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30isthenew20 - Pensacola, FL

Hello everyone, I have secretly stalked this...

Hello everyone,

I have secretly stalked this site for several months and am now ready to commit to this journey. I am a mother of two and (13 & 6) had good size babies. I was 105 lbs when I conceived my son and he was 8 lbs and 11 oz. Needless to say my stomach took the shape of a kangaroo pouch. I have never been unhappy with my weight (139 now:)) however I am completely disgusted with my stomach!!! I work out regularly and nothing happens!! I usually only do toning exercises like pilates or Zumba and I still seen no results.

I was only last year that I was talking to my doctor about it and she recommended that get a consultation for tummy tuck. At the time I was living in the DC area and had consultations with some good doctors, unfortunately, my husband received orders (Military) and we had to move :( Therefore I had to start the process all over again!

I have a consultation tomorrow with PS...I'm totally excited and scared at the same time! If any one knows of any good PS in the Pensacola area I'm open to suggestions. I'll try to post the outcome of tomorrow appt.

I had a my consultation with a prospect PS today....

I had a my consultation with a prospect PS today. I felt at ease with the PS, however I was surprised to find out my quote was more expensive here than in major a city like DC!! The quote was about $1300 more. I have another consultation next week....maybe that's the going rate in a small town. I will post pics hopefully tomorrow:)

Hello ladies, So here's the latest update. My...

Hello ladies,

So here's the latest update. My PS will be Dr. Leveque and I am scheduled for April 7, 2011. I will have a full TT with no lipo...my Dr. said I don't need it. My original date was March 28th however the hospital overbooked. My pre-op appt. is March 16th. Any tips or suggestions on things I need to ask or request? Thanks ladies for the support.

Hey everyone, I am 10 post-op today. I still...

Hey everyone,

I am 10 post-op today. I still have my drains so I still have alot of swelling. I am regaining sensation in my tummy...starting to sharp stings in the lower part of my stomach. I had a bowel movement of day 5 and boy I tell ya, it was easier pushing out a kid. I am still not walking completely upright but I am getting around much better. I'm not taking any pain pills, I do sometimes need the muscle relaxer at night. I would not say that I have a good nite rest yet...I'm sure that it will come with time. I have not attempted to drive and I probably won't for a couple more days. I think I will feel more positive about my recovery once the drains are removed. Hopefully that will be tomorrow (please, oh please). The surgery went as planned but no matter how much I tried to prepare for my recovery I still feel that it was not enough. I am having the hardest time just sitting here and recovering. Crazy huh? I am so use to managing my household that I forgot how to be managed...I have posted a video blog and will continue to update my journey through there and hopefully here. Congrats to all of you on your road to discovery.
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Dr Carlos Wiegering
Mercy Hospital Miami
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Keep on searching i paid 4000 for my tummy tuck procedure and i love my doctor the scar was beautifully done.
Ladies go for it now i m able to wear a bikini HURRAHHHH
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$4000? Wow thats a good deal!!! Did that include the hospital fees? I can't wait!!
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Did you ever pick a PS? I am alsp in Pensacola and was wondering who you went with and alsi when is your surgery? Mine is March 29th and im getting a FTT/ BA
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Hi Happy135,

I did finally pick a PS. (I guess I need to update my status lol) I am going with Dr. Leveque and I am scheduled for April 7th. My original date was March 28th however the hospital overbooked :( I am still working out the details of my aftercare but altogether I am so excited!!! Let me know how it goes for you. Can't wait to see your pics!!
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I went with Dr. Butler.
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Did you consult with both or just Dr. Butler? I heard great things about him, however I liked Dr. Leveque.
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Hi, who did you go with for $4000?
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I enjoy reading all of the postings1 You all are wonderful, helpful and supportive. I will be turning 50 this year, 3 kids and a horrible looking stomach with big thighs!

I would like to have tummy tuck surgery

I so much want to look good in clothes again! I live in Connecticut and the TT surgery is sooo expensive here. Can anyone recommend me to a good doctor for this, at a good price? Thank you so much for talking about this!
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This will be the best birthday present ever!! Good luck to you and your search!
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Keep searching.  The most important step in this process is finding the correct doctor for you. 

You will find them and soon have the body you have wanted for a while.  Keep us up to date!
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Hi Kimmers25,

I think I may have found her....too excited for words!! Will post final decision on Friday.
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I agree with what these ladies have said. Go on several consults if you can. Many will waive the consultation fee if they sense your'e serious about getting a tummy tuck. Also, a few will waive their fee if you mention RealSelf (check individual doctors on RealSelf to see if they say anything about that and ask when you call).

Here's a list of some Pensacola doctors for you. (This is a free listing, by the way, and we don't advocate one doctor over another.) Hope it helps!

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Hi Angiemcc,

I have had 2 consults already and am pretty sure that I will go with the first PS. The PS that I am considering shares a office with another PS on the list...again not many choices. So that would be 3 out of 5. Luckily, for me I am pretty confident in the choice I will make. I giving myself to Friday to review all my notes and look over their profiles again.
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Hi Bikinbody, Welcome to the site. I understand where you are coming from. I used to be a military wife as well as a dependent daughter. It is a shame you have to start over. Who knows maybe you will find a great PS down here.I too also had a consult done that was $10000. more than the one I am going with. he seemed great, but I think the extra cost was more for an extravagant looking practice. I did 4 consults, it was worth it, to learn more from each visit. I hope this site helps you out.
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This site has helped tremendously!! I'm on my way to a real "South Beach Body" lol.
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Hi I'm Pensacola and is also military. I can look into something for u.
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Oh cool, its so hard to get reviews for PS's in this area! The selection is very limited. Thanks so much.
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Best decision i ever made. My life has changed completely but be ready to spend at least 3 weeks on recuperation if u want everything to be all right.it is worth . And remember it is not the operation is the recuperation.
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Recuperation is the part that I am dreading...my husband is in flight school (which means MIA) and we have no family that lives near. I don't have a support system yet since we just moved here. I am praying my Mom will be able to come down and help out for 2 weeks (crossing fingers). I am not use to being the patient so this will be quite hard.
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