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FIIRST BOTOX ISSUE, 2007: I had a couple...

FIIRST BOTOX ISSUE, 2007: I had a couple treatments that worked ok on the forehead - nothing but some bruising. My eyes were like deer in headlights unnatural from the injections around the crows feet, but I liked the smooth forehead.

Then the third treatment.. right before New Years.

Despite using the topical anesthetic they gave me, I noticed it was more painful going in the skin - intense pressure. Im not sure why or if it was the amount of diluent used. I even asked about pain meds because my head was throbbing already. When I got home I noticed a little more swelling than normal but when I woke up the next day, I looked like a neanderthal.

My protruding forehead - more on one side than the other was accompanied by the eyeld drooping over my left eye. I always had a thin face and my cheeks were puffed out so much you couldnt see any bones. For the next few days I couldnt go out in public.

The doctor told me someone else had a reaction that day , but his office staff later told me they never had any reactions that day and he later changed his story and told me he's never had a reaction with Botox like this and none from the same batch. It was fishy but I guess he was trying to cover himself because it certainly wasnt on the waiver I had to sign.

But that was the beginning.

When the swelling began to go down, I noticed deep dark bruises under my eyes and "trenches" i had never had there because of the puffed up cheeks. And to top it off, the Botox had tracked to one side of my face so I had one joker eyebrow that raised and the other lid drooped down over my eye. I wore glasses for a month to hide this.

3 months later there was still protrusion in the forehead and swelling under the eyes and in the cheeks, though the dark circles got light enough to cover the bags with makeup. 6 months later... Still trenches under the eyes I never had because the residual swelling in my cheeks have created this.

What little Botox effect is gone so I have all my old wrinkles plus the new ones and worse crows feet. I cant say it was the Botox for sure, or a reaction to something else in the diluent or the amount of it, or even where it got injected. I'll never know - he wiped his hands clean of it and couldve cared less. I just need to move on and I can tell you this hell has not been worth it.

My face was so much younger looking before.

Note Jan, 2010: This issue took 7-8 months to resolve with residual swelling in places sometimes years later.

Updated: Jan. 27, 2010


I fall into the category of 'if it can go wrong in .0001% of patients, that will be me.' As I was trying to get past my recent Juvederm disasters from August that deformed my mouth and cheeks, I decided to have Botox for frown lines done at Christmas time, 2009. Had the swelling issue (above) 3 years ago with Botox, but none 4 times since, after my switching doctor, so I wasn't concerned it was a risk. Well because I can't go back to the Botox doc because she really really messed up my lips, I tried a new guy. It's always a concern when you go to someone new, but since he's an oculoplastic surgeon, and my neighbor goes to him, I gave it the best chance I could.

What I first noticed when I got the injection, which was similar to the time I had my other Botox reaction, was that it really hurt. I tolerate pain well, and know what a Botox injection feels like, so this was my first red flag. I saw someone on this site had mentioned very painful shots as well when they had a reaction. May be nothing, but wanted to note it. When I left the office, I remember my left eye felt very stiff on the side and underneath the outer corner. Within 3 days I noticed to my horror bulgy rims of the lids under my eyes (see picture), and a noticeable hollow around my left eye (See other picture - I'm pointing to the hollow) and the worst dryness (in both eyes) you can imagine. I couldn't sleep at night because the throbbing eye pain was unbearable - I'd have to put pressure on my eyes to stop it. Eyes so heavy and sore when I woke up it was like I never slept. During the day, no throbbing, just dryness and bloodshot. So update on that: the pain/dryness went away after 3 weeks.

Other side effects included 2 black eyes (tear troughs), one freakishly smaller right eye of a different shape - though both eyes looked smaller and sunken in, in general. Within 2 weeks I also developed a second layer of what I will call "fat pad protrusions" (because that's exactly why I think they are), which are right above the tear trough, but directly below the "eyelid bulges." They scare me the most - never had anything like them.

