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I had restalane under my eyes. I had it done...

I had restalane under my eyes. I had it done previously just in the tear trough and loved it. This time I had a little more injected under the eye which in retrospect I probably did not need. My skin I found was extremely delicate. I swelled and bruised which is common with me and after weeks there was still a I've-been-crying-puffy-eye look it wasn't really bad but made me look like I needed a sleep-something I wasn't exactly going for!
I tried anti allegy medicine etc but i just hold too much water in my eyes and was not really appropriate for me. ( I get puffy eyes in morning etc)
I was a little apprehensive about getting hyluronidase done due to mixed reviews but I felt safe in my injectors hands she is extremely experienced and cares a lot. She followed me up and I came back in and she partially injected the hyaluronidase leaving the tear trough. I bruised of course :( by the end of the day the swelling had significantly gone done. By the morning they looked great and back to normal. Yay!
She recommended I try collagen plasma therapy (aka vampire facelift) for condition of the under eyes instead. '"Vampire Facelift" is a procedure that involves withdrawing a patient's own blood, processing it to create "platelet-rich plasma (PRP)," then re-injecting it to erase wrinkles and create a more youthful look'. And suggested sticking to retylane just in the tear trough area.
After the hyaluronidase do you notice any adverse results in your tear trough? Is there discolouration like a bruise that won't go away? Is your skin looser? Is your skin crepey with new wrinkles? Is there any indentation where the filler used to be? Do you have persistent swelling? Hyaluronidase absolutely ruined my lower eye lids and I am always interested when someone reports no negative outcome, especially in the tear trough area. I'd be grateful for your feedback. Thanks.
sorry for delayed reply but yes I did notice some difference! BUT this all went away. It was a bit scary because its hard to think your creepiness and discoursing will go away but it does. I was more concerned about the puffy eyes so I was happy to have them reversed. My skin was loser and also I should add it looked like more was kept on my left side (it is a bit tricky to try dissolve partial sections) but is not obvious at all it is subtle. I had major bruising this was likely because I hadn't let my skin settle after the restalyne for long and I bruise very easily. There was also some red blood vessels burst this too disappeared a little while after the bruising. the creepiness/wrinkles/sagging slowly got better each week and my 4 weeks I would say it is 100% back to normal. I have no persistent swelling. Also I noticed some bruising that was more like discolouration and I was scared it would be permanent but it went away thank goodness. it did last longer than a typical bruise
Sounds like things went well.  Are you going to do the vampire facelift?

the healing process

I would like to add incase people are wondering ( an also I was a bit scared about) I had what looked like creepiness under the eyes, a slight sagging a few more wrinkles. lots of bruising-one part under one eye that looked like discolouration and lasted a long time. this all resolved. It took a couple or weeks I would say 4 to come back to completely normal as I had before. it slowly started getting better. I had bright red tiny blood vessels burst this also resolved.
I did not have too much restylane in the first place and I am 28yrs I am not sure if this makes a difference ... I just wanted to post this incase anyone was a bit worried about the condition under the eye post treatment as I admit I was a little bit concerned about it.
newyearnewnoze suze what do you mean when you said she partially injected? my injector said this is an all or nothing process, which is why I just might, after reading many scary stories, opt to leave as is and wear my glasses in public until the puffiness subsides. Incidentally, I found that I had a sinus infection that was contributing to the bad outcome and once I started antibiotics and nasal sprays to decongest the mucus from my sinuses, the swelling went down quite a bit. I am holding out hope that this will solve my issues, but still considering the option of dissolving if needed.
well it is kind of all or nothing to a certain extent. meaning I had to at least get from the middle to outwards dissolved and not really targeting an area. she just didn't inject around the trough. it is unpredictable how much will dissolve but your injector is right it is all or nothing. most of mine disappeared even though she stayed away from the tear trough, there was some but not like it was before. Hope that helps :)
Went to dr for follow up. Suggested add more voluma back in to fill out loose skin. lol! Definately hard to do when Iv spent months trying to fix an overfill. Does anyone have any feed back on how to heal mentally after going through this traumatizing experience??? Not sure adding more voluma will do just that......
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