may 28 here i come florida - Philadelphia, PA

Im 23 yrs old very nervous so im hoping to find a...

Im 23 yrs old very nervous so im hoping to find a travel buddy. Im choosing dr salama he is the best and most affordable dr im getting tt and bbl so im not sure what to expect anyone who has done both dont be shy to leave messg.

Hi there, thanks for sharing your journey with us. Are you travelling to Florida for your surgery?


So I paid for my deposit and im waiting for my...

So I paid for my deposit and im waiting for my package. can anyone tell me how long they waited before getting the package?.Also hoping to find someone to travel with maybe split hotel cost if intrested let me know..
Congrats and keep us posted.

I had to change my date for surgery my sitter is...

i had to change my date for surgery my sitter is getting married around same time and change it to a mini tuck i feel that will be god enough plus im more focused on my if anyone is willing to travel along and split hotel cost send me a message
when is your surgery date?
@ andy inbox me your number ...def need a partner im chicken lol
hi my date is set for 10/10/12 im coming from philly. would you like to split hotel with me?

Ok im really addicted with real self my bf is so...

ok im really addicted with real self my bf is so upset im getting the surgery that i may actually break it off with him.
Any who im hearing doctors can only lipo 8 pounds total im 5 9 170 so i gonna loose 12 pound before surgery im very tall so 150 will look a lot smaller on my frame... i cant wait booked hotel and flight today yaaaa.
Hi when's ur sx date?
This is why I didn't tell my boyfriend yet, I just told him i'm having surgery and I told him that i'll tell him when the day comes because I know if we were to break up he'll probably tell everyone. Anyway, where did you find out about how much fat can be taken out for your weight, i'd like to know about myself?
The Dr. said i'm a good candidate the way I am but I feel like if I lose maybe 5 pounds I'll look better after surgery. I'm 5'5" and 165 lbs.
@mochahontas oct 5 is salam surgery center is it nice and clean?

Hi guys been a while but surgery is may 28 for me...

Hi guys been a while but surgery is may 28 for me i was suppose to go on july but i got kicked off schdele because my num was changed i do understand but it has my bf a lil upset but i know salma is great so im very excited 3 weeks i fly in may 26

Forgot to say i change my surgry to mini tuck and...

forgot to say i change my surgry to mini tuck and lipo if everything goes well i willget the bbl 6 mto 8 months after... omw to get my lab work done anyone getting surgery with salama this month want to buddy up? let me know

What a crappy day my doctor refuse to do my blood...

what a crappy day my doctor refuse to do my blood work because he say i dont nned plastic surgery. like this dude was talking to me like he was my printer is broke so i had to get the forms fax to a quest for my lab and they dont take my insurance so stress out and cant smoke a cigg sucks.. i hope its all worth it at the end... ruben def make me feel comfortable and salma seems to be on point making updates on my cell sorry for mispelled words
Allthesecheeks did you use labcorp how soon do results come bck .my surgery in 3 weeks
sorry last messg was for allthesecheekspoppin
@millz because i dont have good insurance i have keystonemercy

Just left gnc got some vitamins and gel for...

Just left gnc got some vitamins and gel for brusing my bf is so sweet even tho he doesnt agree he is bn very supportive. Tom im gonna labcorp hopefully my insurance will pay for it or ill have to pay cash... Tryns stay happy and stress free for a good recovery
Ok thanks
like 2 days. they are super fast. The wait was just long, I went to the one near city ave. Just take the script Dr Salama gives you so you can know exactly what test you need. I think you need a EKG too. I got that done at lakuana hospital. It took 20 mins total, no wait. I also took the script to that appointment too.

Finally got labs done two weeks till i fly in for...