My doctor says the amount injected, even if it all migrated to my eye muscle, couldnt have done this, but what else could it be really? Given the timing, and the similarity to others experience on here. I will chalk some of the eyelid swelling to edema, but I believe some of this reaction is due to muscle paralysis and I'm living proof that it can happen even if you don't get your crows feet injected. I only had 30 units total injections in frown lines, upper forehead (26), and 2 units each next to brows.

Update at 1.5 months: The black eyes have gotten better, the right eye is still weirdly smaller than the left and higher for sure, but the shapes have evened out. The under-eye bulges are still there, but going down a hair bit. The hollow feels a little less hollow when I touch it (more padded). Unfortunately, the fat pad herniations have not gotten any better, and this is what I'm most scared of being permanent. I will update in 2 more months. Good luck to all the women going through this, I'm sure we will eventually go back to our real eyes. But then we will see our real wrinkles and want to do this again. Vicious cycle. I'd love to know that this wasn't related to Botox, because I love the effects when it does work and nothing goes wrong. But when stuff goes wrong, it goes scarily wrong.

Name not provided

The jury is out on what the cause of this latest disaster is.

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No offense, but you certainly sound like you cannot tolerate pain well at all. Your body does not respond favorably to any injections it appears, yet you keep going back for more punishment. When will you realize that injections and most likely invasive plastic surgery is not for you. I can't imagine if a doctor actually cut your face with a scalplel...you'd look like a pumpkin for years. Your body obviously does not process trauma well at all and introducing trauma to it voluntarily is a complete powder keg. Live and learn...how many times will it take for you to learn?
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I am just crying...had this done for migraines...and I cannot see my eyes have drooped so much....how long sill tbis last?
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Where did you have the Botox injected? Any info will help us respond. I am sorry that you are having such a tough time.
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Sorry this took me so long...they were injected in my neck, down on my shoulders, my temples and forehead...
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Pls use other means to better fi,e lines n wrinkles trust me Botox etc. aggravates our main reasons of getting them done...if thy post my experience pls read n follow ....its a mistake
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I took botox thirty five units my dr suggested for my forehead after the first fifteen units wearing off which he had gvn between my brows for two vertical lines between my brows, it causes ripple effect in th surrounding areas ofcourse, i feel the fda must really do more research n add few risks mentionable n mandatory to b mentioned bcoz as of nw docs just tell us good abt it n claim tht th only con is tht u will nt like th reappeared lines once it wears off ....fact is tht no movement n freezing of th targeted muscles causes extra burden over th surrounding ones n yes it increases the lines drastically to what we wud hv had, had we never gone for botox by natural ageing ....nt just this my forehead skin since the last 35 units have worn off by the nov last year, has got now crushed paper like look all the time heavily wrinkled n my cheeks hav also got now added fine lines due to burden passed on to them, i m sharing this from India here just to warn new users to refrain n for general awareness ofcourse i Wu appreciate if anyone knws just how to get the natural prior to this skin elasticity back i m forty one and i look horrendously wrinkled in sun now n my droopy eyelids kp my brows up all th time ....m very depressed too cnt find a way but ofcourse always looked younger then my age but now look older than i am...
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Is there any update from either of you? I would love to know!
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8 months - no change.
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7 months no changes that are worth noting. Undereyes still horribly wrinkled. Tear troughs hollow as ever. Fat pad herniation on left is worse. Wrinkles in my forehead are back to top it off. F Botox. F the doctors that tell me "those issues aren't related to Botox." You all need to educate yourselves and stop towing the Allergan line. Its unethical how you refuse to see what is going on or warn patients.
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Happy 6 months to me. Staying in on a Friday night. No progress.
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Just wanted to repost this from another users profile: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/arnold-william-klein/botox-chapter-2-is-it-saf_b_448583.html People need to know about the COVER UPS by ALLERGAN and its physicians regarding the adverse events from this product. A lot of cash to be made at the expense of your faces. I'm sorry to say I havent seen much progess in 5 months. I'm not sure I ever will. I still look like a zombie. The only positive thing that's happened is my cheek ptosis has cleared up slightly because I havent seen as much "bunching" at the top of my cheek when I smile. Baby steps.
