Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck - Perth, Australia

Hi everyone. First I'd like to say thanks to...

Hi everyone.
First I'd like to say thanks to everyone who's already posted on here. It's been so helpful reading everyone's experiences!
I thought I'd try and post to give an Australian experience as there doesn't seem to be too many people from here.
I'm a 39yo single mother of two (15, 13) about 80kg (yes, I have put on heaps of weight recently) and I'm about 5'5 tall.
My tummy is wrecked from my pregnancies, and I've been so embarrassed about it for all these years. My breasts are size 16F (although I suspect I might be bigger in different brands).
I considered having a BR about 20 years ago! Before marriage, before children... I think now is the time though.
I'm nervous as anything! And it's costing me a bomb. So I'm having doubts and questions and wondering whether I should really go through with this. Is it going to be worth it? Can I justify this kind of expense on myself?? I could take my kids to Europe for this amount!
Anyway, I'm having my surgery in five days and I'll try to write some more of my crazy thoughts over the next few days. If I'm feeling really brave I might even take some photos.
Would love to hear from other Aussies who've had this done! Am really worried that I'll forget something. I feel like I need to make lists, but I'm a bit scared to because then it's real! LOL
Thanks for reading :-) Hopefully will hear back from some of you with some tips.
Hello darl, I live in perth too. I am 6 days post op and doing great so far. This is a fantastic site. My review has some good tips that I've gathered from this site. You are worth it. Time to spend that money on you! I look forward to following your journey. Wishing you a smooth and speedy recovery.
Hi! So good to hear of someone else in perth. I have a confession - I already poured over your posts LOL They gave me heaps of tips. I'm starting to get nervous now. How are you feeling? Who was your surgeon? Which hospital? What's the most unexpected thing you've experienced? I have so many questions! Sorry! Hope you have a speedy recovery & I look forward to reading more of your journey :-)

It's great to hear from an Aussie! You might want to connect with this RealSelf member who is having her mommy makeover in a little more than a week in Australia. It's always great to have a virtual surgery buddy! Please keep us posted!


45 hours to go

I'm getting really nervous now! But it's almost as though it's not real yet. I kind of can't believe that I'm doing this yet.

I'm panicking about getting my kids organised. I'm a single mum so making sure they're taken care of for five days is a big deal.

I feel like there should be more I'm doing. Any suggestions? I've got my compression garments, I bought some laxatives in case, I will pack my bag tomorrow. I don't think I'll need much - just a nightie, a dress to wear home, slippers & toiletries. Does that sound right?

Raargh! So many weird things going through my head!
Hello, yeah the nerves set in as you get close. I was so scared. Now I'm feeling really good and so glad I gathered the courage. I am with Dr Tim Cooper and stayed at the Mount. The most unexpected thing I encountered was probably realising that I've done this in hayfever season and I suffer from hayfever! So I'm taking a telfast every morning regardless. Fingers crossed. It really hurts in the internal stitches when I sneeze. The other thing is that there is now way I could have been recovering so well without someone with me for this week and next week too. The good thing I didn't expect was very little pain and to only be taking panadol every 6 hours. I expected to be doped up and mumbling for a week! I've tried to stay really realistic and be aware that I'm going to look pretty beaten up for a while. The pics I posted today look awful but I know it gets worse before it gets better. Couldn't be worse than before. I've also lost about 4.5 kgs even though I'm still puffed up with fluid. Beware of hidden salt in some foods like natural yoghurt and soy milk. I learned that one the hard way. Now I read the label on everything. My nurse told me today that the scars are really sensitive to uv for quite a long time and even through bathers. She said to put sunscreen on them even under bathers or sheer fabric this summer. So I won't be flashing my tummy this summer as I had hoped. Hope you're feeling good and I look forward to following your journey too. x


That last heading should've been 33 hours to go! Now it's 25 hours. This time in 25 hours I will be arriving at the hospital. I'm not sure how long I'll have to wait for my surgery though, but given I'm there so early I don't think it will be long. They better drug me pretty soon though coz at that hour of the morning with no coffee (nil by mouth since midnight) it's not gonna be pretty! LOL
It might not be a good idea to wear a dress to wear home as you'll likely have to pull that over your head. It might be difficult to hide your drains too if you wear a dress. I wore yoga pants and a zip up jacket over my bra. I was able to hide my drain by placing it just under one of the pockets of my jacket.
My best wishes for a successful surgery and smooth recovery. Only a few hours now before it's your turn!
Hope you get some sleep tonight! Best wishes.

