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So I have decided to go forward w a consult on...

So I have decided to go forward w a consult on having upper eyelid surgery... My consult is scheduled for Thursday jan 30 ... Iam one of these girls that don't want to wait until I'm real old to have surgery... As I see something creeping up on me I like to take care of it as I need it vs waiting for the older age to determined its time....plus it's cheaper to fix as I go along... Anxiously waiting to hear what the ps says at the consult :) and than set a date if he approves

Decided to schedule surgery

Had my consult today and all went good...I'm excited about scheduling surgery on feb 12 but anxious about having the procedure done awake in the office... I have always gone under for all surgeries. I don't think I could handle the tugging and pressure, but the nurse did it awake and said it was simple and easy. At first wasn't too sure but after speaking w her she suggested if it was ok w Dr. P let me try a Valium at night before I go to sleep and see how I react to it and see if it calms and relaxes me enough to do it in the office vs going to the hospital .. So I plan on taking the pill tonight before i go to bed.... if it does work I plan on calling tomorrow to put the deposit down for the 12th....while I'm numbed up I'm also getting a little bit of restalyne injected by the inner (by my nose)lower eyelid on both sides just to give me a fill since my lower eyes are fine for a long time :) just want a little touch up ...


The upper eyelid is 2900.00 / 600.00 for restalyne total 3500.00

Pics of eyes before surgery

Removing extra skin on both eyes and tightening in brow area along w restalyne in lower on both sides to fill
Thank you....we're you icing your eyes? Ate you happy w your lower eyes other than the swelling? Do you have any pics? Anxious to get it over with and healed :))
Good luck to you. I am also interested in upper eye lid surgery as my eyelids are droopy. A week ago I got restylane under the eyes. I still have swelling and was told it might take 10 days to go down. I look forward to seeing your results.

Doing good cant wait to see the end results

So I went in this am at 1030.... Anxious to do it awake but reassured by several it was vet easy.... The staff was great w me... Dr p marked me in room than they took me into the procedure room which had a comfortable chair.... They had put a topical creme on my eyes to numb me before they gave me any shots to numb my whole eye area... Surprisingly I did not feel any needles except the inner eye which Just had a little sting and burning sensation that lasted about 5 seconds.. I did bring my iPod but decided to not use it ... They already had some serene music playing.... Before dr p did anything he informed what he was doing and what I might feel or hear.... I felt at ease ...I get very anxious and have a low pain intolerance... I could not believe how simple it was ... I did take 3 valiums after I paid the remaining balance and signed all the neccessary paperwork ... If I didn't have the Valium to calm me I wouldn't be able to go through the procedure in the office... Once the numbing dispated I had a little pain and some burning and did take pain pill tonight .... I have been icing non stop accept right now while I'm writing this but will put my ice mask back once I'm done posting here .... I would suggest if your ps offers to do it in the office to do it; it was easy and I saved 1500.00 too ... I'm very happy so far now just waiting for me to heal... My eyes are starting swell a little and they did tell they will be worse tomorrow....

Pics right after surgery

Restalyne in the lowers

I forgot mention in my update he did inject the restalyne in the lowers but not all of it ... He likes to be conservative w it and saved rest of syringe for me to come back in 3 weeks for the rest ... Wants to make sure he doesn't overfill ...dr p is an awesome ps and will definitely recommend him to anyone who's interested :)
AWESOME! Great to hear you found an a terrific PA and had a great experience! Bravo to you for your courage to get your eyes done with only numbing shots - and, of course, 3 valiums! LOL! Look forward to hearing about your healing process! :-)

