Boobs before kids

This was my biggest mental obstacle before...

This was my biggest mental obstacle before deciding to go ahead with breast implants, am I being selfish getting them done before I have babies? I'm 23 years old, and my partner and I don't plan on staring a family for at least another 4 or 5 years, but what if they prevent me from breast feeding in the future? I've never had big boobs and I only stared thinking about breast implants over the last year or so. I've got really into keeping fit and healthy, and working out regularly, however unfortunately while the rest of my body is looking better than ever, my breasts have suffered. While I lost 8kg so that I'm now at around 57kg (127 pounds) my boobs shrunk from an ok B cup, to just scrapping an A. I kept bringing it up to my boyfriend and in the end he said just do it! Who knows what's going to happen, it's still very likely I will able to breast feed, and after all we may not even have kids so I might as well live for now! The last push was when I received a promotion in March, making it financially possible. So I went for a few consults, settled on a surgeon, and I'm booked in for the 1st of August!! 3 weeks tomorrow :)


If you have children in the future and plan to breastfeed, get yourself to a good lactation consultant who has experience with helping women with implants nurse. It is difficult to say whether you will be able to nurse or not post-surgery, though realistically it can lower your odds. Only you can determine how important that outcome is. You can research what surgical techniques are more likely to encourage future breastfeeding. And discuss this point with your surgeon - make sure that he knows that nursing is not expendable to you. Good luck.
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Wow great advice thank you, I didn't know lactation experts existed! I have accepted the fact that by doing this I am reducing my chances of breast feeding in the future, how over I did make it very clear to my surgeon that it is important to me. The technique he is going to use gives me around a 90% chance of still being able to breast feed according to him.
Well, I second all your concerns! Been there, done that! I had implants when I was 19 - 14 years before I had my first child. The implants were removed and no revision. My nipples were not inverted. Two subsequent children years later and still no revision. I was never able to breast-feed. The problem is that some women just can't breast-feed. I dont know if my implants were to blame. I personally always thought it was the fault of the implants. My kids are no worse for the wear. They're all healthy and did not appear to suffer any ill result of not having breast milk. I can't lie and say I am not sad that I wasn't able to breast-feed. I do regret having implants before I had children. But The thing that bothers me the most about having implants so young is that I didn't realize that because of their lifespan I would likely need revision surgeries at least four more times in my lifetime. I'm not trying to talk you out of it. That's just my own personal story. I love my boobs and I hope that you'll love yours. I just got my first revision in 13 years and I'm bouncing off the walls. So I hope you'll be as happy.
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Surgery Scare

So I had a bit of a panic yesterday. One of my wisdom teeth (this is the second one) started coming through, and I woke up yesterday to a quite sore, swollen and hot side of my mouth. Oh no infection!!! So I called my dentist who got me in straight away. Luckily it's not the gum around the tooth that is effected, but the tooth rubbing against the side of my mouth has caused an ulcer. I told my dentist about my surgery which is less than 3 weeks away now and asked if I could have some antibiotics. He suggested that I try warm salty water for the next week as any antibiotics he gives me may have an impact on the effectiveness of any antibiotics I'm given after my surgery. So fingers crossed it clears up, I would be very disappointed if I had to push surgery back because of a bloody wisdom tooth!!


Good luck with everything. I believe that if you go under the muscle it gives you better chance of feeding. I come from the other end of the scale. I waited until I was 47 and after 3 kids! I seriously love having boobies now. I know that my boobs changed a lot during pregnancy. .but by the time that happens to you well it would probably be time to get them done again anyway lol. The only sound advice I would offer is perhaps be cautious with the size you choose. If you go too big before kids you may need a lift..with the yucky scars. So stay in a comfortable range where if your boobs stretch then they won't be damaged beyond repair. I kinda wish I did it early now I know what its like to have them. Kind regards Shelly xoxo
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Thanks Shelly! I think if I didn't do it now I would do what you have done and have my kids then possibly look at surgery, which probably wouldn't be until my late 30s. I'm going for 450cc so I'm going to be around a D cup. It's just one of those unknown situations where we may not even have kids (though I hope we do!) but I also don't know if I CAN have kids due to complications I had a few years ago. So I'm just biting the bullet! Though I think after what you have said I'm going to have a chat to my surgeon and see what he thinks about size and how it will be affected by pregnancy, because he did mention I may need a lift after pregnancy, but I might not either, it all just depends! But for now I'm just going to look forward to my new boobs and enjoy my body over the next few years :)
I'm glad you discussed this with him. Ask the specific name of the technique, then google it to see if women's ezperiences are matching your surgeons numbers. Does he do actual follow up with his patients to verify his numbers? Also, there's a difference between making some milk and breast feeding exclusively. The implants may or may not allow your milk ducts to expand fully and produce sufficient milk. One other thing you can do is find a local lactation consultant (google your zip code plus IBCLC) and ask her what her experience is in supporting mothers with this kind of surgery. I'm giving you all of these suggestions because it's both your choice and your responsibility toward future children. They're not easy decisions to weigh, I know. Weigh the hard evidence and the opinions of experts. Don't be swayed by single opinions, including those of mothers who nursed successfully after augmentation. Or mothers who say it's no big deal to formula feed. It is. Look for broad patterns, no exceptions. Good luck - I applaud your maturity in making this decision. I'm also considering augmentation, but am personally choosing to wait until I'm sure that my child bearing years are over. But my life is not yours. Take care.

Before Pics

Thought I best put some before pics up for you guys to check out! I want to say, I don't absolutely hate my boobs, but I don't love them either. I don't feel they are in proportion to the rest of my body, and even when they were a cup size bigger they never had a great shape.

