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This experience has been a piece of cake. I have a...

This experience has been a piece of cake. I have a strong pain tolerance, so I knew I would do fine. I haven't taken any pain meds since surgery. It just feel like soar muscles and not even that bad, I hardly feel anything. I don't have much of anything to say about the experience, because that was a piece of cake too. I made it about 15 minutes early and was processed on time, everyone was pleasant and friendly. I went to sleep laughing, then woke up HAPPY WITH A FAT A$$. But I will continue to post pics as my days or weeks progress.

Girl that garment make it hard to c anything i hope you enjoy your results!!! Does it feel hard or really swollen? Lil boys are rude regardless that ass is gonna look good in a dress thats why i need it
I do like my results! It's just these dents on both cheeks that were not filled in that drives me nuts. I might need to finish healing and the indentations may be due to swelling above the area, which might make it look like indentations. I'm going to show him when I go back next week and see what he says about it. I will show it without the garment, just give me a little more time to heal. My butt is not hard, its firm. My butt before was SOFT and I kind of like the firmness, I don't think I want a soft butt again. Overall I enjoy my results and maybe I can embrace the small indentation if they remain because I had bigger ones on the side of each cheek before surgery. They were like concave on the side of each of my cheeks , he fill majority of them and its just little space on both cheeks in the same place that remain. Don't worry, I will show after I see him on the 25th, then I can show yall and tell what his response was too.
He said he took over 1800cc's but didnt tell me exactly during my post-op appt. maybe because our convo was interrupted by the women who were changing my dressings. He said he took out over 1800cc and put it all in my butt. I will ask him again during my next post-op. I have to say I see an inperfection that is driving me nuts! I have indentations on the sides that I had before and he fix partically. It makes my butt look natural, but I wish they were fully filled in! If I get the gutz I will show for your opinions! He said he was going to fill them, but maybe he left some out on purpose. Advise, make sure what you want is communicated, clear, and understood between you and the doc. On another note, I was in public today and some boys, men whatever they were were yelling "Damn, she got a watermelon booty." I wasnt proud of that becau$e that was rude. Thats how them "boys" are no a days! I said to myself, "this the ass you wanted, it brings attention!"

As I mentioned in another post. After looking at...

As I mentioned in another post. After looking at my results over and over with the garment off, I'm not totally happy with the results. The is a volume difference but I don't see a big change. I still have concave inperfections on both cheeks and my waist isn't as defined as I hoped. I hope I still need healing time to get max results because I'm only three days in. I have to say, my butt don't look as great as other women on the site.
Is he gonna give u foam and boards?
Hey girl, give it time... Glad you are feeling great. How are you walking?
Awww I hope after healing it pops out the way you would like it to, as for me I was thinking about Gabay but have decided to go with Salama....

This is how my butt look in a dress. This is the...

This is how my butt look in a dress. This is the look I wanted! I was hoping for an awesome shape other than my original one, but what I have is great! My butt is fuller than it was. Its just not that video vixen shape that everyone want, thats not what I wanted. It looks like the more I heal the better it will look! I tried to locate the before dress to put on for so yall can see the results, but I can't find it in my closet, so I put on another dress.
How is it going UpperDarby?
how are u makin out hun???
Congrats Upper Darby! You look great. Hope you're staying dry with all this rain! Don't forget, you are still healing!! I've seen a lot of pics and the changes happen daily. I'm in southwest so I understand what you are going through with the stupid comments. I'm looking at getting the BBL, but don't want the "video ho" look. I'm split between Gabay, Jimerson, and Salema. I think Jimerson does good work, but may draw too much attention. If possible, please post more pre-op pics. It's hard to see the changes because there isn't much to compare. The black garment also makes it hard to see. Stay Beautiful!
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As I stated previously, everyone was pleasant and Dr. Gabay answered all my questions with patience. I had to go back the day after surgery to check site and change dressings, Dr. Gabay and two other women was assessing me. I had no wait time! They called me in for processing I think 5 min to my surgery time. All was great! I just hope I retain the majority of my fat transfer.

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