy and enjoy your new girls!! It's gonna take some time to adjust but the wait is well worth it! Your looking good so far....happy healing!
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Thank you! They look a little rough but nothing worse than what I expected :)
Looking good girl! Can't wait to see how you progress. :)
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No pain pills today...but feeling HUGE :(

All I've taken so far today is my antibiotic. No Advil or anything! Still having plenty of tightness but my heating pad has been my best friend for that. Trying to stick it out.

Other than that, still no #2 :(
My stomach looks huge! Honestly that's my biggest struggle right now. I do NOT deal well with weight gain. Trying to keep myself calm about it. I definitely have control issues about my weight, so not working out has been awful, and not pooping on top of that; well, I really just feel like a cow. :(

Anyone else feel like this after their surgery?


I finally had a BM around day 5-6, hang in there it's all normal. Happy Turkey Day!!
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Thanks! I was able to go the day before thanksgiving....PHEW! I think I overdid it on the stool softener though, ha - but at least I'm going!

Congratulations! You did it! Now you just need to get over the constipation. It's from the pain meds and it's very common. Call your pharmacist for some immediate help. I know this can be worse than the breast and back pain. Praying you'll have relief soon...keep us posted!

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"It doesn't take long to forget where you started"

^^ That is what my PS said to me as he handed me my pre-op photos. Boy, was he right. I'm posting some of those pics, along with an updated one. I know I'm only one week PO, but righty hasn't dropped AT ALL. They look pretty gruesome right now. I know it will get better but I'm definitely having boobie blues today. No regrets, just emotions. :( I want to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Just keep swimming...

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One more thing...

I have to admit, when I first saw my lift side my first thought was, "couldn't he lift it more?" Seeing the before photo though, I can see how improved it really is.

I'm thankful...but still feeling low today.


Many women get the post op blues. This too shall subside so hang in there. I know you understand this, but don't try to judge your results too early. It's tempting to quickly become impatient. I think you're going to be happy with your results over time. Take it easy!

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Kimmy! I am with you, sweetie. I think you are looking wonderful, and things will only continue to get better. I am always here for you to lean on.
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I appreciate that very much! Patience is tough. You are looking great!

Hope restored! Phew!

I just got home from post-op #2. It kind of sucks to drive two hours, have a 20 minute appointment, then drive two more... but hey, I wanted the best!

I went back with PS right away (even though I was 30 mins early), so that was nice! I was unhappy with my wait time for my consultation, but I have a feeling it's normal for those to go long. Every time I've been back there, Dr. E's office has been nothing but prompt.

We chatted about my massages, made sure I was doing everything I needed to be doing, etc. He asked me to give him ten more days for exercise, but I think I will start walking at the end of the week (nothing high impact yet!).

I laid down so he could take off my steri-strips. Man, do those puppies stick! Still, it was painless. While I was laying down, he handed me a mirror, and was able to manipulate my breasts to give me an idea of how they will eventually look. Keyword: eventually!

I expressed being upset about how high righty is. He smiled and reassured me that I am healing very normally. It will be 4-6 weeks before I even START to see a change. Which sucks, but I'm glad to hear that I have nothing to freak out about!

All in all, the appointment was what I needed. Dr. Eisenberg gave me a big hug before I left, and when I thanked him, I meant it. I honestly think my girls are going to look great once they're settled!

Happy thoughts. :)


Yeah for new hope!! Pics please! :)
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I doubt you will see a difference but I will post new pics tomorrow!
Neat that he tried to show you what you'll look like eventually. Hang in there! We all (most) have a bookie blue day. I have a few days ago.
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Updated pics! But not really.

Well... They still look the same. And when I say same, I mean absolutely nothing alike. Ha! Righty has no noticeable dropping. Still have weeks to wait before I see any change. Oh well!

My implant only side incision is looking good! The lift side is a bit scarier.

Be patient, be patient, be patient...


Hang in there!!!
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Love to see that things are looking up again, Kimberly! Happiness. Your scars already are clearing up so well. :)
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Thank you! I am actually surprised how quickly my scars are healing! Small victories, right?


Hi ladies!

I'm feeling very positive today, so I want to spread my vibes and hope they rub off on some of you beautiful people!

I have read review after review on this website. Some amazing, some horrible. When I read horror stories about people who hated having implants on their body, or botched surgeries, it makes me feel so sad that people have to go through those things.

That being said, for every bad story, there are so many amazing ones out there about women who have had their lives changed by their plastic surgeons. I am so happy and thankful to say that I will be one of those women.

