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So this is my second time around for surgery on my...

So this is my second time around for surgery on my lips...been doing alot of research on Permalip and reading reviews, looking at pics and watching actual surgery on youtube. After gathering all the info. and speaking with my PS decided to move forward with having sugery....I would say though after watching the actual procedure; knowing it can be done in the office awake..i personally decided i would not be able to handle the pressure and tugging. I will be going under twilight, which is no tube in the mouth just by IV but still requires an anesthesia to monitor me. Having a prior surgery scar tissue could be an issue or not will not know until my PS does the actual procedure. The procedure seems to take some docs 30min but I'm scheduled for 1h15min OR time which is fine with me; i rather my PS take his time vs. rushing. So yes if you decide to not go under twilight it could save you about 1150.00. Prior to my one surgery...i have spent in three years (3injections every yr 4725.00 total over 3yrs...What a WASTE of money!!!) I would only recommend injections if you want to see what your lips could look like before any kind of lip augmentation via surgery and if you want a more permanent solution. All of my lip injections lasted about 8mths.....since i have already been through one surgery i know what to expect and how my body handles everything...Ive had other surgeries too and very blessed my body has always healed and no complications. That being said i believe they way one heals is by your health. I work out 5days a protein(and protein drinks)...drink my super-greens;anti-aging pak along with my daily supplements....I'm supper excited to get my second surgery here and done with and not have to worry anymore about my lips losing their pout again or anymore money down the tube on injections :)) my profile pic is what my lips look like now it was a year after my first surgery(Oct 21,2011), but the pic in the photo with my hubby was 2 1/2 weeks after my first surgery and you can see the difference between the two first surgery was using my own fascia from my neck, which i did a review lips are bigger than my natural, but didn't maintain and there was a chance my body would re-absorb percentage and it did :(


I had it in the surgery room at my drs office. I didn't get the block either. My lips are not in pain at all. I've only taken 1 norco today this morning only because I didn't want to deal with any pain if it crept up later. I doubt you'll wake up in pain. I usually swell and bruise like crazy with stuff but not really this time. Check out my pics when they post on my review if you can. I put a bunch on there. I bruised really bad when i used to get juvederm. Good thing that's over! My top lip is much more swollen today than my bottom though. Guess they heal differently. Def buy some Colgate 1 time use brushes! I can open my mouth way more today than yesterday. Stitches are barely even noticeable either.
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Well that eases my nerves about not having the block..... and nice to know your not having pain..i started taking bromelain and anarc(amarc) however you spell it :) to help with healing and swelling...never did it with any other surgeries so i will see if it really helps or not....they should send your an email notice when your review is posted...excited to see your pics and glad to hear your not having any complications....i plan on icing for 48hrs non stop...on my 1st surgery i had a nurse taking care of me and constantly thru the night until the am icing my lips with gauze in a bowl of ice water...seemed to really help and had no bruising......bought all my stuff yesterday and colgate 1 time was on the list ...... seems like this next week will drag...just want to be here and over with already!! So how are you doing as far as eating? soft foods or all protein shakes
forgot to ask can you feel the implants in your lips or does it just feel awkward?

March 19 2013 had my surgery this am very pleasant...

March 19 2013 had my surgery this am very pleasant experience all money spent and to go asleep and wake up having beautiful full 4 on top , large 5 on bottom ... The pain is dull and annoying but once pain killers kick no more :)...pretty much no bruising and swelling is not too bad....took bromeliad , ester c, and arnica Montana week prior to surgery date along w a stricter diet high protein veggies and lots of fruits...using a syringe from the hospital to get my nutrients in me by mixing my on whey protein (vanilla) w naked green drinks/bolthouse farms carrot juice , superblend acai all the flavors that have only natural sugars only ... Drink my meals every two hours 7 times a day to keep my calories at a healthily level ... I do have pics before and after and will post little later ...most likely wed ...if you have any questions please feel free to ask ;) happy to answer and pass along the support ...totally recommend permalips


So happy for ya!! Looks great!
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Thks glad it's over with and the healing has begun feel good this am pain pills :) ...swelling has gone down a little more so on the left vs right bottom them and happy I got's your healing and lips doing

So it's been 5 days little bit of bruising due...

So it's been 5 days little bit of bruising due talking way too much over the weekend... Healing is going very well getting some movement in my lips ... Lightly kiss hubby today for the first time ... In love w my lips ...

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So it's been 5 days little bit of bruising due...

So it's been 5 days little bit of bruising due talking way too much over the weekend... Healing is going very well getting some movement in my lips ... Lightly kiss hubby today for the first time ... In love w my lips ...