You will notice they have a bit of a triangle/pointy shape to them, and the left is bigger and lower than the right. I do have slightly inverted nipples but I was a bit chilly (it's winter in Aus right now) when I took these photos so they came out to say hello! hehe


Hi, I just got mine 3 weeks ago. I cant say I had the same concerns myself, I was very sure I wanted them whether it would mean I had to bottle feed or not. But everyone I talked to about getting them said why don't you wait to after kids? I put this to thought, and decided after the 3 kids we want which we might not start having for a few years, I will want a revision anyway so i didnt see a reason to wait ten years to get what I want most to make me happy and confident. So, after knowing my answer and telling people this I found a whole lot of people who said they wished they wouldn't have waited! I love my new boobs and love not having to trade off anyhting I really want for kids! Hope you do to.
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I agree with you totally! It's such a personal thing, I would hate to resent my babies for making me wait for nice boobs, haha. But seriously, good on you, I do hope to still breast feed just to give my children the very best start possible, but I can't let something like breastfeeding make me put this off. Imagine if I didn't get them done and it turned out I couldn't breast feed anyway? So many variable to consider, I just went with what's best for me. I have been called selfish recently by someone I know, but I believe until you are a parent, you are always the most important person in your life :)
I kind of have the same worries as you. Not about breast feeding because I wouldn't plan on doing that anyway but is there any point doing it now when in 5 years time I could be back to square 1. I came to the conclusion that you never know what is going to happen. I may not have kids til I'm 40. I might not have them at all, either through choice or infertility. Who knows? All I know right now is I hate my chest and this is a solution! X
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Boobs on the Brain!

God the last first days have just been a blur of going over and over all the profiles and reviews on real self, I love all you beautiful girls but seriously enough is enough! I finally had a busy day at work today, which was awesome just to give my mind a rest from obsessing about boobs! I've completely booked myself up with work until the day before surgery just to keep me sane for the next 2 and a bit weeks. I'm sure plenty of you ladies out there can relate, it's just such a big thing in your life that you can't help but keep thinking about it.

I had the realisation last night that very soon I won't ever have to wear a padded bra again if I don't want to, I've never not worn a padded bra, even my bathers and sports bras are padded! Right now I'm not feeling nervous, just keen to get it done and start healing so I can start to see my new boobs!!


Oh my gosh your story is just like mine!!! Don't worry about feeling selfish you're doing this prior to having children, 4-5 years is a long ways away to enjoy your breasts and you will very likely still be able to breast feed. Don't beat yourself up love, do what will make you feel fantastic about yourself! I also was having some tooth trouble about 4 weeks before my surgery and I went to the dentist and found out I have two wisdom teeth coming in and he said I needed them removed! I told him about the breast augmentation (he blushed and was so awkward, he's been my dentist since I was like 5) and he said I could wait to have the wisdom teeth surgery until a couple months after by BA. I wasn't about to let anything stop me from this augmentation ahah! I was so scared when my teeth were bothering me though.. But whew! Unfortunately I've heard a couple women on here say that wisdom teeth surgery is more painful than the BA. What a fun summer I'm in for haha! Your breasts look great! You have a good amount of tissue which I think will help you yield a fantastic and natural result! What size do you want to be? Do you know if you want silicone or saline?
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Thanks! I actually just read your story this arvo! Your boobs are looking awesome. Are you at work today? How are you feeling? :) I had one wisdom tooth come up this time last year without too much trouble, but this one's giving me a bit of grief! Though luckily the ulcer is nearly gone so surgery is still on, and my dentist feels I can wait as long as I like before having them removed as they are not effecting the rest of my teeth, just depends if I can put up with them or not!! I'm really hoping for a natural result. I'm having silicone, that's all my surgeon uses and recommends. I spent the first couple of months after booking surgery stressing they were going to be too big, now I've just accepted hey will be what they will be and I just can't wait to get it done!!
I'm in the same boat myself- I have zero kids and I'm 27...Me and my boyfriend have discussed having children but both of us want to enjoy our 20's and get all of our toys paid off and plenty usage out of them(trucks, boat, boobs...etc LOL)! All of my friends that I've told are asking me why I'm not waiting until AFTER having babies and I'm like you guys...I want them now while my body is in great shape and I can go out and enjoy them (in a swimsuit)... Who knows when me and SO will eventually get married or start a family but I don't feel like waiting 5+years for it and regret that I didn't have my BA now~

Recovery Time?..

Hi Ladies, just wanted to check with all those post op out there, I've taken exactly 1 week of work and I'm wondering what chances I have of getting any study done during my time off? I realise the first few days will be shit and I'll probably do nothing, but am I being naïve in thinking I can squeeze in some study on the last couple of days? I work full time but study online and was happy to use this time to do some catch up!!


i'm on day 5 of my recovery and there would be no way i could study anything. i could barely remember if i had just drank water or not. i'm just starting to feel coherent enough to have a slightly normal conversation and even then, i'm so exhausted that i have to end it soon after to go back and lay down. i wouldn't count on being able to study if i were you.
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Oh you poor thing! Looks like I'm going to be having a few late nights before surgery to get my study done.
That's the only thing that's holding me back too. I have one daughter but I don't want to have anymore right now but that's not to say we won't try for one more in the future so I'm not to worried about not being able to bfeed, but if they stretch and get bigger how would they look? I don't care about stretch marks luckily didn't get any. But ya it's hard to decide .
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2 Weeks!

Two weeks today until 'D-Day' (or more likely DD-Day)! That's my boyfriends and my code name for the day as none of our friends know I'm having surgery. I know none of them will care and they'll all be happy for me, but I seriously just can't wait to mess with them. Especially my boyfriends male friends who I'm also quite close to, I wonder which one will get up the guts to ask me first if I've had a boob job! Hehe, going to be fun.

So the days are going slow. I mentioned early that I've made myself super busy at work to make it go faster, but it's not working. Instead I'm just really distracted and not doing the best job I should be (I work by myself). I wish I could just sleep for he next 2 weeks!! Anyway first world problems.

