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Baby Belly, Baby Belly Go Away!! 33years Old with 2 Kids. - Peoria, IL

I work out and run all of the time. I could not...

I work out and run all of the time. I could not lose my baby bell. I also have huge thighs. Got to love genetics not! I had Smart Lipo Abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs and knees. I'm currently 4months out. If I were to do this over again, I would for sure do it. Went for a size 12 to a size 6. I do work out all of the time and watch what I eat. Once posted I will go through the stages from start to end as well as pictures. Once My place releases my pre pic I'll be able to show you better pre-op pics.

Pre-op Nov 2013

It is very important to pick the right doctor and one who has done it more than a few times. I'd work out multi times a week and I still had a baby bell. Plus good old genetics gave me huge lower legs. I'd run races, Id be small but I'd still have huge legs. It was important to me to do ALL of what I wanted at the same time. Therefore, I got Abs, Flanks from bra line to hips, He did sides of hips, inner & outer thighs, and inner knees. One I go back to doctor in April I hope to grab the pre-op pictures. Looking back I can not believe what I looked like compared to now.

Day after & second day. WOW!!!

Day of surgery Friday I was nervous but very excited. My doctor was very sweet. I did have an Anthestiologist. I was advice at my doctor office to be put to sleep during. Now I wish I forgone it and just took meds. It would of saved me $1200. Surgery only took 3 hours. I went in knowing I was going to have Abs, flanks, inner & outer thighs. But came out with more done. Which was good for the price I paid. I woke up with a compression garment with side zippers. It went from bottom of breast to mid leg. Let me tell you sexy. I could not take a shower till day 3. Took pain meds that night. We put towels (soaked in water and drained) in freezer. Put trash bags over them and I would use them as ice pack. What a relive they would form right to my body. The areas that stung or was burning helped. Not an easy procedure. There is discomfort. I have a very high pain tolerance and on Saturday day 2 I cried. I only took pain meds for 2 days. Day 3 shower day. I was bruised, and looked like a mess. I went back to work on Tuesday. I'm on my feet all day. I did ok. I was still very tender. On my side of abdomen I had deep bruising and the good old zipper on the sides made it worse. I HIGHLY recommend deep tissue messages. My lumps went away fast. My doctor changed me over to a body compression garment with no zippers. Zipper = easy to get into. No zipper = lot harder to get into. lol

I made it to 3 months.

BTW Compression garment has an opening so you can go to bathroom with out taking off your garment. Had a few lumps. Deep tissue bruising on side of abs and inner thighs. I was worried about legs. So Doctor told me longer in compression garment. Went from an x-small to an xx-small. Huge changes. Took advice from ppl on here and got an electric massager so I could work more on lumps. Wanted to cry. Put on size 6 jeans and felt great. I still look in mirror and still see the heavy women I used to be. My jeans fit great and I know I'm getting smaller.

4 months...

I can see huge changes. I got a new outfit this weekend and I cried. For once in the process I can see a very new me. I still workout 3-4 days a week with a trainer and I also workout at home. I love my Turbo Jam workout at home. The hardest part is food. I love food. I eat when I'm happy, sad or awake. Partly why my baby belly and thunder thighs was hanging on. I'm still in size xx-small compression garment due to some problem areas. By the end of March I hope to stop wearing C.G and only wear it when I workout till I see doctor at my 5 month appt. I'm trying the Paleo diet and eating more veggies & fruits and cutting out soda, breads and pastas. Can't tell by pictures but my ads are starting to show a 4 pack. My legs are a lot smaller. I went from size 12 to a size 6. My Doctor said by the time I'm done fully healing in a year I should be a size 4.

Almost 5 months post op

Been really worried reading some post. My Dr said he took 2 liters off. How do I know if he really suctioned it out or if he just melted the fat? I've been working out a lot but my weight has not moved. I have a few areas I'm unhappy with. Not sure what to do or if this is just a phase. Any advice? I'll see my Dr next month and I'll have some new pictures. Am I worried over nothing?

called doctor

At 5 months I called Dr office to talk about problem areas. I go in to see him tomorrow to talk about areas and see what he is going to do. Im not sure why I'm so nervous about what he is going to say.

went to dr today

Doctor said I dropped weight since my SmartLipo therefore causing some skin to change. He said too much of a gain or a loss will change the healing. Therefore no revisions need to be done he said my skin will readjust and will tighten. I have an appt in 3 months to recheck. I'll post my 5 months pics very soon.

