Going for Tt & Bbl , Need a Better Look..;) - Philadelphia, PA

Hello rs, going with dr gabay deposit in now it's...

Hello rs, going with dr gabay deposit in now it's waiting time ...... ;)

Havnt seen to many reviews but so far the ones I've seen is convincing ,. Going for a tummy tuck and bbl . I do hope he can work some magic and give a better look . Anxious and scared I just hope it's all worth it all at the end ...

Can't wait to be a gabay doll ;)

Love handles got to go ! I need more shape fullness more curves ... Ughhh girl problems :( Tired of hidein my stomach . There's just certain clothes I wish I can wear and I can't because of my stretch marks and my pouch ughhh . I just can't wait I need some magic done ... I need a new look ..

Ladies be honest,,,

Do you guys think I need a tt. I really don't want to !! just want to ?lipo and bbl I only have one child almost 2 plan on haveing one more but noo time soon my stomach doesn't hang ALOT but dr say I need one ,.. I really just want a better hour glass figure or close .. What do yous think ,

Any one no ladies who hAve gone or seen good bbl tt w dr gabay

Havnt seen a lot of post op bbl or tt with this doctor I seen him once said I wanted a big butt he said I don't have a lot of fat I weight 174 , what do you girls think ?

Dr hasan I got my eyes....

I have my eyes on dr hasan his work speaks for its self .... I think Miami it might be ... Will see . Btw I only put the 400$ for gabay I can switch my mind not really worried about 400$ to pay 7thousand and not get what I want ... Willll seee

Patiently waiting ...

pre-op app ..... 5 days left....

pre op visit went kinda quick.... filled out paper work... got my prescriptions . took a few pictures . got my blood drawn . I was given wipes 2% chlorhexidine gluconate cloths . for skin preparations for my prescription volume , Percocet , I was told to get bacitracin ointment & spanxs & that was about it ....my current weight is 167 ... I will be getting my inner thighs lipo'd as well for free =] I was told basically not to purchase much things I will be given everything I need compression garment. I still havnt got a faja , but so far . I have purchased a few thing .
-first aid kit
-medical tape
-loose pajamas
-guaze pads
-non-padded sports bra
that's basically it ....
I cant wait to get this surgery over withhh!!!
if theres anything im missing that's going to help me with recovery please let me now it would be so so helpfulllll.....

i made it to the otheer sideeee..

1 week 2dys post

.... wellllll lemme jus wrap it all up into small details by day

(((day 1))) - **after surgery I was pretty much in and out of sleep .... the pain from 1 -10 was above 100 .... lol back pains was so sharp and I was so dizzy and exhausted!!! **
(((day2 -))) ** was a lil better the pain was about 8 . what bothered the most was the fact I couldn't get comftable no matter how I tried . the garment erks my life I pissed all over my legs twice. in order for me to sleep I had to take a Xanax .**
(((day3-))) **i was up able to slide my self on and off bed and walk up and down only because off my percs !!! they were life savers** btw my boppy pillow was soo dam helpfulll
(((day4-))) ** stuck on my recliner . thinking was this all worth this ... lol I was just so bored . swollen in between my thighs. at this point my xl garment was no longer fit it would slide on and off I was just angry . ive been sleeping on my ass and scared of this whole thing being a fucking waste of money **

(((day5-))) I was up like nothing ..... I was walking all over the place ...... everyone kept telling me girl you should be sleep no I was outside in the sun sitting on my chair with my boppy enjying my little time outside**

(((day6)))- I went to magalys spa around castor ave paid 100$ down for my massages its 200$ for 10 massages scheduled & tried on a Colombian faja size M ... MY THIGH only got in after that I said nooo take it off. my thighs still are sore im not squeezing my ass in this shit !! ....

(((day7)))- I did get a massage &&& let me just say I wish I took a whole bottle of percs instead of two !!! the heat wrap I got put over my tummy and back was a relief but when I felt her hands pushing down against my skin I just screamed and jumped all over the table ... but after all the pain my swelling in my tummy did go down I was able to stand up straighter and she did squeeze me into the faja size M my shape was 10x better my ass poked out more ...

