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Retin a Journey Diary

I started using retin a on 15th aug 2013.the...

i started using retin a on 15th aug 2013.the purpose i use it is to diminish my post acne marks aka post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.i'd try a lot of products but never works on me.i experienced this for almost 10 yrs.after doing some research about retin a i decided to try. i use 0.05% retin a cream (janssen brand).i will upload the photos week by week of my retin a.i use retin a everyday.i only skip one or 2 days(if im so tired and lazy).on the day,i apply olay intensive brightening serum,olay protective moisturizer cream spf 24,olay uv blocker spf 50,clinelle compact powder.on the night,i apply retin a only.i also apply olay night restoring moisturizer if i skip my retin a(when my skin flaking,red). but my experience on 3 weeks with retin a,my skin is only have minor flaking around my chin area. and here are my week 1-3 photos for my left and right cheek area.

4 weeks with retin a

hye guys! its a month now i use retin a. my skin feel so smooth when i wash my face with olay facial form. blackheads are less now.i will continue use retin a untill the dark marks completely gone.

week 4 improvement

here are my week 5!

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Wow. I definitely see a huge improvement. Good luck and keep us updated.
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It's been almost another month. Looking forward to an update! :)
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Thank you very much for posting such great pictures that really show the progress! It definitely looks like your hyperpigmentation is subsiding!

Where you using all of the Olay products before, or did you start those at the same time as the Retin-A?

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i used olay products about 2 weeks.i prefer to use olay because the main ingredient is niacinamide which is good for hyperpigmentation and no harmful effect like hydroquinone.i use retin a after i do some research about it.i only apply retin a on night without topping up with the moisturizer.so far niacinamide from olay product did not sting my skin and help to reduce a little flaky area.olay product on morning and retin a on night is a good combination.
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