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I had restalane under my eyes. I had it done...

I had restalane under my eyes. I had it done previously just in the tear trough and loved it. This time I had a little more injected under the eye which in retrospect I probably did not need. My skin I found was extremely delicate. I swelled and bruised which is common with me and after weeks there was still a I've-been-crying-puffy-eye look it wasn't really bad but made me look like I needed a sleep-something I wasn't exactly going for!
I tried anti allegy medicine etc but i just hold too much water in my eyes and was not really appropriate for me. ( I get puffy eyes in morning etc)
I was a little apprehensive about getting hyluronidase done due to mixed reviews but I felt safe in my injectors hands she is extremely experienced and cares a lot. She followed me up and I came back in and she partially injected the hyaluronidase leaving the tear trough. I bruised of course :( by the end of the day the swelling had significantly gone done. By the morning they looked great and back to normal. Yay!
She recommended I try collagen plasma therapy (aka vampire facelift) for condition of the under eyes instead. '"Vampire Facelift" is a procedure that involves withdrawing a patient's own blood, processing it to create "platelet-rich plasma (PRP)," then re-injecting it to erase wrinkles and create a more youthful look'. And suggested sticking to retylane just in the tear trough area.
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After the hyaluronidase do you notice any adverse results in your tear trough? Is there discolouration like a bruise that won't go away? Is your skin looser? Is your skin crepey with new wrinkles? Is there any indentation where the filler used to be? Do you have persistent swelling? Hyaluronidase absolutely ruined my lower eye lids and I am always interested when someone reports no negative outcome, especially in the tear trough area. I'd be grateful for your feedback. Thanks.
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Sounds like things went well.  Are you going to do the vampire facelift?
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yes I will once everything settles I think I will give my skin a small break esp as I am bruised up! She said I would only need it once a year to condition my under eye area
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Giving your skin a little break might be a good idea, you don't want to accidentally piss it off :)  Definitely let us know how it goes!  They sound really interesting.  We have a vampire facelift community on RealSelf you can check out to look into it more.  
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