They are doing great I can move the bottom around but the top I can't just yet. I love them but I wish they were bigger! Looks like yours went smoothly also!
glad to hear your healing is still going well. Tired of sleeping at an incline...cant sleep even with taking tyneol pm :( im a side sleeper and cant wait for this week to be over with so i can sleep on my side again...that's the annoying thing to me right now...i think you lips look awesome ... i don't want mine to go down any more...curious to see how my top lip is going to look might get a large put vs. the medium but have to be patient....I'm being careful not to disturb my lips don't want to take a chance on the implant migrating or anything else...can you finally eat normal again or still mushy food....crazy how i cant feel the implants yet...i guess the placement is very important and how deep their put into your lip? Reading some girls that can see the implant protruding out in the corners and feel them kind of scary....well thank god we didn't have any problems....are you moving yours back and forth to center? I guess that's one of the exercises...i have one more week after this one before i start the exercises
Hi! Just seeing how you are doing. Any news on your new lips??

happy with permalip results

its been over 2months; lips are healed - had no shifting of implants or anything...happy ....natural looking no one can tell i had anything done :)


My lips are fab. Send pics when I can figure out how to. My lips are naturally very dark pink/red. I look great without lipstick. When I wear a little pink tinged lip balm they look really nice. Guys hate lipstick..My patients think Im 32..I just turned 48. That said. I havent suntanned in a decade. Also, Im a huge snowboarder, bikerider, hiker. Take care of my body. Im thrilled with my implants. It took me 2 weeks to like them though. Im still a bit swollen. Dont believe the hype. Recovery takes weeks, probably months. Not days. Good luck girls. I hope you have great results. Just be patient. Juvederm is an instant fix. This is NOT!
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I had my implants 9. days ago. Back to work day 5..people do notice! Much to my embarrassment. They are still 25 percent least. Cant wait to see the end result. Go for it girls . Nice sexy lips do wonders for the confidence!
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Does your husband notice them when you kiss? Do you notice them often?
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still happy

All healed up and great...but i would like to clear up one thing in a previous update...when i say NO ONE notices that's an understatement most especially if your going out or you have to go to work before a month....HELLO everybody will knows if you return to work after a couple days of surgery; I'm a domestic engineer(nicer way of saying housewife) so i was able to hide takes about a good 3-4 weeks to go down...once you healing and swelling subsides that's when they look natural and no knows i have implants; they look like natural lips....they look like you were born with friends and family know because i told them. So yes people who know you personally and close might notice the difference, but the general civilians have no clue....


Glad you feel you look 32 I find this hard to believe unless you have had surgery, If you do out door activities hiking biking and snowboarding its incredibly ageing for a woman, I have seen women so weatherbeaten and aged from outdoor activities they look 20 years older than they are, never met one that looks younger, Iv worked in the beauty business/cosmetics for 20 years.
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I haven't had any major surgeries yet(on the face, but trust me when the day comes i will) other than doing the normal maintenance as of right now to stay you should know yourself eating right and exercising can shave years off an individual...i agree with you too....a lot of women bake in the sun and don't take care of themselves and it shows as they age ...I have no problem telling my age; Im turning 41 tomorrow..sigh...hate it, but its just a number.....determined to take care of myself
glad your happy with have to start your own Lip Augmentation story and you will find the upload pics in that area..good luck :))

Almost a year out

So I've been happy w my results so problems w my lower lip mt top lift shifts to the right every once in awhile but its not noticeable to anyone....I can feel shift I just pinch and it goes back its not really that big deal to me to go back under and have surgery on my to lip...just happy to have some lush lips????


I'm so happy with everything! Dr. Butlers lip implants now have full feelings, my my lip implants aren't as big as I wanted, but I'm very happy with them , Dr Butler did an awesome job.....Dr Lebeau did such a wonderful job on my acne scars and those pesky feather lines above my upper lip, are completely gone! I was told by another plastic surgeon that "smokers lines" could never be taken away. My face looks great, in fact, dr, Lebeau sent a video crew to my house and made a video of me, don't know if he will use it on his website, but will keep you posted.... Really exciting!
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Glad everything turned out for you and you had great results w both doctors .. Whoo ;)
Okay, I'm into day three with my new permalips". So far I love them!!!!!!! It looks like my upper lip is a little off centered, but I'm sure it's okay, as far as having the procedure in the hospital or taking pain meds and let the doctor do it that way, ladies, it's the best!!! The anesthesia is about $1,000 more verses having it done in the doctors office, trust me on this, by the time you take the pain meds, you are just happy and I don't remember one thing, not one! Next thing I know is I'm in my bed cross stitching.... It was alike a dream come clear. I cannot wait to get out!
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Peter Butler

I choose this PS because i know him and seen his work and felt comfortable and confident he would do an awesome job and take care of me :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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