Just Got Eyebrow Tattoo...stressing Myself out for No Reason? - Oregon

I just got my eyebrows done...I know they're not...

I just got my eyebrows done...I know they're not perfect but I wanted to go thinner this first session and then add to it for the touch up. There's some tweaks to the shape I plan to do but I am starting to freak out on the inside because my boyfriend was in uncharacteristically being critical about them! Need a second opinion...do these look ok? (Keeping in mind this picture was taken just a few hours after they were done and I plan to adjust the shape and thickness).


Brows are sisters not twins
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I think they look pretty good, definitely need a touch up. They take some getting use to let him adjust
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They've healed and don't look as intense now...I'm happy with them overall but definitely need a touch up for the shape!
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