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Never Too Late for a Great Smile: My Invisalign Experience – Pensacola, FL

Hello everyone! I guess like many others I...

Hello everyone! I guess like many others I stumbled across this site while researching Invisalign reviews. I know this site helped me make my decision so I thought I would pay it forward, so here goes. I'm in my early 30's and decided that I spend money on plenty of frivolous things yearly and decided this year I will spend my money on getting a great smile. As noticed in my pics, my main concern was spaces. Now the thing about me is I am choosing not to close my front gap all of the way. It is hereditary for me. All of the ladies on both sides of my family have a gap and its a part of me. My mom passed a few years ago and I look exactly like my dad. My smile is my daily reminder of my mom so closing my gap was never a goal for me. I am looking forward to it being smaller though. I actually started my invisalign journey in February. I went to a few consultations and made a decision on a doctor that I was comfortable with, made me excited about my journey for a great smile and had the best financing options for me. Today is my 1st day with Invialign. I actually received my attachments and IPR on my 1st visit. I guess it was good to get all of that out of the way from the start. I have 15 attachments (8 on bottom and 7 on top). I have a total of 19 trays on the bottom and 17 on top. A total of 9 1/2 months initially. So that's not bad at all. So after reading many reviews I was ready for anything that came my way. I happen to wear acrylic nails and I was really worried about how this would affect me taking my trays in and out. I found that my nails didn't cause any issues. I just made sure I pulled the trays out from the back as many reviewers have suggested to be the easiest way. So far really no unbearable pain at all. I haven't have to take any pain medication at all. Only thing is excess saliva because of course there's a foreign object in your mouth so of course more saliva is needed. Therefore, I shall call today day 1, tray 1 of In"spit"align. I know cheesy r ha!
Hi! How far are you going to close the gap in your front teeth? And are you closing the smaller spaces in your lower teeth?
Hello! My gap in my front teeth will go from approx 3.5mm to around 1-1.5mm. Yes I am closing all of the spaces on the bottom. I am projected to have triangle space between them when they close, but that's definitely not a deal breaker for me. I was told during refinements I could possibly have some IPR done and close most or all of the triangle spaces.
I love your hair!!  

Congrats on starting this for yourself.  I see Primus81 already found you.  We have quite a lot of people working on diastemas right now, though you're the first person I'm seeing who has found a doctor willing to not close it completely.

Fuschia is also pretty new and working on The Gap.  creativejawn is a few trays ahead of you.  And finally, PreOrtho is a RealFriend and working on it, too--she's been going the longest :). 

I look forward to following your journey! :D


I tried to upload my clincheck video to no avail. What other way can I upload the video besides using youtube? If someone knows how to do this, please feel free to comment/message me with the instructions. Anyway, here's a few screenshots I took from the video. Personally I take clinchecks as an approximation, not as a set in stone representation of how my teeth will look in the end. Of course end results depend heavily on me and well lets face it no one can predict the future right.
The top pic is the beginning of treatment and the middle pic is somewhat the half way point of my treatment.
The last pic is the end of treatment. There are a few small triangle spaces between my lower front teeth as I mentioned in an earlier comment. I also chose to leave a space next to my upper front teeth to have crowns added to my narrow upper laterals. I never knew that my upper laterals were considered narrow until I started my consultations for braces. I have elected to have crowns added to make them more proportionate to my front teeth after I'm done with treatment. That's why I love that Dr. Ben made sure to consult with my general dentist to ensure enough space is left for him add the crowns after ortho treatment is complete. This let me know that Dr. Ben wants me to be happy with my smile long after he is out of the picture. I have no doubt with both of them working together that I will be extremely satisfied!
We are not currently hosting community members' videos on RealSelf.  So they have to be uploaded to a video-sharing site first (though not necessarily YouTube).  I think it's a storage issue at this point.  Here is a link to the Help document on how to do video.  I used it to upload video to my own review and it worked great, but I did use YouTube.
Thanks for the info! I'll most definitely try to get the video uploaded
I'm not sure what they meant by that.  All of us have to wear our retainers for the rest of our lives to maintain our results.  Maybe they meant full-time?

Tray two =)

Hello everyone! I am now going into week two of tray 2. I chose to change trays at night and had no issues. I had the initial pressure on my teeth, but no pain yet. I haven't had to take any pain medication so far yay!

So now let's talk about things I've learned so far lol!

-Lipstick is hard to get off of the aligners. Especially lipstains!!!! Ugh! Went to a wedding and I took my aligners out to eat during the reception and got lipstain all over them. No problem I thought. I figured when I brushed them to put them back in it would come off. To my surprise IT WOULD NOT COME OFF AT ALL!! I went into full blown panic mode. I had to keep them out until I got home so I could soak them and scrub them really good.

-Invisalign has made me sort of become a binge eater lol! I feel like I have to eat everything I might want while I have them out. Having braces has cut out allllll of my snacking =( Side note because I don't snack anymore I'm losing around 2 pounds a week so far =D

-Around day 3/4 my aligners starts yellowing. I have tried fresh start aligner soak, peroxide soaks and vinegar soaks to no avail. I definitely clean my aligners well, even though it doesn't look like it. Any other cleaning suggestions please let me know.

-I use the stopwatch on my phone daily to keep up with how long my aligners are out everyday. You'd be surprise how long they are out some days. I read to do this on a review somewhere not sure where, but it has helped me keep my "out time" in check so I can get the best results.

-The Invisalign routine gets old really quick. Even though I'm tired of it I couldn't imagine putting my braces back in without brushing &flossing. Just the thought of food marinating on my teeth in my aligners is enough to keep me on track with the routine

I've attached a pic of my teeth before, during tray 1& before tray 2. I haven't noticed much change, but I'll continue to be patient. I also attached a pic of what's in my braces kit
The routine does get old...especially when traveling or doing other stuff that makes it hard to have perfect teeth hygiene. Have you tried denture cleaner to soak aligners in? I use efferdent (really cheap for 100 packets) and put my aligners in to soak at every eating and sometimes when I shower. It keeps them really nice.
I forgot to ask before--what is the longest amount of time you think you let them sit in the efferdent?
Hi!! Thank you so much for your suggestion! I just recently switched to denture cleaner with my new tray and it works perfectly =)
Pensacola Orthodontist

My experience at Austin and Fishbein has been great. I have felt very at ease with my choice since day 1. The office staff is very friendly and accommodating. I was overly impressed that Dr. Fishbein took the time to meet with my general dentist in order to discuss my ortho goals. This ensures that my ortho goals are in line with the procedures needed to complete my great smile journey after Invisalign.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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