Love/hate Relationship - Pensacola, FL

I got one whole syringe of restylane in my lips. 2...

I got one whole syringe of restylane in my lips. 2 days later I was in love with the size that they were, but that was just some swelling that was still going on. Nobody really noticed it unless I pointed it out. If your lips are very thin like mine, don't be hesitant about getting more than one syringe. I ended up getting another 1/2 syringe of a different filler that is supposed to be thicker (juvederm xc). I recommend everyone getting juvederm xc because it was only a tiny bit more in price (maybe $25?), so it's definitely more bang for your buck. I feel like I'm going to have a love/hate relationship as far as fillers for my lips go, because $1,600 a year for something that's not even extremely noticable is a pretty hefty price tag. I'd like to look into doing something permanent, but haven't heard good things about lip augmentations?

I'm thinking of getting restalyne but only .3ml - I don't want it to be obvious. Did you feel like 1ml made a big difference and people noticed?
I'm gonna tell you what, my Dr. had mine gone at am amazing price, and I never noticed my lips were not assmetric to one another. My 20 year son, who knew nothing of my "alterations" or did anyone else, except my son giving me grief over "Duck Lips". I thinks he is !00% correctand she should complete the surgery, no charge. I even held a "party" to promote her, but people were disapointed by my lips. Which I replied, they wern't finished, but in fact they were finished!
How long did your swelling last, 2 days?
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