I think I'm pretty much organised. It's a bit different in Australia, my Surgeon told me exactly what post surgery bra to get and where to get it. I've been told that I must absolutely wear this for 8 weeks after the procedure, 24 hours a day. Awesome :/ But then again what's 8 weeks when I'm paying 12k and may possibly have these boobs for the rest of my life?
I take zinc, vit c and magnesium along with a multi on a regular basis so I think I can pretty much keep that the same. I've bought a few new loose fitting tops for after, as well as 2 pairs of button up pj's. Straws. Tick. Warm socks. Tick. Boyfriends got 4 days off. Tick. (the most important thing in my book)!
I pick up all my medication from the hospital on the day, so that's also covered.

Anyhoo, haven't really got much else to tell, these next 2 weeks better hurry up!!!


just a reminder, because i take a lot of vitamins and had to stop my regular multivitamin because it had vitamin e in it, which is a blood thinner. so try to find one that doesn't have any in it. best of luck!
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Thanks. The level of vitamin E found in most multis usually isn't enough to actually thin the blood, but I will stop taking it anyway just in case
I took a b complex, vitamin c, & zinc instead of my usual dozens of supplements just to keep my immune system strong.

Finding excuses..

So my surgery is getting closer, but now I'm finding it difficult because people are trying to make plans on or around the time of my surgery and I don't know how to say no because I don't really want to tell people about my surgery until after it's done! One girl friend wants me to do a fun run 3 days after, we usually do these things together so it's a hard one to say no to without giving her a real reason. My boyfriends brother is itching to teach me how to ride a dirt bike like I've been asking for years, and of course he's all of a sudden decided the weekend after my surgery is perfect timing for him! Arhh!! So far I've managed to evade people with work and "oh I'm going to be out of town", but now that the date's within sight I just feel like I'm telling lie after lie. Hopefully people will understand why I'm being such a snobby bitch once they realise why. And I can't help it, I just have this thing about not wanting to tell anyone before it's done, I think I just don't want to hear any negative comments or reactions right before going under. So far I'm managing to keep most people of my case by telling them I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed (which no one questions because they've just come through) but I still feel bad about not telling the truth to some people. How do you guys handle these situations?


Hi Athletic, we both have the same surgery dates! I haven’t told many people either about my upcoming surgery, just those that are close to me. After my surgery if people notice and inquire I’ll tell them the truth, but I’m not going around announcing it to the world beforehand. I’m lucky in that I have that time off anyways, so no one will wonder why I took a couple weeks off!
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Yay a surgery buddy! I'm pretty much the same! The only people who know are my boyfriend, my sister and my hairdresser (she recommended the surgeon), but I'm happy to tell people after it's done. We are both in the same boat, I'm also trying to get a heap of study done before surgery, but it's so hard because I keep getting distracted by boob stuff, haha.
I haven't kept it a secret from anyone! I could care less what they think or what they say to change my mind They all have known since back in April but I don't know if anyone other than mom sister and the guys my husband works with know when the actual husband I think is just as excited as I am. His side of the family we haven't said a lot too, we really only see his dad about twice a year, his mom I havent seen in a few years...his oldest sister I see pretty regularly, we actually spent last weekend with her. We live 3 hours away from the nearest family member which my mom, sister and his sister all live near each other. My kids know, they are 10 & 12 so they will be helpful. My husband will be on third shift, he is taking the day off of my surgery which is a Thursday but he will have to go in that night. I should be OK thru the night without him...especially with my kids at home, my son the 12 year old is really helpful. They both did good at taking care of me during my tonsillectomy last month. I know i went way off subject with my babbling...haha especially since I can't remember where I was going with it all! Good luck! Mine is a week after!
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More before pics..

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Exercise motivation, where are you?!

So I'm generally a pretty fit and healthy person, I eat well most of the time and like to work out at least 4 times a week. Last month knowing my surgery was coming up I went nuts and trained every day that month except for one! But this month I've just lost it!!! In the back of my mind I'm like what's the point in sweating my ass off for a good hour everyday if I'm about to have two months off anyway. And now I'm panicking a bit because I will be having more like 3 months off!! I already feel like I don't look as good, and my Surgeon has banned me from any upper body training in the week before my BA, and no exercise at all for the 2 days before. What have I done!!? My surgery's nearly here and I'm going into it feeling like a fat lazy bum :( I know I'm going to smash myself to get in the best shape ever after surgery, but right now I'm just so disappointed with myself.. I'm also a bit sad that I haven't made the most of doing push ups, i loooove doing push ups and I might not be able to do them anymore of the BA. I've never had more than a week off here and there from training so I'm not sure how I will bounce back. My boyfriend reckons it will never be as hard as the first time you try and get fit because of 'muscle memory'. How did you ladies go getting your fitness back, both strength and cardio??

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Types of boobs

On a happier note, being on this site has made me realise that I don't actually have a particular taste in boobs. I've seen so many different sizes and shapes on here and I like lots of different types!! This has made me much more confident going into my BA because I'm pretty sure I'm going to love them whatever the end up looking like!!


My surgery date is 5 days after you..good luck and keep us updated!:)
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Awesome! I'm finding the closer the date gets the quicker the days go! Good luck :)
Athletic- you will be able to speak of your new self in due time. It's like getting braces off. It takes time to develop the confidence. I only told two people and kept everyone else in the dark. There are haters out there and you need positivity. You are bettering yourself. Please remember that. You will look amazing and gain a new self confidence. Ever need to talk we are here for you. We have been there and gone through this :) an believe me... Its worth it!
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1 weeeek!

This time next week I'll be getting boobies!!! Man I'm excited :)

I went to my last boxercise class last night, a bit sad because I know I won't be going back for a couple of months. I wish I could train right up to my surgery to feel better going into it but my surgeon said I have quite developed pecks so he wants to let them rest in the lead up to surgery day. I did mention to my trainer that I'm having surgery and can't train upper body for a while, and he said he's happy for me to come down to the gym when ever I think and use it for free until I'm back to joining in the classes again, scores! I think I'll most probably just make use of the bike, but it's so good to be able to get out of the house and work out, I get too distracted at home.

