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Hi! I just had the procedure 3/17, had upper/lower...

Hi! I just had the procedure 3/17, had upper/lower abs - flanks, and a bit on my inner thighs.

i feel pretty good right now with the occasaional bit of pain here and there. my leaking has been pretty extensive and im a bit bloated and have changed my sanitary pads 3 times - i notice my skin where i had the toumescent injected is very cool to the touch under the garment. my skin looks normal in color except for the smudges of sharpie :) my inscions sting a bit if i take a deep breath.

has anyone else experienced the skin being relatively cool to cold feeling under the garment right after the procedure? just curious, i googled it and cant find anything!

hope to share photos soon. im already pretty flippin impressed at how contoured my love handles are and how smooth my belly is, we'll see if it lasts...

Just updating to add a photo montage of how things...

just updating to add a photo montage of how things are going. i probably shouldnt have marked a before picture as day 1 but rather, this is how i did it. i think day 3 i was really happy with the image, but now i feel puffy looking and close to how i looked before. i hope this goes away.

Updated with one week comparison, hope this is...

updated with one week comparison, hope this is helpful!

Okay so i will be 4 weeks post op on wednesday and...

okay so i will be 4 weeks post op on wednesday and things are going... weird. i was so happy the first two weeks. now i feel like i am swollen where as i wasnt before. my inner thighs that werent touching are rubbing again. i have very healthy skin but i dont know that it's retracting. when i sit, its still roll-y. i can grab a large chunk in my hand, it feel thick and is not thin and stretch marky type... its supple and healthy skin. im worried there is a lot of fat under there that didnt come out.

i thought at 4 weeks i would feel amazing, but instead  being just about 4 weeks im super sad that this is what im going to get. my flanks are good, but they are becoming rock hard (not in a good way).

what in the world is going on? i spent 10 hours on my feet, sitting only occasionally for an event i worked yesterday and when i got home i had a body i didnt recognize.


i'll have to come back with a photo.

Updated May 21, 2010:

Here is my update: I had my procedure on St. Pattys day, I am three months out. I am HAPPY overall. My flanks had hard as rock painful lumps - one on each side for a while, but they are all but gone and only flare up if i have had a long day on my feet. My shape has improved and I am at 2.5 inches lost. My inner thighs still rub and leave much to be desired, however i will NOT be having those redone as they were painful to heal and I do not want to go through it again. My lower ab still has a huge a$$ roll when i sit and shows somewhat at my pantline and it makes me mad. I am going in June 7 to have the doctor look at it and see what he can do. It will need touched up, but they do not do touchups for free even if they didnt get enough the 1st time. This picture isnt the typical underwear photo but this is of my ab and flanks as they are today. My scars are hardly noticable, but my scars on my inner thighs are on the BACK OF MY LEGS not the inner thighs, so they are visible if i wear a swimsuit... the ones on my ab/flanks? hardly noticable. First image: 3 months Second - preop and 3 weeks postop.

Pure MD Laser Cosmetics - Dr. Ali Khan

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2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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Agree! How does he have his practice still? I bet you the new doctor he added to the practice is a coverup . So deceiving, hopefully people will look up his background before believing his "experience" and pushy sales.
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So great that he lost his license permanently. Go away and stop spamming.
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That shows the link that ohio medical board took his license away permanently!!! Read about the charges!!!
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He never lost his license permanently he actually received a stay, so that show's how much you know. The case is in appeals he hasn't done anything bad enough to lose his license. I have been a patient of Dr. Khan's for years, I have had Botox injections and Smartlipo done, he never was pushy or decieving in anyway what so ever. If you or secondstart don't like him for whatever your reason is that's your right, but at least be accurate about what you post about someone. He has always been upfront about the charges that are against him they are minor and I don't hold them against him he does great work and if he was so awful he wouldn't have had a practice since 2006. I am so tired of people using the internet for whatever malicious B.S. they are trying spread based on their selfish agenda. You are either competition or you have some personal problem with him in either case you shouldn't even be on here posting!!!
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This comment does not follow our Community Guidelines and/or Terms of Service. We reserve the right to remove any post for any reason.
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his staff may be able to help you, as they are active readers of this board.

