Overall Body Goals Minus the BA - Philadelphia, PA

Hopefully i have done this right but I am posting...

Hopefully i have done this right but I am posting a few body wish pics. My BA goal is my avi. Click here to read my BA Review. Id like them to settle in nice and natural like Draya's. My body goals are Porsha Stewart from RHOA. She has a great body in my opinion. Once i get my courage up I plan on posting some selfies. Hopefully you ladies can tell me how realistic my goals are or leave comments on your own experiences.

Waiting on Quotes

So I'm waiting on quotes from Vanity in Miami. Dr. Baez quoted me 2800 but with airfare and lodging I'm thinking 4500. Yily was 3500 so she may be $500 more in TOTAL cost. If Vanity can do this for 3500 I'm there! I know people in Miami and airfare will be waaaay cheaper. Also, they take carecredit too so why not??? Everyone is my life is soooo against me getting BBL saying its to risky. I think its safe and IMO whether the fat takes or not I will still be left with a great waist. I do have my fears about lipo getting burnt, being lopsided, or the doc not being aggressive enough, but I pray on it. I think after I heal I will be so happy then I can move on to my BA. If I cant get a decent quote from Vanity then I will just do my BA first.

Talked to Vanity...

Vanity says I am not a good canidate for BBL. I showed them one of my wish pics and they said I can achieve that look with smartlipo. The cost would be $3000. The say its a seven day recovery. I would really love some input ladies!!! Thanks!

consult with dr gabay

I am weighing about 152 pounds currently and have a consult april 16. Im hoping to have this surgery by fall. I will post updates once the doctor takes a look at me and says what he can do.
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