On a different note, I had a massive month at work last month and made a heap of bonuses, which means yay new clothes and bras after surgery and I don't have to worry about the cost which is really nice!!


u boobs like JUST like mine did before my ba. what size and profile are you going w? i didnt see it above? ur almost there!
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Wow our old boobs are really similar! My surgeon said mine are very slightly tubular and I have puffy mildly inverted nipples so I'm looking forward to finally having good shaped boobs!! There's even a chance my nipples may change after implants, fingers crossed. I actually don't know what profile I am! It sounds really bad but my surgeon preferred not to discuss cc's and profiles, he asked me to describe what I wanted and show him some pictures that I like, and then he recommended everything for me. He did my hairdresses boobs and did the same thing for her, and I absolutely looove here boobs so I trust him completely. I just checked out your profile, yours are looking great! :)
I do know the size though! 450cc right, 425cc left

Surgery Time!

I just called the hospital because I'm impatient and don't want to wait until the day before surgery, and found out that my surgery is booked for 7am, first patient of the day! Hopefully this won't change, the earlier the better!!!

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Feeling drained :/

So it's 3 days until my BA and I'm just so exhausted. Today is my 8th straight day of work, I've had no choice due to a few big things that have been going on with my company. I'm really annoyed because this weekend was my chance to get the house all clean and finish off any last minute jobs. And to make matters more stressful I'm baby sitting the inlaws dog (asked me at the last miniute, grrr!) and when combined with my dog in a small house the become a fu*%ing tornado!! They said they plan on being back by Wednesday or Thursday. My BA is Thursday morning, I told my boyfriend to tell them if they're not back by Wednesday shits going down!! haha, I'm really just in no place to be messed with at the moment. So to sum up, I'm tied, stressed and my house is a mess which is dampening the excitement leading up to my surgery which is really pissing me off, hopefully by Wednesday night i'll be too excited to care. On a positive note, I went and saw my hair dresser last week (we have the same surgeon) and she gave me a flash of her boobs ;) She's nearly 12 months post op and they are just perfect! I'm feeling very confident that my surgeons going to give me what I want.


Good luck with your surgery tomorrow, hope you have a good nights rest, you must be so excited :)
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I know exactly what you mean when people are trying to make plans with you and they don't know about your surgery. My inlaws just told me they are coming to visit the end of Aug one week after my surgery along with my brother in law! lol. Should be fun and interesting... Anyway, good luck to you!!
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Argh it's so hard isn't it!! My really good friends are going away for a month next week so want to catch up this Saturday, 2 days after surgery!! We've said yes for now and then on the day my boyfriend's just going to go and say I'm sick. They'll know the real reason when they get back :)

1 more sleep!

Thank god! Today I'm pretty sure I came to the point of having a nervous breakdown, between work (I work in sales so the last day of the month is go go go!!) dealing with 2 naughty dogs, a boyfriend who just seems determined to pick a fight today, the in laws and trying to clean a house in between all of that, it's a miracle I haven't killed anybody. I am beyond ready for this to be done so it's one less thing to worry about, hopefully come tomorrow I'll actually be feeling excited.

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Bloody pj's

Oh yeah, and do you think I could find any bloody button up pyjamas in my freaking size!?! Of coarse not, button up pyjamas are not in fashion this winter, apparently. You're probably wondering why I didn't do this earlier, it's because I haven't had a day off in over 11 days and just haven't had time. Ok rant over..


Thanks :) I'm actually pretty stressed due to other life 'challenges' so not feeling the excitement right now, just want it done. Wish I hadn't said no to the sleeping tablets now!

Before pics clothed


I'm excited to follow your progress since I feel like we are similar in our "befores". Have you decided on size/profile/type yet?? What do you hope to be after surgery?
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Morphine is awesome!

Morphine is awesome!


Please give us an update! :D
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updating now!! :)
Hey sweetie, how did your surgery go? :) xxoxoxoxo Hope everything is well
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Thank goodness I'm on the other side!

So I guess I'll start from the night before. I had a terrible night! To start with I received my bill from the hospital which was $1000 more than I was quoted, but couldn't do anything about it until the next day. My time was also changed from 7am to arriving at 8.30am with no actual locked in time for surgery. I was already pretty tense from the day and was seriously regretting not saying yes to my anaesthetist when he offered me a relaxant for the night before. So went to bed at about midnight and just dozed on and off.

Yay 6am time to get up! Had a shower in the lovely chlorhexadine hospital grade wash then pottered around a bit making the bed, tidying up and just making sure everything was nice to come home to. Said goodbye to my puppy dog and left the house at 7.30.

Got to the hospital pretty much on time, they 'checked' me in and the we sorted out my bill. Turns out they were charging me to stay over night when I only chose to be a day patient. Lucky I checked.

So my BF heads to the café to do some work while I get stuck into my book. We were told I wasn't being taken in until 11am but then at 10am someone comes in and says time to take you in! Ahh hell no I'm not going anywhere until I kiss my boyfriend. So after a bit of a tantrum and tears someone finally went and found him for me so I could say cya soon, which I don't think is too much to ask.

Next I was parked in a holding bay, and left there for nearly an hour which really pissed me off! Next the anaesthetist came out just to reconfirm some details and in I went. While being pushed to the OR all these sirens started going of and a lady (a nurse I think) came running out and yells "we need help in here now!", There were people running all over the place. Oh my god that terrified me, I hope the person in there was ok in the end.

So by the time we got to the OR I was balling because of what just happened and I was already emotional from earlier. I was really pissed at my surgeon because I had no phone call leading up to surgery, nor did he bother to come see me before going into the OR, and I didn't see him after my surgery either! Very very unhappy and disappointed with his service and bedside manner. Good thing I only wanted him for what his hands can do! haha. So yeh anyway all the other staff were lovely. They gave me a fresh warm blanket, made sure I was comfortable and just chatted to me about life in general. I had the anaesthetic needle to numb where the IV would be inserted (bonus because I didn't ask for that!) and then the IV. He said I'd start to feel sleepy now and should start counting back from 10, um I didn't even make 10, lol!

