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Eyeliner Tattoo, Wanted a Natural Look (In Brown) Came out with a Really Harsh Black Eyeliner Tattoo - Sydney, Australia

"Beware of clinics/people who advertise...

"Beware of clinics/people who advertise heavily" should have kept to this saying....This particular lady advertises very heavily on Google in Sydney. She makes it easy on herself by using black (or talk customers into black) as browns are not as stable for her and she might need to touch up! She's lazy and money hungry! Beware!

If you're after a nice natural look this place is to be avoided!

Don't have before photos but do have after photos

don't have before photos but do have after photos


This particular lady advertises very heavily on Google in Sydney. She makes it easy on herself by using black (or talk customers into black) as browns are not as stable for her and she might need to touch up! She's lazy and money hungry! Beware!

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Hi, im new, I imterested in removing my semi-permanent eyeliner, can you please give infor where did you have it removed in sydney? thanks much
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Hi, I went to adacosmetic.com.au They are very good but it's a painful procedure... Best of luck ;-)
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Yes this is all very interesting! I hav to admit that even though I love Janesses work on my face it is VERY expensive... it is such a huge cost but based on what you have written about this Rita character, I might actually investigate seeing her for some "designer liner" because you are right, it is very expensive at skinmedics... I'm sorry it didnt work out so great with camilla :( I know janesse has recently suffered a major health incident and so I dont think she is working at skinmedics any longer... Personally I wouldnt trust her intern camilla with my face yet, based on these reviews and my gut feeling that she has only been there a year or two... I want someone with years and years and years of experience! But yes Im very interested about this Rita lady... I will definitely research that further!

Lastly I also do agree Skinmedics is a bit funny about money. If they 'touch up' more than a certain amount I believe they charge you half price of the original procedure so it is a bit onerous... having said that I believe that they charge you that half price rate for all of your touvh ups (like even years later)... I'm wondering if Sydney Permanent Make up centre also charge a discounted rate for touch ups? If so I think I might try my lower eyeliner there :)

With my eyebrows though, they look so natural Im not sure if I would trust them to anyone else but Janesse... that includes camilla... eyebrows must look exactly the same so thats a big deal to me....

but yes...

Great convo ladies! Very informative!
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Having said that... I just looked up the Sydney Permanent Makeup Centre... and there before and after photos arent very impressive! check it out:



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Yes, I agree about the photos. I was initially put off by them and that's why I went to Skinmedics in the first place. All I can say is that maybe Rita is not such a good photographer? Oh, and she did have a portfolio in her clinic when I went in that I flicked through and there were more photos in there - some didn't look so great, but others looked awesome. I guess it depends on what people have asked for, how soon after the procedure the shots are taken, etc. I can only go by the work she did on me, with which I'm very happy. I also agree that it is preferable to have someone with as many years experience as possible. Unfortunately, here in Sydney, those are limited! Perhaps go in and talk to Rita ahead of time and have a look at more of her work so that you can make an informed decision. I know what you mean about eyebrows, they have to be perfect. I'd be interested to know how you go when you decide to have more work done. Good luck. :)
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PS - thought I should have mentioned the good as well in my previous post - Camilla at Skinmedics did do a great job of my top liner, using a fine black line with a dark brown on top (this was considered a second procedure they call "designer liner" and cost more, of course). She did the top liner perfectly and the result has turned out lovely, so I should give credit where it's due. And I am happy with the colour of my eyebrows, in spite of the little blob under one of them. They look quite natural and no one really knew they were tattooed after they settled. Just thought I'd add that. I think Camilla will become an awesome technician with experience.
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hey, i have to say,I have had multiple procedures by janesse, and I am even on their website!! I had retarded eyebrows which she has done twice... and eyeliner once... she is really great, if it wasnt for her I'd still look completely disfigured from my dig bite which left me scarred eyebrows... Im really sorry your treatment didnt work out... did u discuss it with her? I have found that with regards to eyebrows she will get the match just right, never too dark, with regards to eyeliner obviously the brown fades quicker than black, in fact it would be more economical for her to encourage you to get browns because they require more touch ups and therefore more money... but yeah ive just had really good experiences with her and planning to go back soon to get my eyebrows done again as they are fading out a lil after all these years... thats the downside! really its semi permanent... ...Im also wondering did u get designer liner? i hear the designer liner is meant to be a more natural effect... also whenever she has done my tattooing she stops gives me a mirror n checks im happy with what she was doing... did that happen? it seems like u have had the tattoo lasered off already but just to anyone else out there if you are not happy with your tattoo, i recommend you just wait because at first it is very dark then quickly within a few weeks goes much lighter, if you go out in the sun alot it will cause it to fade too... anyway an interesting conversation, perhaps i should post my photos too... ?
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Diva, photos are always great. I just booked in for 17 July for eyebrows and upper and lower eyeliner. Very excited. I think I've looked at absolutely every website for cosmetic tattooing in Sydney over the past week. I'm impressed so far, I spoke with one of the girls at skin medics and she was patient with my questions and happy to explain the process to me. I was a little (actually quite) apprehensive when I found out that Janesse had been unwell and she would not be doing the procedures, however I was quite relieved to read MaryMary QC's comments about Camilla. Fingers x'd.
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Just felt I should update, as I note that nic87 has read my earlier comments and taken them into consideration when making a decision about where to go, so I felt it my duty to inform you all that in the end my overall experience with Skinmedics didn't go well. I must say first up that yes, Camilla (the intern at Skin Medics) is a lovely, caring and careful technician, as I said in my previous post. I have no complaint about her approach. However, after my final "free touch up" I found my bottom liner was uneven - one darker than the other. I know Camilla tried her best to correct it, but didn't seem to get it right and I was unhappy with the final result. Particularly after some time had passed, it was obvious that one line was darker than the other and the result didn't look good. She used a brown-black that janesse insisted on and the colour looked good initially, but I was later told by another expert that it would fade to red! And with the unevenness, I felt like I'd have to darken the lighter side with liner every day just to look the same, which defeats the purpose of having the permanent makeup done. When I told them about my concerns, I was told by Janesse that I would have to pay for an entire new procedure if I wanted my liner "re-done". I objected to this, as I felt it was not a new procedure, but a "fixing" of the original one that had not been done properly. Sadly, Janesse attacked me for my point of view on this, telling me I was impossible to please. She did offer me a lower price for the procedure in the end, but the way I was spoken to so rudely made me sure I would never set foot in that clinic again.

