Permanent Eyeliner Pain After 6 Months

In January I had permanent eyeliner applied....

In January I had permanent eyeliner applied. Immediately I had pain and I must be allergic to the ink used. I have extreme burning where the ink was applied, top and bottom of my eyes. My eyes ache and I have a dull headache all the time. I've seen three Opthamologists (including one at Jules Stein, UCLA), two dermatologists and my Internist. No one knows what to do. I am desperate for help.

Lizz Rulon

She did a terrible job (I feel like she outlined my eyes with a Sharpie Pin). I did ask her before I had it done if she ever had anyone allergic to the ink and she said not in the 15 yrs. she's been doing this. I'm the unlucky one I guess but it's still so painful. Any suggestions on removal?

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I was actually thinking about your comments the other day when I had an eyeliner client come in and she told me she washed with Physohex (not sure about the spelling) and her eyes flared up and burned. She didn't use it for a couple days and then tried it again and the same thing happened. I'd never heard of the tattooed area being agitated like that before, but I was wondering if you are using any kind of product or soap on your skin that could be agitating it somehow. This shouldn't something you have to live with.
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I use baby shampoo to wash my lids. My Opthomologist suggested this. My eyelids still hurt all the time since they were done in January. I've gone to many doctors and no one knows what to do. Thank you for your concern.
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I have never heard of this before and I have been practicing this art for 8 years and belong to a professional organization with at least a thousand members. Are you still having this response? Hopefully, she did not use carbon ink because that will stay for a very long time and maybe even migrate. There are practitioners who are capable of lightening it with salt solution. Do some serious research before getting someone to do this for you.
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She said she used pure iron oxide. The work was done in January and I still have pain. My eyes and lids burn constantly and always have redness. I'm trying to get used to the discomfort and just learn to live with it. Thanks for giving me your input.
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