51 Year Old - Lower Face Lift and Upper Brow Lift, Lower Blepharoplsty, Vaser Chin/jowels, Fat Transfer, Vaser Inner Thighs- AU

Very excited to go undergo this procedure tomorrow...

Very excited to go undergo this procedure tomorrow 16/06/2014. I had a thread lift done 6 years and upper blepharoplasty 3 years ago. I have had regular botox injections for 10 years and started with fillers about 3 years ago. Very excited to see the result as I have been following other blogs on this site and the results are amazing. I will post photos in about a month starting with before surgery, during post-op recovery and at 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks.


Oooh, very exciting! Do you have your recovery supplies gathered? Here's a list. Please do keep us posted!
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S Lift (lower face mini lift) & Vaser to Lower ChIn & Jowls

The full procedures listed above in my post of 08th June 2014 did not all take place in one surgery as planned due to the discovery that I suffer from sleep apnea. My CS performed the S Lift/Mini Face Lift and did the Vaser to Lower Chin & Jowls. My CS Is happy to proceed with the rest of the procedures at a later date now that we know what we are dealing with. Apparently I gave them all quite a scare - if you are a heavy snorer PLEASE advise your PS. I went under twilight sedation and also due to wearing acrylic nails my oxygen read out was incorrect as the little peg that reads your oxygen levels was sending insufficient data - most PS would prefer us girls not to have our nails on during surgery as it can give false readings. I am 5 days post op - sorry I got the date wrong above - my op was 09th June 2014 and thrilled so far with the emerging results. I have 100% confidence in my CS and at no time was I in serious trouble - at no stage did my heart stop or slow - my vitals were all perfect - I just forgot to breathe - Surgery Is not to be taken lightly and I am also giving up smoking for good - not just for pre op and post op! IF YOU SMOKE - GIVE UP NOW!! Had my stitches removed today and now in post op surgical mask for the next 7 days to be worn every night and as much as possible during the day. I am returning to work on Tuesday 17th June 2014. I will post photos in the next week. Will book lower blepharoplasty, upper brow lift and fat transfer to face end August.

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Looking Great!

Very happy with progress. Still sleeping in facial support each night and wearing throughout day as much as possible. Well worth the cost.


WOW! I love your transformation and all the side pic comparisons week by week. It is so amazing! Have a great weekend.
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Thank you. I'm really pleased with the progress and looking forward to the next round of surgery.
I just had surgery also with the same doctor Tuesday 29th July was as yourself jowl lift and vaser lipo of chin/neck. Wednesday I then had upper belpharoplsty and full lipo vaser adominal lower/upper and flanks. Besides still looking at present from cat woman to moon face waiting for swelling to calm further down Report progress is good. Excellent Doctor and team, I wish you further happy recovery on your next path and look forward to your further reviews.
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Count Down to 2nd Procedure

Happy Birthday - 51 in 2 weeks. Lower Blaph and brow lift with vaser between thighs and fat injections - scheduled for 1st October 2014


Thanks for update,go t it. WOW Miss your gonna look HOT for your Birthday!!!!!!
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Thank you.
How is vaser different from smart-lipo or tumescent lipo? Curious? I will google it. lol

2nd Procedure - Thread Lift to Upper Brow, Lower Bleph, Fat Transfer from Inner Thighs (Vaser)

I am at day 5 and healing fairly well - not much bruising however a lot of swelling under eyes. Limited pain relief required. Have posted photos on daily update.


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Your comments are valid and it sounds like you have been disappointed. There is a difference between a PS who is passionate about their work and a PS who is passionate about the money.
Looking Good. Happy Healing&Happy Monday!
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Dr Glenn Murray

Dr M has performed a number of procedures over the past 10 years on me including liposuction, upper belpharoplsty, previous thread lift, botox and fillers. It think its very important that you find and stay with the same PS or CS as they get to know your skin and how it heals and how it reacts to procedures.

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