9 day Post Op New Pics: Philly

I had a baby last year and my body has paid the...

I had a baby last year and my body has paid the price. I'm looking for a more curvier appearance and a more pronounced booty to go with my shape.

I had my consult with Dr. Gabay and I'm a little...

I had my consult with Dr. Gabay and I'm a little confused after reading all the other BBL reports. My concern was the fact that I can't sit on my booty and he swore up and down that I would be able to sit on it. Anyway, I would like more feedback from you sisters. Also, I went on craigslist and posted a help ad for a health aid to assist me while I'm at home recovering. I received a few good replies. The home attendant is going to help me, drive me around to run errands, cook, clean and help me with my one year old. Now all I need is to be clear on what garments I'm supposed to wear and get my supplements in order (bromelian, vit. c, etc.).

I'll post my before pics as the time gets closer.

Ok, so I went to see Dr. Gabay for my preop appt...

Ok, so I went to see Dr. Gabay for my preop appt before the surgery because I'll be out of town most of next week so when I return its surgery time. He took pics and answered all of my questions including what type of garment he uses and when I can get massages. I'm fortunate I have a membership with Massage Envy and they do lymphatic drainage massages (although Dr. Gabay doesn't think its necessary). I showed him my wish pics for booty and he just smiled. He said what I wanted was a round full booty! You got it doc!! Think J. Lo Not Kim K. or video booty. My video days are behind me and I don't feel like looking like a cartoon character whenever I go out.

I filled my scripts, brought gatorage, yoga mat and ensure. Now, I'm going to purchase the arnica and bromelian online. I was very serious about my garment and he surprisingly suggested I order one with the butt out and that's exactly what I'm going to do. I have my home health aid on standby (from craiglist) so I'm ready. All I have to do is update yall with before pics.

I'm 5'5, 165lbs. My regular weight is 140-145 so I can wait to get the curves I'm used to back with a plump booty. My measurements are 36DD, 32 and 41 hips.

I'm all set. My surgery is scheduled for 8:30am!!...

I'm all set. My surgery is scheduled for 8:30am!! I'm not even nervous yet. My main concern is how the hell I'm going to care for my active toddler. Thank god, I hired a home healthcare attendant to stay with me while I recover. Wish me luck ladies. I will post pics when I get home.

Sooooo, I was an hour late for my surgery and Dr....

Sooooo, I was an hour late for my surgery and Dr. Gabay's staff were so understanding. Anyway, they were ready as soon as I got there. Undressed, IV in arm, answered repetitve questions like do you drink/smoke, allergies, etc., then off to the operating room. Before I had a chance to get nervous, I was out like a light. All I remember is Dr. Gabay telling me I did really good and I have a nice projection back there. He used 2000 cc's. I go in tomorrow for my post op appointment. One of the nurses said to me I look really good and Dr. Gabay is aggressive with the lipo. I can tell through the garment that my butt is exactly they way I wanted it to look. He didn't alter my shape at all just made it more pronounced and fuller.

My pain is very managable!! It feels like I worked out a little too hard and I'm stiff. My butt is rock hard. I already set up my lymphatic massages with Massage Envy.

I'll post pics soon.

Here's some pics. I go in today for my post op...

Here's some pics. I go in today for my post op appointment.

My home health aide is the BOMB!! She's keeping me on schedule for my meds. There's so I have to take and its hard keeping track when you're on Percocet. lol Some you take with food and some without. She's running errands, and best of all, she takes care of my baby and she's a great cook. I'm so fortunate to find her on Craigslist.


Had my preop appt and the doc gave me the ok to...

Had my preop appt and the doc gave me the ok to get massages. I start the first one on Saturday at Massage Envy. He said I looked great and for me to change my garment to one that doesn't compress the booty. I assumed he would have one in stock but instead he told me to go to Wyoming and 5th. My bbl sister Lily been told me to go there so I went and brought a garment specifically for BBL. The lady there was very helpful. It took me damn near 10 min to get in it but it actually feels better than the one I had on. I'm still draining from some of my open wounds and my feet are swollen. Doc Gabay told me to where the anti embollism socks for another week.

