66 Years in Need of Restoration - Mexico, MO

In the middle of the process right now, three...

In the middle of the process right now, three extractions, two implants and 22 crowns. I have ground my permanent teeth through the enamel over the last 60 years and it was time for some serious work to be done. I chose Dental Estetic in Peurto Vallarta. Melisa, my dentist is very conscientious and brought in an oral surgeon to do the extractions and implants. It was their opinion that they could not put the third implant in due to lack of enough bone before my sinus comes into play. I have had my temporary crowns for three days with no pain or infection, which makes for a better vacation. the zirconium crowns are being installed tomorrow which gives me five days for adjustments and anything that might come up. So far so good.


Thank you so much for starting your review!  There are so many ways that people get restorations nowadays.  Could you tell us a little more about the mechanics of what you're getting?  You're only getting two implants, and I assume there will be crowns on those.  Are the other twenty crowns going on extant teeth?  And will there be any bridges involved?

Congratulations, by the way!  The full-service care sounds nice :).
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66 Years in Need of Restoration

The zirconium crowns were installed yesterday. They look great. One tooth is a little high and that will be adjusted tomorrow.

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66 Years in Need of Restoration

23 crowns and a bridge are in place for a day now and things are pretty good. There is no sensitivity to hot or cold. The left side bite is good and that one tooth will be adjusted tomorrow. Also the implants (2) are doing fine with the stitches coming out tomorrow too. Dr Meneses is very conscientious and wants me to wait 5-6 months to complete the process so the bone is completely formed around the screw. I must say getting an implant seemed like volunteering for complete agony but Dr Meneses and the Oral Surgeon she brought in were excellent in pain management and the whole process was no worse than a filling, just a bit longer.
I do feel lucky that I chose Dr Menses she kept me from choosing too white a color, designed and adjusted my crowns to look natural and similar to my previous worn out teeth, and added height to the bottom and top teeth to put my closed jaw back where it was 40 years ago. One more thing, I can now bite something and it shears off. Previous to the crowns I essentially had molars for front teeth and taking a bite of a sandwich with lettuce in would result in me pulling the sandwich apart because the lettuce would come out as one piece. I know it is a little thing but it is the little things that add up.


Sounds brilliant!  And thank you for the clarifications.  It definitely makes sense that she wants to wait those months for the implants--that's what I read from most of our community members and the people I know as well.  I wish we could see a picture!
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66 Years in Need of Restoration

Last adjustment today and stitches removed. My bite closes evenly and both sides at the same time. I am completely satisfied and look forward to next January to finish the implants.


reply to "TwoPlusOne" I have gotten 23 zirconium crowns, one zirconium bridge (attached to adjacent crowns) and two implants which will have zirconium crowns when finished. The mechanics involved; repositioning one of my lower front teeth that was pushing the upper tooth out of place and bringing the upper tooth back to where it belongs, removing three remaining roots where I had crushed the permanent teeth, removing four old gold crowns and shaping the rest of my teeth to accept the new crowns. It took a little over three hours, Novocaine for pain and two sets of impressions.
Wow!  You ran the gauntlet!  So happy for you that you're getting all of this done, and such an incredible price!!!  Thank you for the clarifications :)

66 Years in Need of Restoration

Received before and after photos from my dentist


How much was that price??
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The dentistry will come in at $12,500.00 USD when the implants are finished in January. A bargain even if you add in the two trips and 18 days vacationing for two in PV, an additional $6,000, it doesn't come to half of what it would have cost stateside. I could have saved more on the accommodations and airfare but treated my wife to 1st class flights and a 4 star hotel.
Thank you for the photos!  What a big difference.  Your smile looks youthful now.  Once the implants are done…wow!!!
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66 Years in Need of Restoration

It's been a month and half since the dental work. I have been to my stateside dentist for the bi-annual cleaning, he took new x-rays of my teeth and implants. he had only positive comments on Melisa's work and a few suggestions for when I go back in January.


Great to hear that you got a good verdict from your stateside doctor!  Congratulations :).  Please don't forget to let us see the perms in January! :)
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Thanks I am going down to Juarze on Monday and looks like I need about the same amount of work that u got. After reading your comments I really wanted to go with your dentist. I emailed them and got no response but decided to go with Dr Moran at Nucleo Dental in Juarze I'm hoping I get just as good service as u did. Were u in any pain when they filed your teeth down. Three hours doesn't sound very long. Thanks for your help. Norm
Norm It is not surprising that you could not contact my dentist in PV. She just had a baby and is probably off for the next three months. I had to move up my appointment to accommodate the pending event. Melisa was very good a giving the shots and when she ran across a live nerve she would stop and ask if I wanted any additional Novocaine. the three hours also included the implants preparation and installation of the base screws.
Dr. Melisa Meneses

The receptionist and Dr both speak English so no communication problems what so ever. I was picked up at my hotel and returned for every visit and even taken to the pharmacy for prescription filling. I would call this full service and very easy. The restoration of my bite and front teeth on the impression of my original teeth by Dr Meneses has given me an extra week to get used to the new thickness of my crowns will have. I don't suppose this was necessary but I appreciate that she did this for me. I have a week to go and anticipate no surprises. I will complete this review in a week.

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