26 Yr Old Overlapping Front Teeth Trying Invisalign - Philadelphia, PA

I have been dying to get my teeth straightened for...

I have been dying to get my teeth straightened for years now, and finally saved up enough cash to do it. I really wanted to get porcelain veneers but decided against it because I was afraid they wouldn't blend well with the rest of my teeth and I didn't like the idea of having to touch them up every 10 years. Anyhow I got my first set of Invisalign on Monday and I'm excited to see what my teeth will look like when I'm done. I need 18 trays on top and 39 on the bottom (my premolars are inward) I have a lot of attachments, one on every tooth on top and none on my main teeth at the bottom. I hate the attachments they make me feel like I am wearing braces but what can you do. I also opted to get propel, this treatment where you get holes drilled in your mouth which allows your teeth to move faster so eventually I will wear my trays for only 1 week before moving to the next one. Brings my total cost to $6600????. So #1) the attachments didn't hurt or taste bad (I'd read reviews that said they would) 2) the trays are uncomfortable bc I'm not use to having them in yet. They also need to be filed bc different parts of the plastic is cutting my tongue. I'll be sure to have the dentist shave my next set. Other than that I have no complaints I don't find them as hard to get in and out as other ppls reviews said. I find it fairly easy as long as I start from one side and work my way around when taking them out. I'm Just so anxious to see my teeth when they are done! I'll add pics when I get to my next tray and hopefully I'll get out of the habit of keep looking at my teeth to see if I notice any differences lol.

Tray 2!

Still no visual progress but at least they dont hurt that bad anymore I'm use to having them now!

Tray 3!

Still nothing exciting happening yet but I get my propel after tray 4 so may 20th I can change my trays once a week! My overlapping teeth should be straight by tray 12!

Tray 4!

Tray 4! Still difficult to see progress but I notice a small difference. Easy peasy putting the trays on and off. 5/20 I get the propel and then can switch trays once a week! Yayyy based on my clin check I should start to see some real progress by tray 6. I'll keep you posted!

Tray 5 and Propel Update!

Soooo the propel was not too bad I was numb so I didn't feel it but I'm a bit sore today, nothing unbearable. I can change my trays after 12 days for tray 5 and after 10 for tray 6. Then once a week from there on out! Last night was a little uncomfortable my mouth was swollen and numb so def don't wanna get propel a few hours b4 you have somewhere to go. Also I only got it on my top row to cut costs (my bottom teeth are already pretty straight) so we shall see! Pics attached!

Tray 6!

I am now on tray 6 of 18 for the top. I switched into tray 6 last Friday after only wearing tray 5 for a week. I plan to switch into tray 7 this Friday so I'm super excited about how quickly things will move from this point.

Tray 7

Well moving right along! Propel is amazing. Ive moved into tray 7 after a week and I'm really excited to get to tray 12, that's when my teeth no longer overlap. I have been assigned 18 trays for the top so I'm about way there. I look at tray 1 and am amazed at how crooked my teeth once were and how fast they are straightening out. How did I live like that before lol

Tray 8!

Nothing exciting. I comfortably switched into tray 8 after 9 days. Tray 12 is pretty much straight and tray 18 is the last top tray. I'm almost 1/2 way done. As always I'll keep u posted!

Tray 9

Slowly but surely straightening out. It's hard to believe my teeth were ever this crooked. Dentist moved me up to switching every 10 days. 9/18 I'm officially half way there!

Tray 11!

Wow. Seems like yesterday I was on tray 2! I'm seeing some amazing results and only have 7 more trays. I'm switching every week bc of the propel, so 2 more months then I'm done! I mistakenly put tray 11 on instead of 10 so I basically skipped 10 and go into 12 on Thursday. As always, I'll keep you posted :)

Tray 12

12 of 18 and let's pray for perfectly straight teeth with no refinements! Nothing new happening just continuing my post in hopes that it helps someone! Tray 13 next week!

