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Hello im jus starting my BBL journey with Dr....

hello im jus starting my BBL journey with Dr. Gabay. I have my first ever appointment on Nov. wish me luck and any advice for this first appointment please feel free to let me know. thank you ladies.

Im not sure if that is gonna be the right price for this procedure but i hope its no more than $,000


hey good luck!
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Good luck girl.
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thanks im somewhat apprehensive tho...everyone i tell they say no or im crazy... but im still goin to my appt wit dr. gabay it wont hurt any

Well i jus rescheduled my consultation for nov....

well i jus rescheduled my consultation for nov. 21st...bcuz i think my period will be on on the first date i chose so i decided to chose another day to be more comfortable bcuz i kno i will be poked and prodded.... and it gives me more time to lose a few more pounds...i've been reading (on here) that dr. gabay may want to do a tummy tuck but i really didnt wanna go that route but i guess i have to wait n see what he suggests bcuz every one is different...

ive been big all my life and within the last year i finally found the will powerbto lose a significant amount of weight but i still have some ways to go...however i feel like no matter how much weight i lose i will never have the shape i really really want...although i do want a nice plump booty lol im more concerned with that hour glass hopefully dr. gabay can help me achieve this goal...i never thought i would consider plastic surgery but i always would joke that if they can take all my stomach fat n put it in my ass im all for it and now they really can do that!!! and i always get teased for my lil chicken nuggets aka my butt lol so now im goin for i feel like after going all my life being ashamed of my body i can treat myself to the figure i always nervous apprehensive and excited all at the same time i jus hope and pray dr. gabay can work a miracle lol...until later girls


Post some before pics!!!!
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oh gosh ill have to build up the nerve for that lol but i will maybe after my consult...
Hey did the consult go?
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Well ladies my consultation is less than a week a...

well ladies my consultation is less than a week a way..n im nervous..when i intially went into this i was jus lookin to get my butt bigger but after doin further research n talkin to some of the girls on here i realized its gonna be a bigger process than i im gonna wait to see what the doc says n then ill go from there...oh n ill post some before pics lol

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Well i jus recieved my reminder call from dr....

well i jus recieved my reminder call from dr. gabays office..tomorrow is my consultation..idk what to super excited and nervous at the same time...ill let u girls kno how it goes n im gonna make an effort to post some "before" pics i been slackin sorry girls...

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Well i added some pics and i swear i look better...

well i added some pics and i swear i look better with regular clothes on lol thats jus what im dealin with underneath it all...ive come a long way n i still have ways to go...but part of this is gonna be what i can do for me and the other part is what the doctor can do for me...

but as u can see i have large areas of fat everywhere lol with no ass so i intended on getting a bbl once i reached my goal which is about 40 more lbs (im 5'5 230lbs highest 293) so idk what dr gabay is gonna suggest.... i want the best results possible but i havent had any kids yet and i dont know how pregnancy would affect a tt if i decide to take that not looking to be skinny..i would like to keep a thick frame but i jus want my ass to be bigger than my "waist".....sighhhhhhh


Good luck miss..dont be nervous bc then you are going to forget stuff!! Dont forget your pics..and be very very direct w him..he will be blunt w you but honest!!
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ok i will try my hardest lol this is my money and ass on the line..literally lol

Well i went to my consultation and he told me that...

well i went to my consultation and he told me that i needed a tummy tuck along with my bbl...i wasnt surprised with what he said i was actually expecting it...n he told me that if i plan on waiting a few more years to have kids then go for it...n my bf n i already had planned to wait to have kids...n after surgery i will have some time to enjoy my new goin for it...i have the support from the neccesary ppl in my life n i can come up with the money...i initially wanted to do it in march but since im definitely getting the tt im gonna wait until may that way i wont rush my healing process...and i still wanna lose 40lbs for my own personal goals....i plan on making my deposit n set my date after christmas n my bday are over...i also plan on applying for some credit n see what happens with that lol ...i had to laugh at that..but in a nutshell im not surprised with what he said its jus more concrete since i heard it from his mouth..sooo im gonna enjoy thanksgiving and then its back into motion gotta prepare for my few next moves... happy turkey day girls!!! :)


Good luck on your journey :)
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thank u :)
Hey...congrats...glad it went...did u tell him all that u much did he quote you? I know u wanna wait til may..but make sure u consider that u will have to wear that garment for 3 months maybe...summertime will be hot...especially wearing it under just something to think abt...but congrats on your upcoming journey!!
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Ok so i've been goin back n forth with my self...

ok so i've been goin back n forth with my self (and my friends/family) about this whole surgery thing and my weight loss and i've decided that im going to let my self try first...i mean im not knocking surgery at all but i feel like for my own personal reasons i feellike if i get surgery mainly the tummy tuck that im takin the easy way out...i dont have any kids and ill be 25 the end of december...i already lost alot of weight n i feel like i need to finish what i thats not to say i dont want a bigger butt lol but i need to get my body in shape first...this has been a life long battle for me n im finally gaining confidence n discipline enough to change body on my own n i kno its possible with the correct diet n ass busting workouts..after alm the site is called real self n i dont think that im being real with myself by giving up after all i been thru...


I'm going very soon for a consultation. I'm exciting and praying the price is right for the BBL. I'm wondering is there a big price difference in the tummy tuck since I have alot of stretch marks...... But I like what i'm hearing on this website N hopefully I WILL be a Gabay girl very soon. : )
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I hear you...this is a big surgery and you should do it for the right reason.. alot to need to rush..and i agree - if you can get the results you want w/o having the sx...go for it...i didn't need to lose a lot of weight..i had areas that no matter what diet or exercise would not fix...but good luck - keep us posted on that journey too!!
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thanks hun n i appreciate all ur info...but im jus tryna get healthy first n i wanna try to change my body not doing away with the whole sx idea bcuz if i do lose the weight i want then i might have to get some skin removed or something...but i still want a bigger ass lol but i gotta try to improve other areas of my body first...its jus been a ongoing battle for me n i jus cant give up now...
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well he was very to the point and the appt was rather short..but i didnt have to wait long n the office very nice i was able to see before n after pics from other patients..

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