however im going to say no - simply because my touchup initially looked great and now that ive stopped wearing any compression its uneven, i have dimples everywhere and my bellybutton looks lopsided due to the fact. im still happy with my flank area but thats about it. everything else was a waste of money for me, im sorry to say - and i havent gained any fat or weight infact im down nearly 15 pounds since my touch up so it isnt anything i have done. I am toned, but i have internal scars beneath my skin but above my muscle that need obvious repair work. I'm having an actual plastic surgeon fix my belly button this fall.
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Hi, was seriously looking into going to dr. khan for smartlipo on abs & / or arms... looks like he has a ton of experience minus the few issues, but want some more feedback / recent feedback. worth it or not? i do not have a huge issue with my abs, just the extra skin and fat that no matter what wont go away. also arms are bigger than they need to be. i need to make my decision soon so please, let me know what to think.
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i had a consult with this doctor about 2 years ago i didn't feel confident with him so i decided against it i heard bad things but i just recently got i done in nebraska and so far its looking good i paid a bit more but i felt like i was in better hands good luck with every thing
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My results ended up very nice. Very smooth and great reduction in inches on my belly. I went to him because of his amount of experience with Smart Lipo. Hope everyone else is happy as well :)
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Your post caught my eye because I work in Maumee, OH. My cousin went to Dr. Kahn 1/11 and is very pleased with her results.

I had my abs and flanks done 2-28-11 by Dr. Manish Raj Gupta who did an amazing job. He is Board Certified in both Surgery and Plastic surgery.

There was no way I was going to Dr. Kahn for twice the money and the only thing he is Board Certified in is Internal Medicine. How did your final results end up??? My cousin is thinking of going back to Dr. Kahn for her thighs, thighs are very tricky to do lipo on.

I hope your results ended up well!!
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Dr. Gupta rocks!
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My final results are amazing! Couldn't be happier. Did research on Dr. Kahn and if you Google Dr. Kahn he has had many sanctions against him in past places. I do not know Dr. Kahn, only that I did tons of research before my lipo and you are taking a big gamble by not going to someone who is board certified in plastic surgery. My daughter is a physician and agrees 100%!
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good lord i am over this. it isnt malicious to speak of experiences. it would be malicious if i started false rumors. here is where people come to find out where the best places to go are and how to avoid being hurt, injured, ripped off, or given a poor experience.

have you heard me speak ill of him? no. i have stated how i felt and what i percieved. and i am also saying i am SCARED (terrified as the previous poster said it would probably be better) that i maybe was exposed to something due to carelessness. fact is, yesterday was fine. you would be very weary if you found out you had the potential of being suseptible to long term issues from someone elses blood born pathogens.

either way, this place is just making me upset and not know how to feel at this point. when you decide to put yourself out there and make claims that you are trustworthy and doing your patient right and they find out they weren't - youre going to have a few issues on your plate to cut up and chew along with the spinach. i have been fairly rational here, anything i would or will be upset about is based on MY experience and the SAME experience of another patient who was in within a week of me last year. that is all.
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Really, seriously, I work for pure md...nope actually I am a nurse that works at utmc but thank you. I would enjoy to work for doctor khan but I do not. I am sorry if my statements upset you but I have seen some great doctors get a bad reputation becuase of rumors or things like this that are talked about in online chats or blogs. The real facts or all of the facts are not known to others, only the people that were involved in any issue that may have happened. I have seen this(ridiculous twelve year old behavior) many times before in the medical community. Bottom line all I have to say is that if an issue has arouse speak or ask the person directly, weither it is a nurse, doctor, lawyer, cpa etc. I would think you would want the same respect. In my personal opinion I do not think it is fair or right to malisiously (sp) slander a person's name if you had a bad experience, discuss that with the doctor not online. Once again I am sorry if I have offened you but I feel if you are stating your opinion or feelings I will as well.
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HaHa it is someone that works there for sure. I've been watching this review's comments since I decided against my procedure and it's turning into a firestorm just like I'd thought it would.

