Not Worth the It for a Face Lift - Peoria, IL

I had Ulthera 2 months ago and it is definately...

I had Ulthera 2 months ago and it is definately not worth it.A lot of money for a 2 mm brow change.

They thought I was a great candidate for it since I have "great skin", but I saw little if any improvement. Still have too much laxity in cheek area. Wished I would have saved the money for a face lift.And the plastic surgeon didn't perform it. It was his office esthetician who had been "trained" by the company that sells the machine!

He numbed the areas on my face but I walked out with a black eye and bruises at every injection point of pain blocker. Thank God for long hair and purple eyeshadow!

The doctor agreed the slight changes were not...

The doctor agreed the slight changes were not enough and has offerred to redo the treatment. The frequency (depth) of the Ulthera wand can be adjusted so that more collagen is stimulated.The doctor and the office have been very accomodating. The next treatment is in early July. Hopefully I will get more visible results.

One month update: DEFINITELY worth it! One month...

One month update: DEFINITELY worth it! One month ago, they repeated the Ulthera and I saw my photos today. Tremendous change already at 1 month! The procedure took 5 years off my face! The procedure is not painless but the doctor and his staff do their best to numb the majority of your face. There was more swelling this time, but that is because they set the frequency to go deeper, thus stimulating more collagen = better results.Less brusing this time with the use of the Dermasculpt needles.
I recommend this procedure and this doctor(and his staff)to anyone that wants to take 5+ years off their face.
Peoria Facial Plastic Surgeon

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No permanent pain.
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Who know how I could find a doc in PA or nearby who uses pain blockers and does this procedure well? I have been struggling to find one, and it seems rather difficult, even on this site!!
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You have the consult with the doctor but his staff (RN's, esticians(sp?)) have been trained on the machine used for Ulthera. The doctor numbs you with the injections and supervises the Ulthera treatment.
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I think that could be why the results vary so greatly. it depends on how good the doc knows his stuff!

gee i don't see anyone really awesome for san francisco ;< I would have to fly to MD to see this guy LOL.

thanks so much!!!
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I think she said the doc was in Peoria, IL???? Not MD?? oh well
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Yes, I did! And 15 days later, I am already feeling the results! My skin is already tightening and my pores are smaller. The doctor used Dermasculpt needles (for numbing)to minimize the bruising, which helped tremendously. They used a stronger/deeper frequency which caused more facial swelling. Even after 15 days (results are usually seen 1-3 months post treatment), I can say it is worth it! The first time I had this done, his staff was just learning the techniques. Seven months later and they have become experts! They retreated the areas for free, since I was not happy with the first treatment. I do recommend this doctor and his practice. He is one of the few to use numbing medicine (injected, not topical) and the dermasculpt needles to minimize pain and bruising.He and his staff have a very good bedside manner as well.
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Thanks so much for the update. I am now actively looking for someone who knows how to do this procedure in the Pennsylvania, NJ, or VA area -- I am a believer, but only if done correctly. Before I was not sure. I saw someone who had it done and it works but they are from LA. So...does anyone out there know someone in my area who is any good and not overpriced?? Be grateful to find out!!
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I see!! So firstly you thought it was horrible. but you went back and now it was a better treatment and you feel you look better?!!!

ok huggzzzz, maybe i will be brave enough to try it. I just don't want permanent pain because i was hit by a car and i'm in pain already. as long as the pain will go away after....

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I did have a treatment -- almost as a test, believe it or not (I mean, lots of money just for a "test drive") and I do think it works.... no miracles, but I am not quite 40 and have pretty tight skin, so I guess in a way it is preemptive??? Anywhoo....what I am getting to is this: it is EXTREMELY painful. I have had injections and also handle pain above average, I's like if you took a straightening iron and held it to your skin for around several minutes. This is without pain meds, but there you have it....tres painful!!@ This was only on my neck, and apparently the rest of the face hurts way worse.
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Did you go back for a second treatment???

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HI notforthemoney , 

Welcome to the Ulthera community. I can't believe you left with a black eye, that's horrible, especially when you saw little to no improvement. Did you go back and ask why you saw no change? Are you considering a different procedure now? Please keep us updated of your next step.

Thanks so much for the review,


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The doctor said I was "right in line" with everyone else. I would not have spent the money or gone thru trying to hide bruises on my face and neck for a week for such a subtle change. I went to Ulthera's website to see if they had any guidelines or expectations for millimeters of brow lift. I didn't see anything. As far as my face,I saw some difference in the neck area but that was not my area of concern. I told him my areas were cheek and brow. I brought in pictures from 5 years ago (that is there claim....5 years off your face) and it is nowhere near that. I don't see any changes looking in the mirror. The doctor compared the pictures and I can barely tell which were before and which were after.VERY disappointing!
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As far as another procedure, I don't think I will have anything else done. I have lost faith in plastic surgery. Plus, I don't have the money. That was a very expensive procedure for the level of improvement.
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Hi notforthemo,

I completely understand, how you would loose faith, plus the money I can only imagine,

Please keep the community updated.



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I feel for you -- this stuff is TRULY expensive and you deserved to get results. I am considering it but if you still don't have improvement I might just say no....I wish these people could be held accountable for their misleading info. I do wonder...has anyone sued to get their money back? Oh well. How is your face looking now -- anything?
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I just talked to docs in MD today (Dr. Michael Warner) or rather their receptionists. They really don't seem prepared to answer questions. They kept asking for my credit card number but had never heard of sculptra -- which has been around for years!! I was pretty surprised. Anyway, I am still considering it...but am hesitant with this particular place because (A) they say no pain meds are necessary and (B) there is absolutely no bruising; only slight flush to skin. This goes against everything I have researched and even what I have heard from other docs -- how can they just lie like this?? It's so wrong....and how can there be no bruising or pain without going down deep enough to stimulate any productive change? ARGHH some docs should NOT be in business -- but still are.
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