Overall Body Goals Minus the BA - Philadelphia, PA

Hopefully i have done this right but I am posting...

Hopefully i have done this right but I am posting a few body wish pics. My BA goal is my avi. Click here to read my BA Review. Id like them to settle in nice and natural like Draya's. My body goals are Porsha Stewart from RHOA. She has a great body in my opinion. Once i get my courage up I plan on posting some selfies. Hopefully you ladies can tell me how realistic my goals are or leave comments on your own experiences.

Waiting on Quotes

So I'm waiting on quotes from Vanity in Miami. Dr. Baez quoted me 2800 but with airfare and lodging I'm thinking 4500. Yily was 3500 so she may be $500 more in TOTAL cost. If Vanity can do this for 3500 I'm there! I know people in Miami and airfare will be waaaay cheaper. Also, they take carecredit too so why not??? Everyone is my life is soooo against me getting BBL saying its to risky. I think its safe and IMO whether the fat takes or not I will still be left with a great waist. I do have my fears about lipo getting burnt, being lopsided, or the doc not being aggressive enough, but I pray on it. I think after I heal I will be so happy then I can move on to my BA. If I cant get a decent quote from Vanity then I will just do my BA first.

Talked to Vanity...

Vanity says I am not a good canidate for BBL. I showed them one of my wish pics and they said I can achieve that look with smartlipo. The cost would be $3000. The say its a seven day recovery. I would really love some input ladies!!! Thanks!

consult with dr gabay

I am weighing about 152 pounds currently and have a consult april 16. Im hoping to have this surgery by fall. I will post updates once the doctor takes a look at me and says what he can do.

consult in a few days!!!!

All I want is a snatched waist and fat asss!!! Im so excited. I hope one of these doctors can work their magic on me. I would love to have some of the results I have seen on RS. I think realistically I may have to wait until fall but hopefully I can make this happen.

Consult Dr. Gabay and Dr. Goldfarb

So after some research I narrowed my choices down to Dr. Gabay and Goldfarb. First stop on consult day was Dr Gabay. I waited about an hour to be seen. I then talked to a nurse about what i was looking for and my expectations. Next Dr. Gabay came in. He gave me a breakdown of the bbl procedure, checked me out and said i had moderate fat and could get the procedure. Cost 4800 recovery time one week and I could be back fo work. He said pain was no where near what i went through for my breast augmentation.

Next stop was Goldfarb. He broke down the procedure and checked me out as well. He said i could do smartlipo with fat transer. He couldnt guarantee i had enough fat for hips and butt but he would try. He also suggested i get a spyder lift. I dont really know how to explain that part but somehow with stitches they lift your ass. When i saw the before and after it definitely had me sold. I figure even if the fat doesnt stick i still get the nice S curve. My quote was 8K which was for lipo of stomach, flanks, fat transfer with spyder lift.

After i thought about it i decided i reeeeaaaally want to go with Dr. Goldfarb, but i cant afford 8k. I was thinking maybe flank lipo to make my waist smaller with fat transfer to hips with spyder lift. Then i can just work out to get my stomach down. I plan to send an email to see if the doc is willing. I will kee you all posted!

Flank Lipo and Spydr Lift

After some thought i decided to go with flank lipo and spydr lift only. Im hopeful the doctor will have enough fat to transfer to my hips but if not a smaller waistline will be enough. I cant afford stomach lipo and would rather do these changes gradually. In addition I looked at my pics from last year when i was 148 ish to now with me being 158 I legit look the same. -_- so after the procedure i will lose a little weight and the should be good.

So tomorrow i will make the 50% down payment and hopefully make my appt for May 27.

Some more pics

I know i need ab lipo but i would rather see how the flank lipo with spydr lift tuns out. I have no problem with losing weight if need be and i can deal with my pooch for the time being!

My theory is i never have my stomach out and i have been wearing some form of girdle since i was 19 i doubt i will ever stop LOL! I am excited to be getting some curves whoop whoop!

Change of Plans DiMario Here I Come

So I went for my third and final consultation at Carmen DiMario's office. I got to the area early but still ended up being late because I was at the wrong office! I ended up meeting with the patient coordinator Janet Vega. Sweet as pie with a body snatched to the Gods. She looked me over and said I had moderate fat. She told me a bit about their office and what they do at their site. They do full body transformations so if I was looking for suttle I was at the wrong office. I met two patients and when I tell you their butts were HUGE!!! Omg!! The patients were nice enough to speak to me about their experience. The both looked great. The doctor really seems to take great detail with the waist. I explained that my main concern was achieving a waist. I never really had one and that was the last piece of the puzzle for me to feel complete. I was quoted 6000 for stomach lipo, flanks and bra roll.

Even though i didnt meet the doc i ultimately decided to go with this doc because the patients looked great. Seeing the after results is what sold me. I will meet the doc at my pre-op appt. Anyways pray for me guys. Date is June 1. My weight is currently 158. New body here I come.

Deposit Paid!!!

My pre op is this coming wednesday and I am getting medical clearance on the 26th. Everything is moving super quick but I amexcited to finish up my body. One more year of utter brokeness for the body I want. Im willing to do it Because ultimately i have all my debts on a five year repayment plan. I have a good job, but i do realize i spend to much money. This is my last hit before i calm down and come back to reality lol. Im excited though. I have been told i have moderate fat. My plan is to ask for natural hips and the biggest butt possibly anticipating i will lose 20-40% of the fat. I want my waist snatched for sure. If i come out the surgery with nothing else a snatched waist is mandatory.


So I had my pre op appointment last week. It lasted about one hour. I met the doc we discussed my needs and expectations. He actually seemed very nice. He told me i didnt have a whole lot of fat but to bring a pic surgery day and he would try to get me as close as possible to my goal body. I got my scripts they weighed me and i left. I think they weighed me because they couldnt believe i weighed in the 150s. Im deceivingly heavy LOL. This coming week i will buying supplies and I cant believe it but monday will be surgery day. I have confidence in DiMarios sculpting skills. Like most ppl I am nervous about my tummy after lipo but i keep reminding myself i can always get that fixed down the line. I composed a pic collage for the doc to work from. I am ready to finish this bod....whoop whoop
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