5 months post op

Dr said legs will still go down. Person looks alot better then pictures.

Almost 6 months

Dr. said I should really start to see the permit changes. I really want to get ahold of the pre pictures. I've been looking through my pre vacation pic but only seen a small side view. So not sure that pic will help. I know I can see a huge difference before and after. My legs have a very few irregularities but they are not bad. I can see almost a 6 pack abs unlike before. My pictures don't show as good as detail as I'd hope to show you. Little picture is my before side view. Not sure how well you can see it. Some days I get down because I feel like I'm not changing. I lost 20lbs before surgery. Day of surgery I was 148 now I'm 135. I workout a lot and try to eat right but I love food.

6 months

Im just little over 6months post op. Im worried over a few areas. From back view on the right side of love handle needs a touch up. As well as the left inner leg. Front view of abs I have a very small pad of fat that needs touched up as well. Im happy but wish my legs were smaller from the side. Does anyone else have a few irregular areas? Am I just worried and picking at stuff that shouldn't matter?

more 6 month pictures

Pictures would not post on above post

7 months

These last few months have been rough. I've been running boys to games & practices. Kinda went off track of diet. But I'm gonna get bk 2 it. Still have a few areas unhappy with but I'm still glad I did it.


I told the DR I wanted the pre-surgery pics because I can't see what was till now. WOW!!!! I can't believe the change. I went to DR. today. In Dec he will do just a few touch ups. He said touch ups will only take an hr. I will have to pay just the surgery suite cost which is only a couple hundred. This is posted a little backwards but here they are THE PRE-SURGERY PICS!!!!
Dr. Jefferies

Loved my doctor.