Day 3 - still not comfortable

Good morning! It's 6.30am in day 3 PO. I had my surgery on Friday and today is Monday. Thought I better give you an update.

The first night was horrid. I was so drugged up & they were checking my obs every hour so I got very little sleep. The next day I napped a little but had visitors and was still quite drugged up. Tubes were coming out of me everywhere and I couldn't really get out of bed. The surgeon wanted me to get out twice but I managed it (with the help of two nurses) only once and only about 2 meters to the chair LOL I was nearly sick and getting back into bed felt like I'd done a gym workout.
yesterday was much better. I had the catheter out and the rubes from my breaststroke. This meant I could more easily move around. So nice to be able to go to the loo by myself! LOL But remember this - go when you first feel the need. Don't wait! LOL
I felt much better yesterday with the fluid rubes out too and no more pain drugs at the push of a button. I did ask for a bit of pain relief yesterday afternoon but am mostly on panadol. They have me on antibiotics as well.
oh and I managed to have a shower last night. That was such bliss! It took about 50 minutes to finish though with the help of a lovely, patient nurse. I had to keep stopping coz I felt nauseas and she made me lay down at one stage because I suddenly went clammy. The brought me a fan into my room also because I was feeling quite warm with all these garments on.
So let's see what today holds! I'm hoping to get my tummy tubes out and be even more able to move around. Am definitely not standing up straight and still have pillows under my knees all the time. I'm surprised how sore my lower back is too but I guess that's from hunching over and being stuck in a bed.
Little things like brushing my hair and teeth and putting on moisturizer have made an amazing difference to the way I feel.
The bruising is not as bad as I expected but the nurse was a bit shocked at the sides. So he must've done lipo on the sides and in the middle. Just under the middle of my bust was quite tender and very black when the tape was taken off.
I'm a little surprised at how small my boobies look. I'm sure these will settle down and I'm assured they're still about a D cup but I guess coming from my huge nunga nungas, these look tiny. I'm loving my flat belly though. There's a bit of swelling at the bottom but that will settle down.
Hope this has helped a bit. I'll take some photos of the bruising when I get a chance.

on my phone

Hahahah sorry about the spelling and grammar errors in the last post!
Good on you! Can't wait to see your photos. Throwing up it terrible, poor love. x
The drains will be out before I go home. The surgeon won't let me home with drains in. I'm thankful for that! They really are horrid. I forgot to mention that one if the canisters got stuck under the bed yesterday and they replaced it but the tube must've still been cracked. So my room looked like the Texas chainsaw massacre with droplets of blood everywhere! LOL My dress buttons at the front so hopefully should be fairly easy to wear home. I imagine it's crushed to billyo though, still being in my suitcase! Oh well.
Thank you!

Not all going to plan...

Well here I am 6 days PO. Still in hospital. The surgeon is a perfectionist & I think he's worried that I'm going to ruin his perfect statistics LOL
I have one drain left and the volume & colour are too much for his liking. He sent me for a CT scan yesterday which showed a small amount of blood pooling in my abdomen. He decided it wasn't sufficient to take me back to theatre. Hopefully when he comes to see me in the morning he'll let me go home & hopefully I won't have any further complications.
I'm almost enjoying being spoilt in hospital now LOL Yesterday was a different story.
It's been a really good run for me. I'm only on panadol now . Yesterday my left hip was really sore. There's a large bruised area from the lipo but there was an extra red area that was burning. Today is less painful but still swollen.
Otherwise everything has been not too bad. Just don't sneeze or cough. Yeow!
Your surgeon sounds like a great and thorough guy. The longer you are waited on hand and foot the better you will recover in my opinion. Sounds like you are in good spirits and in really good hands. You will be so glad you did this for yourself.
Just saw him again and I still have the drain in and have to stay another day. My kids are starting to become rule breakers LOL I think I have him a bit worried LOL
Can't wait to see pics!

One More Night... sing it with me!

So the surgeon has been visiting me twice a day which makes me think he's worried I'm bucking his perfect record LOL
I need to keep the drain in for another day & after it comes out he still needs to keep me here for a while. My biggest concern is that I didn't fill in my menu for tomorrow! LOL
I haven't put before photos up, sorry everyone. I'm too embarrassed.
One more thing I should mention about being in is that the antibiotics have given me thrush. That's just nasty. And I only bought enough nanna knickers with me for 5 days so I'm asking the nurses to put them in the washing machine for me! But go the granny pants - they sit above the scar and bruising so I imagine are much more comfortable than a bikini that would sit on the scar.
Hi. I am from Sydney. Had my op in April. Would love to see your before pics. I know it's so hard to post any pic up but we all in the same boat and right now you looking amazing . I had TT and lipo to flanks as well as revision on breasts ... Little more tightening up :)
Thanks mybod. You look fantastic. Are you working out as well? I am considering putting my before pics up because I feel a bit guilty. I know how much others' have helped me so mine might help someone else. Will see how I feel when I get out of hospital & have a computer again.
Hi. I only do spinning and I returned 8 weeks po. My ps told me to wait 6 months po before going in abs. I still haven't started that and I am 7 months po. Still bit hesitant to work tummy as at times I do still feel tightness and reading forums some waited a year before working out hard

I'm driving again!

