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I have been square my entire life 5'4 148-151 lbs...

I have been square my entire life 5'4 148-151 lbs upper body bigger than lower. I have wanted this procedure done be4 I even knew it existed.I am 21 and I would like to get this done as soon as possible i don't need any more flat booty pics for evidence!!!! i have a consultation with Dr Gabay Wed Aug 15 all i hope is that my quote is Low because My funds are extremely limited. I am SOOO happy i found this site and these women that feel exactly what i feel!!!!
wish me luck


Hi Lil,
I agree completely! I haven't have it done yet, but plan to in the next few months.Take your time, it's very important to select the doctor with the 'proper technique', there are a lot of doctors practicing the wrong technique out there! Get your moneys worth. Good luck.
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I have to say to all you ladies out there getting the BBL from various doctors that are hardly charging anything....beware! There is a reason for that, most of what you end up with after the procedure isn't your fat, it's tumescent fluid and it will dissolve. There is a special technique used with this procedure in how the fat is purified and injected. It typically takes more than 3 hours to perform the BBL correctly to ensure permanent results. An experienced surgeon with this procedure knows this and can inform you of the technique prior to surgery and why it is necessary for great results, I can tell you 3 hrs. isn't enough time! An experienced surgeon with the BBL is at least 8 years or more performing this type of surgery. I know several ladies that went to Miami and read of many others that went the cheap route and lost all their fat within 6 months & a year later, as well as got infections & had uneaven fat deposits. Is it really worth it to save a few thousand, Even on this site if you read some of these experiences with one doctor ( Salama) he or his office don't seem to be as attentive or accomodating when there are complications from the surgery or when someone voices dislike in their results, but when they are getting your money and booking your surgery it's all great! Hello, if that doesn't make you second guess your choice then your an idiot and your wasting money. I would continue to save and have the procedure done by an experienced surgeon in this field with more than a few years experience, and a great track record. I will choose Dr. Markmann in Maryland, 12 years experience and not one bad review or ever any complications and all his results from patients to date are still there, 10 years later and longer with some. Nearly every patient of his has kept "nearly all the fat" originally transfered, that's getting your moneys worth! If a doctor tells you how much fat he can inject in your buttocks by looking at photos only, your being mislead and ripped off, most if not all of your fat transfer will be fluid by this doctor. What's the point of that??And for you ladies that have a lot of excess weight already and 'no curves' to start, your doctor should also be advising you of your unrealistic's not realistic to think your going to go from a square shape to a video vixen, not going to happen, even a great doctor can only do so much, so be realistic ladies, PLEASE! The best thing to do is get yourself in reasonably healthy shape prior to surgery so your recovery is easier for you and your desired shape is more achievable by your doctor.You can pay $3,000 to $6,000 for this procedure and risk complications with little or no permanent outcome and risk having it done again years later or you can pay more by an experienced surgeon in this field one time with beautiful lifetime results! You get what you pay for your homework or get a second job and start saving! Good luck.
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Angela1058 I just looked at Dr. Markmann work, looks great! It is the most important to RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH.... I am still in the process and trying to find the right Dr. for me. Its not good to cut corners when it comes to your health. Every Dr. has a different technique to achieve maximum results. Did u have the procedure done?

Saw dr gabay today he was cool. His quote is high...

Saw dr gabay today he was cool. His quote is high for me but very reasonable $4500. Sooo i think i will do it i'm moving to atl but ima have the procedure done in philadelphia.


@Angela1058.....Very Excellent Point, I am still searching as well....Not only do I want life time results but great looking life time results with possibly no infections, no dents, leakage and all that....And I also dont want to have to do this again...I am praying thru this journey...I have 2 kids and I want to be safe, healthy, and return home safely to them...I still want to be a mom first...Just with a better Bottom...U R SO Right. Lov u for making a valid point.
Kudos! This is exactly what I've been trying to say on RS for the last week and I've been getting slack for it. Thanks for posting and giving advice.


1. Do people notice? how do you deal with the questions?
2. How much will dissolve? if i want 800cc should i say 1000 if it will end up dissolving?


I posted before pics but don't know where they are. Maybe it takes time for them to load on the site.
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Dont' feel bad I used to look like sponge bob square pants before also
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I cannot wait !!! its sick ima have to leave this...

i cannot wait !!! its sick ima have to leave this site alone for a while


Thanks, I will give them a call.
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I don't have anything with an e-mail address on it. Call the office and I'm sure they will assist you.
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Hi there I'm new to the site but, not new to wanting a better body plus butt. I'm interested in Dr. Gabay but, when I went to his site I didn't see a email address. Does he have a email to send a information request form? Good luck with you surgery
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I have a vaginal ring (blushing) do i have to take...