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your abs are rock solid! Definitely makes me want my 4 pack back. You're an inspiration! Awesome results.
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Thank you. For sure smart lipo helped find my abs. I have been working since surgery to tone & define them.
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Your before pics were nice,you have beautiful legs and hamstrings,nice definition. I think you looked great before. Nice thick thighs with muscle. You looked like an athlete,you didn't need all that work.. Abs maybe liposonix for contouring since you said you had babies. But my honest opinion you looked Amazing! I think we women are too hard on ourselves. I hope the irregularities fill in and if you need a revision your doctor does it for free, I am getting abs done soon but i am afraid due to lumps and irregularities. Some reviews have discouraged me altogther Best of luck B
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Thank you so much. I know how u feel. I see some of the information and I get freaked out. My left flank has damage. The laser tonthe smart lipo is very powerful if not done rt it can cause scaring. The dr doesn't want to do smart lipo to touch up he wants to use just reg lipo. Interview alot of doctors be for you do it. Make sure you find out how many patients they have done & seen.
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Thanks for info. I have my doctor but not sure if i should do liposonix or smartlipo torn
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I never looked into liposonix. What does your gut feeling say?
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well after my arms,i say smart-lipo even if it is invasive because it liquifies fat and sucks it out and liposonix is ultrasound and the fat has to be absorbed by your liver. I heard from reviews here,it is EXCRUCIATING! I prefer more fat out and tightening. SO,i guess smart-lipo,. I don't have saggy skin or kids but after my car accident 15 months ago i literally did nothing. I gained 10lbs and then i notice flabby arms and did those first. I will start running again tomorrow,maybe i won't have to do my abs. I'm so torn but love some results i have seen. Yes,this stuff is ADDICTIVE like sugar.
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Your rt it is. I lost 30 lbs before surgery and that helped alot. Im for the sucking out fat vrs letting my body absorb it.
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today is 2 weeks post-op and i'm still waiting for a drastic result,i feel it takes so long to tighten and swelling and numbness to subside. I am so impatient. I Hate this. I will jog today and see how my arms feel. I wish you a very Happy 4th of July!
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Dont rush it. My dr would not let me run til 4months. The jiggling would not let the skin attach. It took 4months before I saw a huge change
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you're more like a ray of sunshine. HAHAHA! I won't rush it,i will jog and walk and take it slow. I am tired of sitting,i had toe surgery may22 and couldn't run and then june 18th arms,it's time to get off my Butt and work it out. doctor' say walking is good for swelling and increases bloodflow,so that should help. I gotta get the circulation back and this body back in gear!
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same here doc said don't workout for 6 to 8 wks I am a month postop started working out again. can't stand not doing anything and summer is here.
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Hahaha! Getting bk in gear was slow for me. But man do I love to jog & run. It like all my worries and down fall are all behind me. Did doing arms hurt? I know when someone pinches the bk of my arm, I turn into a huge baby lol
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Its the monthly progress that is fun to watch. Its one more month away from the yr end point. They are rt @about 4-5 month mark you can really start to see the changes. I'll be 8 months this month. It has gone bye so fast. I have been back to wearing my CG @ bed time. Dr said im still healing. So I fig skin stick even more lol I go back to dr in Oct. The will than decided what to do with my "fat patches" that didn't even out. Since I have been wearing it again I can see a difference.
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Ray of hope,arms were sensitive and i won't lie at times i told doc i can feel it and he asked is it pain or pressur? I just kept asking for more numbing. It was a discomfort. Not relaxing at all as they say! No way! After all it is surgery non-invasive or invasive. Some of these marketing scams are just that all hype and we suffer the consequences,the pain! what hurt the most was the tape stuck under arms when friend pulled them off,if felt like he was peeling off my skin,OUCH! Other than that piece of cake. Lol! The Meds cephalexin 500mg for 7 days made me nauseous and diarrhea,GROSS! But i was feeling good by monday 5 days post-op Then Drinking 6th day my friends 56th Birthday. I drank because i was done that day with antibiotics. No major problems,thank god
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so very true,i agree. You're at 8 mos. WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO! Def celebrate this 4th! Abs are just as sensitive as arms,How was your pain during surgery? i know bellybutton is probably really sensitive.
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Lol your 2 funny. Do u have any lumps now?
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I had an almost 3 hr surgery w abs & legs. They made me go under. So I dont know during. I know the night of I was in pain with my legs only. I never had pain w abs. I did have pre frozen wet towels in ref to wrap around me the night of which numbed me plus took swelling down very fast. I only took pain meds for night of & next am than stopped them I had surgery on a Friday and went back to work 4days later. I'll celebrate some :) let me tell you its so hard to keep weight off. U for sure have to eat rt & workout. The fat Will find other hiding places lol
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I don't have any lumps. Mr right arm feels like a piece of cardboard was put in arms,not sure how else to describe it,i know it's from the surgery but it feels weird. I keep hearing that people have gained weight even during healing process. This question should be asked to a doctor,maybe i will. I had lipo when i was 25 in thighs and 18 years later and not much bigger,i always worked out so ,i'm not sure why that is happening to some reviewers and yourself. That may not be possible. Unless you're eating and not exercising at all and totally eating 2500+ calories. I have no idea. It's true we are ajl def different. I do know the fat goes elsewhere but within months,seems odd to me and way too fast. Hmmmmmmmm. FYI:my problem is sugar not a big foodie but i have a sweet tooth and this is Worse!
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All Not ajl LOL
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If I eat wrong I can tell a huge differ. But than again im very hard on my self. I love food lol
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i lOve cake! all the sugar which turns to fat. i love all the Killer c's. cake,cupcakes,coffee,chocolate,cotton candy,chips,corn chips,cheetos,candy,cookies&carmel cornucarmel chews. lol. i eat junk. i should weigh 400lbs but i don't thank mom&dad for good genes.
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Lmao! Lucky u!! My mom & gma blessed me w a huge lower half lol
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yeah but grandma blessed me with fugly feet. oh granny! hahaaha. i had bunionectomy on both feet,so much for blessings!
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Oh yeah tons of fun
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