16 wks post op w. Gabay - Philadelphia, PA

I'm so excited, I just don't know what to...

I'm so excited, I just don't know what to do with myself. I'm 20 years with a bbygirl & tht pregnancy did damage ! I never had a butt but being tht I'm bigger it just makes it look even more flat. So Im having my BBL done with Dr. Gabay in Philadelphia, PA. He's charging me $5000 for lipo of my inner thighs, arms, flanks, hips, & abdomen. He also said I would need a tummy tuck but i don't want to be totally uncomfortable during the healing process which i am absolutely dreading !

Can anyone tell me what garment I should buy, the vitamins I should start taking, & any other thing I will need to help me get through. I'm also hesitate on telling my child's father what I'm doing because Idk what his reaction is going to be & i dont want him to tell anybody but i think I'm going to need his help while I'm healing. Ughhh, Idk how Ima go through with this. H E L P lol


hey tooAnxious, there are so many great reviews on here, I know you will find everything you need to prepare for your surgery...You can start by looking at my page then you can take it from there...Good luck on your journey
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thanks so much

Hi there, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. You must be getting excited now it's almost your big day! I'm sure the other BBL ladies here will take care of you and give you lots of advice.

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Surgery was pushed back to the 14th, which I'm...

Surgery was pushed back to the 14th, which I'm fine with. My pre-op appt is on the 8th, i havent received my info package from him yet but I'm hoping I get tht today . I'm sooooo excited, I can't wait to get my booty ! I'm alittle wortied tht since my ps suggested I get a tummy tuck & Ideclined, my results are not going to look right. I have some before photos but they are HORRIBLE so I'm hesitate in posting them. I really don't want a video vixen BAM- BOOM butt, I'm focused on getting an hour glass shape with a ROUND FULL ass , a phat ass is all I dream of !!!! I haven't prepared myself for my surgery, Idk what I'm waiting for.. I don't know where to start. 10 more days & I'm Soooo unprepared; no vitamins , no water, no nothing ! I really need to get on the ball .

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Finally got the confidence to post some pictures...

Finally got the confidence to post some pictures :/ 9 more days until my new look . I CAN'T WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!


Good luck girl you'll be fine!!
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girl dont tell him unless u have to. because if yall dont make it he might tell everyone you have a fake ASS. lol funny but its ture man can be an ass when you move on. but if hes the only one you trust than just tell him you will need help. good luck....
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I told him & he flipped out. Nobody really understands it because they aren't in the flat ass club lol but thanks.

Today is my pre-op appointment, I'm not excited...

Today is my pre-op appointment, I'm not excited I'm just ready to emphasize ROUND ROUND ROUND !! I guess I'll do.alittle shopping for my sx after my appt. The receptionist told me to wear old sweat pants but what if they don't fit ? Clearance rack pants will do ! Talk to you guys later ! 6 more dayssss !


Wow! we go on the same day!!! good luck to you my bbl sista! I hope that you have the body of your dreams....cuz I want volume too!
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Thanks much .

Sooo, 5 more days until my surgery & I'm kinda...

Sooo, 5 more days until my surgery & I'm kinda excited & I'm kinda not because I just may be pregnant :( ! Ugh, I'm so mad at myself for slipping up. Especially when I'm so closed to getting this done & over with. I got my blood work done at my preop on Thursday so I'm hoping the results come back on Monday. I'm shutting bricks over here guys, ughhhh ! Pray for me pleaseeeee !


I tried the HCG diet $600 not one pound lost and a waste of my time lololo. I think I have the slowest metabolism in the world it seems like nothing works for me. I take phendermine from time to time i lose weight then I gain it back. Well anyways I have thirty days until date so I better get it together thanks for the inspiration. And good luck and god bless with yours
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I'm about 5'1 200-215 lbs , I just looked at your pictures & you don't look big at all. I've been pregnant twice so my skin is loose but yours doesn't look loose at all so the lipo should be all you need. But if you want to lose weight you can try the HCG diet or the laxative teas . I was recently on weight watchers so I'm kinda where I want to be. I like my thickness & so does others so now all I need is a shape lol. I honestly think your fine though.
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May I ask your weight and height? I am asking because I have an my surgery date July 9th with Salama. I was about 185 when I got my date but now Im about 200 I'm 5'6 I dont look like what I weigh but I do. I hoping he doesnt tell me he cant do it, I was told to lose as much weight as I could but I was stressed out of some family stuff so I gained and not lost. Any advice or info you could give a sister, check out my photos
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TWO more daysssss ! I'm guessing everything is...