Hi everyone! Today is 12 days PO. I had a consultation with the surgeon yesterday. I think ordinarily I would have just seen a nurse to have the stitches removed, but because of my fluid issue the surgeon wanted to see me too. So he said all is going well, and I'm allowed to drive again as long as I take it easy. My kids were very happy to hear that! LOL I need to have an ultrasound-guided aspiration on my abdomen because of the fluid build up. The bit below my belly button looks like a waterbed at the moment. It's swollen and very obviously full of fluid. I should be having that done today then I go back to see the surgeon again next week. I think given the way it was in hospital I'll likely need another aspiration, but we'll wait and see.
Other than that, I'm absolutely loving my new boobs! They're not too tiny after all and I think they're starting to soften. I went over a speed bump yesterday and boy did I feel them bounce! LOL
The bruising is nice and yellow mostly. The stitches were no problem at all. I'm pretty happy with the way the scar is looking too at this early stage.
So far I think he's done a good job. I do like that he's a perfectionist and he did everything he could to avoid me bucking his perfect track record LOL
May I ask who your surgeon was? I have seen Dr Timothy Cooper, but I have been told Dr Cary Kailis is better, I am hoping for a breast reduction at the end of this year, so i still have some time to Dr shop (so to speak) I am finding it difficult to find any positive information on Dr Cooper and its made me nervous.
Hi Debbar, My surgeon was Anthony Williams in Subiaco. I can't rate him highly enough. His manner before surgery was very aloof and professional. However, I was not really concerned with what type of person he was - I wanted the best surgeon. He is an absolute perfectionist and I am absolutely thrilled with my new boobs. It's been 10 weeks now and every. single. day. I love my boobs. I'm amazed at how much more I can do and how good clothes look now. I know someone who had Dr Kailis a few years ago and doesn't have a good thing to say about him. In fact, I think the word she used was "butcher". She's had a few procedures done and she told me that nothing is ever perfect and to be happy if it doesn't turn out quite how I like. I have to say, the only issue I had was with my tummy tuck and getting a seroma. I think this has cause a little "pooch" (it's just not quite as flat as I'd like) and my surgeon is going to fix it up for me. The boobs I absolute adore! I thoroughly recommend Anthony Williams.
Hi I'm from Melbourne my surgery is booked in for 6th December. From what I'm hearing the pain hasn't been as bad as a Caesar ? I've had two and been on oxy norm even when I got home. But hearing people have been just on panadol makes me hopeful. I wonder if its standard to not go home with drains in oz?

I've been slack!

Hi beautiful ladies,
It's been ages since I updated my review. Sorry!

Today is Sunday and as of Friday (two days ago) it's been 10 weeks since I had my surgery. I am so happy that I had it done. It truly is life changing.

I'm not sure if I wrote about the seroma that I had. I went for ultrasound-guided aspirations three weeks in a row after hospital, but then fortunately I didn't have to have any more. I go back to the surgeon next week for a checkup.

I did take some more photos last week, but again, not sure if I should load them. I know I'm being selfish, but putting my body out there for the world to see is in a whole league of its own!

I have not got any of the silicone tape yet, but I did use some of the silicone gel. It's so gorgeous! Makes your skin feel like silk. The surgeon said to be massaging my scars as much as I can and at least three times a day. I've been pretty slack in this area too.

A lady at work had a lift a couple of years ago and she said that she kept the tape on for about three months. I have to say, I've been wearing the tape, particularly at night, since then. I was finding that even with the massage (with oil/cream/whatever) sometimes when I rolled over I felt like my scars were really tight and pulling. The tape has helped with that a lot. So when I see the surgeon next week I'll ask him if it's okay to be doing this.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Welcome to 2014 - onwards and upwards!
Thankyou for your review, I will also do some research on Anthony Williams, I have until the end of the year, I dont want to just run to who ever as this is going to be such a huge thing for me, we dont really get another chance at getting it right do we? I'm so pleased your happy with the results, I just hope I will be the same in the end :)
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