2nd day after surgery

Still doing fine no pain ... The swelling has set in ... My right one is swollen more than my left .... No blurred vision other than not bring able to have my contacts in... My eyes are a little dry, but once my husband puts in the drops it's fine ... We put drops in several times through out the day ...the ice mask is comfy and works great ... I did have to use some frozen peas because the first one wasn't cold enough yet.... I did wake up about 130am to put my other ice mask on .... No bruising :)
Your eyes are going to look great and uppers are such a big bang for the recovery buck you can buy. By a competent surgeon the results are great and the cost, physical and financial, well worth the investment. You are a great example of how this should work!!!!!! grace60
Thank you .. Excited to get heal up and see my outcome which I know is going to be great :)
I would like to add that Dr. James Patrinley , MD,FACS is a cosmetic oculufacial plastic surgeon .... That's also one of main reasons I went with him since his specifically specializes in eyes... He does amazing work....I personally would not go to anyone for my eyes .... I will go back when it's time for my lowers in 10-15 yrs to him even if I move out of state.... That's how good he is :)

Day 3 recovery is going well

My right eye is still more sworn than the left .... I feel my healing process is doing great... My swelling has gone down little but since yesterday and still no bruising ;)... I will continue to ice today and than start the got compress tomorrow.... My diet still consists of high protein and lots of fresh fruits( I go through 3 pints of raspberries a day -favorite) .... Ialso drink one cup of my greens plus ....I also drink 3 veggie/berry proteins a day) I usually eat 6-7 times a day normally ....continuing to take vitiamin c, bromelian,alfalfa,and arnica Montana ...I know my results are going to be great... Just patiently waiting for the results ;)

Pic of incisions

Incisions looking good ... In my other statement I will start hot compress after today ????autocorrect ... My phone has its own mind so I apologize for grammar errors
Just to clarify the bromelian is 1 pill 2x day 500mg which makes it a max dose 1000 for the day ... The alfalfa is the dosage I take each time not the total for the day and the vitamin k .... I hope it doesn't seem confusing ... Did your ps suggest any herbs or have a written sheet in your packet most of the time they will put it in the folders..... I've used all of them from other ps except the alfalfa and vitamin k... Dr P recommend these two in his list so I figure he knows best and works so far so good... The ice packs I mention are very soothing and comfortable but only last about 15min so I had to use frozen peas too until the two mask where cold enough... You are going to do great ... I'm excited for ya don't let your mind worry ... Like I said it was easy to me and so glad I didn't go under and pay out the extra money ... I hope you post pics and keep me up to date :)) good luck and I will send prayers your way ;)
Thanks for posting pictures. It is so helpful to see the progression of your healing. I think it is fantastic that you do not have any bruising. Any special advice on what you did the days leading up to your surgery that might have helped? I am 3 days out from having my upper eye surgery.
I became more strict on my diet high protein and lots of fresh fruit... Watermelon , all berries, pineapple(source of bromelian)....stop my omega 3 because they can cause more bleeding ... Didn't take any Advil , aspirin etc was having bad cramps just dealt w them ... My ps had me take arnica Montana 5 pills -3x day per bottle instructions, 1000mg bromelian a day, vitiamin c max dosage per day 4000mg I only took 3000mg, alfalfa pills 3 pills 3x day(405mg), vitamin k 1pill 2x day (100mcg).., they told me to stop the vitamin k after surgery and not to take anymore ... I continue to take everything except vitamin k to continue w the healing process o g w staying on the high protein and fresh fruit... I do take greens plus one time a day which I do everyday anyways and I also drink fruit and veggie smoothies that have protein mix in them w no added sugars... I look the same this am as I did yesterday no changes .... I tried to do I thought I was light making my kids bed .. Wrong I swelled up pretty bad ... After icing off and on for several hours it came back down ... I'm so bored laying around inclined ... All I can do is walk a little bit around my house and not look down ... Boring ... You will get a little stir crazy ... There's been no pain ... It's the easiest surgery I've had... Just seems cant do that much without flaring it up so I'm trying to be patient and basically do nothing which is hard for me ... But that's the switch off of having beautiful eyes again :))

4th day

No changes still look the same as the last pic... Figure since there's no change kind of pointless to post an updated pic today... I did try to make my kids bed yesterday and my eyes swelled up ...., unfortunately even a simple task like that stirred everything up... Just really bored at this point from laying at an incline and not doing anything ...trying to be patient and let my eyes heal ;))

