Hollow Nightmare - Peoria, IL

Make sure your surgeon marks your face while you...

Make sure your surgeon marks your face while you are awake and explains exactly how much fat he/she plans on removing from your eyelids. Do not let them sedate you before you know what to expect. You will never wake up from the nightmare of hollowness. I did many consultations and decided on the wrong Doctor. A board certified facial plastic surgeon! I put my trust in him. I was told he would draw on my face and we would discuss the details of my surgery before surgery. This was not done. I had this Dr. do a facelift, blepharoplasty and subnasal lip lift. All my surgery needs revisions. I just had my eyelids revised with a "Dermal Fat Graft". My eyelid crease was moved to a extremely high position in my initial surgery. (20mm when it should have been 10 0r 11) as well as ill defined eyelid crease. I am in the process of recovering from the revision blepharoplasty with fat graft, before I can move to the next phase of revisions.The cost and mental anguish I have incurred is insuperable. If I had it to do over I would see an Ophthalmic Plastic surgeon for eyelids.

Before and After Photos do not tell the whole...

Before and After Photos do not tell the whole story. Watch out for fancy Web Sites and Guides. What did the patient look like 10 years ago? Does the patient look like his/her former self? These are the question I wish I found out before I entered into facial surgery. I am regretful now that I look nothing like my former self of 10 years ago. I don't recognize the person in the mirror and this is not in a good way. I have a lot of scars and they are not just external. Get referals from other Doctors and Clients. Don't trust just Photos, Guides and Advertisements.

Hollow Nighmare

Anyone can advertise that they are an eyelid expert. It does not mean they are any good at eyelid surgery or really have any artistic talent in it at all. Anyone can advertise they are an expert at anything. Watch out for this. Talk to people who have had work done by the Doctor you plan on choosing. Make sure you and the Doctor are "on the same page". If you bring photos to the Doctor show what you are expecting to look like, make sure he actually looks at them.
Hi, can you tell me who to avoid in Peoria Bloomington area? Spamkip25@yahoo.com
I'm so sorry. General plastic surgeon ruined my face and others on this support, glad you are determined to get better. I know the pain and embarrassment is really hard. I'm getting consult with dr yaremchuk in Boston. Have you looked into his credentials? The consult is 200 dollars. Of course unless you live in Boston traveling will be expensive I know. Hugs to you and thanks for your words of wisdom for those considering face surgery
i feel so sad for you, however i have an suggestion for you. get botox or fillers (preferably juvederm because its natural) and have the dermatologist or doctor to fill in the hollow ( try an doctor or dermatologist in chicago, il they have more patients / traffic therefore they should be a bit more experienced (procedure is usually less than $1000.00 bucks).

Hollow eyelids nightmare

Find a good facial plastic surgeon or eyelid surgeon for your eyes.

I would trust Dr. Ronald Russo, Facial Plastic Surgeon at Rejuvinis in Champaign, Illinois. He has done a lot of revision work for me and I am really pleased with the results. He has also done some additional fat grafting to my eyelids.
I agree. Only trust your eyes to an Occuloplastic surgeon and one who really only does eyes and brow lifts (not face lifts, not jowls, etc) In Los Angeles we have many excellent doctors. Dr. Michael Groth is at the top of the list, (he has a 6 month wait list for consultation) as well as Guy Massry, Dr. Cynthia Boxrud. I just had upper and lower blepharoplasty two weeks ago with Dr. Groth. He has very detailed instructions before and after, his nurse Stephanie is very detail oriented. He measures no less than 4 times (1st consult, 1 week pre-surgical consult, once sitting up day of surgery, and lying down). Don't be too concerned about droopiness and "overdone" lids in the first few weeks. Everything settles, the tightness goes away. At two weeks out, I am out in public- I had NO bruising except a bit of yellow on my cheekbones on day three. You must ice, ice, ice the first week and take it very easy. I am very pleased- I always had hooded eyes and it was getting so bad I had two, almost three folds on my upper lids and loss of elasticity below eyes. I look 5-10 years younger. Dr. Groth is THE specialist to see. Very precise, he loves what he does. Worth it finally!

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