Finally got labs done two weeks till i fly in for surgery thinking of arm lipo

days going by fast

Labs were good condo booked dont mind a buddy so anyone going around same time you can save a lil gonna post a pic of my stomach in a few

uploading pics

Can someone explain how to upload pics i totally forgot i want to put a pic of mu stomach so can c the diff after my minituck...also has anyone got arm lipo is it woryh the extra money

Surgery cancel do to nicotine

So depressed surgery was cancel do to nicotine i guess it was do to 2 hand smoke from my mom i ask her not too but she did anyway. i didnt really think it wold come up in my urine bevause i didnt actually smoke myself i did smoke weed but no cigg..i really want this bad so i been standing oustide everytime someone smoke im gonna be smoke free for 3 months since my next date is aug sad my bf called today and spoke with someone about whats going on and told me there just doing there job ...i know that but i was so ready and now i have to wait even longer i wish o never smoked or new people who did i think im never going back to smoking again

back home anyone wanna switch dates

Well im back home and realized forgot my meds in mu condo much money wasted smh but u live n you learn hopefully i can get a sooner date like july anyone want to switch i have a aug date
DAMN BOO!!! I just came to check on you and my heart sank when i read that you had to cancel surgery due to the cig smoke. My sx is at the end of aug, I hope I will be OK with 2 months of not smoking weed. I hope you can get a sooner date too hunny. I'll be praying for you and checking on you soon.
ur quote from slama is 4500 how is that possible his like the most expensive surgon out there .. && u cant smoke weed or anything just cus they say dont smoke ciggs im sure weed is included in there. u dont want to have an infection after nd blame it on ur doctor some girl got an infection she was smoking n drinking having sx in DR

surgery around the corner

Surgery date is aug 13 booked my flight again hope everything goes well havnt smoked or been around anykind of smoke. So proud of myself i really been thinking about switching back to the bbl but not sure...
Thanks hunny wings
My quote was for mini tuck thats why
hey girl, don't stress about about smoking weed. when i had my first bbl i had smoked just the day before surgery and i was fine. i even smoked before i had my breast aug. know smoking ciggerates is a different story. it affects your healing process. slows down your blood circulation, which leads to slow healing. =0) don't stress girl! i have a date for october 4th so if any one wants to switch let me know I'm open…

3 weeks to go

Well time has flew by fast .as long as u stay busy time flys so im trying to not think about . Very excited and proud of myself no smoke havnt been around any kind of smoke either never going back i feel so much healthier. This time im bringing a friend my mom kinda got on my nerves and im pretty much ready if everything goes well two of my sis will be coming for bbl
YAY!!!! Super proud of you! U kicked that smoking habit to the curb! August is our month hunny!!! I'm so ready and I wish u the best my love.

10 more days

Packed my bags waiting for my hubby to come take me to labcorp luckily there fast only takes two or 3 days to get results... I had a cyst pop up on my skin so i had it tested for mrsa because i work in hospital and im a lil ocd it came back negative thank god its no kind of staff and it went away... I prob get a few more maxi dresses and i be all done
@super booty do u kno a place in philly that does massage
Honey wings were you smoking white papper or blunts ... Cuz i think blunts has the nicotine in it
Thanks super booty310

cleared for surgery

Ok im cleared for surgery took some pics of my before tummy have no idea how to post them on my tho..somebody plse explain surgery is in 4 days im getting a tummy tuck if everything goes well a do a bbl n 4 months with my sis
Girl2 for now getting tummytuck then bbl few months later
Thsnks @ bigbootytinywaist i fly out6 am
Your time is here sis the first step of your journey good luck

before pics

before pics

here in florida

Staying at the hampton inn i def like it nice n clean target up st hospital is 10 30 tomorow

fresh out of surgery

had surgery today at 10 am dr s was ready for me ahead of time so I went a lil early..omg I was not ready for the pain I must say I thought it would be like my c section not at very uncomfortable and I cant lay one drain is draining fast kinda scary...however the team was great especial the guy who put you to sleep very sexy omg I was like smiling cuz he was so cut prob thinks im nuts tho lol. I havin threw up eating fine but my tummy is sooooo tight omg...will update after I get some rest