Forgot to mention

Haven't really had any problems w dry eyes except after surgery due to not being able to close them because of numbing .. After reading reviews I decided to buy the optique 1 preservative free by boiron ... I bought 1 box 9.99 at vitamin shoppe they have worked great ... I put maybe only two drops in each eye daily and I'm fine .., once the numbing wore off from surgery my eyes close normal again so no problems with that :) I think that was one of my biggest fear w this surgery but I had faith and trust in dr p ... I have acquaintances and friends who had excellent results w him
Don't forget to get your eye drops :)

5th day post op

The only change swelling is starting to subside and my eyes aren't as red on the lids... Get my stitches out on wed ..1 week out .. I will post new pics than... should be able to see a difference since my last pic :) so far so good no worries

Updated pic

Right still more swollen ... Redness not as bad... Using rest of filler in lowers ... Can see need it more in left lower, but no biggie I know it will be fixed ... Happy and excited
Did you get your stitches out? How are you feeling?
Your welcome sailboating girl... :)) I do it for me only and to make myself happy ..
I just now saw this .. But once again there's no one I know who had this done or anyone in here w a profile showing the pics along w their experiences... For me to be comfortable I need to interact w others who had the procedure ... Not to sound mean or anything but if its such a great procedure w success why isn't the world talking about it and sharing ...

Stitches out today

Hi everyone everything went great today :) stitches came out with no problems ..good report on the healing process ... Still have to take an easy so no gym until another two weeks :( ... I was told to be very gentle around the eye areas not to pull up on the eyebrow region or lowers due to the fact it is possible for the incisions to come apart and have to be restitched .. Very gentle washing my face .. I won't wear any eye make up for another 3 weeks just to be on the safe side not to distribute the area while still healing .. I was told it would be ok 3 days after my stitches are removed but I personally decided to wait :) I will reach out to everyone tomorrow :) so I haven't forgot anyone I saw your messages and thank you for asking how everything went today I appreciate it ;)
Your eyes look great! I had a half syringe of restylane injection under the eyes 3 weeks ago. I'm very unhappy because now I have bags under my eyes and make me look much older. The restylane didn't improve the hollowness under the eyes, it just created bags and lumps. Will go next week to have it removed.
Thank you ... My ps has only put very little in my lowers .... I was anxious to use all of it but hearing that your not happy makes me thankful he's so conservative w injecting it into my lower eyes...,so sorry that happen to you ... I hope dissolving helps..., my heart goes out to you...hugs ... Thank you for sharing ... Let me know how it looks afterwards
I did get my stitches out today ..feeling great..one more step closer to being healed :) I can't wait until I can wear my contacts again ... I hate wearing my glasses out in public :( thank you for asking ;)

Still going strong

Decided to put a little makeup on today and mascara only... Contacts back in yippee :)Eyelashes numb but expected ... Happy Friday everyone
Looking awesome!
Thank you zooster :)
How much did your doctor injected? I contacted my doc office yesterday and they said it will be free to remove the product. I will give til next week.

Scars healing good

Healing still going good

Little swollen still ... Scars going through their healing stage ... Another 2 weeks I think before starting to look normal again
did you take any homeopaths before or after surgery? arnica, etc?
I did vitamin K, vitamin C, Bromelian, Arnica
It looks like your eyelids are healing so nice! Have you started wearing makeup yet? Do you worry about taking it off? I wore a little mascara for the first time today and I am exactly two weeks out. I can't wait to wear a little eyeliner and eyeshadow, but he wants me to wait a little longer. I go back in on Friday (3 more days). I'll see what he says then.

Very happy w outcome :))

Your eyes look great !!
pic update.. u look great!
Dr James patrinley

Dr. P MD,FACS Cosmetic Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon is highly recommended and has an extensive background...I always do extensive research on any doctor I choose for any surgery elective or not... To me finding one who specializes specifically in what I'm looking for is important to me along w their credentials. My consult w him today was great. I feel I made the right decision in choosing him (plus I found out several of my friends already had surgery w him and all of them were very happy and had great results)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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