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Update @ 4 months: Trying facial exercises to help gain muscle strength again around eyes and in cheeks. Thanks to TBF all on here who are going through the same exact adverse experience, who have posted their progress and tips to help possibly help this situation. I can't say anything has changed at all in 4 months, but I am hopeful within the year. It's a long time to wait and hide. I would be happy to get rid of these glasses again, but for now that's the only thing getting me out in society. I've got a pretty distressing juvederm situation going on at the same time (see other post). After 9 months of waiting for that to resolve it's a double whammy to see no progress there either. I can't describe how much my appearanc has changed between the two issues in just a few short months of treatment (Aug Juve and Dec Botox). Hopeless.
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Hi J - update at Week 40. Ugh! I agree with you completely. Hopeless! It is unbelievable how much my appearance changed (and not for the better!) in the short space of time between April and July 2009 because of filler, hyaluronidase and botox. And despite the assurances that these products can be used with confidence because their effects are *always temporary* and do not cause permanent changes or permanent damages, I have to say after 40 weeks I am starting to wonder if that is true. I strongly suspect it isn't true. I am depressed and frightened all the time. I want to believe I will look like I used to but I don't know how that is going to happen now. I am sure you can understand my fear. I have definitely seen improvement and I am grateful for that but I want my old face and my old smile back, as I am sure you do too. Hang in there and keep us updated. Cheers, TBF (K)
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Hiya Happywith me - thanks for posting photos and also for making it clear that this is a new botox fiasco. I wish I had the courage to put photos up of my botox disaster. Mine is so awful that I think my result would put a lot of people off. 8 months later it is still awful! It is so hard to describe bad botox in words... I can relate to some of your pictures - I have the line thing like you do under my right eye but under my left eye is a million times worse - it is a huge puff which is more noticeable if I look upwards (ie it bulges out more). From a 3/4 view of my face, the puff under my eye is noticeable and when I smile or lift my face at all, my rising face catches the bottom of the eye bag and puffs it out more. It has gone down a bit over the past 8 months but it is still there. The skin under both eyes is now loose and wrinkled when it was tight and firm before botox. It is gross. Like you, I also have the 'creepy hollows' under the outer parts of both eyes. These are exposed tear troughs at the top of the cheek bone from dropped cheeks. Botox can ruin a smooth junction between the lower eyelids and cheeks - almost like having a REVERSE blepharoplasty and a REVERSE cheek lift. My eyes have always been different sizes - I think most people's are - but this also became more noticeable after botox and the shape of my left eye was changed by botox and it also became slightly crossed. The crossed eye has actually corrected itself now and the shape change has also fixed itself up a bit and does not looks so odd now. Keep us updated and know that it is much more noticeable to you than it is to anyone else. This was not really the case for me because it was months and months and months before people stopped asking me what was wrong with my eye! Fingers crossed that your botox wears off quickly. Cheers, K
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Please note - the date on this update was posted incorrectly for some reason.. it is January 2010 update. I got the injections in December of 2009. In addition, the first issue is unrelated - it is my first Botox disaster that happened 2 years ago. Different doctor. Different issue. This new review was posted as an "update". It's not an update, it's a new adverse effect from Botox.
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I'll have the developers look into this...thank you for alerting us

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You are describing the "botox chipmunk" (medically known as cheek ptosis) caused by overweakening of the eye muscle after crows feet injections. It really does look like swelling / swollen cheeks, doesn't it??!
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Thanks for your comments. I am also in Philly. I was afraid to try the botox...now I know I'm not going to do it! I did restylane and thought I was happy with that for my under eye hollows, but after 5 months, I can see more wrinkles then before and I have a huge bag under my right eye. I hear this stuff can last over a year if you get it under the eyes. I am starting to be turned off all together with these "fillers". Best of luck to you!
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