after pics

Cant wait until i can stand up st8... And when should i switch garments
Ok lol thanks girly
Girl2 im freakin out i try but i have like scab in there so it wont go that normal
Its probably just dried up blood or something, don't worry about it. When you get a chance try to clean it with a little soap and water. If you can then just put it a little in, you don't have to push all the way you just want it open a little so it wont close up, but some people have some scary bb's lol so don't worry about it. it will drop off soon,(the scab)

feeling better

Ok today is the best i felt i only took one perc today ..moving arounf and showering better eating well and luving my flat tummy salma really did a great job he also great with tummytucks just as much as drains dont really bother me as much as i thought i just wish i could stand u all the way... My daughter father is home telling everyone i had surgery done why idk but watever ill just prepare for the haters....ill be posting more pics soon

new pic

Looking good
Yes the first time was from cig smoke u cannot smoke ciggs or even be around second hand smoker really important...or they will cancel surgery
Thanks tanyadre

uodate new garment

Ok today is my last day here in florida had a great time ..yesterday i had one drain out not as bad as i thought it would be...i have to take the other out myself...have a new garment and omg i feel so much better wish i would have been had this one on but my apt date kept getting messed up some how anyway glad i have it now so
much better im even sleeping in it that im leaving i can c i totally over pack so dont bring a bunch of crap like i did ladies all u need is few sun dresses flipflops pj and tanktops and buy your supplies the day before at walmart here cuz after surgery your sore dont need to drag heavy ass bag and you really dont use all extra crap anyways

i guess my trip is going to smooth

Yestetday i missed my flight cuz my asshole friend decides to go to the mall 2 hours away from the airport and it was hella traffic smh..leaving today a 4 but now my flight making stops and i wont get there till 8 30 fucking pissed ...i miss my baby so much feel so guilty ...i also sneezed and i felt a pop may have poped at stitch idk
Yes girl im home now tho.. And yes i sneezed and felt a pop so i think i prob pop stiches in the inside...i ask salama and he said its possible but its a bunch of them so it should be i hope i cant really tell cuz imstill swollen
Wow, I would have been pissed if I missed my flight! I had a straight flight also. Good tip about over packing because I did that and I was pissed with a heavy ass suitecase and a damn carry on bag! It was a damn disaster!!! lol Well, glad your on the way to the house! Keep us posted! What did it feel like something popped?

i love dr salma

I text my dr like everyday and he responds super fast i luv that my scar is great really thin... Idk im really swollen and still have one drain in i didnt get dwn to 30 cc im at like 40 sucks but im really afraid of about to put a deposit dwn on bbl n a week i luv dr salma he is only dr for me and my man agree with it so hey it gonna post pics of my scar and did anyone else feel really bloated i dont kno if my mind is playing tricks on me cuz my man keeps saying its flat but idk it was flatter when i woke up from surgery
Hey hun! Post updated pics please! I will be two months on Tuesday and we will swell for a while hun! I told my man I was swelling today washing cloths and he was like you cant tell, but I can tell and the way it feels. my feeling is getting a little better, its not as bad as it was. But I still get the tightness. The swelling can take months to a year, so Im waiting to see how I really look in December. He lipoed my flanks really good, I love my curves. I plan to go back for ab, arms, chin lipo and another possible mini bbl. I don't want much more, just at the bottom

new pics super swollen

Had surgery done aug 13 and i still have a drain in really scared no one else seemed to drain obet 15 days

has anyone drained really long

Ok thanks
Some people drain for a month so you are okay! You should to a tummytuck review because you will get more info, you have this on the bbl part

6 weeks postop

Still swollen luv my new stomach hardly any stretch marks now
Wow my old page I forgot my password y'all follow my new journey on this page lol I'm crazy
where you satisfied with ur tummy tuck? did it get rid of your stretch marks
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr salma is sooo good at tummytucks im still swollen but my tummy is super flat totally worth it ...ill be back for a bbl

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