&& that's how my first week was... now im ok every day it gets better and better my back pains come and go sometimes I fiill like I cant move I need the help of hubbys arms to get off a seat or bed .....
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon

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For Dr. Gabay about how much does he require for a deposit? I have a consult w/ him next Wed.
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Okay. Thx. @bigbootyjoody.
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Christine812..just reading my reply...I apologize if that sounded like he wouldn't give you what you are looking for or that it wouldn't be right...just not right for me. I hate negativity, especially since we are all here for the same reason...:)
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Hey, I am getting a TT with Dr. Gabay next week . Can you post some before pics ?
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@courtney_coco . I will be posting pictures soon. Happy to know were on the same boat. My date is scheduled may 19 . I think I am so excited and scared at the same time . I now dr gabay would work some magic . If you don't mind me asking how much is he charging you? I have one toddler and I'm 21 yrs old but I'm not planning on no more no time soon . My stomach is a little like yours and I have lost my shape since I gave birth everything just dropped . I'm really anxious nervous just waiting . Checking for more reviews on real self . I hope everything goes well with your surgery keep me posted i will appreciate it lots to no from you girls on here more about these procedures and experience I'm new to all these . Lol
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I am getting TT with lipo to the flanks , he is charging me $6,000. I consulted with quite a few doctors before making my decision and I felt he was the right one for me . Good luck!
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@courtney_coco good luck with your procedure I sure would love for you to let me no how everything turned out , are you getting a bbl? When's your surgery date?
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@courtney_coco have you seen post op work he's done , I just wish I can see at least one that will make me fill better about his work .. Can't wait to see your post ops;)
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I have seen some of his BBL pics but never any patients in person, while in the office...I was not impressed, only because there wasn't projection. Neat clean job, but for lack of a better term..."not a black girl booty." What I can tell you is that he did an excellent job on my daughter's breast reduction.
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I will updating so stay tuned , April 2nd ( Wednesday ) :)
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I have seen a lot of his work , you can call his office and ask them If you can go in and look at all his Before And after pics. Also a few of my girlfriend have used him and they look great. No BBL for me , just a TT with lipo on my hips .
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I'll be standing by...good luck Chicago!
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Thank you !
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I agree with Christina, you want to see other patients results
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Welcome to RS and congratulations! Make sure u ask him if he is conservative or not? Meaning for ur body what is his idea of a good amount of projection fr ur body, so there wont be no misunderstanding once u pay 7000.00 for 400cc's that after 20-30% normal fat cell lossage on top of when the swelling goes does u dont feel like u look the same ok! Just looking out for u as ur RS sister n luv! How many bbls have you actually seen since he is a facial PS.best wishes!
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Typo .... dwn
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@sexeeangel to be honest I've only really seen about 3 or 4 ok reviews . Not to many people put there before after pics . I have tried looking for other doctors around philadelphia that's convincing but I just can't seem to find any I'm scared of paying so much not to have the butt and shape I want ! It's like dr gabay is my only option I have to . hope and pray and explain detail to him how I want like a big ol booty , aggressive lipo as much fat into my butt I can hold. This is all new to me so I don't no like what's the max fat he transfers or what will hold or lose volume. But I wish there were more reviews on here for him . I have seen about 3 people say they lost volume I don't get what they mean but they don't post pictures to prove or show the work done .
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Hey Christine, Im in philly also, I was going to go with Gabay also....he is super sweet but he wouldn't be able to give me the results that I wanted and not to mention the price is on the high side for what I NEED..LOL. So I am going to DR. If i'm going to do, it needs to right the first time.
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Rt abt pple not posting pics but saying they are great PS. If they are show pics so others can have options as well. The PS that are n the states and few have never heard of them, nor a lot of pics or previous patients to interview and they specialized in other areas than bbl BE AWARE sweety! Just a suggestion be open to stepping outside of your comfort zone bc to pay a doctor 7grand and up for only 500cc's or less is AWEFUL!! Some states have fat transfer limitations where other states don't but it is up to u to do the research! Never go into any sx blindly....just ask that PS and ladies on here that will help u. Far cell lossage 20-30% is average norm but if u notice continue lossage like i did...it could mean one or two things: ur PS didn't place the fat n areas where ir would hold (technique) or ur body is simply rejecting the fat transfer! So that is why u wld request more amounts of fat cells to be placed n your buttocks! 1200 is great to start minus 20-30% that would put u at 1000the after all sd and done! Hope that helps ?
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