And then I'm awake again! Oh my god the pain!! I know what nurses are like they always started with the lowest painkiller and work their way up, but I also work in the medicines industry so I cried blue bloody murder and within 15 minutes I was given a morphine injection, hehe. By the way I have no memory of that post from yesterday saying I love morphine, it also looks as though I had a bit of fun of facebook, whoops!

So when I woke up I was in a different room then planned, and of course nobody bothered to call my boyfriend! One nurse reckoned she did but it went to voicemail, so in the end I called him to tell him to come find me. I'd been gone for 3.5 hours and the poor thing was pretty worried. And he said he hadn't had any calls at all!! More tears when he arrived nearly 45 minutes after I woke up because it took that long for him to get directions!

So by this time it's nearly 3pm, not feeling much pain because of the drugs just a tightness and pressure. So the hospital I was at doesn't allow you to leave for 4 hours after surgery, and they add another hour for strong painkillers like morphine. I was able to nibble a bit of banana bread at about 5pm and then did a wee! I was so excited because that means I get to go home! So at 5.30 my nurse signed the discharge papers and I was allowed to get dressed and leave and I was given all my medication to take home. :) I've got Endone (oxycodone) for the most severe pain, panadeine forte (codeine and paracetamol), celebrex an anti inflammatory which ill start using in a few days and some anti nausea tablets.

I'd so far only had a look at my boobs laying down (I had nothing on after surgery) so I got to have a look at the in the mirror standing up, so far so good! My poor BF helped me get dressed, he's so terrified of hurting me. When we put the surgical bra on I was worried he might pass out lol! After a very long slow walk we got back to the car and headed home. The drive home was shorter than the morning but still bumpy and painful!

I tried eating some yogurt when I got home but unfortunately that came back up. We watched a bit of a movie propped up in the recliner, then my BF moved me to bed and propped me up with some cushions. He gave me some more pain killers and then I slept all the way to 4am! My boyfriend helped me go to the loo, gave me more drugs and a drink then I went back to bed until 6am.

OMG morning boob sucks, you girls weren't freaking kidding!!!!! But I got up and walked around the house a bit and it did ease. I'm so glad I had all the advice from all you lovely girls on here so I had some idea of what to expect, it makes such a difference. My BF's just making me some chicken and rice for lunch, hopefully I can keep that down because I haven't really eaten in 2 days now. He's been so amazing, I would be absolutely screwed without him he does everything for me, but is also very caring and patient. I'm a lucky girl.

Anyway that's me all up to date, speak to you all again soon! xxxx


Great update! Sorry the hospital part of the experience was so upsetting. But it's nice on this side of boobs! I found that taking a shower first thing in the morning really helped the morning boob ease up. Happy healing!
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I know what a day it was yesterday! But it's really nice to be home, I think ill have a shower tomorrow morning if you say that helps, I couldn't believe how uncomfortable morning boob is!!
Wow. What a stressful event for you. At least you have some good painkillers. The Vicodin I had did nothing for me. What a nice bf you have. Hope you feel better soon.
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New pics

So far I'm liking the size. They're further apart than I wanted but I know it's way to early to worry about anything like that at this stage, so I'm going to do my best and be patient and enjoy the healing process. Yay I have decent size boobs! I'm hoping as they drop they are going to look bigger and fuller like a lot of the other girls I've seen on this site :)


Looking good. Don't worry about them being far apart. As the weeks go by & they start to soften, they will be able to be close together. I'm at 3 weeks and they are just starting to fall together when I lay on my side.
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That's such a relief to hear that, even though I should know better thanks to this site about worry about things at this point after surgery, my worst nightmare was for them to be too far apart! So thank you, I can rest easy for a while now :) xx So glad you're are getting even nicer and softer!
Hey girl...glad you got through it all...even though it sounded a bit tough. You look great and good size for your will be very happy. ..take care and don't do too much...hugs Shelly xoxo
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Day 2

So today has pretty much been a day in bed. Woke up balling my eyes out at 5am, damn morning boob to hell!! And of course crying just makes the pain worse. My BF got me my 2 endone and 2 panadol, I went for a wander around for about 10 to ease the tightness then went back to bed. I was a bit naughty and got him to take my bra off for a bit, I just really needed a break from the pressure! It's more my back and shoulders that it hurts, but no pain no gain right!

So I napped for a few more hours. At 7.30 my boyfriend (screw this his name's Sam!), ok, so Sam woke me up to put the dreaded bra back on before going to the gym. When he came home he cooked me a sausage because that's what I felt like, I ate the whole thing and kept it down yay! Last night I had a small steak for dinner and it came straight back up :(

Had a bit of a giggle earlier, got up for a walk before and saw Sam washing the dog in the bath. On my lap back to the bedroom he yells not so fast missy your next! haha, now I know how the dog feels.

I think yesterday I over did it a bit, I went for a 15 min walk across the road and around the park with Sam and the dog, and last night we went to the video store. I Nearly passed out when I was there. And I keep trying to do things by myself like turn taps on and reach things then Sam busts me. I also didn't sleep much yesterday because of the excitement so I'm catching up on that today. Lesson learnt, when people tell you to take it easy and don't over do it, just listen!!

So today my boobs feel tighter and sorer than yesterday, I have sensation in my left nipple but my right is still numb, and I've just started noticing pain near the incisions. I don't think having the bra sitting right on the incisions helps either. I've just started using bio oil on the top of my boobs to prevent scarring.

