Profractional Laser Horrible Results - Peoria, IL

I decided to get laser resurfacing because of all...

I decided to get laser resurfacing because of all the sun damage i had on my skin. I am only 29 and now my skin looks 39. Its lost volume in the cheeks, my hypo pigmentation is worse and i have a dent in my cheek. I believe my doctor had the laser set to high, I even heard a loud pop come from the laser when he was doing the treatment right in the area I have the dent.
It really depresses me... I have read all the horrible stories on here.. I don't understand why they are still being used. Just want to warn people. DO NOT DO IT! if anyone wants pictures i have them.

hi i would like to see the pics i also want to do the treatment thaks
Do you have an update?  DId the dent fill in....even slightly?  Hope you are doing well and have found a resolution.  
I had laser peel and profractional she said she didn't go that deep it has been 6 weeks (I was only trying to get rid of wrinkles and some fine lines). I stayed out of the sun for 10 days followed all the instuctions and my face looks bad! instead of looking better it looks worse. My complexion looks dirty my chin is super red, the holes from the laser are visible and my forehead starting getting red lines and my cheeks. I went back my 5th week she said I held in the redness and then said I needed Broadband light treatment for the red that turned the left over freckles black which is normal my redness is still there and my face is peeling This is the worse! I wouldn't do this at all!
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