I have a vaginal ring (blushing) do i have to take that out? like is there magnetic equipment or something i understand belly rings and what not but my Punani ring should be cool?

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Y'all Got my page Poppin lmao

Y'all Got my page Poppin lmao


Hi Ladies....I am new to the site. Dr.Gabby quotes sounds awesome..Has anyone gotten work done from him yet? I have been doing research on a bunch of doctors. Andso far I am leading towards Dr.Francis in NY NY
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@grneyez i did is quite a few of us you just have to search philadelphia...or his name will be fine just make sure you have all garments and will need one with the butt cut out and lifts it....I still wear two abdominal binders when I am in the on the bottom of my stomach below the belly button and one above ...i get my son to pull it real tight while I am holding my stomach carbs for 3 weeks ...
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I have 3 1/2 months and i can't stand it i been...

I have 3 1/2 months and i can't stand it i been taking pics of every beautiful booty… Waiting for women to walk by so i could see their butts… Ugh i feel really sorry for the ladies waiting longer because this ia annoying i am really waiting for three months after the bbl so i can tweak this thang ( in the mirror in front of myself lol/ you do it too)


Hey girl! You made the right decisn going with Dr. Gabay. I'm sooo happy with my results. I'm almost 6 weeks and I still have volume and plumpness and best of all, no regrets.

Good luck and a speedy recovery.
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thats what i love to hear

99 DAYS LEFT !!!!!

99 DAYS LEFT !!!!!


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I love it when I see the comments for the doc i am going to..makes me even more excited!!! Good luck PrettySquare22!!!

This waiting game is annoying 12 wks left

this waiting game is annoying
12 wks left


hey girl your quote is actually pretty cheap compared to most doctors here, good luck on your peocedure.
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Hey ladies, I'm going to use Booty Time's thread because I can't find mine. Anyway I been feeling some type of way because my surgery date has been rescheduled for Oct. 16th. My original appointment was Sept. 24th. :-( SexyNPhilly AKA Upper Darby.
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11wks left just saw a Dr. Gabay girls butt...

11wks left
just saw a Dr. Gabay girls butt totally disappear and it is making me reconsider going to him. I have a body that will probably produce a win-win situation. the lipo to my flanks alone will give me a better shape but i am going to him for an ass. Gabay Girls need to update and let me know how their results are going 3-4 mos after.


or any one who had it done can answer me lol thanks
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@social how long does your butt stay hard for?? my boyfriend was concerned lol
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How much was your quote from Dr. Gabay?
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10wks left SodaInPhilly and UpperDaby i can't wait...

10wks left SodaInPhilly and UpperDaby i can't wait to see y'all post op and here about how it went

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mnmll where did u get ur garment from?

I'm too excited like i know these women. I Love...

I'm too excited like i know these women.
I Love it!
Good Luck All My Philly Dolls (GabayGirls)


im 5'7 n weigh 150 and nice curvy shape he said he can only do 750 per cheek and i said ibwanted 1000 cc he claims i dont have alottw fat smdh would gaining weight really help
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Ladies it is done I have finally come to my day and my page is up!!!!!
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Yay can't wait to c ya results

I think i have about 8 wks left i can't wait...

I think i have about 8 wks left
i can't wait until i can say 4 wks left better yet 4 wks post op
sodasnphilly, upperdarby and sexylegs ladies I need all the juicy booty details and tell me how i should talk to this man so he can give me aggressive lipo and and nice round round butt.
I already know this is gonna be a 1 round thing for me! my son is only 2 but in good conscience i cannot put any more money in my body until his college fund is started and that is the truth!


Awesome... I'm a Gabby Girl... dec 3rd... Can't wait... GL
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So just got a message that gabby will be busy on...