Hope everyone's recovering well and good luck to all those lovely ladies with up coming surgeries! xx


What a headache you went through the day of your BA. So happy for you everything turned out. Your girls look amazing!!! My BA is August 9th. How does morning boob feel? I've seen it mentioned on reviews.
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Thank you! I don't think they look good yet but I can see where they're headed. Wow the 9th isn't far now!! Morning boob SUCKS! Worse than I expected. Last night I set my alarm to take my painkillers during the night, and I also had a shower first thing this morning as recommended by one of the girls on here and it made a world of difference. I think morning boob is just when you feel sooo tight and it's like the implants have ridden up during the night, along with the pain you're feeling from surgery. My backs also giving me a lot from sleeping up right, but keeping on top of it with painkillers certainly helps! Good luck :)
Yah the first few days are rough but it's so rewarding:) I'm a stomach sleeper , sleeping upright is going to be fun. LOL... I'll definitely make sure to take my meds on time. Thanks for all of your updates... much appreciated:)


Yay, as soon as I woke up this morning Sam whipped me out of bed before I even had time to think about morning boob and put me in the shower. Got my hair washed complete with a head massage.. soooo good. I usually wash my hair at least every second day, it's only been 4 days but still it's good to feel clean! I was then treated to a 20 minute blow dry :)

Still haven't been to the toilet :/ I took 4 coloxyl with senna last night, it's a laxative combined with a stool softener, when I worked in pharmacy this is what all the oldies take when they're on a lot of medications, in my professional experience it always works well but just not for me! Will try again tonight, hope it works because I'm currently looking about 6 months pregnant. I haven't actually eaten that much since surgery, but the bloating is really starting to cut into the tape under my boobs so I'm really keen to get some relief. Did any of you girls get desperate enough to use an enema? I really don't want to, but a few more days and I think I'll have to..


You are looking fabulous sweetheart xo
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thanks I needed that x
             looking good
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6 days post op

Hey guys,

So I've been feeling pretty average the last few days. Sam went back to work on Monday and I feel like I've been sleeping my life away. I literally slept nearly all of yesterday and the day before which is weird because I wasn't that tied in the days straight after surgery.

The pain in general hasn't been too bad, though I do feel as though they are as tight as the day I had surgery, but I've been getting this sharp burning pain under my left boob near the incision sight when I move and it KILLS! I hate it because it means I'm just laying around all day too scared to move. I called the nurse and she said it may be one of my stitches catching a nerve. My post op is in two more days so hopefully we can do something about it then, and I also can't wait to get all this tape off!!

I'm pretty much off all the pain killers I just take 1 oxynorm when I go to bed to help me sleep. Morning boob's not too bad just really tight.

Feeling a bit nauseous today, not sure why that is. I think the boobs are looking pretty good, not much change really, hope they start to drop soon.

I think that's pretty much all that's been happening, it's my last day off tomorrow then back to work on Friday, I really don't want to go back to work yet, can't be bothered dealing with people at the moment! I've got a friend coming to visit tomorrow so hopefully that will cheer me up.

Hope you are all well :)


Sam is a top bloke! :) you know I have to confess, when I saw your before pics I thought 'if I had those I'd be a happy camper' and I definitely didn't think you looked like a guy! But now I've seen your afters, well I think they look fantastic. :) Congrats on your surgery and happy healing. Please send Sam across the globe to wash our Pointer :)
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Thanks hun, that makes me feel a lot better! I didn't mind my boobs before it's just that they didn't fit the rest of my body. I'll let Sam know :)
I hope you are able to get some energy and spunk back soon. (At least you don't have any kids to take care of!) I'm sure having a friend to visit will do the trick! Have you ventured outside at all? Taking a short walk might do you some good. Hang in there!
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Last Day Off - thanks for the pep ups lovely ladies!

I gotta say logging on this morning and seeing all the nice comments cheering me on after a bad day yesterday really does make you feel just SO much better, so thank you ladies. You're all like my little boobie angels keeping me going :)

So I'm feeling a bit better about myself today after achieving a few goals. I did the dishes, made the bed and for once dressed in something other than pj's. This morning I did a bit of study and finished an assignment then my Mum and Sister dropped in for a visit. I haven't seen my mum in years so that was interesting, but it was great to see them as the live 4 hours away and just happened to be in the city.

After they left I started unpacking some boxes of work stuff, I did that for about 10 minutes and then my boobs starting feeling tight so I've stopped. But all in all I'm pretty happy with what I managed to achieve today, it's like in a day I've gone from pain and fatigue to feeling pretty good. I still feel like I'm short of breath ALL of the time which is annoying, and I feel weak not being able to lift things but I'm happy with this progress so far.

Now I'm just having a cup of tea and doing a bit more study while the motivations there, waiting for my friend who is coming to visit later today. She is bringing me a 'boobie' cake as apparently they don't make cards that say 'congratulations on your new boobs'. Lol

I'm not putting up any pics as they are pretty much they same just less swollen. Come on a week since surgery time to start dropping and looking good!! Please!

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Post op appointment

So today was my first post op appointment as well as my first 'official' day back at work. Appointment was at 9am and my wonderful hairdresser drove me as she didn't want me driving.

We go into the room, I get my kit off and everyone including the nurse, surgeon and my hairdresser thought they just looked amazing! This is so reassuring as I've been feeling on and off about how they look at the moment. My hairdresser said mine look a million times better than hers did at this point, which is awesome, because her boobs are awesome! The surgeon assured me that yes once they drop they will get bigger and look closer together, however as my natural breasts do have a gap between them I should expect some kind of gap. He also said that by continuing to wear my compression bra that will help to bring them together.

Next off came all the horrible tape and dressing! The stitches are dissolvable, they just had to trim the ends off. They got me a mirror so I could look at incision sights. OMG they are freaking amazing!! Perfectly positioned and already the lines are barely noticeable. My surgeon my not be a people person but he sure knows how to do his job.

I was told to start massaging them to soften them, nothing specific just be gentle and do whatever I feel comfortable with. Because my nipples have been 'out' since surgery the nurse suggested a nipple cream to sooth them, and reassured me about my right nipple which is still numb, it can take months to come back, though the left one is EXTREMEMLY sensitive at the moment!