TWO more daysssss ! I'm guessing everything is okay with my blood work b/c I haven't received a call yet. FINGERS CROSSED ! I dream about this, I'm so excited. I went to Walmart yesterday to get a shirt tht buttons in the front (recommended by my PS), I also got some gatorade. I still feel unprepared, I haven't gotten my prescriptions filled yet.. i'm doing tht today. I told my daughter's father b/c we're kinda on the verge of getting back together & I'm going to need his help. He thinks I'm only getting lipo, doesn't know about the booty so it'll be a surprise since he already likes my butt (its not tht bad when im bending over lol). omgggg im getting a butt guys, I'm so excited ! ttyl :)


Ohhh congratssss .... im also on the 14th :D
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Just be careful of the garment. There's a BBL sister on here that went to Gabay and she had to get a revision because of the way the garment fit on her it left her with a lil bubble on the bottom of her booty. Dr. Salma uses contourmd.com so I can't wait for my preop visit to see what brand he uses and recommends.
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Yeah, I saw & Thts what really has me worried. I think the garment was too small.. maybe I should buy me own ? I should of asked these questions when i was there but I'll ask Thursday while I'm telling him I want ROUND ! I hope he can get 1250 cc in each cheek.

Leave it up to me to lose my prescriptions.. I'm...

Leave it up to me to lose my prescriptions.. I'm auch a loser lol i hope they'll be able to call it into my pharmacy b/c MY SURGERY IS TOMORROW !!!! Omg, I couldn't even sleep last night I'm so excited. How long did it take you guys to be out & about ? I know I'm going to be sore but I'm already contemplating my show off lol . One more day guysssss !

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Just got my call, surgery is 9:45am !!! I also...

Just got my call, surgery is 9:45am !!! I also found my prescriptions & they are filled ! I'm so excited but yet I still feel unprepared ! Whatever I'm getting my bootayyyyyy !!!!!!! :)


Good luck! You will be fine and I will keep you in my thoughts.
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I'll keep you in my prayers tomorrow! Good Luck with everything!
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Good luck hun. Please keep us updated after your surgery!!
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Today is the dayyyyy ! One more hour until my...

Today is the dayyyyy ! One more hour until my surgery, I'm waiting for my ride now. I have all my pills packed, some gatorade & water.. didn't really know what else to take. I'm not as excited as I should be, kinda in shock tht im actually doing this. Lord help me & please you guys pray for me ! I'll post again as soon as im up for it. :)

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Heyyy guys , I'm currently on my way home & I must...

Heyyy guys , I'm currently on my way home & I must say tht already I'm not happy. My butt must be allergic to being round ! It's not round at all, it looks the same just swollen & i know I should give it time but its no point. I don't remember much i woke up on my butt which hurtedd. The pain isnt bad, I thought it be unbearable. My stomach feels like I'm having cramps & thts it. I actually feel good, im moving pretty good so when I get home I'll take pics :( hopefully im over reacting.

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I was wondering if anybody could give me some info...

i was wondering if anybody could give me some info on waist clinchers & when can i put one over my garment. i feel like my garment isnt tight enough, help pleaseeee !


what did u have? did u have lipo too?
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I hope the swelling goes down soon, so then you will feel better about what you just did... Hopefully you get the results that you wanted and after it fluffs up everything falls into place.. happy healing
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So glad your surgery went well, get you a better garment so that your swelling won't be as bad. And also I read that after lipo your body is like playdough. so it is imperative that you get a tight garment to shape you up. I'm no doctor but I read read read these blogs like crazy.lol So I hope my two cents help alittle. Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water and feel better soon!!!! Your realself sister.
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I must say tht i feel great minus my loose garment...

I must say tht i feel great minus my loose garment but my first post appt is today & I'm going to bring this up, hopefully he'll give me a smaller size or I'll go to Walmart & get the sweet nothings & I found a waist cincher corset on Amazon tht I'm about to order right now. It's 21.90, im getting an xl hopefully its not too big.

I only used the percs to go to sleep because the steroids have me wired. My pain on a scale from 1-10 & 10 being the worst, I'm at 1 honestly. All this peeing is killing me though.. I'm tired of going lol & I realized tht he lipo'ed the shelf I already had & it looks the same because its swollen, duhh ! I read tht after the swelling goes down your butt rounds out. I was overreacting but anything is better than what I had before.

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My post op appt went type quick , I guess we don't...

My post op appt went type quick , I guess we don't talk much b/c I barely have questions. But i addressed the loose garment issue & they gave me a binder for my abdomen area. After my appt I went across the street to Wal-Mart & got a full body garment , I got a size XL I hope its tight enough but Ima still order a waist cincher. The nurse told me to get a medium sized girdle.. the tighter the better. With the binder on, I.walk better & not as hunched over. I go back in a week & once again they say its okay to sit but I'm not sitting anywhere ! Also I was right about the shelf, he said he lipo'ed tht part to make it appear smaller thts why it looks the same because its so swollen.