I forgot to mention that my period came a week...

I forgot to mention that my period came a week early. Thank god I use tampons. Going to the bathroom isn't that bad. I squat over the toilet like a dude and release. I don't get pee on anything because I have a wide stance over the toilet and the cutouts on the garment. I need to take a laxative tomorrow because I haven't done #2 since I had the surgery. I guess all of the meds and vitamins are binding me because Im eating salad and veggies every day.
I'm going to work tomorrow for a few hours. I have to train a new girl they hired. This should be interesting. I only take the percs at bedtime so I'm ok to drive.

First day back at work was a pain in the ass -...

First day back at work was a pain in the ass - literally. I found it very difficult to use the bathroom. You basically have to take one pants leg off to go without peeing all over yourself. My legs got real swollen from standing on my feet all day and I'm still draining. Instead of gauze I use a maxi pad over my drains and it absorbs a whole lot faster.

Today I go for my first massage and I'm dreading taking off this garment to get it done. Lol it takes me and my hha, at least 15 sweaty minutes to put it back on. It's no joke! I curse the lil columbian lady every time because I wanted a larger size but once I finally have it on it feels good. She knows what she's talking about so if you ladies stop by her shop to purchase your garment don't be tempted to buy a larger size because you really do need to compression to mold your sexy shape back.

My scars are so tiny, and I don't have that much bruising. It's a plus that my skin is a Lil darker too because the bruising that I do have is barely noticeable. I will post pics after my first week. Now I need to concentrate on making a bowel movement since I haven't gone in awhile. I have smooth move from Whole Foods but it's a herbal laxative so I don't think I'm supposed to be taking herbs after surgery. I'll check with a pharmacist for their recommendations in the morning.

I had my first massage today and it felt great....

I had my first massage today and it felt great. After my massage the swelling went down a lot because I was able to put my garment back on with no struggle. My hha actually made me secure it on the 2nd hook (there's 4 total). I go for my second massage today. I haven't lost any volume but it's starting to soften up nicely.

I had my second post op visit with Dr. Gabay today...

I had my second post op visit with Dr. Gabay today and he said even though I'm still swollen in certain areas, that I've healed really fast. He took out stitches he placed in my lower back (I didn't even know they were there until I started getting massages) and wants to see me in another month. He told me to continue the massages.

So far I've gotten 3 massages. The first 3 were great because I took percocets before the massage. The last one I recieved was tough. There's knots in certain areas and my skin feels raw and tingly. So all of that combined makes an uncomfortable massage but I grind through it because I know its the key to my healing.