Tray 13

Well the countdown is officially on. 5 trays to go! My prayer is that all goes well, no refinemints and I can get my top attachments off and just wear my retainer. We'll see. Anyways I'm sooooo pleased with my progress and I'm so close to perfection it's almost surreal. Dr. Tuman is amazinggg!

Tray 14

Straight teeth alas! I only have 4 more trays to go! The last couple of trays will push my teeth back and get them in line perfectly. I'm so excited I can't wait to get my attachments off!

Tray 15- Last Tray (Sorta)

I'm soooo excited that this is my last tray! I have three over correcting trays (16,17 & 18) but I'm happy with the way my teeth look and I'm only doing one over correcting tray (16) so I'm officially done on Sept 2. I've been in tray 15 a couple days and I'm so happy I stuck it out with this journey. One of my gums on top of my front two teeth is higher than the other so the dentist will correct that on the 2nd as well. This journey was incredibly expensive but incredibly short and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I'll still be updating to show you guys the over correction and my gum correction. Can't wait.

Tray 16- Overcorrection

Tray 16 pretty much looks like tray 15. My teeth are straight they look great. I get my retainer (for my top teeth) Sept 2 along with my gum refinement. Yay almost done!
Dr. Michael Tuman

So far so good! Courteous staff and very experienced!

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They really look nice. Congrats!!!
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Beautiful but I'm interested to know whether or not you need to continue wearing the trays to maintain the result?
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Terrific result :)
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Super-star smile!  Absolutely gorgeous result!!!  Would you like me to crop that first picture for you?  I noticed you cropped the others but not that one :).
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Oops yes could you crop it for me please and thanks?
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I meant please? Thanks! punctuation errors kill me lol
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I was all confused cause you said "alas", and then I realized it was a typo and you meant "at last"!  :D  I was all, like, why is she sad she has straight teeth and is almost done?  

Looking great!!
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Your teeth look great! I just read all your progress and I could really tell a difference after tray 8. I'm only on my second tray. I'm going to look up "propel" and see what it does. Maybe I can get that or that "accelerator" I've ready about.
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It's also so great to see another accelerated orthodontic modality here.  I hope others find you and know that it exists!!!  You're still the only person I've seen/heard of who's used propel.  Do you know if your doctor uses it with a lot of patients?  Cause I sure wish we had more here!
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They certainly look very straight already.  Do you know whether the last couple of trays are overcorrecting?
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Yes, 17 & 18 over correct. Hopefully that'll be enough!
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Whoop! :D
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You have the Perfect Hollywood smile now and your teeth are just perfect !! I have the Same Problem with overlapping front teeth :/ but its just too expensive too correct it. Best Wishes
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Awe thank you so much! I have 7 more trays to go! Hopefully no refinements necessary. I saved up for 6 years to get them corrected they are really expensive! Thank you for the wishes I really really appreciate them!
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Oops!  I accidentally skipped a tray once :(.  I don't know if it had any lasting effects--I think it's impossible to know.  Your teeth look fantastic though, and I agree, it feels like you just started!  Of course, I'm not doing the work ;).  
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Thanks so much! About two more months and hopefully no refinements lol and then I'm free! I saw Ur tummy tuck review I'm so excited that my next project. I'm a campaign manager so hopeful after Nov elections I can get mine!
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I have twins as well! 7 yr old girls!
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I can't wait till my twins are 7!  That sounds heavenly :).  My eldest is 7 now and it's a great age!  I hope you start a review for your TT once you get there.  Let me know when you do and I'll follow you!  It's a huge experience but I've gotten so much out of it. :D
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Definite progress. Keep up the good work. ;)
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Fantastic progress! :)
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Do you feel the perforations made by the Propel any longer?  Or is that completely healed as far as you can tell?
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Yeah, wow, you can already see a difference :).  

And completely unrelated, your hair looks really beautiful in that last pictures :).
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You are pretty and have nice teeth.
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It's insane, but I love it!!!!  Fast-forward treatment.  Does it feel the same when you switch trays now as it did when you waited two weeks before?
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