Still not in any pain, I'm allowed to take a shower but i have no one to help until 6:30.. I hope im not over doing it because I feel fine. I'm currently on my way to shop for a car (tht I can't sit in to drive home) LOL Smh talk to you guys later !

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Tried to take a shower & I only washed from my...

Tried to take a shower & I only washed from my neck to my vjj before i had to get out & lay on the bathroom floor. I got so dizzy guys, I could barely hear. My first bad encounter & hopefully the last. I got a new garment on, its full body ; wasn't tht bad putting in on. I have the binder on also & it actually feels better. Well I have my 10 month old bck with me . I wonder how this is going to go. I'm so sad I can't sit & hold her like I did Wednesday.

I take 6 steroids a.day & they keep me up so Inorder to get to sleep I have to take a pain killer or two. I'll take new pics with the new garment tomorrow. Good nighttttt :)


I'm happy that u r doing well n the pic n the boy shorts ur azz is cray, so is that a pic after surgery? I need a tt and bbl but I'm afraid of Philly doctors I hear how good Dr.Salama is also where can I get more info on Dr. Gabby whats his # or website?
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lol just seen that was ur super wish booty I super wish too
Lol i love who ever butt tht is ! I kinda wish I had the time to go to Salama but as everyone said its too early to be complaining but Dr. Gabay's # is 2159695650.

Feeling okay... really bored. still no pain just...

feeling okay... really bored. still no pain just stiffness. all my lipo areas are very swollen, especially my stomach which is causing the binder to roll up smh. i feel like he should have better post op garments b/c this is so annoying !


You need a compression garment. Try vedettestore.com and lipoexpress.com. The ones at wal-mart do not have the tightness that you need. Those garments are very everyday wear and compression garments are for surgical procedures.
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Thanks, I felt like it wasn't tight enough. I'm extremely annoyed with this but i have to find something to measure myself with since most garments can't be returned. I really wish i would have went to a different doctor. Without the garment my swelling isnt going anywhere. I'm so sad :(
I hope that you can get your garment soon. Your surgeon should have told you this. He or she should have given you at least one garment. Based on your size you might want to start with a 3x. You should contact your doctor immediatley

Day 5 & i still have no ass. Not even with it...

day 5 & i still have no ass. Not even with it being swollen smh I should have went to Dr. S. im so mad i want to cry ! ughhh so im bck to SQUARE one. im going to get a retouch, i already know im going to need it, i wasted my time & money with Dr. Gabay. You know the part where your butt cheeks turns into your thigh ? & how usually its like curve or fold ? i have none of tht , my butt cheek turns straight into my thigh smh i know i have to wait 6 months before i can do it again so i have time to decide whether i want Dr. S or Dr. Gabay to fix it. i feel like he was upset i didnt want to do a tummy tuck, right then & there. But i have some words for him come Friday ! The only thing tht is kind of ok, is my arms whoopty do !


Hang In there hun it is only day 5 , things can still change keep high spirits :)
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I feel bad for you ma. Since you had such a bad experience with Gabay, I would just go to Salama. Keep in mind that you are still healing. It'll look better with time. How much fat did he remove?
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I'll ask Friday when i go, I'm giving it until the 3 week mark before I go totally bonkers. I should of just listened to everybody & not have gotten it done.

Been moving around more, showering, laundry, &...

Been moving around more, showering, laundry, & taking care of my daughter. No real pain as before just a lot of itching. I looked at a before picture & I can absolutely see a difference in my butt & my shape. I'm just really ready for the swelling to go down & for my butt to start forming. My lipo areas are going down slowly but surely. I feel better about everything today :) my new garment & waist cincher should be here Friday !! I really want to go shopping, ughhhhh I can't wait. Ttyl .


I have not heard from you lady....how are things going? are doing okay....any news?
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please post more flics
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@anxious girl i think dr. gabay did a good job on im glad u decided to look at your before pics ause now u could see what we see n if u would have left him do the tt you would have evn look flatter keep ur compresion garment on watch what u eat stay away from carbs n mayb u wont need a tt who knows but i see the huge difference cause ur stomach was big n your flanks no offense ok we are all here for the same reason n that is to support each other n share or good n our horrible pics n storys so keep up ur faith n your garment keep it on too this is a love hate relationship with this garment but if u want results u got to were it cause it is part of ur results if u dont belive me goggle lipo with garment for how long .... its hot i know but it all depends on u from here on take care good luck happy healing n dr. gabay is a wonderful doctor he just doesnt have a magic wand .....lol
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Srry, I've been neglecting you guys. So much has...