Umm think that's about it.. no exercising yet only walking, no heavy housework, try and keep driving to a minimum etc.. all the usual. Just do what I feel comfortable with. Rebooked for 6 weeks time and I was done!

When I got home I was so pumped I got stuck right into some admin work, and got the added surprise of a pay rise that I requested before surgery, yay!!

Right now I'm feeling pretty tight and sore so going to call it a day and enjoy my weekend off, I will upload some pics when I can be bothered :)

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New Pics


Yours look great!! Nothing like mine :( I woke up after 3 days of constipation and went to the toilet... it felt like heaven!!
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Yours look awesome! I remember looking at your review the other night. I know being constipated sucks! Just makes me tied, cranky and uncomfortable, so much easier to recover when you get past that hurdle. I think you need to stop worry, your boobies look great and they're just going to keep getting better :)
I hope my results are as good as yours, looking great
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Last night was the first night I was able to lay down flat, heaven! I slept on my back all night which I don't think I've ever done before but I have a new appreciation for it.

I had a really nice moment yesterday I want to share with you. I was just sitting on the lounge watching TV and my boyfriend came home. He told me later that night when he saw me sitting there in my PJ's all curled up with my boobies on show, I looked complete, and that he feels like I've always had them and im supposed to have them. That made me feel the best I've felt since surgery, and I knew id made the right decision.


They look amazing!! Very nice :-) Maybe I should of went to Australia to have PS.. :-)
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haha thanks. They still don't feel like mine yet, just trying to be patient waiting for them to drop and soften..
Wow they look amazing! I have to say what your boyfriend said is the cutest thing :)
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2 Weeks Post Op

Wow how time flies when you can stop obsessing over an up coming surgery.. lol. This week has been pretty full on, it's my first proper week back at work and by the end of every day I'm just exhausted. I have to drive a lot for my job, but by lunch time I usually start getting quite sore and tight so I head home and work from there for the rest of the afternoon. I have the same ups and downs as everyone else I'm sure, some days I feel great and have a lot of movement, on others days such as today just sitting at my desk typing is uncomfortable. My back is also killing me, the first night I was able to sleep flat on my back was great, but since then I've barely been able to sleep and I'm just never comfortable, I miss sleeping on my belly so much!!! I'm taking sleeping tablets at the moment just to give myself a chance to get some sleep.

The boobs are getting along pretty good, still very tight and high but I guess it's only been two weeks so I can't expect too much. The only thing that's bothering me is they don't have any movement yet, if I try and squish them together nothing happens, they are so stiff and hard they just stay where they are. I'm hoping this will get better as they soften. My skin and nipples have also been incredibly dry, and very sore to touch almost like I'm sunburnt. I use Bio oil twice a day and massage at the same time and I'm finding this helps a lot. My right nipple is still numb, hope it comes back soon it's so weird!!

One thing that surprised me is that I can't stand to go without my surgery bra! I hated the thing at first, but now that the swellings gone down and I'm not so tender it fits really nicely. When I take it off to have a shower I feel so insecure and exposed that I can't wait to get it back on, I love the support I get from it and my PS said that if I go out and want to wear a pretty bra for a few hours I can, so I'm not completely restricted by it for next remaining 6 weeks.

Lastly, I'm cleared for light cardio exercise, mainly stationary bike and walking, no swimming yet until incisions are completely healed, strictly no upper body for at least another 4 weeks. Me, the dog and Sam are going to tackle some of the hills around our house this weekend to introduce me back to a bit of cardio interval training!


Yours look wonderful! I am exactly 2 weeks behind you on the surgery. I can't wait until I can sleep flat like you :)
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I hear you on the sore back thing! Glad to hear that things are going good for you and your results do look awesome! I find that mine also are really stiff with no movement! I'm still scared to touch mine since they are still so hard, can't wait for these suckers to soften up!
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Hi there, can't believe it has been 2 weeks for you it's gone so fast. Sleeping on your back.....I can totally relate to you...what a nightmare, my back has been sore too! All the best :)
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What did you got?Sorry I missed that.HP or Moderate?How many cc?
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All good :) I have silicone rounds, Moderate, 445cc right breast, 420 left..
You look amazing. Making me finally feel that my massive 325's (which i've been griping about) are normal, since you have more and they look lovely :)
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3 weeks Post Op

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would do an update on how life is 3 weeks after surgery.

I'm noticing I'm able to life more with out my boobs getting tight, e.g the dog! a full washing basket, bags of shopping.... I can also drive all day now and that feels comfortable as well. I'm starting to get the gym itch again, I'm just walking at the moment, I'm going to make myself wait until 4 weeks post before I try anything else. I can do a lot more house work now, I vacuumed on the weekend, did some washing and other general cleaning. Mopping's still too hard. I'm still not able to wash or dry my hair by myself as far as Sam's concerned, though I should probably give the poor guy a break... it's just that he does a much better job than me even though I hate to admit it!! haha!.

Sleeping still completely sucks balls! Lying on my side is fine but every time I get uncomfortable I seem to wake myself up, meaning I'm waking up nearly every hour! Still I seem to be managing during the day so I must be getting enough.. I also miss hugging my Sam! Big sore boobs in the way makes it a bit hard! lol

So the boobs are getting along fine, I found a stitch poking through the incision yesterday, that freaked me out!! Apparently it's normal and will fall away as it dissolves under the skin. I'm massaging twice a day with Bio oil, I forgot yesterday morning and man does it make a difference, I was a lot tighter by the end of the day than I normally would be! I'm not sure if they feel any softer but they are a bit more 'moveable' now. Can't squish them together yet but at least they move. Right nipple and under both boobs is still numb, wish the feeling would come back already!! My backs still killing me, but I have back problems anyway so I'm not surprised, and I always find my back is worse when I'm not working out...