I went to Sydney Permanent Makeup Centre instead, where the lovely Rita was sooooo kind, generous and helpful. She fixed not only my uneven eyeliner, but also several issues with my lips that I had been told by Janesse were the fault of my lips and couldn't be fixed - a lump of colour that had been left on my top lip line that made the line crooked and a couple of patches on one side of my lip that were darker (Janesse told me these were caused by my lips pigmenting and that there was nothing they could do about it). Rita also adjusted the bow of my lip which had not been placed in the centre of my mouth (which I hadn't even noticed till Rita pointed it out). In fact, she changed my whole lip colour with a lip line and blend and the result was perfect - so much better than before. She recommended a nude colour, which I was apprehensive about, but she carefully explained to me how the pigment would react with my existing colour, how it would look more natural and what colour it would fade to, and she was spot on. Now that a year has passed, I have the exact colour I wanted and a perfect shape. And she did my eyeliner in a gorgeous green-black colour (a procedure Janesse labels "designer liner" and charges more for) that looks so much softer and natural with my green eyes. There was also a blob under one eyebrow left by Camilla, but I let that go because I could grow a bit of hair over it, but I will be getting Rita to fix that next time too. What I loved about Rita was that she took the time to explain all the different colour choices and how they would look after they'd faded, what colour would suit me better etc. And best of all, Rita's fees are far more reasonable and she treats clients with compassion, understanding and respect. Good luck with your procedures ladies and I hope wherever you end up going that you have a good experience and great results!
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Hi Mary, thanks for updating us. It sounds like you got a really good technitian! There are two things that spell trouble. 1. techinitians without proper training and 2. technitians that have proper training but become arrogant with their skills and dont listen to their clients.
So glad you got a good result! Well done!
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Hi Mustik & DermaEraze,
Thought I'd let you know how I got on since I had my eyeliner and brows done today at Skin Medics. I was a little more than apprehensive after all our conversations, so went in there determined to have all my questions answered and get what I wanted done. But I must say, the intern who did the work on me (Camilla Braga) is absolutely fantastic! She reassured me by answering all my concerns, agreed to use colours and styles I wanted and took her time doing it bit by bit, asking my approval every step of the way. She was meticulous, so I ended up with a fantastic result. Of course I won't know exactly how it looks for a few weeks yet, but so far I'm very happy as I think I will end up with a very natural looking result, which is what I wanted. Camilla tends to err on the side of caution and prefers to 'under-do' it so that it can be added to if you want. I am now thinking of going back for designer liner. I'm over the moon that it turned out well as I was soooo scared going in there. But as it turns out, I would have no hesitation in recommending Camilla to do semi-perm makeup. I still disagree with their policies about cancellations etc, but fortunately I now feel more confident about going back there to have more work done. PHEW!!!!!
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Ive gotta say, janesse is who trains camilla cos she is the new technician... and i find janesse does the exact same , constantly cheking ur happy with t etc, err on the side of caution always less never more, no matter how much i want! ha... but yeah interesting convo..
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Mustik, how long ago did you have your eyeliner done? Has it healed completely? Its always very harsh when its first done, I say to my clients that they will walk out looking like Cleopatra! However, there's a long way between black and brown..... Eyeliners do fade really quickly...so in a couple of months it should look a lot more natural! Best of luck!
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this is true about looking like cleopatra when its first done... you look like you have permanent marker on ur face for the first week or so... im thinking perhaps if u had waited, the colour may have softened and you would be happy with the result...? perhaps?
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Mary, if it doesn't feel right its not! RUN! I can understand charging a consultation fee and taking it off the price of the treatment if you go ahead but charging for the full procedure is not right as the client should be able to walk out right up to the time you put the needle in. This is not something that can be rushed, every milimiter counts an needs to be done according to what the client wants!
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No I'm not brave enough to go anywhere to get it done again! I was actually supposed to go back and get the laser removal done again as it can take a few goes before it comes off. But one session was enough to soften the line, and I really can't put myself through the pain again. It was easier when I didn't know how painful it would be! If I look under a magnifying mirror I can see some bright blue bits which is scary as I don't know how blue it will get as I get older. I might consider getting something done over the blue if it gets noticeable, but for now I can live with it.