Don't even go back there for a follow up, are you crazy? Call your family practitoner or another cosmetic doctor to make sure you heal and be finito with it. Of course that nurse looked at you funny when you asked about the IV -she probably wasn't even there when things weren't being done correctly and he had to start fresh!

Crimony! Why does the Medical Board hand out chances like candy at Halloween? I hope you did not have dirty instruments used on you. However hopefully it was just "other stuff" that was contaminated and not instruments. If it was, I would like to think they would make PureMD surrender records and contact those patients. How terrifying it is that this happens!

Whatta' guy! I wonder what response you would have if you asked him like Botox girl did - did someone in New York sell him fake IV solution and he couldn't use it? Excuses. Wake up people. That "I didn't know" story is his way of covering up the fact he just tried to get it for cheaper and make a few more bucks.

And to Toledo patient that probably works for Dr. Khan, why would you pay $6,000 for your abdomen and go back and spend another $6,000 more when they run ad's on KISS FM all the time for discount? That just screams employee pumping to me. I apologize if I am wrong (ring the accusations anyway) but come on, who are you trying to fool?

I think I'll go get a "job" and a "life" now, thanks for the suggestion!

I also think that one must really be unhappy with HIMSELF to do harm to others.
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and just what in the hell would me being "unhappy with myself" have to do with being one of the ones who did not receive the treatment in the manner they were supposed to? that's an odd statement to make. it's on paper and in his chart keeping. youre on here complaining about us, so take a hike if you dont like it - or stay and kick back - i dont really care.
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someones a little defensive! we didnt know in march of '10 that not receiving an IV or not having our skin sterilized or not getting our BP taken was an issue. when all of that changed yesterday i learned something was up.

it all makes sense now. when i told the nurse "wow an iv this time?" she was like "umm" so what does that tell you?

it wasnt just in 2007, me and one other patient for sure in march of last year. and if there were unsterile instruments used i would appreciate being notified so i can be tested.

ive said that i liked him, and that i had trusted him. and to let the credit card thing go - i defended as much as i am willing. i went into my touch up yesterday WITH trust, but jeeze. he'd made statements regarding what he would/would not do for me and completly changed part of that and it was one of the main reasons i chose to invest and come back after working out very hard to get my muscle tone in good shape. i did my part.

what im upset about is im sure all of those things that were supposed to be done were paid for during my first treatment and upon asking my family doctor, they are not new guidelines and there is no reason they should not have been performed on us back in march of last year. period. thats a fact. if that put me at risk, then i count myself lucky to have come out okay, as i should.

if things were bad for him in the past and he has come full circle and is doing things more appropriately, then applause to him. maybe things will pick up even more and business will be great and he will avoid troubles and all will be well.

but in your words, "my god!" and i cant say i would feel the need to go so ape sh*t over defending someone online when youre witnessing people who received less superior treatment than you. unless you happen to work for Dr. Khan =) Then I could understand your crazy need to tell people online to get a life. And as for allison's story - really? one of a kind? or one of a kind who would risk a patient. I'm sorry, I am being honest - I had a great experience yesterday with my touchup but had i seen this before I went, I would have probably gotten sick then called it off.