I have never, for one second, felt like these implants do not belong to me. Of course they feel weird at times, but I feel that my body has always accepted them. I'm so sorry for women out there who don't feel this way. In addition to that, I am just so incredibly that that I chose to have this surgery, AND that I chose my specific PS. Granted, I cannot fully know at this point what my end result will look like. But when I see the pictures of how my breasts used to be, I'm just... happy. My girls will never look like twins, but they WILL look like sisters, as PS promised.

I do not regret my surgery; never have, never will. I already feel empowered by the fact that I know I will look better in clothes and feel better all around. Some people think plastic surgery is immoral--we should be happy with what God gave us. Well, you know, what, I don't see anything wrong with some tweaks here and there! Everyone is titled to his or her opinion, but I'm all for making ourselves feel GOOD!

And that's how I feel right now. Good. And I love the feeling. Passing along love to you all!

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Ahh typos

Sorry for the typos! I meant I'm so incredibly GLAD that I chose to have the surgery and chose my PS. :)

There are others in there as well but I think you guys will know what I mean!


I am so lucky to know you. I love your heart! Thank you for your beautiful writing, Kimberly! XO
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Thank you babe! That feels so good to hear :)
Amen sister! I'm also tuned into the Happy Channel!
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Almost 4 weeks post!

Happy Tuesday!

I feel like I haven't been updating much, but there's not much that's new with me! I do feel like righty is juuuust starting to drop a tiny little bit. I can definitely feel a difference when I massage. I took photos last night, but they literally look exactly the same as my last ones. This is kind of disappointing because I do feel like there's a very, very slight chance. My mom and sister have noticed. Fingers crossed!

I have been sleeping on my side since week two on my right side. The lift side (left) is still a little tender when I try to sleep on that side. Oh well!

Still just waiting! Will try to take some better updated pics. We'll see! I'm going to exercise for the first time since surgery tonight. Any advice?

Love to you all :)


How are you doing honey? Haven't seen any updates from you. Hope you are having a great holiday.
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I'm doing great! I know, I really need to post an update! Although I still feel the changes aren't noticeable. I'm happy so far and feeling awesome :) Happy new year!!
Just take it easy, I'm 8 weeks PO and not cleared for exercise just yet. Happy Holidays!!
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Oops, it's been a while!

Sorry for falling off the planet, ladies!

I am now 6+ weeks post-op. I haven't thought much about updating because my pictures don't look much different. I'll post one today though because I'm definitely seeing and feeling changes, even if they don't show!

Lefty is already mostly natural, so it feels pretty soft. Righty was SUPER hard after surgery, but is definitely softening and is very slowly dropping. I knew this would be a long road, so that's okay! My sister gets married in June and I should look normal by then. :)

I have NOT gotten back into exercise the way I'd like, but now that it's been six weeks I am more than motivated. I have been so lazy over the holidays, which I HATE using as an excuse! Whenever people tell me they're waiting until after the holidays to start working on their bodies, I encourage them to start right away. So I guess I'm a little bit of a hypocrite! Oh well. I'm gonna hit the ground running tomorrow! Well, not literally running, but definitely some cardio and whatever else!

As far as my breasts, I've been feeling great. Righty is a tiny bit tight some mornings but it goes away very quickly. I feel pretty normal! I'm also able to hold my six month old nephew again, which I've missed very much.

I hope everyone had happy holidays! Please let me know how you're doing! Feel free to leave comments on my updated photo, I'd love to hear what you guys think.

Stay warm!


How are things Kimberly_? Been wondering about an update. Hope all is well!
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Glad to hear from you, you girls are looking great! It is a process but the end result is well worth the wait!! Happy Healing
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Thank you! I'm starting to regret not going with mod plus. My lift side looks so deflated. :(
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Eisenberg has been fantastic all along the way. I went into this knowing that my "situation" would not be an easy fix. He was honest with me throughout the entire process, letting me know that my breasts would never be perfect, but he would do the best he could to make them look similar. He's a very easygoing, soft spoken, kind man. I never questioned that this man knew what he was doing. He called me the day after my surgery to make sure I was doing okay, which made me happy. Overall, I highly recommend Dr. E! Oh, and I can't forget to mention his staff. I could not imagine dealing with better people leading up to my surgery. They answered every question I had and never once made me feel like I was being ridiculous. When I got excited, they got excited with me. Really a fantastic group. I love them, and I have nothing but amazing things to say about them. The ONLY negative I can comment on is wait time. Not always as quick as I wish they would have been. It seems like that's the norm in most PS offices though, and I don't think that detracts from their credibility. Update: My post-op appointments have been great so far with NO wait time! I think the wait time before my consultation was normal, since consultations can easily go long. My experience has been wonderful so far!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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