BTW: if you are eating balanced meals and drinking lots of water, you will NOT need a laxative at all.
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gabay is the best. He's very informative and straight to the point. His staff is thorough and professional. I highly recommend. I'm so glad I didn't have to travel to Miami.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thinking of looking into him was the total expensive, what did it all include and how many areas were lipo. The pics look great congrats on the recovery.
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Love your results! How are they now? Are you still happy with the results? Dr. Gabay is one the doctors I'm considering!
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I am still happy with my results. I've kept my volume and I think chicks look at my ass more than the fellas. lol Keep in mind, I also work out so the rest of my body is getting smaller and I still have managed to keep the thickness in my ass. It has a nice round, natural shape too. I wish Gabay would've taken more fat out of my back and tummy but I was really big so he probably reached the legal limit. So that's why I'm working out like an athlete. I'm running the Broad St. Run (10 miles) next Sunday so I'll post some pics!!
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Awesome, good luck to you hun! =) That is awesome that you're still able to keep the volume while you're working out, that was another thing I was worried about! I thought if you lose weight, you'd lose your booty along with it! And I know, ever since I heard about the BBL, I've been checking out booties everywhere I go to have an idea of what I want! Lol! I just read a bunch of mixed reviews on him and heard that if you're not happy with the results, he'd fix them with no additional charge, just the anesthesia fees! I'm also in love with Dr. Yily's work but the hubby doesn't think that's a good idea and Dr. Gabay is only a few hours from me and I love his prices! So did you just get the BBL done and what did he quote you?
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Who does massages in Philly?
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WOW! Dr. Gabay turned you out! You look great, girl :)
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what is the name of the shop you got your garment? My surgery is Tuesday and I want to purchase before than. Did u get messages because u needed them?
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she just told me she got her garment from philly in 5th & wyoming for 150$
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hey mmll u butt looks good how many ccs did u get in each cheek? more than enough just in csse u loss volume or jusr enough
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nvm now i know you got 1000 cc in each cheek, but im just concerned that should i get more then enough or just enough
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hows the butt doing any volume loss because social butterfly seems to have lost her butt completely and it worries me
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@prettysquare22 she may not have experienced the same thing because she did not have a sponge bob butt...and that makes a significant difference
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Congrats on your sx!! Happy to hear that you're managing we'll and happy with your results!! From what I can see so far your looking great! Happy healing!!!
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Hi mnmll, congrats on your new booty I'm so excited for you. I made an appt. With Dr. Gabay on 8/24 for my bbl. I just hope I can get a good quote and great results. I see that you and his other pateints highly recommends him so i just want to thank you for sharing your experience.
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@sexy i don't know any personally who has had one
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Sure sexylegz! I'm so glad you like him. He's becoming very popular. Ask me anything you want.
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Once I pay the deposit...I set up a date for the procedure...is there something else that I will have to do in the mean time? I am planning on getting everything i need before hand...so i am putting together my lists from your review, and others as well

The big question - did he give you exactly what you were looking for? And does he 'go bigger' as rule of thumb b/c you lose some of the fat afterwards? Ok i know this is long but I AM SO NERVOUSLY EXCITED!!!! EVERYONE LOOKS FABULOUS! If there is anything you can think of (the smallest detail) that might be helpful please let me know.
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Also...how long was the entire surgery? he told me it would only be a couple of hours...which i thought was short compared to what everyone else was saying..i don't want a Fast Azz!!!
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Lol you're crazy! Make sure you fill all of your prescriptions and bring them with you the day of surgery so the nurse can mark on them what each one is for. Buy some maxi pads (the thick ones) for drainage, Gatorade and ensure's in case you don't have an appetite. Have some bread and crackers on hand and drink plenty of water. Order some Bromelain and Arnica. It helps with the swelling and bruising. Make sure you have a responsible person with you to help you with your garment, using the bathroom and changing your dressings. At least for 2 days. I was an hour late for my surgery and I was done by 1. I went in around 9:15am. They keep you in recovery for awhile. I believe the max is 1,000 cc's per cheek he can give you. He gave me the max without me telling him. I showed him a few wish pics and 2 weeks post surgery, I am still happy with my results. He gave me a nice sweep in the small of my lower back. My ass looks nice! Women turn heads when I'm out and about in my maxi dress.
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and don't forget your low carb diet for 3 weeks ..and take your vitamins before hand and afterwards....it helps.....get your soft pillow/boppy pillow wal mart has one for 24.00 bucks....your compression garment.....i take new pics later today....i have lost so much weight...i have to wear my compression garment and my ardyss....remember those.......together.....the ardys is perfect for my back.....
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Thx u 2....now that u have perfected the garment usage whats the best to get....i want to mk sure i dont mess up my new booty!!
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Does anyone know of anyone that has had a tummy tuck by dr gabay?
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Hey mnmll - i had my consultation - i really liked Dr Gabay...he was super crowded...but not too bad...Thanks for the tips...I will probably be contacting you again with some more specific information if that's ok..
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loookin gooooood I want to take a picture...but how do you put those stars to block the private parts????
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Thanks social! Open up your paint app on your computer then open the pic file in the app. Apply the stars over the parts you want then resave the pic. I can do it for you and email it if you're having problems. It's easy.
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