i am thrilled you had such a great experience - but respect those of us who had a different enviroment last year - because if that were you, YOU may feel different than you do right now.
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Honestly I completely agree with Allison, I believe Doctor Khan. His office is a wonderful place. I have had nothing but positive results and things to say about this Doctor. I think people who complain on websites like this are probually very unhappy with themselves and like to place blame on others. Are there not other things people should be doing, like working. Everything is sterilzed in his office, I have seen this first hand. Would you like a mistake you made back in 2007 to be talked about behind your back? I am sure you all have made mistakes, if it is needed I am sure we would all be able to look them up online. But the bottom line is what was a mistake years ago was fixed years ago. Get a life and leave it alone already. If you do not trust this Doctor than simple do not go to him period. If you would like a great doctor than go to him. period. my god!
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I just called Doctor Khan's cell phone to discuss this issue with him since I ran across this website. I have been going to him since 2006, receiving Botox so I wanted to get to the bottom of this. I figured I would share this with everyone since it seems to be bothering some.
He stated that he has thousands of Botox patients that come to him, me included for years. He admitted that he was deceptively sold Botox. The company that he used to use told him they were in New York and that is what the postage said. He said he only ordered from this company one time, until this was brought to his attention and that he had no knowledge that the Botox was from Canada. This occurred in 2007 and that the problem is fixed. He stated that is was an educational error and was unfortunate that he was tricked. I do believe this is possible. I mean Doctor's are human's, mistakes can happen. In my opinion the important thing is that he has fixed the problem. Anyway I thought all of you would like to know what he just told me via the phone. I have been going to him since 2006, he has always treated me with respect and has been honest. That is one of a kind Doctor, I mean what Doctor would actually admit that a mistake was made? Very mature.
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that's wierd because i had an iv, i don't know..all i can say is that i had a good experience, good results and no complications. that's all. there is no need to aurgue about such on the internet. thank you for the info.
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Since I'm pretty sure I know who the happy patient is I have refrained from responding.

However I will say I liked Dr. Khan but I am sad to read the links.

I did NOT receive an IV back in march of last year.

Today things were different. I had a touch up and had not planned on posting here but I find it ironic that all of a sudden my thread is lively a year later on and near a date i go in for a touch up.

Anway, I had an IV - which I thought was weird given I didnt have one last time. My stomach was sterilized, which now that I think about it, it wasnt before. I also had my BP taken a few times. This did not happen last time.

I am no medical expert so I wouldn't have known that those things missing prior were abnormal.

As far as people complaining about the nurse/credicard thing. We have all made mistakes in life and have been tempted to do things that maybe we shouldn't have. That was not related to medical care and probably shouldn't have been brought up but someone decided to.

I am sad to read what I just read after magicly having the same person respond to my posts, a year later, within the last few weeks of my scheduling and today. All I can say is I trusted him and he has treated me kindly, other than a few miscommunications. I hope now that I read all of this I suffer no long term health issues due to sterility.

My doctor was gloved, masked, and gowned today. I received and IV, BP checks, and a nurse who was pretty fantastic.

I'm being honest with how I feel, but if I find out these allegations are true (now that I know I was supposed to have an IV before I'm kinda' weirded out - will admit) and I end up with long term health issues I will be very - well, I wont get vulgar but I can tell you it wont be fabulous.

I plan on discussing this at my checkup. For my long term health and safety :( if all of these things are true then i am going to have to obviously get myself tested throughout the years for god knows what. my choice to achieve something i couldnt via this procedure could now be changing my life forever. i wont be sleeping well.
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KHAN, Ali (MD #35-082837) – Perrysburg, OH
Based on doctor’s alleged commission of an act constituting a misdemeanor in the course of
practice and/or a felony by purchasing, accepting delivery, and using non-FDA approved Botox;
alleged commission of an act constituting a misdemeanor in the course of practice, namely
Tampering with Records; alleged commission of an act constituting the felony of Complicity in
aiding and abetting the unlicensed practice of medicine; alleged making a false, fraudulent,
deceptive, or misleading statement in relation to the practice of medicine by entering false
statements in a patient record and a letter to the patient; alleged failure to conform to the minimal
standards of care with respect to care rendered to seven specified patients by doctor’s failure to State Medical Board of Ohio
Formal Action Report – APRIL 2010
Page 2
conform to Board rules concerning the performance of liposuction in an office setting and use of
universal blood and body fluid precautions; and alleged violation of limitations placed
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I am sorry but I do not believe this is true.
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