Srry, I've been neglecting you guys. So much has been going on .. Everything is good though, stomach still has some swelling as well as some hardness but butt hasnt soften up yet just a little bit ; it is starting to form. I cant stay out of the mirror. I will be joining the gym soon. I have had sex.. like 3 days in a row & it wasnt bad. i'm still not sitting, it feels weird even with the boppy .... i guess thts it .


You're correct i could have kept itto myself or inboxed u. Dr. gabay isn't my dr so it's not serious. Just seems like some shady profiles going on here lately imo. Either way, enjoy your results.
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Not tryingto hatebut the skin complexion in the after pics seems off. Doesn't look like same person.either way kudos to u
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Lmaoooooooooo girl bye, you could of kept tht to yourself.

Hey guysss ! Let me tell you how I suck ! Ughhh, I...

Hey guysss ! Let me tell you how I suck ! Ughhh, I havent been wearing my garment & my stomach looks huge smh i know I know I'm suppose to where it. My butt is getting smaller but rounder, if tht makes any sense ! Even though i have the scars , I feel like my arms weren't lipo'd at all. Dr. Gabay said it takes three month for all final results so I'm sticking it out. I think when you have a severely square butt it takes more than one round b/c I got the max in each cheek & though its rounder like i emphasized it doesn't poke out as much. Idk, I have to wait to figure what is going to change after all swelling goes down. Oh, yeah I sat down for the first time today.. not too bad .



wear ace bandages on your arms in the mean time...i know you don't like the abdominal binder but wearing 2 and pulling it as tight as you can........helps a lot the boy completely settles at 3-6 months....whatch what your eating........low sodium...low fat...but dam i need a drink tonight and I am 5 days post op...lol
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Missy missy missy you look awesome what are you talking about dammm girl I know pol turn n look at you twice cause you font look like you you are coming out nice ...... Oh n before I forget put that dammm garment on or get the waist cincher

So I'm almost 6 weeks post op & I feel like i look...

So I'm almost 6 weeks post op & I feel like i look the Same as before my surgery, the beginning of this month I was lovinggggg my body .. I mean I know he took fat out but its not showing anymore... I'm hoping its swelling because my stomach, thighs , & arms are bck to looking the same. I do see an improvement in my butt but not as much as I wanted... I really do wish i would of brought the car tht i really wanted instead because there's no difference. Smh , I'm really upset !


Ok...so now that you are little further along...are you still loving your results? I am getting more nervous b/c one patient said she lost all her volume 2 months later!!!
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I went to Gabay and now I'm officially 8 weeks post op. I love my results. I would highly recommend him. I need to update my pics but I will soon.
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thanks for sharing! can yuiu tell me anymore about pain etc?

Heyyyyyy guys ! I know I've been gone for awhile...

Heyyyyyy guys ! I know I've been gone for awhile but I've been working & shopping ! I've never brought some many skirts in my life! Why do I have an all of a sudden love for skirts ? Because now Its not a flat ass square back there, I finally have some plumpness. I get stares & comments. Though I think it could be bigger & rounder, I'm content with my results. The only thing i don't see a real difference in is my thighs & arms. I can def see where he contoured my body & i think once I lose these 20 lbs, It'll be more noticeable. I think if i had a chance to do things differently, I would have lost weight first & gotten a tummy tuck. I can say my confidence level is way past what it used to be. Maybe one day, I'll do a second round to go bigger & rounder but for now my money is staying in my savings ! lol


Congrads the whole surgery was $5000 right?
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@too anxious wassup mamma.......glad to hear.....@sexylegs i lost my volume at 3 months...I have shape from the rear....but no volume anymore....lol
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nothing much, have you lost alot of volume ? i didn't lose much.

its been a yearrrr !

OK, let me start off with saying this procedure could of been done better as well as the aftercare (garments & etc.). I still have some of my volume but its not as round as I want it to be . Thinking about round 2, not to go bigger but to go rounder; this shelf has to go! Now as far as my lipo areas -_- should I even speak on tht? Smh I feel like everything was never lipo'ed.. so I'm going bck for more or even weightless surgery :O, pray for me guys! I can't seem to get this right!


Hi Ladies, I'm Patricia and I have a Boutique specialized on post surgical girdles from Colombia. This is my location Latin Fashion 4648 N. 5th St Philadelphia, PA 19140, phones # (215) 329-0352 and (267) 254-8409. We carry everything on inventory, you do not have to order it.
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can you please post pics?
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Can u post pics plz beautiful. Thanks
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Dr. Gabay

I'll change again as I change.

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3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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