So just got a message that gabby will be busy on the 18 now i gotta choose another date ugh!! ppl took off and everything for me already i am pissed i hope the 17th works for him if not i will be mad as hell no one wants to push this back!
7 wks left


Hey...i notice a lot of people are concerned w losing volume...that is going to happen no matte what doc u goto...alll i can say is that i had an incredibly flat butt...dr gabay gv me abt 1200cc in each cheek....i dont have a donk..i wanted more ot a shelf...but my ass is still sexy....he showed me the before pics and its a huge diff....i think some women are looking for big asses and i am going to be honest...i dont think thats his thing...i think he gvs u what u want...but what will also work w ure his lipo skills awesome he did a great job on m no complaints...i am waiting until my swelling goes down in a few months bc i may decide to go bk get more added to the top...right now its hard to tell bc im swollen....i didnt want a stripper booty...just something more pronounced and shapely and thats what i got...i will def keep posting pics at monthlyimonthly intervals so my progress is shown and people can decide for themself...but please remember no matter what doc u goto every1 has a diff body....i had no volume in my lower thats where he put most of the fat....i havent lost it yet..he did put some up top but like i said my ass was flat as hell..and i was not body looks tottaly difr...damn even my dad said how great i looked!...i was very square i have somewhat of an hourglass fig dont be discouraged by. loss or volume there is really nothing that can be done....i would ask for the max which is what i did....if i had to do it again..i would...i no longer hv a flat ass!!!
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Exactly! My body my choice my vote. We love Obama!!!!
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Only 4 wks left YAY!!!!

Only 4 wks left YAY!!!!


Did u get your labs done?
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Congrats on your journey girl
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Did the 17th work?
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Only 2 wks left I hope, for some reason i think...

only 2 wks left
I hope, for some reason i think my blood work won't be good
im 5'5 or 5'4 and i weigh 159
getting entire abdomen and flanks lipo suctioned- i told him don't touch my thighs i love them
I dont c many of the other gabay girls updates they urkn
i will update every month or so for like a year


Awwwww! Congrats! That's what i keep sayin i don't see any Philly women updating. I go see Gabay next week for consult.. I be lookin fwd to ur post honey!
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no ima go on wednesday

Its a GO bbl Monday Morning!!!!!!

Its a GO bbl Monday Morning!!!!!!


Praying ya procedure went well today! Rest up & take great care of yourself!
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Good luck today!!!! Keep us updated!
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Where r the gabay girls updates dammmmm Gina lol
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I am pleased my ass feel like a brick my shape...

i am pleased
my ass feel like a brick
my shape is on point
time heals all wounds and my stomach look gross
tired can't wait to feel like me pain with the percs is a 4
pics tomorrow morning


idk but my ass is big i wish it would stat this way but i know it won't i have a nice shape no more square
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@mnmll you are blessed love to already have some square girls need help....but Pretty make sure you keep your garment on and get a garment or shorts that raise the will many cc's did you get in each cheek? volume is completely gone....I don't want round 2..but I may have too....i spent way too much money to look the same way I did when i started...and to keep the cost down ..I have to hurry and decide...
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its look like a mountain on the low nd mnmll put some pics up plz
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I am swollen but feeling good my volume is super...

i am swollen but feeling good my volume is super right
projection so/so but thats only when i compare myself to the dons on this site lol
i am happy my shape is awesome i wanna wear every dress in the world now
i just really wanna sit on my buttt
and for all the women that go back to work like 2 wks later
MONSTERS yal are some BEAST !!! (thats a great thing)


You look good girl...hope all is well!!!
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CONGRATZ boo....I know u r so happy it's all over
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u look nice how many cc's did u get
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5days po (no pain only irritation like i worked...

5days po (no pain only irritation like i worked out real hard with the butt)
ok so now the depression is kicking in i feel uneven but i really can't see it with my eyes
i don't see any projection my shape is still nice
i just can't redo it and it pisses me off cuz i want projection but i need to remember how blessed i am during this holiday season even if i wanna pop dr gabay in his perfectly sculpted nose
my shape is forever better tho :/
lastly my appetite has remained the same i am hungry all the time but i have to be good and even lose a few pounds
i got my po wedesday


nice ASS ! lol :)
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Congrats, you look great.
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how many ccs did u get
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Lol @ "Like Karlie Redd" haha
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Do u still have on a garment
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all i have and all i wear is this whit wrap thing i got from him i go c him tomorrow ima ask him what he suggest about me buying a garment




i feel you just make sure you stress projection!
matter of fact only stress PROJECTION cuz he seem to drop the ball
got that'll make it sit up right?

This is what it is i would not recommend dr gabay...

this is what it is i would not recommend dr gabay
If You want a nicer ass with projection he is not the guy
my bay is better but slightly my ass was the main issue i didn't need lipo like that


I'm sorry u didn't get your results u hoped for I too live in Philadelphia idk why doctors here even do the bbl cuz non of them can there just taking money from us ,my sister. Went too him after I told her not too,there. No diff in her butt
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That's unfortunate I love my results still two years later
I love my too. He could've don't better on the lipo but I had a lot of fat. My ass looks right!!
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