If she only has your credit card and hasn't charged it yet, it might just as easy to cancel the credit card.
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Thank you so much. I know what you mean, I was also given all the forms to sign without any discussion or explanation at all. In fact, I said to my friend who came with me that I felt I was signing an awful lot of disclaimers. She asked me if I felt confident and I actually said "no, not at all". But you're right, they are very good at whisking you in there and getting started before you have a chance to realise what's happening. Not good practice. Anyway, I will be checking with consumer affairs and if I can stop her debiting my credit card for the balance, I might just cancel the whole thing.
PS - did you get yours re-done somewhere else after your removal (which looked painful, by the way)?
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My gut said run too, and I had a really bad feeling the day before! She is very convincing. She got me to sign the forms saying that we'd talked everything through the minute I got in there... she said it was just procedure and that of course we would discuss everything before starting. But we didn't, and next thing I know I'm being tattooed. I know that sounds dumb of me, but she is really good at convincing.

Maybe ring up department of consumer affairs and check to see if she has a right to keep the money. Even though you signed the form she hasn't actually performed any services, I can't imagine she has a legal right to keep ALL the money.

If you do decide to go ahead with it, just be really really strong about you want. Good luck!!!
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Thanks for your reply. I do agree that charging the full cost of the procedure even if you cancel is wrong, but she makes you sign to say you understand this - silly me, I signed. The forms also state that any alterations at follow-up, including lightening,darkening, etc. incur a further cost, which also rang alarm bells. Hmm, not sure what to do now. My gut says "run" but my wallet says don't lose your money. Guess I will just have to do it, but I will definitely take your advice and check on the colour first! Keep your fingers crossed for me.
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Charging you the full amount if you cancel is not on... I'm sure against Consumer Affairs regulations. Just shows how money hungry this woman (Janesse) is. If you do go ahead with it, insist on a brown and make sure that you get to see that it is brown before she starts on you. If she uses black it is a blue black which will turn blue as it ages. She does not use a brown black and doesn't like to use brown as it doesn't "take" on everyone as well as black and she would need to fix this at her expense at the follow up appointement. The follow up appointment is included in the cost but I'll tell you right now they have no problems if you don't turn up to this... they won't even remind you about it.
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Now I'm scared. I'm booked in to this clinic in 2 days to have eyeliner and brows done. Can't cancel either because they charge you the full amount if you don't keep the appointment! Had lips done this week and am pretty happy with them, but after seeing this post I'm terrified of having the eyes done! What should I do???
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Permanent eyeliner is an uncomfortable procedure in the best of cases, but removal, and I do removal in my clinic...is not nice......
We always touch up, even if its black.....its expected to have a touch up or you wont get the longevity, I hope the removal worked and that youre feeling better.
A word to readers Permanent Make is PERMANENT, please, do not compromise on what you want! Do not allow anyone to talk you into anything that youre not 100% on board with. WALK OUT if youre feeling pushed into something you dont want!
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Thanks for sharing your pics. The removal looks excruciating. Is it completely gone now?

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are you comfortable posting a before and after photo?

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