And lastly 2 of my girlfriends are now doing research on getting a BA after seeing mine (clothed only) and they're not even looking that good yet! lol, girls.

I hope everyone is well out there! I'm hoping that my boobs will have dropped and soften a bit more by 4 weeks PO so that I can put more pictures up, they still look the same to me ATM!



They look better every week! wow!
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Friends are the best!

I went to my monthly book club not last night but the night before. A couple of my friends knew, but I was hesitant about telling anyone else. I had nothing to worry about, everyone was so interested and nice about it, telling me how good they looked, I think I left with a bit of a big head!! And to tell you the truth it was soo nice to talk about it with someone other than Sam (poor Sam all he's heard about for at least the last 6 months is BOOBS!).

Two of my friends who are now maybe considering BA's have just been so awesome, it would be pretty exciting if I got to return the favour one day! I was confident they would be understanding of why I did it when they found out, but they have just gone above and beyond in regards to seeing how I'm feeling, making me feel good about how they look and just being great friends in general. Talking about my boobs with these two the other night was the first time since surgery that I actually got really excited about them. Sometimes you just need your girlfriends. People like this are so important during this recovery time because sometimes it can just get you down, but with all this love and support I'm feeling pretty damn good :)


thank you, getting there slowly but surely!

I keep forgetting everything i see is now my boobs, no more padding, ever!!


You are looking amazing, how are you feeling? Love your snap with your pup!!
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Thank you, you look fantastic too! I'm still up and down, some days are great, some not so much, both physically and mentally. I think I'm really missing the gym, I'm 4 weeks PO tomorrow so I think it's time to get back into it! (slowly) lol. How are you doing?..

4 Weeks PO yesterday.. 'Gym Workout'

So last night was my first time back in the Gym. I didn't really do much but it was nice to get a sweat up for the first time in over a month! I did 20 minutes interval on the bike, 50 squats with 1kg hand weights, and 40 bicep curls with 2kg hand weights. That's not even a warm up compared to my normal workouts but by the end of it I was starting to feel pretty tight so that's all I did. I feel fine this morning, no soreness or tightness! :)

I thinking about attempting an altered version of one of the insanity workouts this weekend, I'll let you know how it goes!


you look great! it's nice to hear how others are feeling about working out at the gym.
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Thanks hun. God it's a bit of a shock realising I can't do anything near what I used to! Patience I guess.. I love hearing how other girls go at the gym too, gives me something to aim for and compare myself against..
Hey great to hear you are back at the gym, you always feel heaps better after a workout or just really any exercise, did it feel weird going back? Like with stretching with your implants......I am still having trouble getting dressed just with stretching your arms up putting on tops, things like that. Are you sleeping better now, I am sleeping just on one pillow on my back but still find it uncomfortable to sleep on my side...

Nearly 7 weeks post op

Hi everyone,

Sorry it's been a while! Life's been pretty mental, I'm sure all of you who have been through it before know what it's like trying to get back to normal again.

It's been nearly 7 weeks since surgery and I confidently say I'm feeling like myself again. Physically I can do all the normal daily things, exercise I still have to be careful, but otherwise the rest of the time I don't feel like I every had surgery. Speaking of exercise I just started a blog to track my progress back to fitness, - feel free to check it out if you're interested! I've done 2 full workouts recently and it felt fantastic, still have to take it easy on the jumping and running, I also tried a push up on my knees the other day, didn't feel weird but I don't want to over do it... But I don't think it will be long before I back to the level of fitness I had before surgery.

So, the boobs. They are FINALLY starting to look the way I wanted them to look. They have rounded out a lot more and as they continue to drop I'm noticing my nipple is get higher and higher, no more boobies pointing at the ground, thank god! I would say they are fairly soft, definitely a lot better since surgery, but still quite firm and I can feel the edge of the implant when I play with them. I think the feeling is coming back in the right nipple, I get little zaps of pain in it every now and then, and when I touch it I can feel some kind of pressure, it's not painful but it feels weird. I hope this means it on its way back to full sensation!

Umm what else? Still in the surgery bra, a week and a bit to go and I'm free! I'll probably still wear it to bed for a little while longer tho. Oh yeah! Guess what, I can sleep on my stomach again! Absolute bliss the first time I did it!! I just found I had to get used to feeling the implants under me then I was fine :)

The scars are getting there, they feel really smooth now but are still quite red so I think I need to go and get something to start fading them.

Anyway, ill take some pics and upload them when I get a chance, hope you are all well :)


How are you? It's been a while, I was going to visit your page today and leave a message, but you bet me to it and did an update! Great you are feeling more back to yourself and exercising, I'm thinking of starting back at gym next week but I'm scared to over do it, I don't want to damage anything...I will check out your blog. :)
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I'm great, hope you're well too? I've been thinking of you and wondering how you were doing.. I'm still taking it easy until I know I can't do any damage. Let me know how you go at the gym! xx
Hey another thing is what sports bra did you buy here in aus? I have looked at a few but still undecided as to which one was the best for support of these new girls, I'm just being super over protected. Lol
Dr Pham

I have to give him a 5 star overall rating for the fact that he has done an amazing job of my breasts. I can't really comment on bedside manner for the fact that I didn't actually see him after surgery. I felt my questions were all answered but when I had to phone back a few times for things I forgot it was a bit of a process to get an answer. After my surgery to be honest I felt a little abandoned until I called and complained and then the nurse called me back and was really nice and comforting. Most of the staff were nice enough, though there was one sour witch in reception that I dreaded having to deal with. Of course the payment process was easy, they want their money! At my initial consult I was made to wait nearly 2 hours and nearly walked out, so the wait times suck!! So overall not really the best customer service, but I got the final product that I wanted and that's what's important to me. He could be as nice as pie but that wouldn't matter if he botched my surgery! The fact is he is the best in the city and does great work so even though the whole process wasn't all that fun for me, I think I got the best end result!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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